SEC has it right

SEC has it right

Submitted by MaizeyBlue on November 26th, 2010 at 3:00 PM

As we sit ready to watch the Iron Bowl its just making think that Big Ten has hurt our rivalry with ohio state.  I know that in today's game Auburn already has the SEC championship game locked up, but it just seems like we should be playing ohio state to see who will go to the Big Ten championship.

I know it would be amazing, but say we have a season like 2006 and both teams are 11-0 (7-0) and we lose to ohio state, then the very next week we beat them on a neutral field.  Now both teams are basically out of a national championship with losses that late in the season.

It also puts both teams at a tremendous disadvantage having to play the top team in the cross division rival.

Its Michigan and Ohio State.  It should be once a year.  Including this season I believe that 35 of the past 42 seasons has had the Big Ten championship decided by this game.  In a 6 team division including both Michigan and Ohio state and playing the last game of the season would be incredible.  Just like Alabama v. Auburn.  Only one team makes SEC championship game.  If it was between UofM and osu no other teams would even get to play!

I know that it would be amazing to beat them twice in the same season, but more than likely if that possiblity occurs the teams would be pretty evenly matched and a split would occur.  Or could you imagine both teams already have their divisions clinched and the national championship was out of the picture?  "The Game" would turn into a practice for the following week to determine who played in the Rose Bowl.  Just that thought that playing a game against ohio state could mean nothing worries me greatly!

I don't like moving the date of the game, but I think that if both teams remain in opposite divisions, I think they might have to, just to make sure the game continues to have meaning.  It hasn't worked with Miami and Florida State.  I guess only time will tell, but I think if we were to follow anyones lead it should be Auburn/Alabama (IMO the next best thing to Michigan and Ohio state) This is what its all about!

OT: Hate to Disappoint You R. English Fans

OT: Hate to Disappoint You R. English Fans

Submitted by Mr. McBlue and… on November 26th, 2010 at 1:46 PM

I hate to dissapoint all of you Ron English Fans, HOWEVA, Mr. English will be returning to coach the EMich Hurons, doh, Eagles next fall:


"Absolutely, he'll be back," Gragg said. "I like the direction the program is going. Ron is one of the most resilient people I know."



High School Football State Championship games today/ Open Thread

High School Football State Championship games today/ Open Thread

Submitted by Young Pretty a… on November 26th, 2010 at 12:41 PM

Mt Pleasant Sacred Heart wins versus Saugatuck 42-21.

Friday game schedule

1pm Lowell vs Farmington Hills Harrison (Game of the day)

4:30 Ithaca vs Monroe St Mary Catholic Central

7:30 Grand Rapids Catholic Central vs Williamston

Good luck and remember

Good Sports Are Winners!



Friday NCAAFB Afternoon Games Open Thread

Friday NCAAFB Afternoon Games Open Thread

Submitted by Rx on November 26th, 2010 at 12:25 PM

The 103rd backyard brawl is happening now on ABC. If your like me and have nothing to do today it could be interesting to check out our possible future DC.

Currently WVU is up 7-0

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Injury Reports - Why are they done and what do they mean?

Injury Reports - Why are they done and what do they mean?

Submitted by mGrowOld on November 26th, 2010 at 9:14 AM

I have a question and I'm hoping the board can help me out.  I went back and looked at Michigan's injury reports for the year and noticed that while there didn't seem to be a direct correlation between the percentage indicating the probability they would play and what actually happened.  I then went to the official NCAA website and looked for the rule mandating any sort of injury reporting or what guidelines the coaches should follow and found none (doesn't mean they're not there - I just couldn't find them).  So I started asking myself why in the hell do we publish one at all?

The NFL, because of betting mostly, requires teams to publish injury reports weekly.   Some coaches uses it to mislead other teams into thinking certain players won't play. We all remember Tom Brady famously showing up on the New England injury report for years and never missing a game.  And some coaches leave players off the list or downplay the severity in an effort to get other teams to game plan for players most likely not going to play but either way it's a game.  But its a league-mandated game.

But is this reporting required in college?  And if not, what possible gain does any team have by telling their opposition who is likely to go and who is not?   And if injury reports are required but there are no rules governing the accuracy of the reports should we even pay any attention at all to who's on it and who is not?  It would seem to me that a smart coach (and I think RR is a very smart coach) would fill the report with misinformation to try and gain any edge he can on Saturday.

Can anyone shed some light on this one for me?

Mike Hart a future Michigan Head Coach???

Mike Hart a future Michigan Head Coach???

Submitted by TNWolverine on November 26th, 2010 at 6:47 AM

I found this article while I was at work and thought it was pretty cool.  The article basically quotes Hart saying that his dream job is to coach at Michigan one day. Here is the link: Enjoy

TAMU's Turnaround Could Give Hope to Michigan

TAMU's Turnaround Could Give Hope to Michigan

Submitted by MichiganAggie on November 26th, 2010 at 12:27 AM

As a rabid Michigan and Texas A&M fan,  it seems to me that these two programs are on a similar path.  However, the comparison I want to make is 2009 TAMU and 2010 Michigan.

Both have proven coaches (Rich Rod, Mike Sherman).  Both have very talented offenses.  Both have young players on defenses.  Both have terrible defenses.


  2009 Rank 2010 Rank
Rushing 90 15
Pass Eff. 81 27
Total 105 51
Scoring 105 31

2009-10 A&M finished 6-7.

2010-11 A&M is currently 9-3.

What happened?  A&M got a new defensive coordinator (Tim DeRuyter).  Despite installing a new formation (3-4), there was a dramatic turnaround.  By retaining his offense, and getting a new defensive coordinator, Sherman kept his job.

So, what does this mean for UM?  Well, if Rich Rod can bring in a proven defensive coordinator (like DeRuyter) who runs a scheme suited to our strengths, we might see a similar turnaround.  A conservative outlook might show a top-30 scoring defense to pair with a top-15 scoring offense.  Given that 2010 Michigan has been handicapped with even more youth in the secondary than 2009 A&M, Michigan should show a larger benefit of an extra year of experience.  (Additionally, Michigan's 2011 scoring offense should crack the top-10 as a result of the larger number of returners and a better defense).

Really, the turnaround hinges on who RR brings in to run the defense.  Hopefully Brandon realizes that it would be premature to pull the plug on RR and uses all available resources to bring in an accomplished defensive coordinator.


[Background Info]

2010 Texas A&M returned 9 starters on defense.

2011 Michigan returns 9 starters on defense.

2009 Texas A&M had 3 sophomores and 1 seniors starting in the secondary.

2010 Michigan has 3 freshmen and 1 senior starting in the secondary.

If you were HC, what would your game plan involve?

If you were HC, what would your game plan involve?

Submitted by steve sharik on November 26th, 2010 at 12:08 AM


  • Despite how we usually like to play quickly, I would slow the pace way down.  I would take the play clock down to 5 seconds or less remaining.  Defense is bad?  Keep them on the sideline as much as possible.
  • Throw the ball downfield early, esp. w/PAP off QB runs w/lead blocker(s).
  • If we have a lead, run the ball a lot.


  • Outnumber the offense in the run game; dare them to throw it.
  • Against the pass, take away the quick throws and the deep ball.  Make Pryor make intermediate throws like deep outs, comebacks, etc.
  • Play a 4-man line.  Let's let our DL take on as few doubles as possible.
  • Pressure. Pressure. Pressure.  Bring the heat as much as necessary.  If it's 90% of the snaps, so be it.  Secondary is vulnerable, so help them out by getting pressure any way you can.  I prefer guys getting beat 1-on-1 for big plays as opposed to receivers running around in our "zone" with no defenders within 5 yards and getting at least 7 yards after catch.  (Would love to see YAC stats from the Wisconsin game.)

OT: Texas Not Bowl Eligible

OT: Texas Not Bowl Eligible

Submitted by MightAndMainWeCheer on November 25th, 2010 at 11:53 PM

With UT's loss to Texas A&M, they are not bowl eligible.  Unless not enough teams become bowl eligible, allowing a bowl to pick a 5-7 Texas team for their bowl, we will not see UT in a bowl for the first time in a long time.

This is the same Texas program that hasn't won less than 9 games for each of the 12 years under Mack Brown.  They have not won less than 10 games for the last 9 years.  Their recent history has been so consisently great that we have had legitimate concerns about holding on to our winningest program claim.

EDIT:  I saw I just got beaten to this.  How do I delete?

OT: Wacky Wackiness in College Football, Exhibit A: Texas

OT: Wacky Wackiness in College Football, Exhibit A: Texas

Submitted by JamesBondHerpesMeds on November 25th, 2010 at 11:52 PM
Oof. 15 returning starters on a near-national championship team, including nearly their entire defense, and all Mack Brown can muster is a 5-7 record? Anyone privy to keeping an eye on Big 12 football care to offer up an explanation on this can o' pork-n-beans of a season for those folks?