What makes people think Harbaugh would take the job?

What makes people think Harbaugh would take the job?

Submitted by MGlobules on November 20th, 2010 at 9:57 PM


I see a lot of RichRod's detractors saying that we should fire him and hire Harbaugh, but are there strong reasons to believe that he would come here? 

Not sure how many people have been to Palo Alto, but a friend of mine taught there for a while and I can tell you. . . it is one beautiful, warm place. They probably have the money to match us, and the pressure on Harbaugh is relatively light there. (Coming from a small private school he only has to be good, not win regular championships.) I'm not saying that he wouldn't be interested, but I don't see it as a gimme. 

It may well be, for that matter, that Brandon has some real knowledge about Harbaugh's interest. . . I'm not opposed to his coming, btw, should RichRod be dismissed, though I don't think a Michigan pedigree should be the deciding factor. Maybe having one of Bo's boys makes some alumni feel warm and fuzzy, but it doesn't necessarily win football games.   

LA CB James Richardson to SMU

LA CB James Richardson to SMU

Submitted by DGDestroys on November 20th, 2010 at 9:44 PM

So much for that guy you knew of for one day and will promptly forget about entirely, he's committed to SMU. He hadn't yet been offered, but was visiting for the Big Chill weekend. The article doesn't mention whether or not that visit is still on. I don't think anyone will take this particularly hard, Blake Countess come on down!

Has Brandon already decided?

Has Brandon already decided?

Submitted by MGlobules on November 20th, 2010 at 9:34 PM

I could be wrong, but the message I'm getting from several recent Dave Brandon interviews is that RichRod has done enough to merit another year. Is anyone getting the same idea, reading between the lines? 

My hunch is that this has been communicated to the players, too, because I don't see how we get the likes of Dee Hart if it's not pretty clear that RichRod is staying. Mind you, I'm the guy who said we would go 6-6 and RichRod would be retained, anyway--for many of the reasons I think that now: too much invested in putting together a RichRod-style offense, too much evidence next year will be lots better. So maybe I'm looking at this with Rose Bowl-colored glasses? Anyway, the Brandon interviews are here, in Wojo's latest in the DetNews and a very good interview on the Huge Show: 




To Be the Best, You Have to Beat the Best

To Be the Best, You Have to Beat the Best

Submitted by Brady2Terrell on November 20th, 2010 at 9:08 PM

I believe it was Lloyd Carr who said recently that he never coached a game at Michigan in which he felt we were the underdog - and I think we've now all had to cross that threshold as fans.  Even worse, I was reflecting today on what the "signature win" of this program under Rodriguez has been, what game we won that showed that we can be a great team when all the pieces line up.  As WoJo said a bit ago, at some point you have to show you can actually do it once before we can believe you can do it consistently.  With this in mind, I compiled the following list of Rich Rodriguez's wins at Michigan and the final season record of those teams we beat (or current record for this seasons' opponents):

2010 UConn: 5-4
2010 Illinois: 6-5
2010 UMass: 6-5
2008 Wisconsin: 7-6
2008 Minnesota: 7-6
2010 Notre Dame: 5-5
2009 Notre Dame: 6-6
2009 Western Michigan: 5-7
2009 Delaware State: 4-7
2010 Purdue: 4-7
2010 Indiana: 4-7
2009 Indiana: 4-8
2010 Bowling Green: 2-9
2008 Miami (OH): 2-10
2009 Eastern Michigan: 0-12

While this could be slightly modified after the end of the season, through 2.85 seasons at Michigan, Rich Rodriguez has not beaten a single team that's finished more than a game above .500.  I'm pretty sure this wouldn't have been acceptable to his fan base at West Virginia - it's closer to the historical standard at MSU than it is to anything, in my mind.  It's sure not Michigan football.  It's not the resume of a coach who is going to be great at Michigan.  None of these teams has, or will, finish the season ranked, or anywhere close to ranked.

Against the three ranked teams we've played this year, we have been down 31-10, 28-7 and 24-0, and have lost each by double-digits (although RichRod teams seem to excel at scoring just enough late in games to make it feel "interesting" while being out of reach).  For kickers, our fourth loss was by double-digits as well.  As a point of comparison, in our "year of infinite pain" in 2005, we lost by 7, 3, 3, 4 and 4 - 21 points COMBINED.

I think we need a change - the only signature wins RichRod has are against paper tigers, and that doesn't cut it at Michigan.  Unfortunately, you can probably say that RichRod's signature "win" was the 25-23 loss to eventual #2 Utah in his debut in 2008, much like Charlie Weis.  I have hung in there until today as my friends fell left and right, but today was it for me.

Sorry MGoBoard - may the negbanging begin, as it does any time one of us points out the drastic cliff we've fallen off and how far we truly are from re-climbing it.

Senior MGoStudents

Senior MGoStudents

Submitted by JimBobTressel-0 on November 20th, 2010 at 8:11 PM

Where y'all at?

I'm proud to say I stayed till the goddamn end.

As the clock ticked down to zero and fans headed in mass droves for the exits, not to return again till next year, I couldn't leave.

A friend and I took pictures till we were blue in the face. We went all the way down to the front row and took some more, chilling and mingling with the other seniors. Then went for a farewell lap around the Big house....

We also stayed and listened to the alma mater and watched the band seniors give a farewell performance of their own. By the time we left, the place was all but empty. A tear may have come to my eye...


I honestly don't know if and when I'll be able to return for a football game again (I'm applying like a fiend for jobs and it looks like I may get one that takes me overseas). Walking up the stairs to the exit, one final time, was emotionally crippling.


What about you guys? Did you tailgate extra hard? Make it to the game at all? Scream your lungs out? Cuss out Bret Bielma? Give Montee Ball the nickname "Sweaty"? I know I did all that.

Geaux Blue.