OT: John Schnatter 'out' as CEO (EDIT: Papa John's founder and genuine dirtbag; by popular demand)

OT: John Schnatter 'out' as CEO (EDIT: Papa John's founder and genuine dirtbag; by popular demand)

Submitted by FL_Steve on December 21st, 2017 at 7:04 PM

Solution for intrusive ads on desktop/mobile

Solution for intrusive ads on desktop/mobile

Submitted by karpodiem on December 18th, 2017 at 8:54 PM

(If you block ads, consider donating - https://goo.gl/VcbDqy

ps - It would be nice if MGoBlog sent an e-mail thanking donors for their contribution at the end of the year, along with a tally of how much they donated.

Download Chrome/Firefox, along with the following extensions

uBlock Origin | Chrome - https://goo.gl/Q8BMyy

Firefox - https://goo.gl/DGz6zq

Privacy Badger | Chrome - https://goo.gl/EBnC1b

Firefox - http://goo.gl/LDYgYH


For Android, use Firefox Focus - https://goo.gl/yVrYvF

For iOS - https://goo.gl/NiFWSy

META: Subhead change? Board search?

META: Subhead change? Board search?

Submitted by atticusb on December 17th, 2017 at 11:41 PM

When did the subhead change?  Wayback Machine has it as "Do not be decieved" at least through 11/1, but by 12/1 "it's Michigan, and it's beautiful here, and everything sucks".  OSU game?  Maybe in my grief/anger/apathy/whatever, I missed discussion of this?  The new quote is apparently form BoJack Horseman: The Old Sugarman Place [S04E02] (and, yes, I'm old, I had to goolge BoJack Horseman to find out what the hell it was--a web comedy series, for others as old and out of touch as me).

Also, is it just me or does the Google Site Search not work...? I was trying to google the Board about the subhead...  Is there any way other than just browsing to search for old threads?

OT: The Last Jedi (SPOILER Edition)

OT: The Last Jedi (SPOILER Edition)

Submitted by Michigan Arrogance on December 17th, 2017 at 9:14 AM

Spoiler WARNING. For anyone who wants to discuss TLJ feel free to include any spolier info you want. Here are my thoughts.


Best Parts:

  • throne room fight
  • Poe tooling with Hux
  • Luke with Leia toward the end
  • R2 convincing Luke to come back
  • Yoda
  • Holdo with the Hyperspace kamikazi move - beaurty of a sceen
  • Rey vs Luke in the rain
  • the flashbacks
  • DJ the slicer


Parts that I thought weren't so good:

  • Super Leia (could have killed her 2-3 ways that would have been fine)
  • Maz from star tours (can't have her on the ship with the resistance? Have her point Finn et al to Lando maybe?)
  • BB-8 piloting an AT-ST
  • Luke milking that thing - I guess it really sets up his character status but that was just weird
  • some of the canto bight stuff went long so it didn't bother me really

I thought it was some amazing screenplay and story telling- every main character had a legit moment of "are they doing the right thing"? Even the secondary characters like Adml Holdo- you didn't know where she was going. Lots of questions answered. Lots of ways to go in the next one. Overall, this was the movie to move the SW story forward and not keep looking backward. Who knows what EpIX will be.

Mgoblog: Your Modest Proposals

Mgoblog: Your Modest Proposals

Submitted by MGlobules on December 16th, 2017 at 2:51 PM

I'm willing to bow to board opinion if no one agrees, but I feel that mgoblog is not in real healthy shape right now. There was some serious excitement and brainpower at work here in the early going which I wouldn't assume can be recaptured--Brian's early diaries were magic, and with a small pool of exited member-posters the quality of thinking, and humor, was often really great. 

Some of the decline, I think, must be pinned on the founders and site managers. There is still plenty of good reporting here (Ace has improved markedly with the bball, Brian still brings a wealth of insight and occasional genius word play). The place is stale looking, to my eye, but a redesign is--reportedly--coming and will no doubt breathe life.

But now that we are into the post-season and can mull it, I'd like to offer a forum for constructive comments--not just complaints, but maybe only going to the look of the blog if that involves how discourse can flow better, too. 

My two suggestions: So many threads get hijacked by a silly side-conversation at the very outset/top that--repeatedly--you have to scroll miles down the page to get to commentary on the actual subject. (You know--one guy says funny, the next guy says ha ha, the next guy says good one or upvote and 30 seconds later you are still scrolling down for anything of value.) I think the mods need to go in and clean some of these up. Or--let me put it another way--lately I have been weary enough of it personally that I have started to bail when there's too much of it. Dylan has gotten very good at just stepping in when this happens at umhoops and asking people to get back on track; I think there has to be more attentiveness to the threads by mods in this regard. 

Second: I'm much more tolerant of off-topic threads, crazy opinions, and even interesting mildly sociological takes than most (not party political ones, but ones that point out the unfairness or fairness of how things work at a deeper level, that show insight about how things work). I welcome Brian's commentary, for example on getting players paid even when I don't agree with some of the underlying principles. 

But too many threads consist of just one or two poorly thought-out lines, replete with misspellings and--too often--are not even linked to factual supporting evidence. (I'm looking at you 'Penn Statte Fraternity Hazing Death," still up a day after it went up, and a one-liner lauding bowl season that didn't even bother to note what games were ON.)

Closer examination suggests that most are NOT from brand-new posters but people working into the thousands of points. So demanding that people get to X number of points before they post may not fix much. The answer, in my view: gotta have just a little more moderation.

Crap thread sitting on the sidebar for hours just isn't a healthy feel or look. 

How about other posters? Let's put together some serious proposals here; who knows, maybe a few will get adopted. Posted in a spirit of love and respect for this place.


OT: Disney-FOX merger

OT: Disney-FOX merger

Submitted by Sambojangles on December 13th, 2017 at 9:59 AM

Lots of talk in the news this week about Disney buying significant parts of 21st Century Fox. It's not clear yet what exactly they may be buying, but it has pretty big implications for sports fans.

It looks like Disney could be purchasing the Fox regional sports networks. As a Detroit fan, it would be great to consolidate the Tigers, Wings and Pistons under the ESPN umbrella, where most Michigan football and basketball games are already broadcast and streamed. However, it sounds like Fox will be keeping FS1 and the regular Fox broadcast channel. 

Fox owns 51% of the BTN, and that may be moving over to Disney as well. IMO if the BTN got ESPN production value it would be an upgrade. 

Part of the reason the B1G conference has so much TV money is that they have been very successful in playing potential broadcasters off each other to get max value, which is why Fox started broadcasting B1G football this year. I thought an ABC/ESPN/FOX congolomorate would reduce the B1G's leverage at first, but after further reading it looks like they will stay separate for now.

Outside the sports world, lots of big movie franchises would move, and be unified, under Disney. This includes Marvel characters and all Star Wars movie rights.

The articles below have more information. The WSJ one in particular focuses on the impact to sports fans and cable subscribers/cord-cutters, and how sports TV rights are an important piece for anti-trust regulators to consider as part of the deal.



OT: Dave Brandon gets a $2.4M Bonus

OT: Dave Brandon gets a $2.4M Bonus

Submitted by Da Fino on December 7th, 2017 at 6:50 AM

Judge rules that Toys R Us execs get to keep bonuses after the company filed for bankruptcy. That includes a $2.4 million bump for our least favorite former AD. Barf. Proposed: https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/nation-now/2017/11/29/toys-r-us-ba… Approved: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2017/12/07/bankrupt-…


EDIT: Changed title from DB to Dave Brandon

Haloscan Roll Call

Haloscan Roll Call

Submitted by M-Dog on December 4th, 2017 at 11:48 AM

Today is the 13th birthday of MGoBlog (see the thread below).  A lot of people have come and gone since then.

Who is still on here from Haloscan days?

For the uninitiated, Halsoscan was the hosting platform for MGoBlog from 2004 until late June 2008.

Haloscan was the wild west.

There was no Board. There were no "OP's".  You could not create content, you could only comment on the threads that Brian posted. 

Once Brian posted, it was a free-for-all in that thread. 

By the time you got to the 9th or 10th comment, the comments had nothing to do with the thread.  A comment could be responding to another comment that was 50 comments earlier in the thread.  Topics switched all over the place. 

Imagine every thread and comment on the current MGoBlog Board that happens in a given day . . . all residing in one thread.

If Brian only posted once that day, you could get up to a couple thousand comments by the end of the day.  So it was a big deal to be the first commenter of the day.  Often people would just post "First!" just to acknowledge the auspicious (and rare) occasion.  It only happened to me once.  It felt like I found money on the sidewalk.  

You could "handlejack" . . . steal somebody else's identity and comment as them.  This lead to all kinds of fun antics.  Immaturity is not a new thing on this blog.

There were no points, pos's, neg's or any kind of self-moderation by other members.  I don't recall any formal Mods either.

It was . . . interesting.