Team USA (M) Hockey game 2 vs. Slovakia

Team USA (M) Hockey game 2 vs. Slovakia

Submitted by goblueram on February 15th, 2018 at 9:57 PM

Need a bounce back game after a late collapse from 2-0 up to lose in OT against Slovenia. Former Wing Jan Mursak dominated the game. Slovaks are coming off a huge win against OAR.

10:10 pm est USA vs. Slovakia, CNBC CBC NBCSports App

Group standings:
Slovakia 3 pts
Slovenia 2 pts
USA 1 pt
OAR 0 pts

Team USA (M) Hockey game 1 vs. Slovenia

Team USA (M) Hockey game 1 vs. Slovenia

Submitted by goblueram on February 14th, 2018 at 7:32 AM

Olympic hockey is live now on NBCSN, NBC Sports App, CBC, etc.  For some primer, take a look at this thread where we discused the tournament and no NHL players.  Of course it's the first time since 1994 with no NHL-ers in the Olympics.  We've got one former Wolverine to watch on the team in Chad Kolarik.  There's nothing like Olympic hockey...this doesn't really feel like a "Miracle" team, but let's hope for a great tourney.

Game 1:  USA vs. Slovenia

Other games on now:  Slovakia vs. OAR

Future USA games:  2/15 10:10 pm EST vs. Slovakia,  2/17 7:10 am EST vs. OAR (Russia)

Group A:  Canada, Czech Republic, Korea, Switzerland
Group B: OAR, Slovenia, Slovakia, USA
Group C:  Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden

Friendly reminder to thank Gary Bettman by boycotting the NHL during this tournament!

Update after game 1 from group B:

TEAM Pts Wins Losses
Slovakia 3 1 0
Slovenia 2 1 0
USA 1 0 1
OAR 0 0 1


U-M Hockey @ MSU, Clippers at Pistons Friday Open Thread

U-M Hockey @ MSU, Clippers at Pistons Friday Open Thread

Submitted by I Bleed Maize N Blue on February 9th, 2018 at 7:34 PM

U-M killed off a 5 min major to Cecconi (elbowing [edit] contact to the head, GM - completely unwarranted per Andrew & Al). Refs missed a slash to Boka right after the faceoff.

A couple minutes left in the 1st, 0-0.

Watch: BTN :Plus

Audio: MGoBlue

Let's Go Blue!


Clippers at Pistons on FSD, Pistons down 5 with a couple minutes left in the 1st.

Need Duel in the D advice for this weekend

Need Duel in the D advice for this weekend

Submitted by Mr. Elbel on February 5th, 2018 at 12:59 PM

My wife and I are driving up to Michigan from Virginia this weekend to spend some time with family and take in the UM/MSU hockey game at LCA on Saturday. She doesn't care much about sports (though all things Michigan are rubbing off on her), but one of our first dates was a (non-Michigan) college hockey game and so she bought us tickets for Christmas.

However, it's been at least 10 years since I've been downtown Detroit, and that as a teenager so my experience there is lacking. We're staying with my sister in GR Friday night and heading over to Detroit sometime on Saturday. I got a hotel over in Romulus since that's on our way home anyway.

But I don't really know what's good to do in the area around LCA for the time that we're there. Specifically, where is good to go for dinner that's reasonably priced? I'd love to take her to a good coney place or get some Detroit pizza, but I grew up in Flint, not Detroit, so I have no idea what I'm doing.

Also, is there anything in the area that we should not miss out on? Anything in LCA we ought to see? I'm already planning on taking her by Comerica/Ford field and maybe down by the Joe, just so she can see them.

As far as the game goes, this will be her first Michigan sporting event and my first Michigan hockey game. Especially for a neutral site game like this, what should we expect? I have no idea how rowdy students are nowadays or if many students will even be there. Would love to show her a good crowd but LCA isn't Yost. I'm also not sure how chants and all that go but I'm sure we'll pick up on some of that as the game goes on.

Of course, I'm doing my own research as much as I can, but I trust mgoposters way more than I do the rest of the internet. Thanks for any information you can give us. Go Blue!

Michigan Hockey ‘17-18, Game #28: Wisconsin 4, Michigan 2

Michigan Hockey ‘17-18, Game #28: Wisconsin 4, Michigan 2

Submitted by NastyIsland on February 3rd, 2018 at 10:56 PM


Yeah, kinda like that [Eric Upchurch]





Possession %

First Period

26 13 62%

Second Period

14 8 54%

Third Period

12 10 67%


n/a n/a n/a


52 31 60%

Analysis: Granted, this was probably score-adjusted, but whoa. After a night where Michigan did not create anything at even strength, this looked like a different offense. Michigan took 31 attempts (60% of their total) from the House (front of the net to the dots and up to the top of the faceoff circles) and came away with no goals. Sports! Before there was any score, Michigan created about four looks that had great chances of producing a goal. So, it wasn’t all situational. If the Wolverines reproduce this, they’ll likely get four or five on the board. Hayton played well, but he had bounces go his way tonight. There were rebounds, trickles, and whiffs all night. Michigan just could not bury anything. There are nights like that, and Michigan got one when they could least afford it. Let’s see if they can reproduce this next weekend. They’ll need to do so.

[After THE JUMP: the defense held up, but the goaltending didn't]

U-M Hockey vs Wisconsin Saturday Night's Alright for Fightin' Open Thread

U-M Hockey vs Wisconsin Saturday Night's Alright for Fightin' Open Thread

Submitted by I Bleed Maize N Blue on February 3rd, 2018 at 7:25 PM

So yesterday the visiting cheeseheads came in trying to goon it up, making for quite a chippy game. U-M didn't back down, but took quite a few penalties, probably missing out on some PP opportunities. But getting 2 PP goals in the 1st, and another right after a PP expired put the Wolverines in the lead to stay.

Time: 7:30PM EST (7:35 puck drop)

Watch: BTN2Go

Listen: MGoBlue audio

Let's Go Blue! Sweep them outta here!