An interactive midseason recap

An interactive midseason recap

Submitted by shorts on October 14th, 2010 at 7:03 PM

Since Brian has been busy providing us with real content rather than trying to emulate the MSM and putting together an obligatory midseason report on (insert team here), I decided to fill that oh-so-important void.

But to make it a little more interesting and gauge the opinion of my fellow readers, I've made this one interactive; I'm looking for responses/votes rather than just throwing out my own opinions, as brilliant (or stupid) as they may be.

So here we go:

No need to waste time here.

Defensive MVP
Gotta be Mike Martin, right? I don't think there's much dispute about this one -- just look at the UFRs to get a quantifiable estimate of his value. And it's not like our defense is filled with all-Big Ten difference-makers.

(For the rest of these, I want votes. Maybe I can compile after a couple days and put up a new post that presents some imaginary MGoBloggies.)

Best play
1. Denard's 87-yard TD run against Notre Dame
2. Roundtree's third-down catch to set up the winning score against ND
3. Denard's game-winning TD run against ND
4. Hemingway's awesome catch to set up the winning TD against Indiana
5. Denard's game-winning TD run against Indiana
6. Denard's 43-yard touchdown run against Bowling Green

Clutch-est play (yes, I'm making "clutchest" a word for lack of an alternative)
1. Jordan Kovacs forcing a UMass fumble that turned what could have been a 10-point halftime deficit into a four-point lead in a game we won by seven.
2. Denard's third-down pass to Roundtree against ND to set up the game-winning TD
3. Hemingway's leaping catch to set up the game-winning score against Indiana
4. The defense forcing three straight stops in the fourth quarter against Indiana (not really a play, per se, but still worth considering)
5. Jonas Mouton's interception on the flea-flicker against Notre Dame, which (IMO) destroyed their offensive confidence and playcalling until Crist re-entered the game.
6. JT Floyd forcing a UConn fumble near the Michigan goal line that was recovered by Obi Ezeh. Instead of UConn being down only a touchdown, we went down and scored to effectively end the game.

Best freshman (redshirt or otherwise)
IMO, this one comes down to two players: Taylor Lewan and Cameron Gordon. Lewan has been pretty dominant since taking over at left tackle, while Gordon has had two games with a handful of epic busts (Notre Dame and you know who) and a bunch of other pretty good games featuring big hits, a crucial interception against Indiana and a lot of good run support. Thomas Gordon and Carvin Johnson also warrant consideration. Right now, I give the edge to Lewan.
What say you?

Unsung hero
1. Jordan Kovacs had the aforementioned forced fumble (and the recovery!) against UMass and -- for everything he lacks athletically -- seems to be in the right place a lot more than just about anybody else on defense, even the seniors.
2. How about Junior Hemingway? Had the huge catch against Indiana and has made numerous other big plays -- he's averaging almost 30 yards a catch. But I rarely hear him mentioned along with Roundtree, Stonum and Odoms.
3. Steve Schilling. Molk get a lot of deserved attention and the young guys (Omameh and Lewan) get a lot of deserved hype, but Schilling has quietly turned into an excellent guard. On plays when we don't let someone in clean (like the crappy third-and-1 plays against UMass and MSU), the left side of our line is flat-out dominant.
4. JT Floyd. I was extremely skeptical that he'd be even a competent Big Ten corner after what we saw last year, but he's made huge strides and looks like a legitimate starter going forward.

Biggest disappointment
1. Vincent Smith. I'm with Brian on this one -- there's nothing wrong with Vincent Smith and he does plenty of things well (receiving and blocking, specifically), but defenses aren't respecting him right now because he's clearly lost some burst. He doesn't pose the same threat Shaw does in the running game.
2. Craig Roh. This is at least partially (and probably in large part) due to his lack of pass-rushing opportunities, but me and a lot of other people expected him to take THE LEAP this year, and that obviously hasn't happened. Hopefully he gets more opportunties to put his hand down over the next six games.
3. James Rogers? I'm not sure if it's fair to call him a disappointment or not -- expectations were fairly low to begin with -- but I held out hope that our secondary would be something resembling functional, and he's probably the biggest reason that it has instead been a nuclear crater.
4. Obi Ezeh. No explanation needed.
5. Will Campbell. I wasn't expecting a huge jump this year, especially when we found out Martin would be starting at nose tackle, but man ... so much hype for a guy who's stuck behind Adam Patterson on the depth chart right now.

Best moment
Brock Mealer touching the banner. I started to list some other stuff, but I don't think anything else compares.

Update: A couple additions based on comments: To "most disappointing" I've added Obi Ezeh (seems obvious in hindsight) and Will Campbell. To "clutch-est play" I've added the JT Floyd forced fumble against UConn. To "unsung hero" I've added JT Floyd.

Also, I considered a "worst moment," but I figured that'd basically just be a list of the most frustrating plays from the MSU game since we won all the others.

Update Part II: In hindsight, praising Lewan and Cam Gordon as best freshmen seemed to be a devastating jinx. I hate it when that happens.

IU's RB Willis out for year

IU's RB Willis out for year

Submitted by jtmc33 on October 14th, 2010 at 5:58 PM

Looks like Perry the ACLephant is now lashing out at Purdue's biggest rival.

It seems that season ending injuries have effected the Big 10 more than usual.  Purdue's  chance at any offensive production, PSU's o-line, Iowa's running backs, IU's only glimmer of a running game, OSU's starting safety, Woolfolk

And it is only week 7.

BHGP poll options as to why Michigan beats Iowa

BHGP poll options as to why Michigan beats Iowa

Submitted by iawolve on October 14th, 2010 at 3:40 PM

Interesting to see where the satire was directed. GERG can't even catch a break with these guys in addition to his own fan base. Think I will vote for EPIC KOVACS



What scares you the most heading into the Iowa-Michigan game this weekend?
  • Being on the road! (It went poorly last time!)
  • Ann Arbor! (Usually bad to Hawkeyes; too close to Detroit; is a whore!)
  • History! (It's not on our side!)
  • The Ghost of Sam McGuffie! (It's sad it never got to hurdle Clayborn!)
  • EPIC KOVACS! (The irony of being defeated by a white walk-on safety would be mortifying!)
  • Bitey, the real wolverine prowling the visitor's sideline! (Don't put it past RichRod!)
  • Mary Sue Coleman! (She craves vengeance for leaving Iowa for a more prestigious, higher-paying job!)
  • Norm Parker's amputated foot! (It could betray his secrets to Michigan!)
  • The winged helmets! (Wings give them an illegal tactical advantage!)
  • GERG! (He could -- oh, nevermind.)

Why are there Iowa banner ads on MGoBlog? WHY?

Why are there Iowa banner ads on MGoBlog? WHY?

Submitted by Six Zero on October 14th, 2010 at 2:54 PM


After a crazy enough week, I'm ready to reset the optimism meter and look the Hawkeyes square in the face and say 'Bring 'em on, Ferentz,' so I hop on the world's premier Michigan football blog to get down to some good ol' fashioned Wolverine bravado.

And of course, when I get here, I'm met with this hideous monstrosity. --->

Okay, seriously..... What's a brother gotta do to get this stuff off his favorite Michigan blog??? Obviously there's some kind of phishing going on that's reading the competition's name and serving up the most appropriate advertising, but this is ridiculous.  And it certainly hasn't been the first time.

I'm going to need somebody tell Mike Martin that I was forced to stare at cheesy Steeler knockoff's while trying to digest UFR, in the hopes that Captain Stanzimerica will be the one to pay for it.

This is the kind of stuff that gets politicians fired.  Don't make me place some phone calls to MGoShoe.


What is this doing on our blog????