OT - SweaterVest Speech at Halftime Last Saturday

OT - SweaterVest Speech at Halftime Last Saturday

Submitted by True Blue in CO on November 19th, 2010 at 12:24 PM


JT/SweaterVest Halftime speech vs. PSU on 11/13/2010

Sharing this with the MGoBlog community to give insight on what changed last Saturday's game between PSU and tOSU last weekend.


Having spoken to a number of people who were present during the halftime speech of the PSU game, I have a really good feel for how things went down.  JT used language that is NOT JT LIKE and he called some people out in front of the team....definately NOT something he does.  I am going to do my very best to outline what happened at halftime, but posting about it does not do it any justice....you'd really have to hear it from those that were there:
Once the team got into the locker, he politely asked all recruits to step outside for a few minutes.  He asked a student assistant to get a cup of water.  The assistant comes back 30 seconds later with Gatorade.  JT flipped and screamed:  "I've got a room full of football players that are not doing much right, dont tell me I have student assistants not doing things right...GET ME A GLASS OF WATER NOW."  Student assistant comes back 10 seconds later with a cup of water and a face more red than a stop sign.  More on that later.  
JT asked the captains to walk to the center of the room and face a mirror (the locker room is full of mirrors).  Once the captains were standing and facing a mirror, he asked them if the coaching staff did a good enough job preparing the team last week for the game. "Captains, if we failed as a coaching staff, I want to know right here, right now.  C'mon...tell me.  We have 20 minutes to get things fixed, but I need to know."  Silence.  "OK, silence is consent.  So now I ask you this:  look in the mirror and tell me what you see."  Silence.  "OK, maybe I did not make myself clear...that was a QUESTION that requires an ANSWER."  Still silence....finally, Cam said, "coach, I see a guy that is not playing his best football."  JT shot back, "Its November, Cam....its God d*** November!  This isnt the God d*** spring game...ITS NOVEMBER and we are playing at home with the Big Ten Championship in our hands!  Hey B-Rolle, what do you see?"  Rolle:  Coach, we are not doing a good enough job of leading this fooball team right now and I accept full responsibility, sir."  JT:  "B-Rolle, how many Big Ten Championships have you won and how many of those were handed to you?"  I've won 3 and none of them were handed to me, sir."  JT:  "NONE....NOT A GOD D*** ONE OF THEM.  Captains, please sit down with the rest of your teammates."  
Next, JT went on about a 7-8 minute tirade...here are some of the highlights:
"This is NOT Ohio State football right now...this looks like a rag tag operation that's looking to skate by because of what they've done in season's past.  2008 and 2009 are not going to help you in 2010."
"ESPN is not here because of you, they are here because of HIM (Paterno)."  
"That team is not on the same level as you, but they are good enough to take the game unless something is done about it."
"We spent all week with brave men & women that have served our country and made the ultimate sacrifice...they are here today as guests and we honor their service with a horse (bleep) performace like that?"
"We are not losing this game.  Absolutely not.  Every single time we lose tothat team, t-shirts are made.  Not here, not today."
"If you play for 30 minutes, we will coach for 30 minutes and we will not let up until the clock reads zero."
At the conlusion of his speech, he looks at the captains sitting in the front and says, "thanks, guys...now I have to go to church twice tomorrow."  
After the game in the locker room, JT called the student assistant to the middle of the room in front of the team and apologized to her and presented her with the game ball

Emotions Tomorrow

Emotions Tomorrow

Submitted by jtblue on November 19th, 2010 at 12:12 PM

I'm not sure where the MGoCommunity is at, but I feel really at ease heading into tomorrow's game. The pit of the stomach worry from the last two weeks is now absent, and with 7 wins already achieved, I'm hoping to see the boys play with nothing to lose. I'd like to get a head start on Brian and submit this:

Win will cause me to: Sing the Victors and walk around the rest of the day with a smile so big, many would question my mental state.

Loss will cause me to: shrug, thank the seniors, and immediately move on to Ohio State week. I have no rational cause for my optimism heading to Columbus next weekend.

I'm interested in what the rest of you are thinking...What will a win bring to you? What will a loss induce?

RR-Injuries and Playing Time

RR-Injuries and Playing Time

Submitted by Ziff72 on November 19th, 2010 at 10:14 AM

Does anyone have any insight on  RR's rules regarding missing practice/injuries/playing time?  

It appears he has an old school mantra if you don't practice all week you can't play, based on some personnel decisions this year.  It seems that borderline guys never play.  I must say he has perplexed me all year with his "this guy might play or he should be good to go and then not play".   He seems right out of the B. Bellichick school of injury reporting.

The Mike Martin saga really perplexes me.  If there is one guy on the team that has earned the right to not practice and then try to gut it out in the games it is Martin.   If the reports of an ankle sprain are true you would think they would try to rest the ankle all week and then see if they could tape it and let him play.   Then we hear he practiced fully on Tuesday.  If he practiced fully on Tuesday I would think he is guaranteed to play, but I think we heard the same thing last week and he didn't play.  If his ankle is still in bad shape why is he practicing fully?

Shaw this year was another weird one.  If they are good enough to play a little than play them.   Shaw played sparingly early in the Illinois game then late in the game he played a bunch and looked great.   Not sure if that is a way to build toughness telling the kids if they want to play you better not wiggle your way out of practice, but I must say it is perplexing.


Michigan Daily on Troy Woolfolk (and T-Woolf)

Michigan Daily on Troy Woolfolk (and T-Woolf)

Submitted by Communist Football on November 19th, 2010 at 9:47 AM

Nicole Auerbach profiles Woolfolk's "lonely journey" back from injury:


Woolfolk himself talks about his lupine ancestry:


That night I stayed up for hours pondering what was going on and what happened to me. Then I finally realized — I, too, was blessed with the gene of my family’s ancient tribe. Due to the fact that football is a competitive sport, my body felt as if it was being threatened by the opponent, which triggered the wolf gene to come out.

Crowd Intesity

Crowd Intesity

Submitted by mxair23 on November 19th, 2010 at 9:38 AM

I have always admired the colleges around the country that have very supportive fan bases. Ours being my favorite of course. But how do we take it up a notch? How do we get the crowd at the Big House into the game screaming and yelling the whole afternoon? Camp Randal, Happy Valley and the Toilet Bowl (Shoe) all have hostile crowds when we go on the road to play them. We should return the favor!!

How do we get a majority of the crowd to lose their mind for the WHOLE game?!

We need a 12th man tomorrow!!!

Interesting article with regards to how Wiscy lost out on Bo and Knight

Interesting article with regards to how Wiscy lost out on Bo and Knight

Submitted by harmon98 on November 19th, 2010 at 9:18 AM

From today's "Bacon Blog" John U. Bacon takes a look at a pivotal 40 minute head coaching interview back in 1966 with Bo and Wisconsin.  Interesting stuff.

link here: http://bit.ly/8YXX6Q

“Michigan didn’t need some silly committee or student rep to check me out,” Bo told me, “and I didn’t need any dime-store tour of the campus to appreciate what Michigan had to offer.”