Lacrosse: Postseason Updates

Lacrosse: Postseason Updates

Submitted by Tim on June 3rd, 2010 at 5:42 PM


Since I never got into season-wrapup stuff, I'll go into some of that, as well as some peripheral stuff that relates to Michigan lacrosse.

All-Americans, Departing Seniors

Here are Michigan's MCLA All-Americans for the 2010 season.

1st Team:

  • Faceoff Specialist David Reinhard (1st Team last year).
  • Defense Harry Freid (1st Team last year).
  • Attack Trevor Yealy (1st Team last year).

2nd Team:

  • Attack Kevin Zorovich (3rd Team last year).
  • Midfield Anthony Hrusovsky

Honorable Mention:

  • Goalie Mark Stone.

Each of Michigan's 1st-Team All-Americans were also named to the MCLA All-Tournament Team.

After yet another successful year, the Wolverines' roster will experience some turnover, as is typical in college athletics. Here are Michigan's seniors who exhausted their eligibility in 2010, along with a notable stat or two for each of them (stats updated through conference tournament unless otherwise noted):

  • #2 Jordan Kirshner - M - 13G, 11A.
  • #3 Jamison Goldberg - M - 11G, 15A.
  • #7 Anthony Hrusovsky - M - 12G, 12A.
  • #9 Kevin Zorovich - A - 14G, 26A, 88GB.
  • #20 David Reinhard - FO - .721 Faceoff win %, 110GB.
  • #23 Michael Bartomioli - M - 3G, 5A
  • #35 Bob Diehl - D - 14GB, 0TO.
  • #41 David Rogers - M - 9G, 8A.
  • #44 Svet Tintchev - M - 13G, 5A (he impressed in the MCLA tournament, not included here).
  • #45 Josh Ein - A - 22G, 9A.

There are also a few guys who are 4th-year students, but still have eligibility remaining. I'm not sure on any of their statuses for next year:

  • D Zach Meuller
  • A Clark McIntyre
  • M Stephen Levitt

Meuller and McIntyre are major contributors, and having all three of these guys back would be a big help to next year's team. I'll go into more depth on next year's squad at a later date.

Local Lacrosse ran a three-part series over the weekend about lacrosse in the area, mainly focusing on the growth in youth and high school participation in the sport. Had the site's editors been aiming for things like "good content" instead of "more pageviews," the pieces could have been combined into a cohesive essay with a central thesis throughout, and been very interesting. Of course, I would have liked that central theme to be Michigan and a otential Varsity Bump in the future, but anything cohesive would have been a huge improvement over the way the stuff was presented.

As it is, that article is still interesting from the standpoint of the overall growth of the sport in the state and area. Regardless of whether the author makes that connection (or any connections at all), the series is relevant to M lacrosse.

NCAA Final Four

As you may be aware, Notre Dame reach the NCAA Championship Game, after making the 16-team tournament as an unseeded squad from the #11 slot. The Duke Blue Devils managed to end the miracle run with a 6-5 overtime win, but the Irish even reaching the game could mean some things for midwestern lacrosse, and a Hypothetical Michigan Varsity Team.

We've talked over the course of the spring about whether MIchigan could be competitive on the varsity lacrosse scene, since the East Coast contains the hotbeds for the game, and the midwest is a bit barren (though improving, as noted above by Notre Dame's run to the Championship Game shows that it's possible for midwestern teams to reach some of the highest levels of the game. Of course, this requires hard work on the recruiting trail, and Hypothetical Michigan Varsity Team wouldn't be successful right away.

HOWEVA, as positive as Notre Dame's run could be for Michigan, it also ramps up the intensity of the "now-or-never" sense of urgency for earning that varsity status. Now that midwestern teams have shown its possible to reach the pinnacle of the game, unless Michigan has an established program soon, other midwestern teams (including the Irish and Ohio State) will have a much easier time building up their programs to a level that Michigan should have trouble reaching.

Up Next

I'll look at season-wrap stuff sometime in the near future (though Michigan's team wasn't nearly as dominant as last year's), and looking into the future of Michigan lacrosse never ends.

NCAA Lacrosse Final Notre Dame-Duke

NCAA Lacrosse Final Notre Dame-Duke

Submitted by L'Carpetron Do… on May 30th, 2010 at 11:43 AM

The NCAA Championship game will be held tomorrow at 3:30 Eastern in Baltimore.  The game will be televised on ESPN.  It's Notre Dame vs. Duke.  Neither team has ever won an NCAA title. 

Yesterday, ND thoroughly outplayed a listless Cornell team.  The Big Red looked like they didn't realize they would be knocked out with a loss.  The second semifinal was amazing.  It was one of the most entertaing, thrilling games of any kind I've seen in a while.  After a furious, hard-hitting back and forth 4th quarter, Duke scored with 12 seconds left to go up 14-13.  UVA had a chance after the faceoff but were whistled for stepping offsides. 

People are still not giving ND much respect.  But Monday's game should be pretty good.

The fact that two  of Michigan's biggest rivals from the football and basketball (well maybe not Duke so much anymore) are playing for a national title undescores the need for Michigan to throw its hat in the ring.  We need some good guys to root for!

OT: NCAA lacrosse finals

OT: NCAA lacrosse finals

Submitted by laxalum on May 28th, 2010 at 7:46 PM

NCAA semi-finals are tomorrow on ESPN2 at 4:00 and 6:30 and final is Monday on ESPN at 3:30. 

Notre Dame vs. Cornell and Virginia vs. Duke.

All games at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore.  Should be great crowds.  At least 50,000 per game.  With all the talk on mgoblog this year about hopefully making lacrosse D1 at Michigan, this is a good chance to tune in to see what the top of the sport looks like and to get a taste of a pretty incredible event that any school should want to be a part of.

Incredible actually that they have presold over 40,000 tickets with no Maryland team playing and no Syracuse (they always bring thousands of fans).  Can't wait.

NCAA Lacrosse Final 4

NCAA Lacrosse Final 4

Submitted by L'Carpetron Do… on May 27th, 2010 at 9:35 PM

Tim and the mgo blog lacrosse community:  I just wanted to hear everyone's opinions on this weekend's matchups in the NCAA Championships.  

The Saturday matchups are: UVA vs. Duke and Cornell vs. Notre Dame.  The winners play on Monday. 

Also I would like to know what everyone has to say about a possible ND victory and the impact, if any, it would have on a potential UM varsity program.  Discuss.

Article on Lacrosse, Title IX, and football from a different perspective.

Article on Lacrosse, Title IX, and football from a different perspective.

Submitted by phjhu89 on May 20th, 2010 at 2:48 PM

This is by an LSU lax blogger, who does an analysis of schools (including Michigan) with and without varsity lax, and with and without bigtime football, and concludes that it is really not about Title IX at all.…

MCLA Announces 2010 All Americans

MCLA Announces 2010 All Americans

Submitted by michWolves2580 on May 17th, 2010 at 2:32 PM

The MCLA announced All Americans for this year and several Michigan Laxers were honored:

Trevor Yealy, David Reinhard, Harry Freid all made 1st team All American.

Kevin Zorovich and Anthony Hrusovsky made 2nd team All American

Matt Asperheim and Jordan Kirshner made 3rd team All American

and Goalie Mike Stone got Honerable Mention AA

M Lacrosse - Three Peat Complete - National Champs again

M Lacrosse - Three Peat Complete - National Champs again

Submitted by James Burrill Angell on May 15th, 2010 at 11:45 PM

SInce there wasn't a liveblog and it wasn't posted elsewhere, Michigan Lacrosse won the MCLA National Championship tonight in Denver beating Arizona State 12-11 in the Championship game.

Gotta wonder how much longer before David Brandon lets them loose on the D1 world. Can't say we don't have the money for it and if this expansion business happens a couple of the teams mentioned already have lacrosse (PSU, OSU, ND have varsity lacrosse, if Syracuse comes in??)

Michigan Lacrosse

Michigan Lacrosse

Submitted by the_big_house 500th on May 15th, 2010 at 7:04 PM

I was on and looked up the Michigan Lacrosse home page and I must say that they have some awesome uniforms. I really like the maize jersey and the shorts they wear. Plus the Winged helmet just makes it look even more badass. On top of the uniforms I didn't know how good this team really is. They have won almost every CCLA conference title since 1999. I take it CCLA means central college lacrosse association. And they have won back to back in 2008-2009 MCLA finals. Has anybody been to any games this year? What are they like?

Michigan v. Chapman Lacrosse Liveblog

Michigan v. Chapman Lacrosse Liveblog

Submitted by Tim on May 14th, 2010 at 6:02 PM

Game starts at 9:30 on Fox College Sports (UPDATE: It'll be later, because there was a weather delay for the first game), chat should get started shortly after 9. Here's an excerpt from the preview,

Friday May 14, 7:30PM MDT, Dick's Sporting Goods Park (Main Stadium), Denver CO.
TV: Fox College Sports.
Record: 14-2 (5-0 Southwestern Lacrosse Conference).
Rankings: #4 MCLA LaxMag, #3 Prodigy, #4 LaxPower.
Common Opponents: BYU (W 12-11), Colorado (W 13-8), Oregon (L 11-14), Simon Fraser (W 11-8), Arizona State (L 11-12), Minnesota-Duluth (W 15-8)
Previous Meetings: 2008 National Championship Game (Michigan W 14-11), 2009 Regular Season (Michigan W 13-10), 2009 National Championship Game (Michigan W 12-11) Official Site Recap/VB Recap/VB Liveblog.

chapman_96.pngDepending on which poll you use, Chapman is the #4 (MCLA LaxMag/LaxPower) or #3 (Prodigy only) team in the country. As a testament to Michigan's strength of schedule, they're the only squad in the top 7 (LaxMag) or 9 (LaxPower/Prodigy), that Michigan hasn't faced yet this year. The men from SoCal went 14-2 on the year, with the only losses coming to Oregon (11-14 on the road) and Arizona State (11-12 in the SLC playoffs at Chapman).

, but to read the whole thing, click here.