watching online with

watching online with

Submitted by gpsimms not to… on November 12th, 2010 at 11:39 PM

I am in Santa Fe with inlaws, and this town is ridiculous.  I googled sports bars and there aren't any.  (wha?)

Anyway, I know people watched the hoops scrimmage last weekend on, do they stream the footbal games live?  Or do they only stream the events that are not broadcast normally?


How Do You Gameday?

How Do You Gameday?

Submitted by MGoKereton on November 12th, 2010 at 9:42 PM

It's in the final round for the "How do you Gameday" Cheez-it challenge between a good friend of mine (Michigan) and some lady.  He's currently losing, and he personally asked me to help him out so he can win 4 tickets to the National Championship game.  If you guys could please vote for him, that would be awesome.  Thank you, and Go Blue!

Brandon continuing the purge?

Brandon continuing the purge?

Submitted by Sinsoftheschafer on November 12th, 2010 at 8:22 PM

Is this DB continuing the purge of under performing AD staff?  It sounds like she was pushed out the door pretty quickly after the dust settled.


Apologies in advance for the Freep Link...

2011 3 star TE/WR Tanner McEvoy to visit December 17 per ESPN

2011 3 star TE/WR Tanner McEvoy to visit December 17 per ESPN

Submitted by SanDiegoWolverine on November 12th, 2010 at 8:21 PM

Per ESPN Insider Tanner McEvoy is visiting December 17th.  He's 6'5" athlete that's projected to WR or TE and is a 78 to ESPN, 3 star to Rivals, and 4 star to Scout.  Looks like it's between us, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Rutgers (getting the final visit).

December 17th seems like an odd time to visit with finals going on.  Do we usually get visits that late in December?  I assume we're pretty serious about him if he is taking on official this late in the game. 

Need Help finding a video that was posted on the board

Need Help finding a video that was posted on the board

Submitted by michWolves2580 on November 12th, 2010 at 7:39 PM

A couple weeks ago, I believe during Notre Dame week, someone posted a video of the two teams running a spread offense from a very long time ago. I want to show the video to someone I know and cant find the video anywhere.

If anyone knows what Im talking about please help

OT: Pryor opens his mouth...again

OT: Pryor opens his mouth...again

Submitted by icefins26 on November 12th, 2010 at 3:44 PM

Pryor has sounded off about the Cam Newton situation:

A highlight:

"I think that's baloney. The way the kid's playing, he's playing well, leading the nation in total touchdowns. If he wouldn't be doing that, would anybody have said anything, whether the allegations are true or not?" Pryor said. "That's going to be the story. Let kids be kids. They're young men trying to play; we're young men trying to play. We're just trying to have fun. Whether the allegations are true or not, they wouldn't have come out -- I don't care what anybody says -- if he wasn't doing well. Why would you try to bring somebody down?"

Pryor was asked if he would change his opinion if it was proven Newton had accepted money to play for Auburn.

"I guess that would be a problem if he was taking it now," Pryor said. "If he's taking it at Auburn now, 'Come on, Cam, that's a problem.' My two cents is, we should just let the young man play. All this nonsense is uncalled for."

Let kids be kids...

Full Article:

2011 Scholarship Numbers

2011 Scholarship Numbers

Submitted by Marley Nowell on November 12th, 2010 at 3:19 PM
                         MICHIGAN FOOTBALL DEPTH BY CLASS                          
Position   # 

(c/o 2015)

(c/o 2014)
(c/o 2013)
(c/o 2012)


D. Gardner*

  T. Forcier
D. Robinson



F. Toussaint*
S. Hopkins

M. Cox*
V. Smith
M. Shaw
WR 7

R. Miller*
J. Robinson*
D. Williamson*

J. Jackson*

J. Stokes J. Hemingway*
D. Stonum
Slot 5


J. Gallon*
D. Dileo
R. Roundtree*
T. Robinson*
M. Odoms
TE 2


  B. Moore* K. Koger
OT 3  

M. Schofield*
T. Lewan*

  M. Huyge*
OG 4    

P. Omameh*
R. Barnum*
E. Mealer*

W. Campbell

C 3 C. Pace*


R. Khoury*

D. Molk*


T. Talbott*
R. Ash*

Q. Washington*   M. Martin
DE 5
J Paskorz*
K. Wilkins*

J. Black


R. VanBergen*


J. Ryan*

I. Bell*

M. Robinson

C. Roh
K. Demens* 
M. Jones*

JB Fitzgerald

B. Herron*




C. Avery
T. Talbott
C. Christian
JT Floyd* T. Woolfolk*
SS 7

J. Furman*

T. Gordon*
B. Hawthorne*
C. Gordon*
J. Kovacs
T. Jones
FS 3


R. Vinopal

C. Johnson

P/K 2   B. Gibbons*
C. Hagerup

I did this before the season started but attrition always rears its ugly head.  I think these numbers are likely to stick for the 2011 Class.

SS M. Williams seems to be headed for a medical scholarhsip and is not counted. 

DE S. Watson or RB K.Grady are uncounted because they are buried on the depth chart and unlikely to be asked back for a 5th Year.



Current Commits: 13 (this includes A.Kinard)

2 of these commitments may be in question (K. Sousa and G.Brown) so we'll have to see how that plays out.

I believe Michigan will be looking to sign 10 more players for the Class of 2011.