what happened?

what happened?

Submitted by maizenbluedevil on October 16th, 2010 at 11:24 PM

I was at a wedding today.

My plan was to avoid the internet / civilizattion and dowload a torrent of today's game.

That didn't happen. I asked someone at the weding to look up the score on their phone, due to curiosity / lack of patience.

So, can someone sum up what happened and wht went wrong?  Obvious "this sucks" aside, why did we lose the game?  I'm looking for a narrative and a "what this means for the future."  I'm an RR supporter, but, if we can't get it done in the B10....well....  

Can someone sum it up for me?


I love you guys.

Also I'm drunk lol.  :D :P

A frustrated fan's observations

A frustrated fan's observations

Submitted by michgoblue on October 16th, 2010 at 11:19 PM

I know that there will be a ton of post-loss "should we keep or fire RR" posts.  This is not one of those, although the discussion will involve many of the same point.

The following are my observations of our team, including our coaching staff.

1.  Our defense is pathetic.  It's a fact.  At the same time, our defense is incredible young and as thin in the 2 deap as any I have ever seen.  When Mouton went down, I actually had to think for a minute or so to figure out who would replace him.  Same goes for Floyd.  I would like to see us play better, but I just don't think that it is reasonable to expect the coaches to take what we have and craft much of a defense. 

So what portion of the D is on the coaches?  Tacking.  It is horrible, and this IS on the coaching.  Someone teach these kids the concept of tackling.  Also, Demens was a marked improvement over Obi.  Why the hell has he not been playing??  These are on GERG.  Also, our defensive recruiting over the past three years has not been adequate.  Some bad breaks, sure, but RR has not done well in recruiting on this side of the ball. 

2.  Denard is a great potential talent, but remains VERY raw in the passing game.  Not a knock on our favorite be-dreaded QB.  He is fast as hell, but teams are going to follow the MSU / Iowa blueprint and force him to beat them with his arm.  He did great early in the year, but all of those games were against crappy defenses.  He has struggled mightily against the past 2 defenses.  THis is a concern. 

Tate, by comparison, looked like much more of a QB out there, and played with great poise and effectiveness.  This is not to advocate benching Denard for Tate - but, why hasn't RR figured out yet that he has 2 good players, and can use both as Urban Meyer did with LEak and Tebow.  Hell, play both at the same time on sets.  THe bottom line is that having these 2 guys is a HUGE advantage, and neither should be relegated to backup. 

3.  The penalties.  If they were on the defensive side of the ball, I would say that this is largely youth.  And some were.  But many were on the offense.  THis is on RR.  Bad coaching leads to excessive penalties, and we have had a ton of penalties.

These are just my thoughts.  Feel free to agree / disagree.  I am not advocating for firing RR, but at the same time, if he cannot beat a single quality team this season, then are we really making much progress?   I am frustrated by how bad we looked these past two weeks, and I am not convinced that we will be any better after the bye.  I welcome all thoughts. . .

At What Point Is Enough, Enough?

At What Point Is Enough, Enough?

Submitted by gnarles woodson on October 16th, 2010 at 10:37 PM

First, I am a Rich Rodriguez fan and I really want him to succeed here, at Michigan.  But when is it time to pull the plug?  Mark Dantonio has as many conference wins in Ann Arbor as RichRod has....and Ron Zook could match that soon.

I think Rich Rod is a great coach and he seems like a good guy.  I know he never has gotten a fair shake here from a lot of people.  But it is starting to look like he isn't a good fit for Michigan.  I don't buy the idea that his offense won't work in the Big Ten, so I am not saying that.  I'm sure that I will get neg'd for asking the question, but that is all I am doing.  

For the record, I would love to see him succeed here and make a lot of people eat crow. But I am starting to have doubts about the possibility of that happening. 

OT -- Tressel 4th down coaching decision

OT -- Tressel 4th down coaching decision

Submitted by qed on October 16th, 2010 at 9:49 PM

Tressel fails to go for it on 4th down, when OSU is down by 10 with only 6 minutes left.  I am pretty sure that Rich Rod's punting decision last week was not that bad.  OSU's defense has looked horrible today and if Tressel was confident in a 3 and out...why does it really matter if Wisonsin might get a long field goal?  OSU offense also needs a lot more time than our offense to score.  Anyway, I thought the decision was pretty illogical.   But we will see, OSU still has some time.

[ED..  BTW. I am being sarcastic about Tressel being a bad coach.  I don't like his conservative nature, but I also enjoy kicking OSU while they are down.]

[ED 2...I changed the title to make it less provocative to those that think I think Tressel is horrible]

Remember We Play 12 Games!!!

Remember We Play 12 Games!!!

Submitted by swdude12 on October 16th, 2010 at 9:10 PM

Yes the past 2 weeks have been hard but think about it this way.  Our 2 opponents are a combined record 12-1 Both rated in the top 15 in the country.  Turnovers and mistakes are game killers and have cost us dearly in the past 2 weeks.  The coaches coach and the players play...the coaches are not responsible for fumbles, interceptions, and brain farts.  MSU and Iowa both played mistake/turnover free football and that is a huge reason why they won the games.   This bye week couldnt come at a better time.  Work on our mistakes and to get guys healthy.

Illinois and Purdue are must win games in my mind.  Penn St is definetly a winnable game. Win those 3 and we are 8-4...At the begining of the season who wouldnt have taking that? I would in a heart beat.  Senior Henne, Hart, and Long went 8-4.  We got a bunch of young guys out there playing there asses off.  They will learn from there mistakes...We can beat anyone but we just have to play turnover and mistake free.

Please dont start with the QB controversey BS...Denard is our man and will step up.


Offensively, I think we can be even better!

Offensively, I think we can be even better!

Submitted by fballcoach12 on October 16th, 2010 at 9:00 PM

I definitely think when we are clicking on all cylinders, this Michigan Offense is really good! But, with all that said there is certain things we can do to make this offense even more explosive. We all have wanted this spread for so long, but this is not the same spread that teams like Florida and Oregon run. Am I the only one who notices that Michigan's first drive is always successful?? Then we take a dump in the second drive and become stagnant. D coordinators are making adjustments and I dont think Rich Rod and Mcgee do enough to counter that adjustment. There needs to be more creativity in this offense, that is what it lacks right now. We never motion a slot or run a jet sweep or even fake a jet sweep. From my experience coaching and watching teams like Florida, Oregon and now even Auburn so much more will open up for an offense if you make the Defense think about other things a little more. We lack that right now. The Defense never needs to adjust right before the snap, because we dont move anybody around. It is kind of frusterating, because I believe this can make us even more explosive. I just hope this can be added to the playbook over the bye week. Also, we haven't seen a running back screen pass since Uconn! We scored on that play! Need to stop thinking Denard will break one all the time with a quarterback sweep and do more creative things.

P.S. Not bashing this offense, obviously we are putting up points and yards enough to win, but we can be even better, This isn't even close to the ceiling for this team and eventually coaching needs to take you to that point. Just my thoughts, would love to hear people's opinion about this.