DetNews Article on Dave Brandon

DetNews Article on Dave Brandon

Submitted by Tha Quiet Storm on November 23rd, 2010 at 11:09 AM

It's written by Lynn Henning so take it for what it's worth.

Relevant bits:

"The past two years have been difficult, and while this year is feeling easier, (football) is still not where it needs to be," Brandon said, sitting at a small conference table, bottled water in hand.
"We got spoiled for 40 years. And let me tell you, our fans aren't very good at handling losing. And heaven forbid that they do."
"I think what we learned is that there are two ways for a leadership transition to take place," Brandon said, speaking of Carr's retirement in 2007.  "One is to have an internal candidate, and another is to have an external candidate.  "If it's internal, it makes it easier to adjust to the future, and if it's external, it's something of a disadvantage.  "Bo and Gary Moeller (Moeller succeeded Schembechler following the 1989 season) made for an easy transition.  They knew each other and coached together.  It was the same when Lloyd took over (1995).  But what we found out when Lloyd decided to retire is that there was no logical successor.
"There was going to be a new staff, a new philosophy. It created a stir in the program."  Brandon added: "Everybody wants to believe there's no price to be paid (for change)."
"If you want to coach here, you've got to understand the expectations are very high," he said.  "There are not a whole lot of things our coaches long for here. You come here, and we give you a lot of tools.  "We expect to compete, and we want to have a program that regularly competes for championships.  "If there is progress, we continue to invest in the program. If you wake up and see that we're moving sideways, and you don't see a clear path to success, that's when you think about making changes."

Ugly Game of the Week - Week 13 Edition

Ugly Game of the Week - Week 13 Edition

Submitted by stubob on November 23rd, 2010 at 11:08 AM

It's the Turkey Day Special! One team gets a three-peat, one team goes for a win and has a chance!, and two teams are happy it's basketball season. Unfortunately, Florida managed to avoid HORROR, so therefore there is no God. I was right all along. Bonus game: the Lions play the Patriots for all to see on Thursday. I know very little about the NFL, but I know that 8-2 versus 2-8 equals bad. But first:

Last week

Rutgers took possession of the Big East basement in impressive fashion by getting smoked by Cincinnati 69-38. Rugters gave up 660 yards of total offense, and had -9 yards on 27 carries. That's not very good. In fact, that's outstandingly bad. If I had post-season awards, that would get one. In fact, I may create post-season awards just to be able to give one to them for that. I don't remember ever seeing a negative total yardage. I don't think I've done that in NCAA football. Tecmo Bowl, maybe.

Idaho took care of Utah State (motto: What do you mean Utes is already taken?) 28-6 in a punt-fest that saw Utah State's punter outgain the offense. Utah State left their QB in for the entire game, even though he was 14 for 35 for 103 yards and 2 INTs. C'mon, throw a halfback pass or something.

Last, Tennessee limped past Vanderbilt and can become bowl-eligible if they beat Kentucky this week. Both teams were offensively ineffective, but Vandy's 20 for 41 passing, for 222 yards gets the "Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing" award for the week.

This Week

The Alternative Thanksgiving Protein award this week goes to Akron versus Buffalo. Mmm, delicious Buffalo. Akron is the only team in D-I without a win, and Buffalo only has wins against Rhode Island and Bowling Green. Plus Buffalo is on the road. I didn't even realize that Buffalo's mascot is the Bulls, not the Buffalos. I mean, who else gets a chance to be the Buffalo Buffalo?

Hooray, it's basketball season in North Carolina, as Duke plays UNC in... football? Well, UNC's basketball team isn't doing much better. UNC has scraped out wins against the likes of William and Mary and Rutgers, but been competitive against FSU and Clemson. Duke, well, is Duke. They won shootouts with Virginia, Navy and Elon and that's it. Right, that takes care of that one.

Last, Vanderbilt gets an Award for Excellence in the Field of Outstanding Achievement for being mentioned three weeks in a row. This week they play Wake Forest who is holding down the ACC basement. Like the Big East, being at the bottom of the ACC is an accomplishment. Speaking of Duke, Wake Forest's last win came in week two against the Blue Devils, and has been off track since. Three points against NC State? Vandy has been equally bad, hosting a six-game losing streak of their own. I look forward to handing out my own Madden Golden Drumstick award to at least one of the punters in this game. Boom! Turducken-ed!

Mary Markley, get your act together and do THIS

Mary Markley, get your act together and do THIS

Submitted by M-Wolverine on November 23rd, 2010 at 10:27 AM

TennBlue posted this in another thread, and it really deserved more notice:

Mary Markley Dormitory

9:00 PM

November 17, 1977


TennBlue, post here, so everyone can upvote you again.  This awesomeness deserves it, and it deserves to be seen by more people. Front Page this!

Tuesday Stupid Stuff Open Thread

Tuesday Stupid Stuff Open Thread

Submitted by MGoTarHeel on November 23rd, 2010 at 10:01 AM

Have an opinion on UM football that has been covered hundreds of times here, but you just aren't ready to let go?

What do you really think about sending MSU to the Rose Bowl?

Have a link about Brad Childress?

Have tickets to last week's Wisconsin game that just won't sell?

Or do you just want to say something but are unsure whether it is deserving of its own thread?

Here is your official thread for all the dead-horse opinions, topics, jokes, links, "SIAP", and general crap that should not clutter up the board. Now you are utterly without excuses for making pointless threads.

Jake Duzey

Jake Duzey

Submitted by The Impaler on November 23rd, 2010 at 3:08 AM


How do we let this guy get out of our back yard?  We seem desperate for an athletic tight end.  This guy is it.  He is ranked #24 in the state by rivals.  He has offers from Iowa, Oregon, and Michigan State.  He verbally offered to Iowa.  He seems really fast for a tight end (played wide out in high school).

Another Basement Blog by Rittenberg: B10 Power Rankings

Another Basement Blog by Rittenberg: B10 Power Rankings

Submitted by jhackney on November 23rd, 2010 at 1:00 AM…

Rittenberg came out with his B10 rankings earlier tonight. Either he scored some extra cat nip tonight or rushed this because his Ma was calling him to come out of the basement for a late dinner.

Northwestern & Illinois above Michigan?!

Illinois can only play on half a field and Northwestern was stricken by the Angry QB Hating God. How are they in this position?

PSU above Iowa and Illinois?!

Both these teams crushed PSU. I know they didn't have McGloin, but I doubt the outcome would change with him in.

LOLophers above Indiana?

Granted Indiana has not won a conference game, but I feel that they would if they played the LOLophers.

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts?


osu sucks.

Michigan Monday Post from Behind Enemy Lines

Michigan Monday Post from Behind Enemy Lines

Submitted by True Blue in CO on November 22nd, 2010 at 11:23 PM A weak effort this week from the enemy with references to the paper we all hate, laughing at our defense and the bragging about their record against us with SweaterVest at the helm. However there is a certain element of caution as they understand the potential of our offense and our continued improvement. With the Justice being served on the recruiting front tonight, we also need to keep our eyes on the enemy this week and our chances for a big surprise.

Who's having an OSU game party?

Who's having an OSU game party?

Submitted by Blazefire on November 22nd, 2010 at 10:16 PM

So who's hosting a party for the OSU game? I've invited a bunch of family and friends for the game, but a lot of my family and friends are kinda ninnies, and won't show. As such, I will likely have quite a few sections of sub sandwich and at least a few cups from the pony kegs to go around. I'm making my party a bit of an open house.

If anyone lives in the Temperance, MI area, and would like to show up and have a section of sandwich and a beer and watch the game on my slightly bigger than normal but not huge TV, hit me up with an email at eric_fischer at mail dot com. I'll help you find my joint.

On the day of the game, any Michigan fan is a true friend.

Also, for the record, I guess Michigan fans truly are the wine and cheese crowd. I don't know how it happend, but among the supplies and snacks I've picked up for the game? Brie en Croute.