UPDATE: MGoBlog Commissioned to Design History Dept. T-Shirts

UPDATE: MGoBlog Commissioned to Design History Dept. T-Shirts

Submitted by Seth on November 8th, 2010 at 9:06 PM

(formerly the thread Worst Department T-Shirts Ever.)

So a challenge for the MGoArtists out there. The University of Michigan's History Dept. wants MGoBloggers to help design a new t-shirt, presumably for alumni, faculty and current students. Because? I don't know, because we have read more Foner than you and we are are damn proud of it.

Here's how this went down. My Facebook like-ing of the History Dept. brought up the contest, which I linked thus:

The History Department is letting folks vote on which 1-minute photoshop design to use for the department's IM softball team official 2010 t-shirts.

I mean, seriously Marlett?!?


I put in a request to Kathy to let the MGoDenizens have a crack at them, because for real.

And then wouldn't ya know it: Kathy wrote me back:

Go for it! I need to be able to get them printed, though.

So here's the rules: it's like the MGoShirts. One sided, one color (maize) to be printed on a blue t-shirt. No using officially licensed anything (unless you hear different). Submit them to me unless you hear different. It must clearly say "History" and be obvious it's Michigan. Keep it classy.

UPDATE 2: It's okay to use the official school wordmark as it refers to the school:

Read the rules. You can't alterate in any way: http://www.logos.umich.edu/usemarks.html

Differing opinions on Michigan's future.

Differing opinions on Michigan's future.

Submitted by Griff88 on November 8th, 2010 at 8:38 PM

This from Pat Caputo:

Rich Rodriguez's "Fun Ball" is not going to win championships. It's more the stuff for Conference USA and flea bag bowl games. Rodriguez probably secured his position for next season with that goofball victory Saturday. Does that make it good news for Wolverines fans?

The Wolverines should beat Purdue, which is devastated by injuries, this week. That makes the Wolverines at least 7-5 this season, heading into games vs. Wisconsin and Ohio State. I suppose the only wild card in this equation could be an utterly embarrassing loss at Ohio State. Wonder what Jim Tressel would do in that spot. Would he pour it on? Rub it in? Or would he pull back under the guise of sportsmanship, knowing he'd keep what looks like a good thing for Ohio State going in Ann Arbor?


Now this from Pete Fiutak of Collegefootballnews.com. He is the insider for ESPN's Allnight with Jason Smith.

"If I am a Michigan fan right now, this year really doesn't matter. I mean it's nice, Michigan is going to a bowl, yeah this is fun I am really fired up. They are putting in all these guys on offense, it doesn't matter who is at Quarterback. We are rolling through everybody. If we can do anything with our defense, we go from being an also ran in the B10, to special". He closed by saying... I think there is a lot of reason to be fired up if your a Michigan fan.


Being a Michigan fan who is hoping for the best, I lean towards Fiutak. I am going on the assumption, that the steps to fix the defense will be taken. The defense going forward will be experienced and deeper. The offense will be the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Dispatching foes with ruthless efficiency, and leaving nothing but destruction in their wake.

Football Geeks: Do we have an official name for that one-man play action thing Denard does?

Football Geeks: Do we have an official name for that one-man play action thing Denard does?

Submitted by griesecheeks on November 8th, 2010 at 7:41 PM

See: Thread Title.

Seriously, this play alone is worth keeping Coach Rod on. It is pure genius, and literally makes me squeal like Dennis Nedry when Dodgson pulls out the Shaving Cream Can. This is totally unfair to opposing defenses and I love, love, love it! It's gotta be hard for Rod/Magee to not call it more often than they do.

Can't wait to see 'the play,' for lack of a better description, in The Shoe a few weeks from now!


#1 Jersey

#1 Jersey

Submitted by GVBlue86 on November 8th, 2010 at 7:32 PM

I was just thinking about this whole #1 jersey thing and after reading Rich's comments about it:

"I'm not touching no numbers thing."

To me he seems like a coach who doesn't want to single out any players or put them above anyone else. Roy was saying he wants it, and I hope he gets it. Just not sure if RR will ever want that kind of symbolism. My feeling is that while he is here, he is not going to give out that #1 jersey. Wondering what you guys think , and if you think it is a good or bad thing if he doesn't allow it. Is the #1 jersey a thing of the past?

Better Historical Michigan Stadium End Zone: North or South

Better Historical Michigan Stadium End Zone: North or South

Submitted by Yostal on November 8th, 2010 at 7:07 PM

My one off in the thread on Brian's column today wherein I referred to the front right corner of the North End Zone as "Desmond's Corner" got me to thinking:

Historically speaking for Michigan football, which end zone of Michigan Stadium, north or south, has been the site of more classic moments?

North has Desmond's 1991 catch against Notre Dame, Braylonfest, Mercury Hayes against Virginia, and many others I forget.

South has Carter's touchdown against Indiana in 1979, Desmond's punt return against Ohio State in 1991, Woodson's punt return against Ohio State in 1997, Manningham against Penn State in 2005, Matthews against Notre Dame in 2009, and many others.

So, what say you, what case do you make, if you were compelled to choose, north or south?

Going to the game this Saturday?

Going to the game this Saturday?

Submitted by king_kerridge on November 8th, 2010 at 6:56 PM

I am going to be in Indianapolis visiting the fiance' this weekend, and since West Lafayette is only an hour away, I am gonna make the trip to watch the game. 

Has anyone ever been there for a Michigan game before? Is it like Indiana where I can easily find tickets for cheap before the game, or will this take a little more effort/planning?

Thanks in advance.