OT: Donald Trump (On Miss USA, And Living Every Teen's Fantasy)

OT: Donald Trump (On Miss USA, And Living Every Teen's Fantasy)

Submitted by Guttman on May 10th, 2010 at 8:10 AM

I considered posting this under numerous other threads ("OT: Bachelor Party" almost got it), but in the end, it just needed its own special treatment.

I'm prepared to make a bold statement: Donald Trump may have saved America.  Or at least USA.  Or US Americans.  Or whatever, but. . .wow.  Thank you, Donald.

The Miss USA pageant has been something of an afterthought for years. . .aside from a handful of notable distractions (Carrie Prejean, Shanna Moakler, Ali Landry, and the wonderful Tara Conner), it was an event that many of us remember most fondly as one we watched with our dads when we were kids, in one of our first "guys vs. mom and sisters" bonding rituals.  We really didn' t know what we were doing, we just knew it was something Dad liked, and Mom. . .didn't.  Mom liked the Miss America pageant, because they sang, danced, and demonstrated wholesome qualities.  Dad?  He was one of us, before we was "us".

Miss USA was the Penthouse of beauty pageants.  None of this "talent" stuff; Miss USA was founded when some Miss America winner decided she didn't want to pose for photos in a bathing suit.  So the sponsor dumped Miss America, and created a whole new contest that got right to it: no more plate spinning, juggling, or bird-training, this contest was about looks (evening gown), looks (bathing suit), and looks (better not distract me from your looks during the interview).  Miss America was for the girl next door; Miss USA was for her naughty cousin who came into town from time-to-time, and who you still remember with a smile.

I could go on and on, and maybe should in my first diary--plenty to say, looking back on pageants' role in the whole father-son relationship (like "watching Wonder Woman with Dad makes more sense when you know she was Miss World USA first", or "what the hell happened to Delta Burke?").  However, how about we end it now and open this up for comments with the following 3 points:

1)  Donald Trump is a genius, as hard as that is to admit;

2)  I'll be watching the Miss USA pageant next weekend, likely chatting with my brother and Dad over the phone, wholly because Trump has decided that there wasn't enough "glam" (yes, their word) in pageant-world;

3)  http://missuniverse.com/missusa/members/contestants

Behold, Miss Wyoming:

OT: Lazy Sunday - Favorite Album of all Time

OT: Lazy Sunday - Favorite Album of all Time

Submitted by Nieme08 on May 9th, 2010 at 5:07 PM

Yet another "favorite (insert whatever)" discussion I thought could be interesting and maybe enlightening to the music fans we have around here.  What is your favorite album of all time?  I have to say "Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd.  I can't say that any individual song is among my top 10 or 20 but the album as a whole is a masterpiece. The organization of the album is perfect. It flows so well it sounds like one 50 minute song. Fantastic. "The White Album" by The Beatles is another great one. What does everyone think?

OT: Bachelor party ideas

OT: Bachelor party ideas

Submitted by QuarterbackU on May 8th, 2010 at 7:02 PM

Okay MGoBloggers,

I need your help...I'm getting married in three weeks in Omaha, NE (my fiancee's home town, also the home of the College World Series), and since neither I nor none of my groomsmen are coming from remotely close to the area, I need to help out with the planning of a bachelor party of sorts...

Now, I assume not that many of you have actually been to the booming metropolis of Omaha, so I won't expect any Omaha-specific suggestions, but I wondered if you guys could offer up some bachelor party suggestions...a few stipulations:

1)  My fiancee's brother will be there, and he is only 17 (though due to his upbringing not likely to slip roofies into our drinks, a la The Hangover), plus my brothers which are 18, 18 and 20 so that rules out any over-21 exclusive places...

2) I'm not into strippers or strip-clubs or any of that type of thing...I love having fun, but the cleaner the better for me...

And yes, there can and should be U-M elements to this, I'm an alum, my three brothers are all undergrads now, six out my eight groomsmen are U-M alums, and just about every guy coming to the bachelor party is as well...

Thanks for the suggestions!

OT/NSFW: Eastbound & Down

OT/NSFW: Eastbound & Down

Submitted by Florida Blue on May 7th, 2010 at 4:39 PM

I hope I am not the only one here that finds this to be one of the funniest shows ever.  Well I have seen that they are going to start production for season 2 this month but I can't find any dates for when it will actually be on HBO again.  Anyone have any idea?  Anyone else find this show overly hilarious?

Our MGoChildren

Our MGoChildren

Submitted by UMdad on May 7th, 2010 at 3:00 PM

This is a great time to stop for a moment and think about the legacy we are passing on to our children.  Those of us that grew up listening to Tiger's baseball games late into summer evenings with our fathers and grandfathers are feeling a little like graduating seniors right now.  In part celebrating the memories of a cherished part of our lives, and in part mourning the end of an era.  I was never on the field for a single pitch of major league baseball.  I have never felt the crack of the bat nor the grass in the outfield as I dove for a catch.  Instead, my experience was that of a spectator in the bleachers at Tiger's stadium with my dad and uncles and brother.  I remember hot dogs and wondering why everyone was booing Lou Whitaker.  I remember keeping score in  a program and how green the grass looked in comparison to the blue steel of the stadium.  I also remember sitting in the yard by the lake and listening to Erie as the chicken cooked on the grill.

This year I took my two boys (5 and 3) to the Michigan spring game.  It was their first trip to the big house and I was way more excited than they were.  I thought of my first trip to a spring game and how Jim Harbaugh high fived us on the field after the game and gave his wristbands to my cousin.  I  remember crisp saturday mornings that fall playing football un the leaves in our yard and pretending I was Harbaugh.  I cheered for him not because I remembered following him through recruiting or because I thought that he was a better pro style QB than his predecessor.  I cheered for him because he wore a Michigan helmet and that was who my dad rooted for. 

However this season goes, winning record or not, I hope that I will cheer proudly for my alma mater and my children will be able to look back when they are adults with their own children and not have their memories tarnished by complaining about coaches and yelling at 18 year old quarterbacks.  I hope they remember loving football saturdays, maybe a little more when we won, but loving them even when we lost.  I am quickly realizing that the time I get to spend with my kids and my grandfather and dad are fleeting and I would rather spend them cheering our team than complaining about it.  

Totally OT: Completely changing one's career path

Totally OT: Completely changing one's career path

Submitted by MGoJen on May 7th, 2010 at 11:01 AM

On November 21st, 2008 I printed out Brian's "The Age of Miracles" post and put it up in my office at work. (http://mgoblog.com/content/age-miracles)  When I first read it it really struck a chord with me, and from time to time when things get crazy and nothing makes sense I re-read it and it makes me feel better. 

I know this is completely off topic, but you guys have always been helpful and I'm kind of in need of objective advice from people who don't know me personally.  I haven't told a lot of my friends about this (or any of my family) because I'm not entirely sure what to do and am terrified that things won't work out.  (This is obviously a consequence of the off-season--stupid self-introspection!)

I'm 26 and graduated from Michigan in 2006 with a BA in Poli Sci.  I always wanted to ultimately pursue policy, but after an health policy internship in DC decided I wanted to become a physician who was knowledgeable enough to truly shape health policy.  I completed the pre-med requirements and after I graduated began working at a health disparities research center in Detroit.  I started out as an unpaid intern and have worked my way up to a really well-paying, high-level research position (particularly given my relative (lack of) experience/clinical degree.)  About a year ago I was accepted into a Masters in Physiology program with the option to get a PhD.  I work for a university and thus am getting free tuition as well.

The original plan was to earn the Masters, get a solid science foundation and apply to med school.  To make a long story short, my interest in medicine has always been from an urban/advocacy for the underserved perspective.  It's kind of been building for a while, but I realized I really don't like what I'm doing.  I don't want to be a physician, I want to affect policy head-on.  My commitment is still to the underserved and always will be, but I've decided that I want to go to law school.  This is terrifying because I'm 26 and feel like I'm really old (even though everyone tells me I'm not); I always thought I'd have much more accomplished in my life by age 26 than I do.

I registered for an LSAT prep course that begins in June and am taking this semester off from Physiology classes to re-compartmentalize and study for the October LSAT.  I still haven't told anyone at work, including the amazing mentors (physicians) I've grown really close to who everyday tell me what an amazing physician I'll be. 

There's a better than even chance that because I want to pursue advocacy work, I'll never, ever make close to the money I'm making now and will then also be contending with paying student loans from law school.  Money has never, ever been important to me, but I'm kind of all heart and don't really think these kinds of things through as much as I probably should.

I guess ultimately my question is this: have you ever had to reconcile what you really think you would be awesome at and what you really love with a much more stable, more concrete option?  I'm an overly-optimistic and hopeful person in general so I'm afraid I'm ignoring logic when I keep telling myself things will work out.  Sorry this is so long--I appreciate all of your help in advance. 

Oh, and Brian's "The Age of Miracles" post is now in my LSAT prep book.  In some weird way it helps me keep perspective and gives me hope in this super scary, uncertain time. 

WAY OT: Best places to get an adult beverage in Cleveland?

WAY OT: Best places to get an adult beverage in Cleveland?

Submitted by Helloheisman on May 7th, 2010 at 12:28 AM

My wife and I are heading to Cleveland saturday night to hang out and catch the Tigers/Indians game sunday afternoon. I want to catch the wings game saturday night and visit some decent bars. Just wondering if anyone had any insight on this "issue" at hand! Thanks in advance