No Increase in 2014 Football Season Ticket Prices

No Increase in 2014 Football Season Ticket Prices

Submitted by MLaw06 on November 14th, 2013 at 11:05 AM

Michigan Athletics sent out an email today regarding the PSD re-calculation date (i.e., tomorrow, which would dictate priority for post-season football tickets and basketbal B1G tournament tickets) and also included a (not-so-surprising) note stating that the prices for the 2014 Football Season Tickets will not be increased.

"No increase in Football season ticket prices for the 2014 season "

 At least DB is aware that he can't get more money for tickets next year.  The only question that remains is whether they will "decrease" ticket prices for next season??


2 0 1 4
Date Opponent
Sept. 6 at Notre Dame
Sept. 13 MIAMI (Ohio)
Sept. 20 UTAH
Oct. 4 at Rutgers*
Oct. 18 Bye
Oct. 25 at Michigan State*
Nov. 1 INDIANA* (HC)
Nov. 8 at Northwestern*
Nov. 15 Bye
Nov. 29 at Ohio State*
Dec. 6 Big Ten Championship Game


Da'Shawn Hand Decision Day: Primer

Da'Shawn Hand Decision Day: Primer

Submitted by 5th and Long on November 14th, 2013 at 6:09 AM

Rivals #1 overall player for the class of 2014, Da'Shawn Hand, announces his decision today.  As most of you all know, he's narrowed his choice down to Alabama, Florida, and Michigan.  So if you're trying to figure out how to pass the time until his announcement this afternoon - besides refreshing the MGoBlog browser tab every 15 seconds - below are some links that might fill said time.

Commence with wild speculation.

Da’Shawn Hand’s announcement will be broadcast and streamed live

TIME: 12pm ET

NBCSports Network  (220 on DirecTV, 267 Time Warner)


Washington Post

His Announcement Promo is here




Da’Shawn’s Twitter

(If you’re really creepin’ this post shows you that his statements on academics aren’t just for show...)

Scout’s Rachel Klein will be at the announcement

Rivals is expected to have recruiting analysts Mike Farrell and Adam Friedman there






Position #1 ,  State #1, National #1

Position #2, National #10

Position #2, State #2, National #6

Position #1, State #2, National #5
247 Composite Rankings
Position #1, State #1, National #4


Hudl Page

Video interview from 2012 with some highlights.  (I know the rule on B/R stuff, but this seems legit)

Senior Highlights From Rivals

Mike Farell Sit Down with Da’Shawn from 10/26/2013  ($$)



The Washington Post followed Da’Shawn’s senior season on the field and throughout the recruiting process.  You can find all the webisodes here:

A few of particular interest.

EP 3 – Under The Lights
 Highlights his official visit to Michigan.

Here is the first-hand account of that trip from mgoblogger, Canzio

EP 9 – Then and Now  Of note, Da’Shawn has a female kicker on his team.

EP 10 A Rising Tide -  Focusing on his trip to Alabama.  Also of note towards the end, his coach is talking to Mike Farrell of Rivals about which school he might choose.  UM's Coach Manning visits and his high school coach is seen talking to Manning after the game.

EP 12 – Down To The Wire – His recruiting trip to FL...and plenty of Michigan stuff throughout.  The girl kicker gets a tackle, and Da’Shawn gets a suit.

On Da'Shawn's visits to UM he was blown away by the sports marketing professor, Mark Rosentraub.  Aka "Professor Needs A Raise."  Crain's Detroit has a profile here.


If you want to know which school he chooses before he makes the announcement, click here

If Hand picks Alabama or Florida:

If Hand picks Michigan:



OT: HS Coach Who Doesn't Punt/Onside Kicks Every Time

OT: HS Coach Who Doesn't Punt/Onside Kicks Every Time

Submitted by Bo_Knows on November 13th, 2013 at 11:19 PM

In light of all the recent (deserved/undeserved) commentary on our coaches, who seem to avoid non-traditional concepts of football, here is a Grantland piece on Kevin Kelley, an Arkansas HS Football Coach who never punts AND always onside kicks.


Just thought it was an interesting read/watch, especially when juxtaposed to our coaching staff (God bless them) who are man-ball obsessed, spread-adverse, anti-spread punt and allergic to bubble screens.

Do you think this would ever work or be implemented at higher levels such as College football or NFL?

OT: Pop Warner participation decreased 9.5% between 2010-12

OT: Pop Warner participation decreased 9.5% between 2010-12

Submitted by taistreetsmyhero on November 13th, 2013 at 8:57 PM

Pretty interesting read, if only because of the interviewed sources' different explanations for why this decrease is occurring and their suggested steps to change youth football.

Basically, Pop Warner's chief medical officer blamed parents' fears about their kids getting concussions, but other Pop Warner officials blamed more variable factors like a down economy, and cited a survey saying kids are trending towards only playing 1 sport.

One interesting voice going against the grain:

"But Strickland, who is CEO of the Sports Concussion Institute, said concerns about football and head injuries have outstripped the pace of scientific evidence, creating unwarranted hysteria about the risks of playing football.

"I have felt that the pendulum swung way ahead of the science and what we know," Strickland said."

So, basically, do you think this is a sign of doom for the future of football? Do you think this is insignificant? Do you think football will continue to water down the rules so we will be watching flag football within the next 20 years?

Wednesday Night NCAA Football Open Thread

Wednesday Night NCAA Football Open Thread

Submitted by LSAClassOf2000 on November 13th, 2013 at 7:57 PM

Tonight, for those of you who do not care for MACtion, there is MACtion.

First, there is Ball State at Northern Illinois over on ESPN2, and second, ESPNU will be carrying Miami (NTM) at Kent State. Both are 8 PM starts.

For the Ball State / NIU game, your matchup stats, courtesy of TeamRankings:

Ball St. N. Illinois
Yards/Play 6.5   6.9
Points/Play 0.522   0.571
Rush Play % 47.08%   60.13%
Pass Play % 52.92%   39.87%
Completion % 62.10%   62.66%
3D Conv % 41.07%   41.28%
RZ Scoring % 84.21%   88.89%
Ball St. N. Illinois
Opp Yards/Play 5.5   5.0
Opp Points/Play 0.297   0.293
Opp Completion % 59.75%   46.67%
Opp 3D Conv % 39.13%   34.31%
Opp RZ Scoring % 69.57%   88.89%


What "Hand to Michigan" would mean…..

What "Hand to Michigan" would mean…..

Submitted by MichiganMan14 on November 13th, 2013 at 5:04 PM

THis is a Program Moment for Michigan.  Dashawn Hand picking Michigan tommorrow (as most project) would give us the 2 top players in the ENTIRE COUNTRY.  Hand is a player that  could single handedly change the perception of Michigan and boost 2015 recruiting even higher.  His decision has nothing to do with the on field play but would serve as a major SHOT in the arm from a program perspective.  


There is a lot of pessimism floating around this board in general and maybe rightfully so.  If Hand picks Michigan tommorrow I believe all of that will change.  Look at this class coming in fellas.  Look at the youth and talent on our roster.  We have top 10 talent.  We are a few coaches away from realizing top 10 status.  I do think that we need to play more of our young talent earlier. That archaic ideology of senior men first all the time needs to be trashed.  


Get excited fellas......tommorrow could be the turning point for the future of the program and I think Dashawn is wired a bit different than most #1 players.  I for one believe that there is a strong possibility that Dashawn is blue tommorrow and this will be something that will bring ear to ear smiles across the country.

 Go Blue and Beat Northwestern!



MGoChicago Event

MGoChicago Event

Submitted by Seth on November 13th, 2013 at 4:36 PM

[Moved to Diaries to keep folks informed]

[Update 11/13: Todd Howard is confirmed]

[Update 11/7: Talked to some former players, who are going to try to come. A lot of guys coach so if the season's over (ie they lose in the playofffs) they'll make it.]

Q: What's the exact opposite of the East Lansing experience?

A: The Evanston experience.

Northwestern fans are eminently likeable, not that you really need to be alone on a purple sea since half the seats in Ryan are going to be filled with people in maize:


The above is the t-shirt that people going on the Northwestern trip with Sports Power Weekends will receive, along with a game ticket, hotel room for two nights, transportation, gift cards, and an MGoStore discount. For Friday night's entertainment, Jared of SPW has engaged the services of…US GUYS.

There's still some spots left on the SPW trip and I highly recommend you jump on that if you're considering going to the NW game—it gets down to just $350/person if you can get three of your friends to come along.

Since we'll be there anyway we'd like to also invite any readers from Chicago to come join us at:

Moe's Cantina River North

Which is a huge (as in we get lots of space) Michigan bar. Details-like things:

When: Friday, November 15, from 6-9PM CST.

Where: Moe's Cantina River North 155 W. Kinzie St., Chicago, IL 60654, one block north of the Chicago River between LaSalle and N Wells. M: Merchandise Mart.

What: Q&A Session with Brian, and talking with people who don't need it explained that we had a true freshman guard starting against Max Bullough, i.e. other MGoBlog readers.

RSVP below, or show up.