Lacrosse Wins Again, Improves to 4-0, Faces ND Next Week

Lacrosse Wins Again, Improves to 4-0, Faces ND Next Week

Submitted by L'Carpetron Do… on February 18th, 2017 at 4:57 PM

Updated: Lacrosse went down to the Bluegrass State and came away with a lopsided 13-5 win against the Bellarmine Knights. They jumped out to a 4-0 lead and never looked back.  Bellarmine lacked offensive weapons and struggled on ground balls and unsettled situations against the more athletic Michigan. It was a complete team effort - the D allowed Bellarmine few good looks and Heidt made great saves on the few they did get.Curran, Noseworthy and Schlosser paced the offense and Michigan got great contributions from their long stick middies.

Michigan is now 4-0, surpassing last year's win total and one shy of the program's season best. I think its safe to say they're better than last year but its hard to say how good. This is the really easy part of their schedule and they've faced a number of weak teams so far. These are teams Michigan would've struggled with last year so the fact that they're blowing them out is a good sign.

Michigan gets a serious test next week when they travel to South Bend to take on ND. The Irish are ranked #4 in the country right now and have plenty of talent. I think they might not be as good as their ranking but they're still formidable. They had a little trouble with a bad Georgetown team today before pulling away. Could be interesting next week.

Lacrosse Beats Detroit 15-10, powered by 11-0 run, now 3-0

Lacrosse Beats Detroit 15-10, powered by 11-0 run, now 3-0

Submitted by L'Carpetron Do… on February 15th, 2017 at 7:14 PM

Update: Powered by an 11-0 run from 3:04 left in the 2nd to 5:51 left in the game, our boys ran Detroit out of the building.  It was tied 5-5 at the half.  The run was powered by offensive weapons Ian King and Brent Noseworthy who tallied four goals apiece in the scoring onslaught. While the final score didn't look so bad, this was a rout.  A few late goals  (which is a bit of a cause for concern) made it look better than it was for Detroit.

Michigan has now matched its season win total from last year and are 3-0. They've played weak teams so far but  its a promising sign that they've won in blowouts.  It's still too early to gauge what kind of team they are but it's been positive so far.

This team should have a ton of confidence now.  This weekend they go to Bellarmine - a team that could give them more of a challenge. Bellarmine is 0-1 but had some tough losses to good teams last year. Michigan needs to take care of business again because next week they run into the buzzsaw that is Notre Dame. Good win tonight - Go Blue!

Lacrosse beats Lafayette 17-6 in last game ever in O'baan

Lacrosse beats Lafayette 17-6 in last game ever in O'baan

Submitted by L'Carpetron Do… on February 11th, 2017 at 11:00 AM

Lacrosse takes on the Lafayette Leopards today at 4 PM in the last game in Oosterbaan Fieldhouse, marking the end of an era. Oosterbaan was the home of Michigan lacrosse for decades and next year the program will move to its new facilities and the O'baan weightroom will be expanded, reducing the playing field to 75 yards. Men's lacrosse, both club and varsity, have won countless games there and it was a difficult and unwelcoming place for visiting teams. 

This is also Michigan's last home game for a month as they play on a neutral site next week vs. Detroit, visit ND and Bellarmine and then head down south for their spring break trip. This is a big opportunity for them - its a winnable game and Michigan could use the confidence boost of taking a  2-0 record with them on the road. I hope the boys play with some extra passion today and get one last victory for us old dudes. Go Blue!

Update: Michigan won easy, 17-6 and it didn't look like it was ever close. Lafayette was pretty terrible last year and probably won't be good this year but its good Michigan blew them out. Hopefully this means Michigan is significantly improved...

Michigan Lacrosse 2017 Schedule Preview

Michigan Lacrosse 2017 Schedule Preview

Submitted by L'Carpetron Do… on February 3rd, 2017 at 3:17 PM

Michigan lacrosse starts the season tomorrow night in Cleveland and our boys come into 2017 with a lot to prove. The Wolverines badly need to reverse the trajectory of program that is headed in the wrong direction. After going 5-11 in 2014 and 5-8 in 2015, the boys took a step back last year and finished 3-10, leaving many people to question whether they belong.


Michigan’s schedule features five teams ranked in the Maverik pre-season poll (ND, Hopkins, Maryland, Penn State and Rutgers) but the out-of-conference schedule is a veritable tray of cupcakes. The OOC slate features six teams (Lafayette, Detroit, Bellarmine, Mercer, Furman and UMBC) who won six games or fewer in 2016 and one new program (Cleveland State). ESPN analyst Quint Kessenich noted this in a season preview and predicted that Michigan could “sport a gaudy record”. If Michigan is for real they should enter conference play 7-2. Judging from last year, however, that’s a tall order.


For a detailed look at the roster check out this preview (it also features a glimpse of the new Nike unis which look pretty sweet).


Here’s a quick breakdown of every game on the schedule. I borrowed the “Desperate Need to Win Level” and “Win/loss will cause me to…” bits from Brian’s previews. Those numbers are based on an unscientific combination of the quality of the opponent and my assessment of whether Michigan should win or not. I’ll try to post each preview on the game day threads as well.


Game 1: @ Cleveland State: Saturday, February 4, 7 PM.

The Super Bowl still hasn’t been played and pitchers and catchers don’t report for another two weeks and yet Michigan is playing its first game this Saturday. At night. In Cleveland. In February. I’m excited it’s here already but damn they have to do something about the scheduling. Cleveland State is a new program and this is the Vikings’ inaugural contest so Michigan should take care of business. I don’t know anything about these Cleveland State characters but you gotta think that Michigan should be able to handle them and come away with a nice warm-up W. I like the idea they’re on the schedule though- I would love to see Michigan start a tradition in which they always play a new program in their first year.


Desperate Need to Win Level: 10  

Win will cause me to: Breathe a sigh of relief that they beat someone they're supposed to.

Loss will cause me to...actually call for JP to be fired.


Game 2: vs. Lafayette, Saturday, February 11, Oosterbaan Fieldhouse, 4 PM.

Lafayette was straight up bad last year, going 3-11 with their only wins coming against lowly Wagner, and new programs Monmouth and NJIT. The Leopards were not particularly competitive in any of their losses either. It’s Michigan's home opener and Lafayette's season opener so our boys will have a game under their belt which should give them an edge. Oosterbaan Effect could also play a factor. Advantage: Michigan.


Desperate Need to Win Level: 8

Win will cause me to: Say “OK, good.”

Lose will cause to: Say “Damn it.”


Game 3: vs. Detroit, Wednesday February 15, @ Pontiac, Michigan, 7 PM

Last year’s game against Detroit was canceled due to heinous weather conditions and it was scheduled to be played inside. For a while there, Detroit looked like a program on the up-and-up. In 2013, the Titans somehow blundered their way to an NCAA tournament berth but then proceeded to put the fear of God into #1 Notre Dame who barely escaped with a victory.  The next few years weren’t as fortuitous for Detroit, however and they couldn’t replicate that success. They won only two games in 2016. These teams played a tight one in 2014 but Michigan waxed them in 2015. Detroit will force a lot of turnovers.


Desperate Need to Win Level: 9

Win will cause me to: tell the good news to my girlfriend who doesn’t care.

Lose will cause me to: complain to my girlfriend who doesn’t care.



Game 4: @ Bellarmine, Saturday February 18, 6 PM

Bellarmine (which is in Kentucky- I had to look it up) went 6-9 last year but suffered close losses to tournament teams Marquette and Air Force and a good Richmond team. Michigan didn’t play them last year but our boys beat the Knights in 2014 and 2015. I would say that Bellarmine is probably more talented than Michigan and should have the edge at home. But, I really have no idea what to expect - this one will be a coin toss.


Desperate Need to Win Level: 6.5(?)

Win will cause me to: say “OK, heads”

Loss will cause me to: say “Ok, tails”


Game 5: @ Notre Dame, Sunday February 26, 2 PM

It would be nice to beat the tar out of ND because that’s the favorite pastime of any Michigan Wolverine. But - nah they’re not gonna win this one.


Desperate Need to Win Level: 6 (higher than it should be because its ND and Michigan needs a W over a premiere program, would love that to be against the Irish)

Win will cause me to: eat my hat

Loss will cause me to: shrug.


Game 6: @ Mercer, Thursday March 2, 7 PM

Mercer is another young program but they’ve fared OK in recent years going 7-7 in 2014 and 5-8 the last two seasons. This game is the first stop on Michigan’s spring break trip and looks like another toss-up. Mercer seems to be in the boat Michigan was in last year. Will they break out like Marquette or Richmond? Or will they continue to struggle? If I recall correctly, Mercer was Michigan’s first program win at the Division 1 level back in the day. They are not a formidable opponent and these are the kinds of games you want Michigan to win in a drama-free fashion.


Desperate Need to Win Level: 7

Win will cause me to: wonder what type of team Michigan is

Loss will cause me to: wonder what type of team Michigan is


Game 7: @ Furman, Saturday March 4, 1 PM

As in most years, the spring break trip represents the focal point of the season. These games can make or break the season. Furman, 2-11 in 2016, represents another winnable game for Michigan. Coming away 2-0 in the spring break games would be huge. The Paladins are coached by legendary former Navy head coach Richie Meade, so they got that going for them.


Desperate Need to Win Level: 9

Win will cause me to: start to believe

Loss will cause me to: continue to doubt


Game 8: vs. Penn, Saturday March 11, 1 PM, Big House

I was at this game last year at Franklin Field and came away incredibly frustrated after Michigan fell 12-10. Michigan outplayed the Quakers but found themselves playing catch-up most of the game due to lots of mistakes and missed opportunities among them surrendering multiple goals while MAN-UP. Penn had some young talent last year but underperformed. Kessenich sees big things for them in 2017 and has them ranked 10th(!) in his preseason poll. The Fightin’ Trumps will have the edge in this game.


Desperate Need to Win Level: 6 (likely a loss but it would be nice to steal a win from a good team they could’ve beaten last year)

Win will cause me to: try to keep my excitement and expectations in check

Loss will cause me to: gripe about how they should’ve won


Game 9: vs UMBC Saturday March 25, 1 PM, Big House

After the Penn game, Michigan’s schedule has a weird two week gap before they play UMBC. It should give them plenty of time to rest, recover and ready themselves for a beatable opponent. The Terriers have made the NCAA tournament a number of times over the years and they’ve even knocked on the door of the Final 4 but the program has fallen on hard times of late. They went 4-10 in 2016 and are breaking in a new coach.


Desperate Need to Win Level: 9 (given the lead-up time to prepare for such a low-caliber opponent, Michigan better come correct in this game)

Win will cause me to: be glad they won   

Loss will cause me to: renew those calls for a new coach


Game 10: @ Maryland, Saturday April 1, 2 PM  ***on ESPNU***

Maryland should’ve won the national championship last year but blew it in very Maryland fashion. Even though the Terps were one of the best teams in the country in 2016, Michigan took them to the brink in a snowy dogfight in Michigan Stadium. They’ll be nasty again this year. John Tillman is one of the best coaches in the country and it’s unlikely Michigan will get by the Terps’ perennially stout D and goalkeeping. Maryland boasts preseason All-Americans at pretty much every position including a one-man killing machine named Matt Rambo who scored 43 goals last year.


Desperate Need to Win Level: 3

Win will cause me to: drink beers in celebration

Loss will cause me to: go about my business as usual


Game 11: vs Rutgers, Saturday April 8, 1 PM, Big House

Rutgers got straight up screwed by the tournament committee last year. After a 5-10 campaign in 2015 (including a loss to M), Rutgers executed a complete turnaround in 2016 and racked up 11 wins including two against Hopkins (who did make the tournament). The Scarlet Knights won’t sneak up on anybody this year though - they’re ranked #19 to start the season and return some great offensive players. Michigan will likely be outmatched in this one.


Desperate Need to Win Level: 5

Win will cause me to: think Michigan can win the Big Ten?

Loss will cause me to: be bummed


Game 12: vs. Ohio State, Saturday April 15, 10:30 AM, ***Big House before Spring Football Game - go early!!!  Also airing on Big Ten Network!!!***

F*** Ohio State.  That’s it.


Desperate Need to Win Level: 11 (it’s Ohio State)

Win will cause me to: celebrate and boo random Buckeyes on the street

Loss will cause me to: push my anger down deeper.


Game 13: @ Johns Hopkins, Saturday April 22, 1 PM ***on ESPNU***

Hopkins, sort of the snobby lacrosse step-father of the Big Ten, won the league in 2015 but got bounced by Rutgers in the first round of the conference tourney last year. They finished 8-6 and got immediately run off the field by Brown in the NCAAs. While the Jays’ dominant spot in the lacrosse world may be slipping they are still a powerhouse (ranked #9, plenty of pre-season AAs). Michigan won’t beat them. Also - Hopkins is Hopkins so they have a roster full of insufferable dudes with terrible first names like Brock and Brinton and Chanler. They also have Gerald Logan who made his way to Baltimore via a grad transfer.


Desperate Need to Win Level: 3

Win will cause me to: talk shit to the Hopkins guy in my office

Loss will cause me to: long for the day that Michigan will be able to beat teams like Hopkins


Game 14: vs. Penn State, Sunday April 30, 1PM, Big House

So if the season goes well and by that I mean Michigan gets through the OOC 7-2 or 6-3 (which is possible) and poaches games from Ohio State and/or Rutgers (also possible), this could be a crucial game. But that’s a lot to ask from a squad that went 3-10 last year. The Nittany Lions disappointed last seaon but start 2017 ranked #14 in the country and are helmed by one of the best young minds in the game in Jeff Tambroni. Michigan has wrapped up the season against Penn State the last two years but has yet to beat them. Here’s to hoping the last game of 2017 will be a meaningful one.


Desperate Need to Win Level: Possibly 0. Possibly 1 million.

Win will cause me to: toast to finishing 2017 on a high note

Loss will cause me to: be bummed that the season is over and pine for 2018.


So in conclusion: I don’t know what to think. They couldn’t be much worse than last year but who knows if and how much they’ve improved. The worst case, 0-14, is a slim possibility but I doubt they’ll be that bad. Best case scenario- 9-5 with two conference wins. The reality will be somewhere between those two extremes but who knows what will happen. Six or seven wins would be a big step in the right direction for this program. Go Blue!


OT - Marsupial Monday

OT - Marsupial Monday

Submitted by MeanJoe07 on August 24th, 2016 at 2:16 PM

It's the 2nd annual MARSUPIAL MONDAY everyone!  A semi-safe place where you can get all the OT out of your system before gameweek!  It's like The Purge, but entertaining!  Feel free to post your best marsupial GIFs, Memes, Pics, Poems, Jokes, Cheapshots, etc.  Complain about my schtick or post a pic of you and your pet stick!  Whatever you want!

What's that?

It's Wednesday you say?

I tend to experience long bouts of complete unconsciousness resulting in not knowing what day it is. 

Are you okay?

Oh yea, it's normal probably.

Okay, but I worry about you.





NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Preview

NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Preview

Submitted by L'Carpetron Do… on May 12th, 2016 at 6:25 PM

NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Preview


So, one day Michigan will be in the field of 18 Division 1 teams in the NCAA tournament. But that day is not today.  Sadly, five years into their D-1 tenure, they are nowhere near this stage.  In fact, they seem to be going backwards: after winning five games last season, they only won three in 2016.  In an Inside Lacrosse preview of Michigan’s tilt with archrival Ohio State earlier this year, analyst and broadcaster Quint Kessenich put it perfectly:


Michigan (3-7) lacrosse has found the Division I landscape to be tough terrain. Hail to the victors has no marquee wins. The Wolverines are (0-25) all-time against the Top 20 and (15-52) after five seasons. The sport would benefit greatly if Michigan was a Top 10 team.


I hate to agree with Quint Kessenich but he’s right.  I think if Michigan was kicking ass at this point they would likely be attracting the attention of mgobloggers and casual fans alike.  


Alas - one day they’ll be in it - but who knows when that will be.  Until then, we can only try to enjoy a Michigan-less NCAA tournament.  So, for all the mgoblog lacrosse nerds on here and all those who are curious about the sport, here’s a preview of this year’s tournament:



The Division 1 tournament is in its 46th year and there are a lot of new, or at least seldom-seen, faces in the field. Here’s the bracket. It all starts this Saturday and Sunday with the Round of 16 and all games are televised on the ESPN family of networks, including the Final 4 and National Championship Game which are played over Memorial Day weekend.  The tournament’s winner’s circle is a freaking impregnable citadel of traditional powers that has proven notoriously difficult for outside programs to penetrate.  The previous 45 national championships have been won by a total of ten teams.  And it’s rare that teams outside of this group even make it to the Final 4.  But, 2016 could be different: the game was defined by parity this year and hopefully someone new like Air Force or Albany can crash the party.  I’m not crazy about the matchups, though, and it’s very possible we could end up with a Syracuse-Hopkins-Duke-ND Final 4 which would make me very sad.  




The Maryland Terrapins come into the postseason as the #1 overall seed, riding an insane 13 game winning streak.  They haven’t lost a game since March 5th and the closest they came to a loss was, ironically, an 8-7 win at Michigan in a snowy Big House last month.  The Terps, who are Big Ten champs, frequently make the Final 4 and even the championship game but end up getting wiped out, essentially making them the Buffalo Bills of the college lacrosse world.  They haven’t won it all since 1975, which is crazy when you stop and think about it.  The Terps are coached by the brilliant John Tillman and as always they have a great goalie and defense.  A championship would be a first for the Big Ten.


Notre Dame spent much of the season as the #1 team in the country and with good reason.  They have a tremendous defense and have two offensive superstars: humongous Sergio Perkovic and pint-sized Matt Kavanagh.  And they’re one of only two teams to beat Maryland this year. Despite tons of recent success, though, the Irish haven’t cracked that national championship winner’s circle yet. But this could be their year.  


Defending national champs Denver are a huge threat to win it again.  The Pioneers are coached by legend Bill Tierney who led Princeton to six national titles in the 1990s and early 2000s.  Last year, Denver became the first team west of the Mississippi and outside of the sport’s traditional areas to take home a national championship.  Denver took care of most of its schedule fairly easily this year, including a solid W over the #1 Irish in March.  Unlike his Princeton teams, however, Tierney’s Denver squads are much more fun to watch thanks to a number of Canadians on offense and an unbelievable face-off man.  



Brown and Yale suddenly found themselves heated rivals atop the Ivy League this year.  They are both programs on the rise but with contrasting styles.  Brown leads the country in scoring offense - posting more than 16 goals a game, while Yale is #6 in scoring defense.  While Brown had a penchant for sprinting away from its opponents (including a 22-8 pasting of Michigan), Yale often had to claw its way back for victories.  Last month, Brown edged Yale 14-12 in a highly-anticipated and exciting regular season game.  Unfortunately, the two are in adjacent brackets and will likely play each other in the second round with a spot in the semis on the line.  Whoever gets through could take the whole thing.


Traditional powers Syracuse, Hopkins and Duke still lurk in the background.  They had relatively down seasons but are always dangerous in the tournament. Syracuse snuck up to win the ACC and finish #4 in the country but got stuck with a #8 seed.  I would like to see these teams get bounced early, especially because they seem to have made it over more deserving squads and were blessed with favorable first round matchups.  Thank God Virginia didn’t make it at least.  And if you need a reason to root against Hopkins, Coach Dave Pietramala is close buddies with human creep Bill Belichick.  


UNC has a good chance to make its long-awaited return this year.  They crushed Michigan in the first game of the season and finished 8-6 with wins over Denver and Hopkins.  While UNC is considered a blue-blood, I wouldn’t mind seeing them in the Final 4 for a change. They haven’t been in a while and they have a big fan base and nationwide appeal.  Despite winning multiple championships in the 80s and 90s, the Heels haven’t been back to championship weekend since 1993.  



Albany.  When I did this preview last year, I said to root against the game’s blue bloods (i.e. Syracuse, Hopkins, etc.) and pull for fun “new” teams like Albany.  Although the supremely talented Thompson Trio, two brothers and a cousin from the Iroquois Nation, graduated, the Great Danes don’t seem to have lost a step.  They were downright red hot down the stretch this year, taking out top-10 teams like Yale and Stony Brook, before falling to Hartford in their conference tournament.  But, for all their hard work the selection committee rewarded them with a first round matchup against big brother Syracuse, a team that beat them in the season opener.  I always pull for Albany because they have Canadians, Native Americans and tons of New York State public school kids and they’re all ballers.  The Great Danes are fun as hell to watch and I would LOVE to see them in the championship in Philly on Memorial Day.  Same goes for any team that hasn’t won a title before - Air Force, Navy, Towson, Quinnipiac.  Even Marquette.


Marquette.  The Golden Eagles are a relatively new program and occupy the exact position that Michigan should be in.  They beat a bunch of good teams this year and finished 11-4 and  somehow got themselves a #6(!) seed and a first round matchup with UNC.  I would kill for this to be Michigan instead.


Players to Watch:

M Sergio Perkovic & A Matt Kavanagh, Notre Dame.  Perkovic and Kavanagh are ND’s version of thunder and lightning.  Perkovic is a Detroit native and former football star at Brother Rice who can run over people and shoot.  Long Islander Matt Kavanagh (from my hometown!) is a quick little dude who can run circles around defenders and is living proof you don’t have to be big to be a star in lacrosse.  The duo combined for a total of 73 points this year.  


G Blaze Riorden, Albany.  Riorden is one of the top goalies in the country, stopping an average of 12.67 shots per game.  He plays for offense for the Akwesasne Tribe’s indoor team and his skills were on display in this amazing Fat Guy Goalie goal in the NCAA tournament last year.


F/O Trevor Baptiste, Denver.  Baptiste was on this list last year and he’ll be on it for the next two years.  He’s a phenomenal face-off man, ranking #4 in the nation in percentage and #1 in the nation in GBs, sucking up more than 10 loose balls per game.  He is an incredible advantage for the Pioneers.


A Dylan Molloy, A Kylo Bellistri, LSM, Larken Kemp, Brown.  Molloy and Bellistri pace Brown’s scoring machine and this year they put in 56 and 55 goals respectively, making them #3 and #4 in the nation.  Molloy also added 50 dimes, making him the country’s assist leader.  Larken Kemp is among the nation’s leaders in ground balls and forced turnovers (my kind of player!) and he is key to Brown’s lightning-fast transition game.  


Others: A Ryan Brown Hopkins,  A Shack Stanwick, Hopkins, F/O Ben Williams, Syracuse, D Chris Keating, Yale, M Myles Jones, Duke, D Matt Rees, Navy, A Connor Cannizzaro Denver, G Kyle Bernlohr, Maryland, D Matt Landis Notre Dame, A Ben Reeves, Yale.  

Should be an interesting tournament.  Enjoy!  One day I’ll previewing Michigan - Go Blue!

Lacrosse Falls to #19 Penn State, 14-9, Season Over

Lacrosse Falls to #19 Penn State, 14-9, Season Over

Submitted by L'Carpetron Do… on April 30th, 2016 at 12:01 PM

Lacrosse finished up their season today with a 14-9 loss at Penn State.  The Nittany Lions jumped out to an early lead and Michigan couldn't really keep up. 

After winning 5 games each of the last two years, Michigan finishes 3-10 on the season and on an 8 game L streak (they haven't won a game since March 5th).  They dropped a lot of close games and we can only wonder what could've been.  Guess we'll have to wait til next year.

Michigan had to deal with some injuries to key players which may have cost them some games.  But, injuries can't explain bad mistakes that cost them other games.  This season very easily could've gone the other way. 

But, with a decent crop of seniors on the way out and a team that still hasn't enjoyed any success, the present state of the program is pretty discouraging.  They'll have to make some changes for next year.  Can't wait til I can watch them in the NCAAs and Final 4 - maybe one day... 

Go Blue!

Lacrosse Falls to #10 Hopkins in the Big House, 19-13

Lacrosse Falls to #10 Hopkins in the Big House, 19-13

Submitted by L'Carpetron Do… on April 23rd, 2016 at 3:21 PM

Lacrosse has a chance to pull an upset against Big Ten rival Hopkins today in the Big House at 5:00 PM.  I don't know what its like in Ann Arbor but its a nice day for a game here on the east coast so if you're in town you should head down and check it out.  According to Inside Lacrosse, game will be aired on Big Ten network.

Hopkins is ranked high right now largely based on wins over Syracuse, Towson and Navy.  They're beatable though - they needed one goal games to get past Ohio State and Penn State the last two weeks and lost to a bad UVA team.  Plus they have plenty of kids with awful lacrosse names like "Shack Stanwick", "Wilkins Dismuke" and "Holden Cattoni".

In the unpredictable, topsy-turvy parity-filled world that is this year's college lacrosse season, one thing is certain: Michigan still sucks.  They've been blown out by really good teams and they've lost to some of the worst.   They've shown an ability to hang with some good teams but can never manage to pull out a victory.  It's been a very disappointing season.

This one is not likely to go Michigan's way either.  But, I'm the eternal optimist and always hold out hope they can do it.  In almost every week this season a top 10 team has gone down to an unranked opponent - maybe today is Michigan's day.

Go Blue!

UPDATE: Michigan hung with Hopkins for most of it, just out of striking distance for most of the game, even cutting the Jays lead to 3 late in the 3rd.  But, letting up 19 goals, even to a good team like Hopkins is not good. 

They are now eliminated from making the Big Ten lacrosse tournament and will likely finish the season 3-10. 

The good news: 2,784 fans came out for a beautiful senior day. 


OT: Weird Experiences

OT: Weird Experiences

Submitted by MeanJoe07 on April 19th, 2016 at 2:32 PM

Good afternoon team,

When I was just a little Koala I started having the same dream.  I'm walking threw a dim tunnel with only the sound of a water drop every few seconds and my feet shuffling through the dark water. At first it seems like a sewer, but then I realize it was clean and sterile. There is a different kind of smell.  It smelled like a metal shop or a blacksmith or welding. Down a bit there is a yellow light shining from an connecting tunnel.  I am absolutely terrified of this light. I'm icy cold and trembling as I continue toward the light. The fear is blinding and repulsive like it represents all the horrors in the world happening all at once. I always wake up before I get to it, but it takes me about 15 to 20 minutes for my brain to get right.

Last night, I was awake in my office brewing some spring aged balsamic and at arund 12:15  I suddenly felt off balance. It was like time had sputtered and the hearing went out in my right ear leaving that high pitched sound, but it didn't go away.  I smelled that same metallic smell only very faintly and my computer flashed a murky yellow for a split second. It so fast, but I saw it. My heart rate skyrocketed and then I woke up lying on the bathroom floor with the shower on. I went back to my office and the balsamic was there and it was 12:23.  Only a few minutes had past.

Has anyone else experienced a glitch in the matrix or a weird unexplained experience and wondered what happened?  I don't use substances during balsamic season to ensure high quality so it can't be that.  I don't know how to feel about this.


PS Marsupial Monday will be happening one of these days soon.