SI: Michigan made a profit by not going to bowls in 2008, 2009

SI: Michigan made a profit by not going to bowls in 2008, 2009

Submitted by NateVolk on November 16th, 2010 at 5:10 PM

SI Article by Dan Wetzel and Austin Murphy talking about the economics of the BCS system quoting former AD Bill Martin on page 4.  Basically says that athletic departments and schools are big losers in the bowls and a playoff system is the post-season solution to the economic blood letting.   Check out Ohio State's profit from last years $18 million payout at the Rose Bowl.  

The thing that shocked me was the way the current system works.  The schools build in a loss to show up and play, while the bowls, cloaked as non-profit, make out like bandits. If you are pro-playoff, this article throws down some really good talking points.

***Side note: Mgo was talking about this issue referencing Wetzel two years ago. During my dark ages period:

Enough with the Denard Critiques

Enough with the Denard Critiques

Submitted by Ziff72 on November 16th, 2010 at 4:20 PM

So in the wake of the Purdue mud bowl I've seen the following.   Denard can't read defenses, Denard is slowing down, Denard can't scramble, Denard has no touch on long passes etc.   I just checked the football database to make sure who we were talking about.  Is this the same guy that plays qb for Michigan as a true Sophmore?


1 Bryant Moniz Hawai'i JR QB 10 70 3374 449 3444 7.7 344.4
2 Denard Robinson Michigan SO QB 10 1417 1990 412 3407 8.3 340.7
3 Brandon Weeden Okla St JR QB 10 -72 3391 400 3319 8.3 331.9
4 Robert Griffin III Baylor SO QB 11 508 3071 501 3579 7.1 325.4
5 Dominique Davis ECU JR QB 10 139 3065 532 3204 6.0 320.4
6 Alex Carder W Mich SO QB 10 216 2920 490 3136 6.4 313.6
7 Russell Wilson NC State JR QB 10 302 2814 495 3116 6.3 311.6
8 Colin Kaepernick Nevada SR QB 10 946 2161 376 3107 8.3 310.7
9 Dan Persa N'western JR QB 10 519 2581 466 3100 6.7 310.0
10 G.J. Kinne Tulsa JR QB 10 502 2576 482 3078 6.4


I understand that Denard is not above criticism, but everyone needs to understand Tommie Frazier was never going to throw like Tom Brady and Tom Brady was never going to run for 200yds.   Please enjoy Denard.

Smile, 19 starters returning to team

Smile, 19 starters returning to team

Submitted by Young Pretty a… on November 16th, 2010 at 3:58 PM

I was viewing the Rivals depth chart for Wisconsin week, and couldn't help but envision next years team.  19 Starters will back for the 2011 season!  Schilling, Mouton and Rogers make up the only starters who are graduating after this season.  You could also make the argument that with Troy Woolfolk returning from injury, it could be 20 returning starters.  The number 19 is in reference to the starters on offense and defense, does include special team players, who all happen to be returning to team as well.  May not translate into National Championship, but stll puts a smile on my face. GO BLUE

Depth Chart for Wisonsin Week

TomVH: Wisconsin Visitors

TomVH: Wisconsin Visitors

Submitted by TomVH on November 16th, 2010 at 3:54 PM

Here's the list of recruits that will be on hand for Michigan's final home game. As always this list will grow and shrink as I confirm more people. Looks like this won't be too big of a weekend, but it will still be important. The two official visitors are both important to this class, and would help add some much needed help in key areas.


  • LB/WR Kris Frost - Kris just got back from an Auburn visit that he really enjoyed. I think Michigan is still in the lead, but I did talk talk to Kris about Auburn after his trip. He said that Auburn is making things pretty difficult as far as who he wants to choose. Each visit they've done a better job of showing him where he would fit, and how much he likes it up there. This visit to Michigan will be very important for who he picks. His team does play at 7:30pm on Friday, but as of right now he is coming.
  • TE Jack Tabb - Jack's team was eliminated from the playoffs, so he will be here.
  • OL Jake Fisher (Commit) 
  • LB Ryan Petro - Florida linebacker, hearing from Michigan and a few other bigger schools, like Nebraska.
  • OL Chris Bryant (Maybe) - He's figuring out if he can come
  • LB Antonio Kinard (Maybe) - Kinard may be in this weekend. Figuring things out as we speak, should know soon obviously.


  • RB Juwan Lewis - Muskegon running back plans on being there. Teammate of 2011 DT Damon Knox
  • DT Danny O'Brien

Can "touch" be taught?

Can "touch" be taught?

Submitted by ypsituckyboy on November 16th, 2010 at 3:11 PM

It seems to me that Denard has few deficiencies as a QB at this point, and the ones that come to mind are more mental than physical (i.e. some minor ball security problems while running the ball, decision-making issues like knowing when to tuck and run, etc).

However, there is one physical deficiency of his that sticks out to me - touch. His arm is very powerful, and that's great for throws 20 yards and under. However, it seems that when he tries to make throws longer than that, ones that require more touch, he's almost always long. That deficiency has been pretty consistent this season. Thus teams like Iowa playing a saftey ten yards behind the receiver on deep passes.

My question is, "Can touch be taught?" I tend to think you can gain a little more of it with a lot of practice, but for the most part it's unteachable. It's more of an innate athletic instinct, and I'm not sure how much progress Denard will be able to make on it. It's like the huge guy in high school who would punch you in a "just kidding around way", all the while not knowing that he hit you in a "I want to hurt you" way instead. Many of the people on this board tend to say that when Tate goes in, you get nothing new, just more throwing and less ground speed. I tend to disagree. I think one major advantage Tate brings is his touch on the long throws. That's why he's very dangerous on late drives that require a lot of throwing. I really hope Denard can get a better feel for deep balls, but I'm just not sure that you can practice your way into that skill.

New article by Angelique: RR defends Denard's drop in production

New article by Angelique: RR defends Denard's drop in production

Submitted by StephenRKass on November 16th, 2010 at 2:37 PM

Angelique Chengelis has a new article up at the News (

Rodriguez makes an obvious observation:
He has not had (recently) some of those huge games like he had, but I still think he's had pretty good production," Rodriguez said Tuesday during the Big Ten teleconference. "What's hindered him the last couple weeks has been the turnovers. He had some pretty good production in the last game (against Purdue), but the turnovers kind of overshadowed that."
Nothing really new, but RR doesn't sound too upset. He, like all of us, wants to see Denard hold on to the ball, and make better passing decisions. The next two games will be interesting on that whole score.

Ugly Game of the Week - Week 12 Edition

Ugly Game of the Week - Week 12 Edition

Submitted by stubob on November 16th, 2010 at 2:00 PM

Twelve Vandals Vandalizing? Twelve Aggies, um, agging? Also, I avoid picking on two teams in consecutive weeks only out of the goodness of my heart.

Last week

Western pulled out a barn-burner against Eastern, locking up second place in the MAC Trophy. Signs of life from the EMUs/Eagles/Hurons for next year? Both teams were +/- 500 yards of offense, but Eastern was a more grind-it-out than the Western air raid.

Speaking of track meets, Tulane beat Rice 54-49. Our boy Sam McGuffie had 15 carries for 71 yards and a TD for the Owls. I'm not sure what a Rice Owl looks like, but can't help but wonder if it's anything like a Corn Snake.

Last, Tennessee clobbered Ole Miss 52-14 and is now awarded the title of Tennessissippi. Karma continues to catch up to Jeff Masoli, and he was 7/18 for 80 yards and 3 INTs. Tennessee was up 21-0 after the first quarter, and cruised from there.

This Week

Rutgers plays Cincinnati for sole possession of the Big East basement. That's saying something given the way the Big East has gone this year. Rutgers has lost to North Carolina, and squeaked out close wins over the likes of Army and FIU. Cinci can't point and laugh at that resume, either. Since their close loss to Oklahoma, they've been pounded in conference by West Virginia and Syracuse. Rutgers is offensively challenged, and Cinci is equally fair-to-middlin' on both sides of the ball.

Out in the WAC (slogan: The WAC is the new MAC!), Idaho plays Utah State in another leg of the Mormon Bowl. Idaho got thumped, as expected, by Boise State last week. Utah State is on a two game win streak, but the wins are against New Mexico State and San Jose State. So that's like keeping count of the number of times you hit the floor when you drop a ball. Aww yeah, three in a row, baby!

This week's "Sir Not Appearing in this Diary" award goes to Eastern and Tennessee.  Eastern plays Buffalo in what is sure to be an ugly game. For no reason other than sympathy, I'll avoid making that a game to watch (or, rather, not watch). Maybe it will be snowing as well. Tennessee versus Vanderbilt also avoids the eyeball for the week, if only because Tennessee seemed like an actual football team last week, and may just paste Vandy and move on.

One last note goes to Appalachian State against Florida in the "If There's a God, Smite The Gators" bowl.  I've got no good way to handicap D-IA schools, but still, c'mon, karma!