Bielema ordered chop block on Mike Martin

Bielema ordered chop block on Mike Martin

Submitted by InRodWeTrust333 on November 21st, 2010 at 4:57 PM


After the game Saturday, Bielema said his offensive line -- which grinds opposing defenses into dust by pulling its guards and ramming them into linebackers downfield -- was prevented from pulling by Michigan. He used the word "tactics," which is coaching code for "holding," to describe what Michigan's defensive line was doing. 
"But we rectified the situation," Bielema said. 
When asked how, Bielema recalled a chop-block penalty that went against his team -- and took a touchdown off the scoreboard -- in the second quarter. Wisconsin lost seven points but delivered a message.

So yeah, he's a good coach, and Wisconsin was clearly the better team on Saturday, but this is just wrong.

A glimpse ahead to 2011

A glimpse ahead to 2011

Submitted by rbgoblue on November 21st, 2010 at 4:45 PM
I know its a little premature, but lets look at the top 4 teams in the Big 10 and who we won't see around here any more.*
* I looked at current depth charts according to for consistency, and made note of current starters who are departing after this season
Ohio State
RB – Brandon Saine
WR – Taurian Washington
WR – Dane Sanzenbacher
G – Justin Boren
G – Bryant Browning
DE – Cameron Heyward
DT – Dexter Larimore
LB – Ross Homan
LB – Brian Rolle
CB – Chimdi Chekwa
CB – Devon Torrence
S – Jermale Hines
QB – Scott Tolzien
WR – Isaac Anderson
WR – David Gilreath
TE – Lance Kendricks
OT – Gabe Carimi
G – John Moffit
LB – Blake Sorensen
LB - Culmer St. Jean
CB – Niles Brinkley
CB – Marcus Cromartie
S – Jay Valai
Michigan State
WR – Mark Dell
TE – Charlie Gnatt
OT – DJ Young
OT – J'Michael Deane
C – John Stipek
DE – Colin Neely
LB – Eric Gordon
LB – Greg Jones
S – Marcus Hyde
QB – Ricky Stanzi
FB – Brett Morse
WR – Durell Johnson-Kilianos
TE – Allen Reisner
G – Julian Vandervelde
G – Josh Koeppel
DE – Christian Ballard
DE – Adrian Clayborn
DT – Karl Klug
LB – Troy Johnson
LB – Jeremia Hunter
S – Brett Greenwood
Its clear that some of our stiffest competition will be losing key contributors after this year.  Lets compare to the situation that Michigan.  I present the departing seniors from our current 2-deep:
G – Stephen Schilling
OT – Perry Dorrenstein
TE – Martell Webb
DE – Greg Banks
LB – Obi Ezeh
LB – Jonas Mouton
CB – James Rodgers
We may not have the roster to compete with the top teams in the B10 this season due to our roster, however looking at our losses compared to theirs, its a huge net-positive moving forward.  All 4 teams will lose key parts of their linebacking corps.  DE's Heyward and Coleman (not to mention Kerrigan - not listed) will go, and JJ Watt could enter the draft.  Senior QB's in Tolzein and Stanzi are graduating, and neither team has proven to have a competent backup this season.  OSU will always be tough.  MSU will still be decent on offense next year, but I think things look good for Michigan putting a roster on the field that can be expected to contend for a B10 championship.

Wisconsin is good. After this past weekend, they are still good.

Wisconsin is good. After this past weekend, they are still good.

Submitted by BigBlue02 on November 21st, 2010 at 4:20 PM

I just thought I would throw up Wisconsin's offensive numbers for the year to see if everyone actually realizes how good they are:

YPG - 440.3

Pass YPG - 207.6

Rush YPG - 239.9

PPG - 40.9

I get that our defense didn't play well against Wisonsin's offense this past weekend, but with 1 game left in the season, they have the 7th best scoring offense in the nation (which is better than our offense). It is almost like everyone disliking GERG and RichRod are acting surprised and shocked just so they can find something to bitch about with the team. Wait, it isn't almost like that, it is exactly like that. The Wisconsin offense is one of the best in the nation. They gained more rushing yards against us than they average and had one score more than they average. Did you really expect our horrid defense to hold them 10 or 15 points under their season average?

And before you bring out the Indiana debacle, even without that game, they are still averaging 37 points per game. That would put them at 14th in the nation right ahead of our offense.

TomVH: LB Ryan Petro Update

TomVH: LB Ryan Petro Update

Submitted by TomVH on November 21st, 2010 at 3:39 PM

I'll have the full conversation in tomorrow's Weekly Update, but Florida LB Ryan Petro (6'3", 205 lbs.) just left Michigan. He said, "The visit was amazing. If they were to offer I would probably commit." He'll back for an official most likely December 10th, but it's not set in stone yet. 

He has his own website with highlights and info here. The coaches told him he could potentially fill an outside linebacker/safety hybrid role because of his athleticism. 

We are 7-4, What were your expectations?

We are 7-4, What were your expectations?

Submitted by rbgoblue on November 21st, 2010 at 11:46 AM

Note: This isn't directed so much at the MGoBoard, as most of you are more rational than the subscribers to certain subscription sites.  Those boards have been a TWIS-worthy disgrace the last 24 hours.

Where were we in August, at the start of spring practices?  I felt that like most fans, I was thinking 7-5 was reasonable, and 8-4 if we stole a game or two.  Keep in mind, that was when we thought that the run defense was a strength of this team behind an all B10 caliber nose guard in Mike Martin, and while our secondary was a little thin, we had some experience in Woolfolk and Floyd at the corners and reportedly, a phenom in the making in Cam Gordon at deep safety.

Since then, our top 3 corners (Turner, Woolfolk, Floyd) have either left or had season ending injuries, our difference maker (Martin) has been ineffective playing with injuries to both ankles, our deep safety (Cam Gordon) has moved to the spur position, and we are left with a thin, beat up, MASH unit that cant get off the field.

So with one game left, where are we?  7-4 and barring a miraculous upset 7-5 heading to a bowl game.  Where did things go wrong?  Did we really expect to beat Wisconsin?  From what I've seen, the entitled Michigan fan screams, "I cant believe what RR has done to ruin my program!  We were always competitive with all the teams we played.  This is unacceptable!  RAWR"  Need we remember back to 2007, Lloyd's final season?  With a senior-laden team with at least a full year of experience at every position over this year's team, we got embarrassed in our own house by a D1AA team, dominated by Oregon, and couldn't move the ball 100 yds on senior day vs OSU.  The Michigan you knew and loved was a myth.  The 70s and 80s aren't coming back.  We are getting better and will be competitive next season, but never, regardless of who is coach, will we walk all over our entire schedule.  And so, regardless of who is coach, some will never be pleased.

Stay the course.  I trust our AD to make the right decision for the program.  We are young and getting better.  Lets let this play out and see how we fair with expectations in 2011, coming off an 8-5 season.  As always, Go Blue.

The Team during my lifetime 1966 to present.

The Team during my lifetime 1966 to present.

Submitted by BigWeb17 on November 21st, 2010 at 10:55 AM

I was having this conversation with the wife and her brother today.  It started with this question? When has Michigan been dominate during our lifetime? Never actually, sometimes great amd mostly consistant is what I remember.  My point is, why do we bash the current coaching staff when history says we haven't really done anything lately.  1 NC in my lifetime. I am not going to stop rooting or supporting the team ever.  I just sit here and read this blog and like the previous post....come back from the ledge and grip reality.  Have a great weekend and lets see what happens against the Buckeyes. 


before the spelling Nazi gets me...its consistent not consistant.

A Shameless Plug - My Pics from the Game

A Shameless Plug - My Pics from the Game

Submitted by mikoyan on November 21st, 2010 at 10:55 AM

In case anyone cares, here are my shots from the game (and other things) from yesterday.

The Pre-game shots, wandering around the stadium through the coin toss:

Shots of the game:

Shots after the game:

A panoramic shot of Michigan Stadium:

Messing around with photoshop to get an effect like they are those little electric football players:

And a shot of the F-15's that were flying around briefly before the game:



Submitted by SpreadGuru on November 21st, 2010 at 7:26 AM

I was not happy how yesterday played out.  I have been frustrated by the inefficient play that we have seen sometimes.

But we as a Michigan fan base, need to chill out.  'We'  act like a bunch of whiny little girls on the school playground.  And yesterday's halftime on the upper-concourse behind section five was the epitomy of why we come across as snobs and arrogant to other fan bases.

Has RR done everything perfectly?  No

Have 'we' agreed with every playcall or timeout management?  No

Are we sick of losing to the major players in the Big 10?  Yes

But here's the bottom line:  Rich Rodriguez is our coach.  And until the day that he's not, if you ALL IN, you support him and the program.  When some of our fans criticize/bitch/moan/complain and IT GOES ON AND ON AND ON, you are not making this situation any better.

David Brandon is the only person who will decide the future of the program so get deal with it.  I have a lot of confidence in him and I support fully Coach Rod.   Some of you will read this and say "WHY?"  Because he's our coach God Damn It.  And that's the only reason you'll ever need to know.

I don't know what the future holds but I know we will be in Columbus in six days.

Go Blue.

P.S.  I am not painting all UM fans this way because not all of us act like that.