OT- To all our MgoStalkers

OT- To all our MgoStalkers

Submitted by ATLalumni on February 1st, 2011 at 4:04 PM

This is from an ESPN insider article a few minutes ago:

 Tweet of the Day: From the Tennessee Volunteers compliance department:

NCAA rules prohibit fans from contacting prospective student-athletes. This includes interactions on facebook and twitter. 

While I still think you're all creepy that do this, at least you're not alone.


Hakeem Flowers Question

Hakeem Flowers Question

Submitted by Clarence Beeks on February 1st, 2011 at 3:43 PM

I was doing some reading the ol' local paper and came across something that caught my attention.  This one should probably be able to be answered pretty quickly, but I came across this:

23. Hakeem Flowers, Wade Hampton WR

Committed to: N.C. State

The buzz: Flowers was a Michigan commitment who decided not to go there after the coaching change. He caught 41 passes for 936 yards and six scores last year.


Can someone "in the know" clarify this: was Hakeem Flowers ever a commit, public or silent, or is this just flat out made up?  My recollection is that Flowers was a strong lean, but wasn't ever a commit, but I guess he could have been one of the slient ones we kept hearing about.  Does anyone know?

scout analyst says Cooper to MSU or Iowa [UPDATED]

scout analyst says Cooper to MSU or Iowa [UPDATED]

Submitted by ish on February 1st, 2011 at 1:17 PM


i hope he's wrong.  he didn't say he had inside info.  come on, darian, you don't want to be a criminal nor get a bizarre muscular disorder.

UPDATE: Eugene Hankerson just intimated that we will lose out on Cooper.  He tweeted:

GBW heads, those who say Cooper is a "huge" loss are over stating the situation. I'll say more after signing day. Michigan will close well.

How DEATHSTORM affects you and Signing Day

How DEATHSTORM affects you and Signing Day

Submitted by FabFiver5 on February 1st, 2011 at 12:37 PM

I work at a software company in A2 and they just announced that because of impending DEATHSTORM 2011, our office will be shut down tomorrow. This means I get to roll out of bed, curl up on the couch, flip on ESPNU and "work from home" for the day.

Anyone else's life get infinitely better because of the storm?

Ron English and EMU recruiting

Ron English and EMU recruiting

Submitted by Jasper on February 1st, 2011 at 12:23 PM

In this busy season of recruiting, I thought at least a handful of people might be interested to see how Ron English is doing at EMU:


What I found remarkable there is the lack of players from Michigan.  I realize that stocking a roster with only Michiganders is unrealistic when the in-state competition is considered, but I'm surprised that the numbers are so low.  2010 and 2009 are similar.

Did his Family Values comments (http://mgoblog.com/mgoboard/freep-ron-english-sells-single-moms-short) hurt that much?  Or, has he just kept his focus where there are more players?

Happy National Signing Eve, 2011 Edition

Happy National Signing Eve, 2011 Edition

Submitted by Six Zero on February 1st, 2011 at 12:20 PM


"...the ball caps were placed on the table with care,
hoping young men would grab the block M varieties there."


Such is a time to be excited for our team, to look to the future, to have hope, to be proud that of all of the schools out there, they chose ours.

I find myself not jealous, but extremely envious of these young men-- they get to be Michigan Wolverines-- they get to put on that helmet, they're assigned their own number, and they get to be part of the brotherhood.  That's special, regardless of the past, be it long gone or recent.

As such, I find myself giving the same speech I do every time this year, which is really quite simple:




Even last year, some of us found it necessary to be harsh, to our own recruits.  A young man named Vinopal was unjustly criticized because of some web site run by men he's never met gave him a rating that some of us were unhappy with.  On Signing Day.  That's just plain wrong-- imagine your brother or son choosing a school, choosing a future and being at peace with it, only to be welcomed by harsh judgement and criticism before he's even stepped foot on a practice field.

It is 2011, ladies and gentlemen.  The Hoke era.  The fresh start. There should be no griping about spread offenses or slot ninjas.  No judgement of anyone because of the baseless value of these things called 'stars' next to their names from various sources.  No whining about losing anyone to Auburn, and no talk about decommits or unfilled slots or Demetrius's or what-could-have-beens.

Tomorrow is a day to welcome the newest members of our team and let them be proud of the life-changing decision they have made.  Think of the choices you made at eighteen, and how they altered your entire world.  Think of their parents, and how even our baseless and anonymous comments could potentially reassure or alarm them of their children's future. Think of the rest of the college football world, and how closely they will be watching Fort Schembechler, Ann Arbor, and yes, even MGoBlog.  And yes, they will be watching.

Make 'em all proud, and welcome them to the family.

PS-- Also, if you get a chance, you might want to thank TomVH for all of the hard work he's going to put in on our behalf tomorrow...  His busiest day of the year is tomorrow and I'm sure his phone is pre-emptively cringing in fear for its very life today.  Same goes for Brian and Tim-- it's by their collective hand that we'll be able to enjoy all the hoopla here tomorrow.

Happy National Signing Eve, everyone!

Six Zero

Glenville Players (Clark) to announce tonight

Glenville Players (Clark) to announce tonight

Submitted by JC3 on February 1st, 2011 at 12:10 PM

The impending snow storm of doom has moved up the Glenville players announcements. They'll be announcing their college destinations sometime this afternoon or tonight at a local community center.

Somebody grab a picture of Ted Ginn sr. with his arm around Frank Clark in his M-hat!

OT: U of F president weighs in on oversigning and greyshirting

OT: U of F president weighs in on oversigning and greyshirting

Submitted by MWW6T7 on February 1st, 2011 at 11:41 AM
The president of the University of Florida has wrote his thoughts on the issue of greyshirting and over-signing. Not anything groundbreaking and I'm sure we all agree but it was interesting that it came from an SEC president instead of the Big Ten or Pac Ten. Thought it was an interesting read. Link: http://bit.ly/f6OBU7 Edit: Sorry about the formatting. I posted this from my phone.

The future is bright

The future is bright

Submitted by Dark Blue on February 1st, 2011 at 10:18 AM

After the last 3 years (aside from our hoops team run to the tourney in 2008) things have looked bleak to say the least. Hope is on the horizon though. 

Lets start with hoops, we are coming off beating MSU in the Breslin Center, which is the first time that has happened since 1997. This is a team filled with so much youth, and from what I've been able to tell, guys like Hardaway Jr., Evan Smotrycz , and Jordan Morgan look like they are going to become very good players. Go up one class and you have Darius Morris  making a case to some day being the best PG in the Big Ten. Vogrich while he may be a defensive liability has a sweet stroke from beyond the arc. Then You have the "gritty" Zack Novak. This guy imhe has turned into the leader on this team. With Beilein bringing in a great recruiting class next year, the future is extremely bright. I except an NIT birth this year, and netxt year a tourney birth and possible competing for a Big Ten title .


Then we have football. A lot of folks were upset at the hiring of Hoke, but he has come in and turned what look liked an abysmal recruiting class, into something very respectable. We return nearly every offensive starter and now have a DC who is not only a very good recruiter, but he is also a guy who has coached Ed Reed and Ray Lewis. We've had tons of true freshman playing on defense this year, and those kids are all going to improve. I'm not going to say that MICH will run the table next year, but will any kind of defensive competence this team should be very good. 


The bottom line mgobrethern is we are on an upward spiral, MICH is about to take the world by storm, things really are bright, just remember stay optimistic and GO BLUE