football rules clarification on defense

football rules clarification on defense

Submitted by olsont on June 12th, 2016 at 8:03 PM

I play a little football for a league but I am very new to actually playing, I never played in highschool or college. 

I primarily play DB and safety but a few times I walk up pretty close to the line for contain and goal line.  

I have 3 major questions on coverage that are not covered well in rule books and just want to draw from all the experience of the coaches and ex players on the forum


1: Sometime my coverage is bad and I just stick with a reciver down the field facing them, I occasionally dont turn around for the ball but I watch the recievers eyes andhands and when he goes for the ball I just swat it out and he falls,   Ill work on my covereage but is this pass interference? there is no contact until after the ball has touched his hands

2: A reciever playing tight to the tight end ran forward about 5-6 yards from LOS ( just for the example lets say is was 6-7 yards) and I also walked straight forward and hit him then he whined about it. Is this a penalty/pass interference?   I think it was a run play but coulda been a pass that definitely went to the other side of the field if it was thrown

3.  On the goal line, say on the 2 yard line I am lined up across from a reciever and play press do I get to press for the 2 yards to the goal line or 5 yards from the line of scrimmage (which would partially be in the end zone)


Thanks for the help, hard to find on the internet 


2016 Captains - Who Do You Have?

2016 Captains - Who Do You Have?

Submitted by Perkis-Size Me on June 11th, 2016 at 7:11 PM
Let's face it: none of us can take it waiting the agonizing 84 more days until kickoff on Sept. 3rd. So in an effort to pass the time in the barren wasteland that is the offseason, who do you have pegged as your captains for 2016? Do you think we keep with one player on offense, one from defense? I'm going with Chesson and Peppers. Sure, Peppers isn't a senior, but he seems to be molding into the vocal leader with the confidence and swagger that this team so desperately needed for the past decade. But who do you have?

OT: Iowa Hawkeye's star player is sweeping the shed

OT: Iowa Hawkeye's star player is sweeping the shed

Submitted by Kewaga. on June 11th, 2016 at 12:12 PM


An interesting article* on Iowa's attempt to build and propagate a winning culture and it sounds like they are on the right track.  

Good for them, it would be nice for Iowa to step up in the B1G West.  I for one have always appreciated their blue collar work ethic and wish then all the best this season (save the one/two game(s) that I shall be in attendace). 


Pass the Ball

Sweep the Sheds

Keep a Blue Head

Be a Good Ancestor…



*  [Edit at 2:15pm:  What makes it interesting is that it's based on a book that all of the players are required to read.

Though the 207-page book, authored by James Kerr, details years of principles instilled by the world’s most successful rugby team, the All Blacks of New Zealand, it speaks profoundly to the current state of Hawkeye football.]



New offer: 2018 QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson

New offer: 2018 QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson

Submitted by Magnus on June 10th, 2016 at 8:29 PM

Michigan offered 2018 Las Vegas (NV) Bishop Gorman QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson. This is potentially significant because his mom is a Michigan alum. Also, he's a 247 Sports 4-star, the #4 dual-threat QB, and #72 overall in the class. Right now he's a backup to 2017 QB Tate Martell - who started a recent fuss when he decommitted from TAMU - so he hasn't had a full-blown opportunity to show his stuff, but Michigan State, Missouri, Oregon, and Utah have all already offered, too. He's visiting for the Aerial Assault QB Camp in a week and a half.

Rashan Gary recruiting the entire ESPN150 for 2017

Rashan Gary recruiting the entire ESPN150 for 2017

Submitted by The Mad Hatter on June 10th, 2016 at 12:11 PM

A few quotes from the article.

"The whole nation, I'm trying to get everybody on Michigan," Gary said this week at Paramus Catholic High School in New Jersey. "I want (Michigan to be a place where people) talk about it as a school that can go to the national championship every year. That's what I want. So I'm recruiting the best of the best."

"To be honest, I'm contacting the whole ESPN150 for 2017," said Gary, the top-ranked recruit in 2016. "I will be in your DMs.