Post US-Australia Starting XI

Post US-Australia Starting XI

Submitted by 60blue on June 7th, 2010 at 4:02 PM


England’s superiority complex is larger than their beer gut.

-- Alan Black, co-author of The Glorious World Cup: A Fanatics Guide 

After my knee-jerk Starting XI, and my Post US-Turkey Starting XI, it is time for a final look at my proposed lineup for this Saturday.  Nothing really changed for me as the game itself was not very telling with both teams playing not to get hurt and adjusting to the altitude and weather.

Starting XI


Cherundolo   DeMerit   Onyewu   Bocanegra

  Donovan       Edu         Bradley      Dempsey

                     Findley     Altidore

top subs, Torres, Holden, Goodson




Still Findley up top? Yes, still Findley up top.  Dempsey is much more effective on the wing mid (as is Donovan) and having the speed forward paired with a holding forward is a very lethal combination.  Dempsey and Donovan on the wings makes the opposing fullbacks conscious about their runs down the flanks which, in turn, opens up the middle of field for Altidore to check into and Findley to make through runs behind.  This causes havoc for the defense and opens seems for players to run through unmarked.  Dempsey is a better forward than Findley.  Buddle is a better forward than Findley.  Donovan is a better forward than Findley.  Heck, Gomez may be a better forward than Findley.  However, Findley is the only one of that group that has the speed to play the counterpart to Altidore.  Even though he didn't capitalize, he showed how effective it is and should have easily had at least 2 goals because of it.  On a different day with a nicer pitch, maybe he nets both of those.

Neither Australia or the US seemed to care much about this game so to get a 3-1 result is mildly encouraging with Buddle playing the Altidore role very well.  It is very likely that we see significant changes in the lineup between the England and Slovenia games due to their difference in both skill and style of play.  The most largely contested point here is going to be Findley and I firmly believe he will be on the field at kickoff Saturday and relieved around the 70 minute mark with the score determining who comes on.

In a reversal of roles for most sports, the United States is the underdog in this match and we will have the world on our side.  I hate England.  I think we pull this one off 2-1 and soccer takes over the country forever.  Well, maybe not the last part. 


OT: Where to watch the World Cup in Ann Arbor?

OT: Where to watch the World Cup in Ann Arbor?

Submitted by Talpostal on June 7th, 2010 at 1:24 PM

Having not experienced a World Cup in Ann Arbor before, which bars do you think will be the most packed and/or rowdy for USMNT games? I've heard good things about Conor O'Neill's, but I figure that BDubs and Cantina might have good crowds as well. Where will you guys be watching the games?

OT: World Cup Risky Business Pool

OT: World Cup Risky Business Pool

Submitted by Snidely Doo Rash on June 5th, 2010 at 10:48 PM

Apologies in advance for a retread post but my original one on this is buried.

For MgoBloggers interested in a world cup bracket type Pool, I have a RISK-themed one if you are willing to play via exchanged emails and paypal.

If just a few of you opt in, you would be added to the existing pool which should be between 10- 20 entrants not counting MgBers.

If more than a few MgBers want in, I would moderate a separate pool of up to 20 MgB entrants (the first 20 payments received). I won't accept additional payments in the unlikely event that over 20 of you want in. Either way, I would post all the picks and give weekly point total updates during the games. With 20 of you in, the payout would be $210 since I'm in it to win it if I'm crunching the numbers.

If you are interested, I set up an email account at for this endeavor. Here is the address to acquire an entry form: [email protected]

Ps. My original post with a description of the rules is on page 6 of recent posts if you didn't catch it a few days ago.

PpS: I do have a paypal account for receiving entry fees and payout if you win.

What to do while in Ann Arbor

What to do while in Ann Arbor

Submitted by seanml11 on June 4th, 2010 at 11:26 PM

I will be going to the Michigan vs Lil Brother game in October with my wife.  I will be leaving the kids at home and will  be spending 3 nights and 4 days in Ann Arbor with just the Mrs.  She has never been to Michigan and this will be her first game at the Big House..  I really want to show her a good time and need some good advice on the places to eat, places that need to be seen, and the stuff that needs to be done while in Ann Arbor.  Sorry for the generic post but just want to blow her socks off.  The game alone will do it, but just want to check all the boxes that need to be checked while we are there.  Thanks for everyones help in advance!

OT- Playing with injuries

OT- Playing with injuries

Submitted by JeepinBen on June 4th, 2010 at 7:14 PM

OK, so my interest was sparked with the thread on Drogba's broken/dislocated elbow/arm. And it was mentioned that a couple people have played soccer with broken arms. I'm under the impression that you could definitely play soccer with a broken arm, in a cast, probably just couldnt do throw ins. 

I've seen NFL linemen play with casts, and in some cases even backs. 

Recently Duncan Keith got 7 teeth knocked out, missed 10 minutes of actual time, and played the rest of the hockey game. And that's about the 300th most-crazy played-with hockey injury I've ever heard of. 

Do you think that soccer players can play with broken arms? What's the craziest sports injuries you've ever heard of/seen that people played with?

2 more hockey stories - Don't remember the player, but there was a guy back in the 50s-60s playing in the stanley cup game 7, who blocked a shot with his ankle, shattered his ankle. He went into the locker room, got his ankle taped (didnt take off his skate cuz he couldnt have gotten it back on) and ended up scoring the game winning goal. Baller.

Terry Sawchuck, he's got plenty of stories, but my favorite is one time Bobby Hull took a slap shot (with the new curved sticks, which were not regulated, and shots could hit about 100mph+) that hit Sawchuck in the shoulder. The shot knocked him unconscious... through his SHOULDER (shoulder pads back then were pretty much felt). They revived Sawchuck, and asked him if he was ok. His response? "I stopped the F#$%KING shot didnt i?" He finished the game. Ridiculous.

Who's got good stories? Can soccer players play with broken arms? Discuss.