OT: MLB wild card playoff moving to 2-3 format

OT: MLB wild card playoff moving to 2-3 format

Submitted by GoBlueinEugene on May 17th, 2012 at 3:38 PM

"Baseball's owners have approved changing the format of this year's AL and NL Division Series from a 2-2-1 format to a 2-3 format, giving the team with home-field advantage the last three games of the five-game series."

Home-field advantage doesn't seem like much of an advantage anymore.


U-M's Kellen Russell (College) & Taylor Massa (H.S.) MI Athletes of the Year

U-M's Kellen Russell (College) & Taylor Massa (H.S.) MI Athletes of the Year

Submitted by Everyone Murders on May 17th, 2012 at 12:33 PM

The Detroit Athletic Club named two-time NCAA wrestling champion Kellen Russell its Michigan Collegiate Men's Athlete of the Year.  Given the competition of Denard Robinson, Draymond Green (I feel dirty writing that, but give the devil his due), Trey Burke, etc., it is quite an honor.  And well-deserved:  4-time B1G champion, 33-1 this season, and .918 overall win percentage.  He's only the second Wolverine to achieve the [ed. men's] honor in the 16 year history of the award (swimmer Davis Tarwater won in 2006) [ed. which was expanded to include collegiate athletes in 2006 - see HopeInHoke's comment below for a nice table, etc.].

In the H.S. division, rising freshman wrestler Taylor Massa won the award.  Taylor's from St. Johns, MI and attends St. Johns H.S..  This rising Wolverine will bring a 231-0 H.S. record with him, along with various other awards - the Dave Schultz High School Excellence Award among them.  This young man is legit, and we look forward to seeing him represent U-M over the next four years.

Congratulations to Kellen and Taylor, and Go Blue!  Links below. 


Kellen Russell                                Taylor Massa



OT - Initial USMNT WC Qualifying Camp Roster

OT - Initial USMNT WC Qualifying Camp Roster

Submitted by hailtothevictors08 on May 15th, 2012 at 3:22 PM



Very strange first 16. We have a ton of holding middies and the real issue is no timmy chandler. As John Infante puts it, he is like a college commit who is still taking other visits because this is his second chance not getting cap-tied to the US. Very scary. 

Up to 13 more will be called in and are just being given rest (landon, gooch, altidore etc).

The truth is the world cup starts now, 3 friendlies and then our first 2 qualifiers. 

Feeding Division 1 Athletes

Feeding Division 1 Athletes

Submitted by Hardware Sushi on May 15th, 2012 at 1:32 PM

Recently saw this Omaha World-Herald interview with Nebraska's Director of Sports Nutrition, Lindsey Remmers. She discusses her team's role in getting Cornhusker athletes ready for competition. Nothing earth-shattering in the article; I just enjoy learning about different parts of athletic departments that don't get a lot of spotlight but have a big impact on what we see on the field.

I also think this article does a good job shining light on the positive aspects of collegiate athletics that numbskulls like Buzz Bissinger forget about when they write hackjob articles espousing the evils of division one football.

Lifeskills like learning to balance a diet and how to shop at the grocery are lessons that many of these students never received. My mom was somewhat of a hippie so I got the other end of the healthy diet spectrum but that's something I'd still enjoy learning more about from an expert.

The Blockhams in "SUMMER BREAK"

The Blockhams in "SUMMER BREAK"

Submitted by Six Zero on May 15th, 2012 at 9:21 AM


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That time of year.  Keep reading in the next few weeks to see what
kind of job Glenn has lined up for his youngest son, and the
adventures that will follow as a result.

On Thursday we'll catch up with young Charlie, still struggling
with his recent Involuntary Spartafication.

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Great Deadspin article on Drew Sharp

Great Deadspin article on Drew Sharp

Submitted by AKMuskie on May 14th, 2012 at 9:25 PM



Great column that shows that Sharp really is, in fact, a giant asshat. It shows email responses to his critics (1st one is obviously from a while ago).


Some highlights: 

Email #1:

And stop crying about me picking on your precious Detroit sports teams. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I rag on them because, for the most part, THEY SUCK. If not for the Pistons, this state would be a sports graveyard. But the truth hurts doesn't it?


Email #2

Does the little baby need a pacifier?
Yeah, Detroit needs writers that makes excuses for the city and simply tell the idiots in this town just want to hear.
They've been doing that for 30 years in this town and that's a big reason why Detroit is swirling down the toilet.




OT: Any mgohunter's out there?

OT: Any mgohunter's out there?

Submitted by Blue in Yarmouth on May 14th, 2012 at 1:17 PM

It has been painfully slow as late on the blog so I thought I would try this and see if it got by the mods. I figured that since many of the fans here are probably from the midwest there are likely some hunting enthusiasts on the here and wondered if they would like to share a favorite story (short) or maybe a great hunting tip that has bagged them some nice game.

For my part I will say that I come from a long line of hunters. The men and women in my Father's family were all hunters and it was something he loved to do as well...until we came along. For whatever reason he could never get my brother and I interested in it. We would rather be playing sports so being the amazing Dad that he was, he dropped hunting in favor of becoming our baseball, hockey, volleyball and soccer coach. 

After I moved out and got married I began to feel like my relationship with my Father was...I don't know...it just wasn't as strong as it used to be. I thought a lot about how I could fix it and after a great deal of thought I remembered how much he used to enjoy hunting. 

I called him up one night and asked him if he wanted to take his gun course and hunter's safety course with me and we could start hunting together. I had no idea at the time what an impact that would have on our relationship.

After we took the course we hunted together all the time and through all the various seasons (deer, waterfowl, birds, rabbits, bear etc). I always loved my Father, but now we were becoming best friends as well. The times trudging through the bush, sitting in blinds, taking the boat across the lake...we made a lot of memories from our time on the hunt.

My Father passed away two years ago and some of the fondest memories I have of him now are of the two of us out huntinig. What a difference one decision can make in a persons life and how different could my relationship with my Father have been if I hadn't asked him to do that. Hunting can be an awesome thing on many levels, so I ask the mgocommunity, share a story, share a tip...let me know who the hunters are out there.