Jimmystats: Starts by Class and Stars

Jimmystats: Starts by Class and Stars

Submitted by Seth on January 7th, 2015 at 9:28 AM

Meta: Hokepoints is now alternating bi-weekly features. Jimmystats is the one where we play with Excel, H4 is the one where we play with Playmaker or get misty-eyed. Thank you readers who submitted name ideas.


Not all upperclassmen are good, but having upperclassmen is good. [Fuller]

I keep a few different databases on Michigan players for various uses, and Bosch's transfer initiated a two-day time sink into updating the big roster one. It now includes number of starts each guy since the 1993 class had in his career, along with the recruiting profile and career summary. Have at it, diarists:

Some stuff I generated with it:

The Holy Balls 2010 attrition chart:

Retention rate

Bigging it makes it clicker.

The retention rate isn't the number of players who stuck, it's the number of total eligible seasons the class would have produced if every freshman played four (and every junior transfer played two, etc.). If somebody ever says there was nothing good about the Hoke era, point at the 2012-2014 classes. I do expect the transition costs and other levies of time will reduce those triple towers eventually, but that is a very good start, especially the 2012 group who came in after 11-2 and got not that since.

The flipside of course is that 2010 class, which spent exactly half of its eligibility not on Michigan's roster. And that was followed by the 2011 "process" class, which more on that in a minute. I also tracked the reasons for losses:

[Jump for that a bunch more charts and tables you can use to wow your friends, like the average number of starts for a 5-star recruit]

Dear Diary, It's Not Last Year This Year

Dear Diary, It's Not Last Year This Year

Submitted by Seth on October 7th, 2011 at 9:29 AM


The difference between this season and 2009-'10: 100 percent more Jug.}
Photo: Eric Upchurch.

[ED: LATE BREAKING is this week's edition of Pick Six.]

Michigan is 5-0 and beat a Big Ten team 58-0. The only thing tempering effusive celebration and Pasadenic predictions right now is Michigan made it to 5-0 last year too. Quick this year v. last year table (EDIT: now FIXED):

2010 2011
W 30-10 v UConnn W 34-10 v WMU
W 28-24 @Notre Dame W 35-31 v Notre Dame
W 42-37 v UMass W 31-3 v EMU
W 42-35 @Indiana W 28-7 v SD State
W 65-21 v BGSU W 58-0 v Minnesota

I realigned '10 a bit to kinda sorta match the level of competition (so like beating up on BGSU = beating up on Minnesota) but last year had two road games. It also had an FCS team put up 37 and Indiana put up 35, while the season on the right side seems to keep getting better as it goes along. "This isn't last year!" was this week's rallying cry in the diaries, where justingoblue is trying to figure out how tough the schedule has been so far, and 909Dewey is taking way too small sample sizes to put 58-0 over Minnesota in the context of Michigan 2005-present.

Blazefire is preparing himself for a "Rationality Juncture," ie the swings that sports fandom brings:

We are fans because we believed that a five foot ninja could stop North Dakota. We are fans because we believed Darius Morris would shoot successfully. We are fans because we believed in 30 seconds.

This one paragraph puts him in the running for Diarist of the Week. Of course he wouldn't have a chance except BlueSeoul is exempt from winning. That does not exempt you from reading his latest masterpiece Game Wraps:

Little Brown Jug Total Gopher Destructo, with pics:


MSU-OSU Total Rival Self-Destructo, with pics:


How we know it's not 2010: Michigan State actually played Ohio State.

While we're on the subject of Mansmash vs. Brotough, see if you can guess which of the following names are 2013 prospects recently profiled by Ace, and which are MST3K space jocks:

Laquon Treadwell Fist Rockbone Brick Hardmeat Lump Beefbroth
Blast Hardcheese Stump Beefnoss Taco Charlton Shaq Wiggins
De'Niro Laster Smash Lampjaw Wit Slagcheek Touch Rustrod
Slap Bulkhead Punch Rockgroin Punch Sideiron Reif Blastbody
Bold Bigflank Buck Plankchest Gristle McThornbody Big McLargehuge
Splint Chesthair Stump Junkman Blake Fistcrunch Jake Butt
Flint Ironstag Dirk Hardpeck Buff Hardpack Smoke Manmuscle
Bolt Vanderhuge Tom Tyner Bob Johnson Beat Punchbeef
Thick McRunfast Rip Steakface Blast Thickneck Hack Blowfist
Buff Drinklots Blake Slamrock Crunch Buttsteak Roll Fizzlebeef
Grunt Slamchest Rod Bonemeal Slabs Quadthrust Jus Gritzer

Big McLargehuge has camped at Michigan but needs to improve his shape before he earns a Michigan offer. This week's points bonus opportunity goes to whoever can best apply the above names to characters from this year's OSU-MSU debacle. Last week's goes to Gwhizz for his chewbacca costume.

After the jump, more evidence that 2011 =/= 2010, and more diaries.