OT- Incoming 4* RB Coe ineligible to enroll at Iowa

OT- Incoming 4* RB Coe ineligible to enroll at Iowa

Submitted by iawolve on May 27th, 2011 at 1:15 PM

Per Rivals tweets and BHGP, Rodney Coe is heading for a JUCO in western Iowa to play football this fall. Coe is a rather large back (6'3", 230) that I hope to not see line up across from us at all. He won't at least for one year. 


CBSSports.com: Mattison 96th "Most Influential" in College Football

CBSSports.com: Mattison 96th "Most Influential" in College Football

Submitted by Raoul on May 27th, 2011 at 10:41 AM

To mark 100 days remaining until the beginning of the college football season, CBSSports.com is running a list of what it calls the "100 most influential players, coaches, administrators, venues, or any other related things in college football." The list is being revealed 10 at a time, and in the 100-91 rundown, Greg Mattison appears at #96:

96. GREG MATTISON, defensive coordinator, Michigan. One could certainly make the argument that it was the continuing ineptitude of former defensive coordinator Greg Robinson that cost former head coach Rich Rodriguez his job in Ann Arbor. After all, Robinson's latter year spearheading the Wolverine defense was, by far, the worst in points allowed in Michigan history; the former was the third-worst (and just for good measure, the second-worst season came in Rich-Rod's first season, with one-and-done Scott Shafer as DC). Yes, Michigan has an unusually stingy history of defense, but that's just the thing: Michigan fans have every reason to expect that stingy defense. That's just how it's done at Michigan.

It'll be up to Mattison, then, to keep Brady Hoke's seat cool, and he's got the pedigree to do it. Mattison is entering his 35th year of assistant coaching defense and his 16th as a defensive coordinator, and he's been a part of some very successful defenses (Florida's '06 BCS Championship team, for one). Fans shouldn't expect miracles and shutouts on Day 1 or even in Year 1, but they're going to need to see some sense this year that Michigan's old way of football is coming back. Getting the points per game allowed back under 27.5 for the first time since 2007 would be a good start. -- AJ

Note also that Gunner Kiel appears at #98, and San Diego State's Qualcomm Stadium is #92.

In the 90-81 rundown, Marcus Coker (running back, Iowa) is #84, and Declan Sullivan (late student videographer, Notre Dame) is #82.

Any thoughts on other Michigan-related people or things that should appear on the list? I would argue that the first night game at Michigan Stadium should rank pretty high.

Addendum: The just-released 80-71 rundown includes Kirk Cousins at #80 and Joe Paterno at #79.

By the way, for those criticizing the concept of this list, I don't think it was intended to be taken that seriously. The inclusion of Mattison in the first ten that were revealed seemed to make it worth posting here. I think "most influential" is a misnomer--it seems to me this is really a list of the top story lines for the upcoming football season.

Cue the New Shirt Design in the MGoStore

Cue the New Shirt Design in the MGoStore

Submitted by Six Zero on May 27th, 2011 at 9:15 AM

Hey, it's been a good couple of months here at MGoBlog.  First we hire this guy Hoke, then he hires this guy Mattison, then they reel in a pretty sweet class.  Next thing we know, Belein gets the team into the Tournament.  Red gets his boys one period away from a national title.  And then the spring game is, well, the spring game.  The Girls Softball Team destroys all competition on its way to the conference title. Brandon recently announces that Lacrosse is going D-1 Team Sport.  Top that off with a ridonkulous string of success in the recruiting department, not to mention the delicious schadenfreude of the media bombing of Columbus and life is just plain old good here at MGoBlog.

And so, we must celebrate.  With a shirt.*

DAAAA, Da da da DAAAAA, Da da da DAAAAA

Now available in all sizes here.  Get yours now because we're sure to see puppet goodness this fall.

*(Note:  Shirt does NOT actually play the Hawaiian War Chant.)

Worst three years ever!

Worst three years ever!

Submitted by blueheron on May 27th, 2011 at 8:45 AM

Worst three years ever!

Is that headline sufficiently catchy?

Yesterday I decided to view the past three years -- and more -- through the NFL draft. CBS Sportsline has data back to 1967, so we can look at Elliot through Carr. (None of RichRod's guys have reached the draft stage.) I found that the number of picks for the most recent three-year stretch ('09 to '11, covering the '08 to '10 seasons), seven, is the lowest since the one ending in 1986, when there were six. Only one other interval (interestingly, the one concluding in 1985) is worse (five picks). The one ending in 1970 also had seven.

Considering only high (rounds one to three) draftees, the last three years look even worse. There were two high picks (Graham in 1st round, Mouton in 2nd round). This has never happened in the "modern" (Bo and beyond) era. The other low points, by that measure, were three straight (ones ending in the years '89, '90, and '91) series around the Bo-to-Mo transition and a couple in the '70s.

Here are the details: https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AkEbjH02DNzxdG9LN2…

Next to the first draftee for each year you'll see four columns: * Total number of picks for that year. * Total number of picks for that year and the two prior years. * Total number of "high" picks for that year. * Total number of "high" picks for that year and the two prior years.

Old-timers (and everyone else), be sure to look at the high-pick numbers for the three-year intervals ending from '72 to '74. By the measure of the NFL draft (which, as I'll note later, had fewer spots back then), those were some insanely talented teams. Recruiting was arguably never better. It's worth noting that Bump Elliot should get a good chunk of the credit, since his last class would have finished in '73. Let's hope that Brady can do something similar. He's off to a good start.

Feel free to blame Rodriguez (lousy player development and retention) / Carr (cupboard management) / both for the last three years, depending on your preference. I'll step aside for the moment. :)

Note: Since the draft is currently seven rounds, I ignored all picks past that round in old drafts. I did not account for expansion (Bucs and Seahawks in the mid-'70s, Panthers and Jags sometime after that), so the numbers from (say) the early '70s, which are already impressive, should be considered in that light. (Being drafted in the first round with fewer teams is a rarer achievement.)

Desmond blasts college athletes sense of entitlement at black coaches convention

Desmond blasts college athletes sense of entitlement at black coaches convention

Submitted by aaamichfan on May 26th, 2011 at 10:58 PM


Interesting comments from Desmond. My only problem is that he seems to be implying Denard has a sense of entitlement, when in reality it's the media who has pumped him up. IMO, one of the most humble guys we've had come through the program in a while.

Give it a quick read. Decently thought provoking for a boring Thursday night.

Tate Forcier hanging out of a window in GR..in April

Tate Forcier hanging out of a window in GR..in April

Submitted by FabFiver5 on May 26th, 2011 at 6:24 PM


Grand Rapids news station NBC 8 is reporting that a suspicious event involving Tate Forcier occurred last month when Tate was found hanging out a window of a locked apartment in GR.
I really hope the kid gets his mind right. Sad.
[Ed-M: Keeping and locking this thread since it will just get posted again. Report doesn't say what he was doing up there, speculation is speculation etc.]