The Curious Case of Isaiah Bell

The Curious Case of Isaiah Bell

Submitted by blueloosh on February 15th, 2011 at 10:56 AM

Isaiah Bell was regarded as an average safety by Scout and Rivals, but ESPN* had him as a top 100 overall player, invited him to their all-star game, and wrote an over-the-top positive appraisal of his playmaking skills in the secondary.  A sample:

...shows outstanding ball skills...rules the secondary as a free safety. Has great instincts and plays outstanding zone coverage especially in the three deep. Should be a solid halves player also in two deep zone...Breaks quickly on the pass with a burst to the football. High points the football and has great timing on the interception...magnificent kickoff return specialist; has good speed and can read his blocks. Has a second gear and can kick it in to blow by would-be tacklers....A good openfield tackler...has good foot agility and shows flexibility in the hips. Can change direction without loss of speed or balance...

Note the many comments about speed/agility. 

Amidst other threads I often bring up Bell to a resounding chorus of confused shrugs.  No one seems to know much except that he was converted to LB, and got a lot bigger.  That move always seemed odd to me since we are so weak/thin at safety.  (I do not mean weak/thin literally, as a shot at Vinopal--you know what I mean.)

So...commenters at Scout are now suggesting Bell is moving to DE. (!?)

The kid who was a "magnificent kickoff return specialist" is being pushed up to the line?  Does that seem odd, especially with the new staff's presumed emphasis on defensive bone density?

This is a pretty bizarre positional evolution for this kid, no?  Free safety / kick returner to DL?  Can you really eat and lift your way across the positional ocean like that?

Please help me understand, so I can stop typing sentences with question marks.

*I know a lot of people think ESPN's rankings are generally sub-par or impacted by a conflict of interest since they also host one of the two all-star games.  The first point is simply wrong (some discussion here).  But there may be some merit to the second argument, and since Bell was an UA invitee, I am willing to give the rating an asterisk.

Semi-OT: Per Doc Saturday - Jadeveon Clowney's Take on Saban....

Semi-OT: Per Doc Saturday - Jadeveon Clowney's Take on Saban....

Submitted by DamnYankee on February 15th, 2011 at 10:54 AM

All hail Coach Napoleon. Mega recruit Jadeveon Clowney, now officially a Gamecock after signing withSouth Carolina on Monday, opened up to Fox Sports' Thayer Evans on the spectacle of his recruitment – in particular, the day Rock Hill, SC, flipped its wig for Alabama coach Nick Saban's visit to recruit Clowney last December. Jadeveon was less impressed: “I don’t see no big deal like everybody else,” he said. "They'd say, 'He's the king of all of football.' The guy ain't nothing but 5-5. He's a short guy. Everybody’s going crazy on Nick Saban." And after the King of All Football arrived at the Clowney home? "Nick Saban's going to take over and talk," Clowney said. "He talked the whole time he was there. I was dozing off. He can talk. A lot. He talked for a whole straight hour." But at the end of the day, Mama Clowney still had toveto Alabama herself because of the distance from home. [FoxSports] 

Deinhart's Prediction for Michigan Football 2011

Deinhart's Prediction for Michigan Football 2011

Submitted by burtcomma on February 15th, 2011 at 9:59 AM
OK, here is Tom Dienhart's prediction for Michigan for 2011: 

Western Mich W
Eastern Mich W
Minnesota W
at NU W
at Mich State L
Purdue W
at Iowa L
at Illinois L
Nebraska L
Ohio State L

6-6 with a minor bowl for Michigan in Hoke's debut.  


What say ye, oh brilliant MGOBLOG guys?????

***Updated*** Michigan 2012 Recruiting Map

***Updated*** Michigan 2012 Recruiting Map

Submitted by Rescue_Dawn on February 15th, 2011 at 1:58 AM

This is going to be a test run......but I am a recently laid-off geospatial analyst, and when I saw that Nebraska map posted earlier today I got the itch to make one myself.  So this map is pretty rough.....I am going to grab my xternal HD tomorrow, and I have a lot more data to make it more aesthetically pleasing as this evolves.  Just want to see how all the fonts read (ie to big/to small) and how the composition looks when its posted on the web. 

Anyways, all the data you see posted I pulled from “Touch the Banner”

***edit: I can't embed the map w/o it being ridiculous in size.....however...


***edit2:  Thanks for the feedback...I incorporated some of the suggestions I recieved.  The next map will come out when there are some new recruits to add....thanks for the responses.

Revision....Michigan Recruiting Map 2.0


OT: ncaa 2011 defensive help

OT: ncaa 2011 defensive help

Submitted by JimBobTressel on February 15th, 2011 at 12:30 AM

I was going up against a random guy today online in NCAA 2011. He was Texas, I picked Oklahoma State.

He subbed in the backup QB (dual threat) over the Longhorn's current pocket passing QB for the entire game. He'd take the shotgun snap, drop back (way back) where my DE's would take extra precious seconds to get to him before hitting the RB in the flat to bounce it outside for 7-8 yards....EVERY TIME. I would luck into stopping it sometimes, but that was essentially his whole damn offense.

Incredibly annoying. The drives I would mount would stall in the redzone and I had to settle for FGs, but but his strategy got him touchdowns.....I couldn't find the proper defense to call against it. He'd do it w/ 4 WRs most of the time, and on the occasion I covered the RB... he'd run, then wait wait back there before nailing a crossing WR

anyone come across this shit?


We have three 2012 Commits?

We have three 2012 Commits?

Submitted by VamosAzul on February 15th, 2011 at 12:03 AM

According to Rivals, our 2012 class already has 3 commitments from 3* DT Neli A'asa, 3* DT Rickey Abren and 4* LB Manny Abreu. I am a pretty regular follower on the board and I never saw anything to this regard or any Hello: posts for these guys. 

Can someone clarify?…

OT: Urban Meyer calls out

OT: Urban Meyer calls out

Submitted by bluesouth on February 14th, 2011 at 10:11 PM

the NCAA and other coaches.  Two articles.  He basically speaks on why he quit, the pressure to compete and other coaches that want to do whats right but cannot because of the competative disadvantages of doing it the right way.

TomVH: A Few Quick Recruiting Updates

TomVH: A Few Quick Recruiting Updates

Submitted by TomVH on February 14th, 2011 at 8:58 PM

The Michigan coaches are back to work, and they're moving pretty fast. Here's a few new updates from tonight:

QB Cyler Miles (6'4", 215 lbs) Denver, Colorado: Miles is from the same high school as 2011 LB Leilon Willingham, and has been in contact with the Michigan coaches recently.  

Coach Funk talked to me about the facilities and their interest in me. They haven't offered yet, but they said they want me to be their number one quarterback for this class. I might try to make it up there this summer, I'll have to talk to my parents about it, though. Leilon told me how great the facilities were when he went there, and how they were talking about me.

Miles has offers from ASU, Colorado, Notre Dame, and Vanderbilt. He's also hearing from LSU, Washington, Arizona, and FSU. Miles said academics, football tradition, good coaching, and the offense will factor into his decision. Here's an interview he did this past year.

OL Andrus Peat (6'6", 270 lbs) Tempe, Arizona: Peat was offered by Michigan tonight, and told me he is interested in hearing more from the coaching staff. His brother, Todd, just signed with Nebraska this past year, and will be pretty difficult to get. Andrus has offers from almost everywhere already, and says he has no leaders. Michigan would have to do quite a bit to land him at this point, I'll have more from him later.

OL Seaver Myers (6'6", 290 lbs) Friendswood, Texas: Seaver is a big offensive lineman that has also been in contact with the Michigan coaches, but no offer yet. He told me that he's very interested in Michigan, and wants to hear and see more from them.

I've been building the relationship with Coach Funk, and we've been getting to know each other lately. I sent him my highlight tape so we'll see. The tradition at Michigan is unbelievable and the program is legendary. Michigan was always my second favorite team behind Texas growing up, I couldn't tell you why though.

Distance might play into things for Myers, and was open about that. He did say that if the Michigan campus blows him away and he feels comfortable then he would probably be ok with it. If Texas offers they will be the team to beat, he is also very interested in TCU, and Texas A&M outside of Texas and Michigan. You can watch his highlight video here.

WR Bryce Treggs (5'10", 157 lbs) Bellflower, California: Keep an eye on Treggs, he told me he has been in contact with the Michigan coaches. He likes the spread offense, and has been hoping to hear from Michigan.