Tremendous start to an important 5 day stretch

Tremendous start to an important 5 day stretch

Submitted by readyourguard on January 28th, 2011 at 8:44 AM

Last night kicked off the start to a significant 5 day stretch for Michigan Athletics.

Michigan 61 Sparty 57 - Muppets.

Pride comes bef............... nevermind.

Today: Illinois OL Chris Bryant makes his announcement at 7:30 Chicago time

TomVH seems to think we have a slight edge.  Thank you very much.

Saturday:  Michigan hockey takes the "Sparty Beat-down Tour" to Detroit

Crypt Keeper Comley bid fare-thee-well.

Sunday:  MBB returns to the court against Iowa to continue the "Give us a tourney....any tourney" tour.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday is the last ditch effort to sign, seal, and deliver the last of the 2011 Recruiting class.

"I want you, and you, and you, and you, and you"

Jake Fisher

Tray Durham

Frank Clark

Leilon Willingham

Thomas Rawls

Darian Cooper

Let's Go Blue!


Oh, and just cuz it's worth reposting............

Suck it, Sparty!



Coach Coming To Columbus One More Time

Coach Coming To Columbus One More Time

Submitted by True Blue in CO on January 28th, 2011 at 7:31 AM
According to Flight Tracker, Coach is coming from his visit with Jake Fisher and making a stop in Columbus. Do not know if it is to talk with current commits Hietzman and Carter or if there are any last minute contacts to be made here. Hoke's schedule of cities and plane trips in the past two weeks has been remarkable. He and the staff have through Sunday to make their final push to contact and secure this class.

International Recruiting (Football)

International Recruiting (Football)

Submitted by Laveranues on January 27th, 2011 at 8:34 PM

Why don't major college football programs (USC in the pacific islands excepted) recruit internationally? And I know what you're thinking: because it would be more expensive and nobody plays American football internationally.

My counter to these arguments is that it would require minimal effort to attract some kids from the Caribbean or South America, for example, where there is a surplus of athletes and a shortage of opportunities.

Regarding the fact that they would have no football experience, a Jamaican sprinter with not-quite Usain Bolt's speed could easily become an asset at corner or receiver with a year or two of coaching.  Or a Brazilian footballer that can't quite go pro but wants to get out of the favelas.

Taking one or two fliers per year on this sort of prospect would have minimal risk and huge upside, particularly if a few guys made it big and brought the game back home.

Thoughts?  Neg bangs?

Mike Vollmar coming to Mich Athletic Dept.

Mike Vollmar coming to Mich Athletic Dept.

Submitted by umhero on January 27th, 2011 at 7:10 PM

University of Alabama Associate Athletics Director for Football Mike Vollmar is leaving the Capstone for a position in the University of Michigan athletic department, sources close to the UA athletic department told The Tuscaloosa News.

He worked at Michigan from 88-90 as a recruiting coordinator.


TomVH: An Interview with Chris Bryant

TomVH: An Interview with Chris Bryant

Submitted by TomVH on January 27th, 2011 at 4:59 PM

The recruiting process has been a long one for 4 Star Illinois OL Chris Bryant, and he's ready for it to be over with. Bryant makes his decision on Friday the 28th at 7:30pm at his high school in Chicago. I caught up with him to talk about the final hours, and what he'll be focusing on while making his decision for tomorrow. Here's a look at his film, then the interview.

TOM: Are you ready for all this to be over with yet?

CHRIS: Yeah, I mean it's stressful. It's been fun, but difficult so I'm almost ready.

TOM: What's it like today and tonight, the day before you make your decision?

CHRIS: Well, Coach Hoke came by the school today and then the Pitt coaches, Coach Graham and Calvin Magee are coming by later tonight. After that I'm just going to check over all the places I've been, the trips I've taken, and sit down and think about it. I want to make sure that I'm comfortable, because I have to live there the next 4 to 5 years. In my mind, I know where I'm leaning, but I want to sleep on it and do my thing tomorrow.

TOM: When the coaches come by this late in the process what are they talking to you about? For instance, what was Coach Hoke saying today?

CHRIS: Going through this process it's just been about building the relationship. That relationship doesn't come over night, and today was just kind of a regular conversation. He was telling me how I fit in, and about their new type of offense. It was just us getting to know each other more. 

TOM: You talk about building a relationship. In a short period of time, do you think you've done that with the new Michigan coaches? Do you feel comfortable with them?

CHRIS: Ever since the first day I met them we hit it off. He's a player's coach, and someone you like having a conversation with. I didn't have a hard time bonding with him. I feel comfortable with all these coaches, I wouldn't second guess playing for them.

TOM: What happens after all the coaches leave? Do you and your parents sit down and discuss everything, or are they letting you make the decision?

CHRIS: My parents are a big part of my decision. After the coaches leave we'll sit down and talk through everything, then just get ready for tomorrow.

TOM: How many hats will be on the table?

CHRIS: I'll have four. Arizona, Michigan, Pitt, and Illinois.

TomVH: Quick Update On Where We're At

TomVH: Quick Update On Where We're At

Submitted by TomVH on January 27th, 2011 at 4:07 PM

I'm having trouble posting, so I'm just going to put an update here with where we're at right now.

Tim posted the visitors list for me in the diaries, if you're too lazy to look up and over, it's right here.

Illinois OL Chris Bryant had a visit from Brady Hoke today. He's on his way home from school, so hopefully I will catch up with him later. Chris is announcing his decision tomorrow at 7:30pm (I believe Central time). It's down to Michigan, Pitt, Arizona, and Illinois. Arizona's OL coach recently took another job, and Chris hasn't visited Tucson in awhile. If I had to guess it's probably down to Michigan and Pitt, with Michigan getting the edge tomorrow. Hoke and co. have made it clear how bad they want him.

Hoke is now scheduled to meet with OL Jake Fisher to try to convince Jake to come back on board. Fisher recently took a visit out to Florida, which causes some concern. Jake is announcing his final decision quietly on signing day. Hoke will be there at 7pm tonight.

There was a post in another thread that said Glenville LB/TE Frank Clark was moving his decision from tomorrow to signing day. That is confirmed. He'll be announcing on signing day, because Ted Ginn Sr. thought it would be a good idea.

LB Leilon Willingham told me a few days ago that he still plans on visiting UCF this weekend, and announcing his decision on Signing day. This was always the plan, so nothing has caused him to change that. I was told that the UCF visit is more for fun. Michigan still looks good here, and would be a great addition if they can land him.

Michigan currently has 16 commits, with somewhere around 4-6 spots left. Likely/Possible names to pick Michigan Chris Bryant, Frank Clark, Leilon Willingham will leave them with roughly 2-3 spots left. Names to fill those spots could be Jake Fisher, Darian Cooper, or Thomas Rawls. Wildcard from this weekend's visit is Chris Barnett.


OT What position do the Lions take in the NFL draft

OT What position do the Lions take in the NFL draft

Submitted by The Name on January 27th, 2011 at 4:05 PM

I was looking over some mock NFL drafts, and saw that most had the Lions taking either an outside LB or a O lineman.

Not that I think Backus is great, but I kind of think the Lions are OK with their O-line. While Stafford's 18 injuries beg to differ, I think the Lions would be best served filling some gaps on the D.

A CB would be ideal, but I doubt the top two (Petterson, and guy whos last name I'm too lazy to look up from Nebraska) are still around.

My hope? Linebacker. Seems to have been a need for the Lions for as long as I can remember.

Either way what do some of my Lion brethern think?