WAY OT: Anyone up for some online multiplayer Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3?

WAY OT: Anyone up for some online multiplayer Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3?

Submitted by profitgoblue on April 25th, 2012 at 2:01 PM

I know I'm going to get some heat for this, but I'm wondering if any of you are members or would like to join a multiplayer group in either Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3 (PS3).  Maybe we could create an MGoGroup?  I don't even know how to set one up (maybe someone will invite me to join an existing group??) but I ask because I'm thinking it would be much more enjoyable getting killed every 10 seconds if I was a member of a fun group instead of playing with randoms.  Any thoughts?

PSN = profitgoblue

OT: Florida cutting Computer Science

OT: Florida cutting Computer Science

Submitted by Mr. Robot on April 23rd, 2012 at 12:27 PM


As a graduating senior majoring in computer science, I find this almost too absurd to believe. I don't care to look into the specifics of Florida's numbers to know whether they turn a profit like we do and that the increased athletic budget would fall under it.

Either way though, how do you cut computer science? Computers aren't going away, and $1.7 million is a drop in the bucket no matter how tight your budget at a large public university, especially with an area as important as that. All you need is some computers and the faculty to run the program. Heck, most of my professors even openly admit you can get the text material you need on Wikipedia and have even considered dropping the text books in favor of it (not that the cost of the books is part of the department costs anyway).

I never had a high opinion of Florida's academics anyway, but this knocks them down a few more notches. It makes me feel good that we would never compromise our academics for athletics here at Michigan, and especially not a major as popular and important as CS.

In light of this, I feel adding this video is appropriate:


OT: Friday Night Drinking Thread

OT: Friday Night Drinking Thread

Submitted by justingoblue on April 20th, 2012 at 10:36 PM

Depressing game tonight, about to crack open some Oberon and maybe some Canadian Club if my thoughts start wandering to Lidstrom and his contract.

Sports fandom for me now means softball and nothing else until September, which is reason enough for a couple beers tonight.

Cheers, Wings. I know I'm disappointed, but I still love ya.

What's everyone else consuming tonight? I know it's a special day today for a pretty decent chunk of this blog's readership.

Updated B1G Transfer Rules

Updated B1G Transfer Rules

Submitted by JeepinBen on April 20th, 2012 at 8:26 AM

So there was a lot of talk yesterday about Bo Ryan's transfer snafu... and I was actually incorrect in what the Big Ten's stance on transfers within the conference is. I was under the opinion that the Big Ten had a blanket rule where you couldn't transfer within the conference and receive a scholarship. That used to be the case (see Mr. Plow, you could still transfer but had to pay your own way) but that was changed for the 2011-2012 season:


The new rule, adopted for this current academic year, allows a player to receive the aid, but he would have to sit out the NCAA-required one-year in residence and lose a season of eligibility. 

Some coaches (JB included) still don't allow in conference transfers, but the B1G will allow it - if you give up a year of eligibility. 

In general I'm fine with blanket transfer restrictions that are made up front before a player signs his LOI. JB's had a long standing policy of nothing within the conference and nothing on the schedule for 2 years. If players know that before they sign, that's fine. Stuff like Ryan adding to and making up rules as each transfer happens for each kid - that's a different animal. 

OT - MSU's Calc II Final

OT - MSU's Calc II Final

Submitted by Purkinje on April 19th, 2012 at 12:21 PM

I hope this amuses all of the other Michigan students reading this as much as it amuses me. As we pull all-nighters that end in carving our eyeballs out with sporks because it hurts less than studying sufficiently for our exams, the kids in Couch Fire Land get to take a Calc II final that is easier than our Calc I Gateway Test. I kid you not. Here is the proof:




For reference, here is the last final exam from Michigan's equivalent class: http://www.math.lsa.umich.edu/courses/116/Exams/n2011fall/Final_Exam/co…


I guess that's the difference in academic quality between a top-15 school and a a top-75 school. HAIL!

Very OT: Math paper retracted for no scientific content

Very OT: Math paper retracted for no scientific content

Submitted by Ernis on April 19th, 2012 at 12:35 AM

Nearly 3 years after publication, Elsevier has retracted a paper for containing no scientific content.

Link to the paper itself.

Entirely ludicrous, yet something I thought this fine community of intelligentsia would appreciate. Perhaps Brian, in his altered state of consciousness, can make sense of it for us.

EDIT: Be sure to read the comments for links to more articles from the same "author"

OT- Coursera

OT- Coursera

Submitted by RONick on April 18th, 2012 at 8:52 AM

I'm not sure if this should be OT since it involves the University, mods please change if you'd like, however UofM has teamed up with Princeton, Stanford and Penn to bring a company called Coursera.  It is basically free online education that aims to provide the best possible education to the masses for free.  Really a neat concept that I think most on here may enjoy.

While none of the courses that I scanned through seem too in depth yet, I can see this as a positive, innovative step in the right direction for the future of education.