Big Ten Expansion-Great Aticle

Big Ten Expansion-Great Aticle

Submitted by HAIL 2 VICTORS on May 2nd, 2010 at 11:27 PM

For those of you that have not burned out on the topic I found this article offers some interesting perspectives from outside our sphere of influece.

* So, when this week's inevitable batch of unsubstantiated "done deal" reports surface on the Internet and elsewhere, remind yourself that before a school can join a new conference it has to be contacted first, then invited. Then again, if negotiations are taking place behind the scenes, the parties involved are surely working under strict confidentiality agreements. Some lies will be told to protect the process.

At this point, we're building stories based on little more than our own conjecture. But unless it’s coming straight from Delany, I’d advise to take any unconfirmed report cum grano salis. (It's Latin, look it up.)

* The Big Ten gets 70 cents a month per subscriber within the conference’s footprint. So, 70 cents x 12 months x 2.2 million homes = $18,480,000. That’s how much the conference would make per year from the Big Ten Network alone if Missouri were to join the league.

*  Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez has some words of wisdom for anyone falling for the latest expansion "report" that cites anonymous speculation: "Anything said right now is anyone's imagination."

*  Don't assume that (Tom) Osborne is sleeping on this and don't assume that he's Big 12 loyal. The former coach never liked the idea of the Big Eight/Southwest Conference shotgun marriage and all of his predictions about the power shift to Texas have come to fruition. While he's in the A.D. chair, it's Osborne's job to set up Husker football for the future. A move to the Big Ten does that. If he could send a seismic shift through Austin, Texas, on his way out the door, that's called a bonus.

OT: Summer Action Movies

OT: Summer Action Movies

Submitted by JeepinBen on May 2nd, 2010 at 9:33 AM

So 3 summer movies really interest me from an unintentional comedy scale.  I'm going to propose my rankings of the movies from 0-5 Hockey bears (intentional comedy) and 0- 5 Freekbasses (unintentional)


1. Macgruber

This film has me not too thrilled... i like the sketch, but i think that the only successful SNL movie based on a sketch in the last i dont know how long was "A Night at the Roxbury". Anyway, this movie is definitely 5 Hockey Bears.


2. The A-Team

I'm excited for this film, but, I'm also nervous about it. a Mr. T Cameo would make this movie 100% pure columbian awesome, even without any good parts in the rest of the film. The A-Team show didnt take itself seriously, and it looks like they might be taking it seriously in the movie. I'm going to guess 2 Hockey Bears, and probably 1.5 Freekbasses


3. The Expendables

Stallone. Willis. Jet Li. Statham. Randy Coture. Stone Cold Steve Austin. Arnold Schwazenegger. Terry Crewes (OLD SPICE POWER BLOCKER). Mickey Rourke. Gravelly voice over guy in the trailer. There is no way i'll be able to see this in theaters, since i think I'll be laughing my ass off the whole movie... at parts that aren't supposed to be funny. I definitely think this movie will try to make some jokes (1 Hockey bear) but will be 5 Freekbasses. 


Your thoughts? Any of these movies worth $9 to see in theaters?

OT: Memorabilia/Autograph Collections?

OT: Memorabilia/Autograph Collections?

Submitted by hail2mich on May 1st, 2010 at 10:33 PM
One of my favorite hobbies is collecting autographs, and I am curious if anyone else on here collects too. My collection is mainly focused on Michigan and Detroit teams but I have others too. Some of my favorite Michigan autos would have to be my signed Desmond Howard jersey, signed mini helmet by Bo, a couple signed 8x10's of Woodson, a signed index card of Gerald Ford, and an index card signed by the one and only Tom Harmon. I also have a bunch of Wings, Lions, and Tigers autos and some of my favorites are 8x10's of Barry, Yzerman, and Kaline. What do you all have? It doesn't have to be signed memorabilia or strictly sports.

Love the Yellow and Blue..

Love the Yellow and Blue..

Submitted by oldcityblue on May 1st, 2010 at 4:53 PM

Driving by BEST BUY today, I started thinking about their logo and why it was such a successful design. It occurred to me that maybe the reason I liked the logo was because of the power of the colors yellow and blue.

So I started looking around a bit and came up with this...


 Logo and Design and Color Symbology / Meaning

Color Symbology

The color of you logo alone will create an impression of your company, so choose colors that will send the right message about your business. Here is some basic color symbology:

The Color Blue and Its Meaning and SymbolismBlue – Knowledge, Stability, Trust, Conservatism (Possible Danger: May be perceived as stuffy or old-fashioned)

The Color Green and Its Meaning and SymbolismGreen – Nature, Wealth, Growth, Go (Possible Danger: Can be perceived as envy)

The Color Red and Its Meaning and SymbolismRed – Passion, Energy, Excitement (Possible Danger: Can be perceived as angry)

The Color Pink and Its Meaning and SymbolismPink – Love, Femininity, Calm (Possible Danger: Can be perceived as little-girlish)

The Color Orange and Its Meaning and SymbolismOrange – Fun, Energy, Warmth, Nature (Possible Danger: Not perceived as a serious color)

The Color Yellow and Its Meaning and SymbolismYellow – Happiness, Laughter, Energy, Creativity (Possible Danger: Can be overpowering and over-stimulating)

The Color Yellow and Its Meaning and SymbolismPurple – Royalty, Wealth, Sophistication (Possible Danger: Certain shades can be perceived as adolescent)

The Color Brown and Its Meaning and SymbolismBrown – Dependability, Stability, Friendliness, Nature (Possible Danger: Can be perceived as dull)

The Color Black and Its Meaning and SymbolismBlack – Sophisticated, Sexy, Elegant, Mysterious (Possible Danger: The overuse of black can be overwhelming and foreboding)


I thought it was pretty cool how accurate these definitions were when thinking about our culture and those of our rivals.

Go Maize & Blue!

OT: Who was your commencement speaker?

OT: Who was your commencement speaker?

Submitted by pdxblue on May 1st, 2010 at 10:50 AM
I know we've had this before, but as I turn on the BTN and see pretty packed stadium, I thought about it again. My commencement speaker was pretty unexciting. Apparently, there is a tradition that when we have a new President of the University, that person is the commencement speaker. So my speaker was... James Duderstadt. I have no idea what he said.