OT: Popular Science - Michigan, best place to live 2100 AD

OT: Popular Science - Michigan, best place to live 2100 AD

Submitted by wildbackdunesman on March 11th, 2018 at 8:44 AM

"Looks like we are all moving to Michigan."

Popular Science in a feature that is a bit pessimistic and doomsdayish projects that Michigan will be prime real estate in 2100 AD.

This is due to Michigan not experiencing as much of the disease spread by mosquitoes, severe weather, and forest fires that are expected to increase across the rest of the country.

Although we might not be around by 2100, your kids and grandkids may enjoy any prime real estate that you own!


Softball Smacks Stony Brook, 7-0

Softball Smacks Stony Brook, 7-0

Submitted by South Bend Wolverine on March 9th, 2018 at 5:55 PM

Coming off a break-out weekend, featuring multiple wins over ranked opponents and some of the most complete performances of the season, Michigan makes a trip to Florida this weekend for the FAU tournament.  The opener was the first-ever meeting between Michigan & Stony Brook softball, and my guess is that the Seawolves won't be all too eager to schedule meeting #2 any time soon.

It was another encouraging outing for the Michigan offense, as 6 different Wolverines got hits on the day.  Faith Canfield continued on her tear from a week ago, going 2-4 with 3 RBIs (all three of which came on a bases-clearing double in the B6 that turned a 4-0 lead into a 7-0 blowout).  Madison Uden was also particularly effective, going 2 for 2 with a walk to boot, while freshman Natalia Rodriguez also added a pair of hits to the cause.  Fellow-freshman Lou Allan continues to work her way into the line-up bit by bit, scoring a run after reaching base on a Stony Brook error in the 6th.

Defensively, Tera Blanco was in control for most of this one.  Stony Brook didn't register a hit until the 4th inning, when a lead-off triple gave them their biggest threat of the day.  An alert Sobczak gunned down the runner trying to get home on a bunt, though, and no harm was done.  Sarah Schaefer would come in to close things out in the 7th, hurling a 1-2-3 inning.

Michigan continues play in about 5 minutes, facing hosts FAU.  Freshman phenom Meghan Beaubien will be in the circle for this one.

HealthcareOT: UM Medicine's new subscription concierge medicine program

HealthcareOT: UM Medicine's new subscription concierge medicine program

Submitted by UMProud on March 9th, 2018 at 12:48 PM


UM is piloting a new, membership fee based health management program called "Victors Care".  Basaically, the premise is that by paying an annual premium you will see a network of doctors who attend fewer patients and can offer more personalized service.  Benefits are listed, on their website, as reduced office waits, faster scheduling, 24/7 physician access and others.

However, several high level UM medicine admins are pushing back on the service for several reasons...chief of which is their premise that this program will allow people to "jump ahead in line" of others.

Fee based subscription medicine is a growing trend in the US as doctors are looking to shore up sliding profits due to decreases in contract payouts for many services.


Detailed article in the Michigan daily on this issue

"Michigan Medicine at the University of Michigan is currently launching Victors Care, a concierge medical care model aiming to deliver tailored health care access to a limited number of patients. These patients will receive specialized, convenient and optimized care with purchase of an annual membership fee to cover primary care services without copays or deductibles. 

Though concierge medicine has been practiced at a number of health facilities nationwide — including Michigan Medicine competitors like Stanford Health CareVirginia Mason and the UNC Physicians Network Carolina Continuity of Care Program — the University will institute the care approach for the first time in April.

Mary Masson, institutional positioning director at Michigan Medicine, said Victors Care is one example of ways Michigan Medicine aims to improve medical care.

“Victors Care is a pilot program, developed after requests from patients for a service similar to what exists at institutions across the country,” Masson wrote in a statement to The Daily. “This is just one of a number of ways we're seeking to improve access to and efficiency of care we provide. Others include use of e-visits when appropriate, opening a new facility in west Ann Arbor and the planned opening of another, in Brighton this fall, which will significantly expand our capacity and access.” 

However, this concierge medicine program — often referred to as boutique or retainer medicine — has drawn criticism from University physicians."

Credit:  Michigan Daily, 3/7/2018, Author:  Alexa St. John



WorkingOT: 2018 job market heating up ... are you looking?

WorkingOT: 2018 job market heating up ... are you looking?

Submitted by UMProud on March 7th, 2018 at 12:59 PM


All reports are pointing to one of the best markets for job seekers in a long time.  Many people have been hanging on to their jobs, underpaid and/or underappreciated, for many reasons not least of which was the (relatively) recent 2009 recession.

Anecdotally, I've seen a noticeable increase in pings from headhunters to my Linkedin profile and others I know are saying the same.

How many of you are looking to upgrade your job situation or have been stuck due to non compete agreements, lack of demand for your specialty or something else?

Jim Harbaugh to be honored by the V Foundation for Cancer Research 5/11/2018

Jim Harbaugh to be honored by the V Foundation for Cancer Research 5/11/2018

Submitted by UMProud on March 6th, 2018 at 12:16 PM

"Harbaugh, along with ESPN's Mike Greenberg and Florida State basketball coach Leonard Hamilton, will share the spotlight at the 13th Annual Dick Vitale Gala in Sarasota, Fla. The event is designed to raise money for pediatric cancer research and make more people aware of the disease.

"It is hard to believe that we are in the 13th year of our annual gala," Vitale told the V Foundation. "This one is going to be off the charts with honorees Mike Greenberg, Leonard Hamilton and Jim Harbaugh -- all dedicated to helping kids battling cancer.

"There will be a special tribute to two special children we've lost, Tony Colton and Chad Carr, during the evening," Vitale said. "This year, we will break our record and raise over $3.5 million.""

Source:  UPI, 3/5/2018


Thank you Michigan

Thank you Michigan

Submitted by Superpro77 on March 4th, 2018 at 5:27 PM
Hello my MGO family. I do not post much and have never made a thread, but I need to say thank you to Michigan. I unhealthily look at this board every 30 minutes or so and cannot put into words how much Michigan means to me. My dad had a major heart attack and stroke about a month ago and without an ECMO machine invented by Michigan medical school, I would have lost him. I live 14 hours from my dad and I FaceTimed him today for the first time since he woke up a week ago. I lost him twice before the ECMO machine and he was given a 1% chance to live...Today I saw him smile. He still cannot talk because of a tracheotomy to help him breathe but we had a conversation without words. I have suffered through all the same issues as all of you when it comes to football....I even just missed meeting Jim harbaugh when he was in MA....but...The University of Michigan gave me my father back. Just a bit of perspective from someone who has had his life changed by the best University in the world. Thank you Michigan Go Blue!!!!

Softball Blast Cal Poly, Completes Judi Garman Sweep

Softball Blast Cal Poly, Completes Judi Garman Sweep

Submitted by South Bend Wolverine on March 3rd, 2018 at 2:20 PM

For the second straight day (this time with the difficulty level turned way down), the bats came alive for Michigan softball.  Facing off against Cal Poly in the final game of their Spring Break trip, Michigan scored early and often en-route to an 11-3 run rule W.

On offense, the top half of the order was dominant.  The 2 through 6 batters all registered at least 1 hit on the day, and 1 through 5 all scored at least one run.  Aidan Falk homered in the first to make it 2-0, but the real damage came in the 2nd.  A Sobczak double was followed up by a walk and an error, then by hits from Peters, Blanco, Falk, and Alexander (as well as a HBP drawn by Uden).  By the time all was said and done, it was an 8-0 lead, and a run rule result seemed likely.

Pitching got a little wobbly, though, as Meghan Beaubien gave up a couple runs in the top of the 3rd.  Michigan would get one back in the 4th, but freshamn Sarah Schaefer, who had entered in relief of Beaubien, ceded that back in the 5th.  With runners at 2nd and 3rd and just one out, Beaubien re-entered the game, and promptly retired the side with a K and a ground-out.  From there, a Hoogenraad walk set the table for a Skvarce home run that ended the game in walk-off fashion.

After starting the season 6-6, Michigan has now won 7 straight, including 2 shut-outs and 2 wins over top-20 opponents.  This looks like a team that is starting to settle into a groove after taking a few weeks to find themselves.  They'll take the field next on Friday against Stony Brook for the FAU tournament.  A March 10 date with Pittsburgh represents the last match-up against a major-conference opponent before Big Ten play.

OT - Has recruiting media finally jumped the shark?

OT - Has recruiting media finally jumped the shark?

Submitted by Blue in Paradise on March 3rd, 2018 at 10:03 AM

An article is making the rounds that Shaq's son Shareef has been receiving threats since he decommitted from Arizona due to the whole ESPN report cluster&uck.  I am sure there is nothing serious in there but it is still unnerving that people are taking this too far.


A lot of fan bases have gone after kids that decommitted or chose a rival over their school, but I think this is the first time I have heard of a kid actually getting threats.  Maybe this has happened in the past but nothing that I could remember.

Anybody who is older than 30 can remember a time where 99% of the fan base had no idea who the freshmen were each year until they actually got on the field / court.  The only recruitments that I can remember from my HS / college days (1990s) were the Fab 5, Jerrod Ward, Peyton Manning (because of his dad) and Drew Henson.

I like following recruiting for the same reasons as the rest of the MGoBloggers but could these "threats" finally be the tipping point?  Probably not, but the idea of people threatening 16-17 year olds over their college choice is true insanity and should make the industry reconsider the direction it is going in.