Dennis Franklin Feature:Scheduled this Saturday on the Big Ten Network

Dennis Franklin Feature:Scheduled this Saturday on the Big Ten Network

Submitted by swamyblue on November 25th, 2010 at 3:09 PM

My brother shot a round with Dennis this morning.  Dennis mentioned that this Saturday during the Pre-Game Show for the Big Ten Network a feature will  air on both he and Cornelius Green.

He's excited about The Game this weekend.

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Defensive Coordinators

Defensive Coordinators

Submitted by Blue in Yarmouth on November 25th, 2010 at 1:14 PM

First off, I know we haven't fired anyone yet and personally, I can envision a scenario where Gerg stays on next year, but none of that is the point of this post.

I have a three part question for the board (it is a slow day so I figure it is a good time):

1) Who are the best DC's out there in the college football world (or perhaps even assistants that are in line for a promotion)?

2) Which of the best DC's do you think would be available (or I guess "take" would be the word I am after) the job at UM if offerred?

3) Who would want to see as our next DC?

To finish, please lets just keep this at hypothetical and not get into the "we need a new DC" or RR has to go....I would just like to know the opinions of my fellow UM fans as to who the best DC's are and whether they would want to jump on board.

It thanksgiving (at least for most of you on here) so lets just have a good natured discussion.

GO BLUE! Pound the bucks!

MGoBlog is a Respected Source!

MGoBlog is a Respected Source!

Submitted by Tauro on November 25th, 2010 at 11:37 AM

Not wanting to say anything about the topic of this article, but one line in particular NEEDS to be shown:

If RichRod's job is in trouble, we're not going to hear about it from random chatter; it'll be from one of about four or five respected sources (including but not limited to CBS, ESPN, the AP, and mgoblog), because those are the people who are going to have access to the highers-up that make that call.

Way to go Brian and all the other contributors!  Good to see the blog getting the respect it deserves!

Deerfield Beach & DRob: The Backstory

Deerfield Beach & DRob: The Backstory

Submitted by MGoShoe on November 25th, 2010 at 9:20 AM

Pete Bigelow's latest offering at is a backstory on Denard Robinson and his hometown of Deerfield Beach, Florida.   

From family members and long-time coaches to people who have only known him a short time, [Denard] Robinson evokes feelings that run deeper than whatever promise he holds on a football field. If there’s someone who personifies what Deerfield Beach hopes for its community, it’s Robinson.

Like Deerfied Beach, on this Thanksgiving Day, I give thanks that Denard has found a second home in Ann Arbor allowing his gifts to be developed and put to best use. It didn't have to turn out this way, but it has. And that's because a a strong family, supported by dedicated educators and youth and school coaches helped to produce a high character, humble, and physically gifted student-athlete.

Tweet volley on RichRod's status

Tweet volley on RichRod's status

Submitted by blueheron on November 25th, 2010 at 8:28 AM

EDIT: If you're tired of comments on the MSM, you might want to avoid this.  Based on prior similar posts (and the number of responses to those posts) I judged that it may be of interest to a subset of the readership.


Most avid MGoBlog readers have seen this post:

Here are some additional details:

* Tom Dienhart, who is one of my favorite members of the lamestream media (LSM), posted this early yesterday:

* To a guy from CBS, Brandon's tweet was interpreted as a response:…  NB: MGoBlog is listed among the "respected sources," unlike Dienhart.

* This morning, Tommy is still on the case with this jewel:  Among the choice tidbits in that column are "From the get-go, Rodriguez has seemed like a bad fit for Michigan," "But some [ED: Like Tom!] feel that may not be enough for him to keep his job,"and "RichRod's biggest sin may not be his inability to develop a defense. It may be that under his watch, Michigan's football program is on probation for the first time."  Cue the Sparty voice: "MAJOR violations ... huh, huh!"

- - -


* Is Dienhart to Purdue as The Freep (which, btw, classifies Tom as an "expert" ... is to Michigan State?

* Does any "national columnist" add less value to the college football discussion than Tom?  Bleacher Report people don't count.

Dr.Phillips WR Chris Gallon Could Be Ruled Ineligible, On Top of Court Case.

Dr.Phillips WR Chris Gallon Could Be Ruled Ineligible, On Top of Court Case.

Submitted by CaliWolverine78 on November 25th, 2010 at 3:55 AM

In an already bad week for Chris Gallon per Tim:

I'd hesitated to mention a hazing incident at Dr. Phillips High school earlier this year, since there were no mentions of Michigan targets, but unfortunately, that is no longer the case. FL WR Chris Gallon is among the accused, and criminal charges may be on the way.


Then this was published in the Orlando Sentinel:

Dr. Phillips and Orange County Public Schools again are checking the athletic eligibility of standout wide receiver Chris Gallon due to reports that court documents show his home address is in Seminole County.

Gallon transferred as a senior from Oviedo to Dr. Phillips in a move that was red-flagged immediately and investigated by school officials.

"Orange County Public Schools did a complete and thorough residency check, including a home visit, earlier this season and concluded the residency [in Orange County] was completely legitimate," Dr. Phillips athletic director John Magrino said Wednesday morning. "As per FHSAA policy, we will do a follow-up investigation in light of his recent allegation and report our findings to the state as required."

The Florida High School Athletic Association governs high school competition for member schools. Per its policy, if an athlete is ruled ineligible, a team typically would forfeit all games in which he participated.,0,6348637.story


Chris can't seem to catch a break. I will hope the the hazing allegations aren't true. Then that the eligibility is cleared up.

Thankful for . . . Vincent Smith

Thankful for . . . Vincent Smith

Submitted by jmblue on November 25th, 2010 at 12:51 AM

The Pahokee jitterbug has never gotten too much love, but he's been an integral cog in the offensive machine the past two years.  A year ago, he distinguished himself so much in pass protection that he became our regular 3rd-down back by season's end, even on those rare occasions when Minor and Brown were available.  He scored our lone TD in the OSU game (making him the only player on the current roster to have scored against the Bucks), only to tear his ACL a handful of plays later.

A year later, guess who's the only back on the team to have played in all 11 games?  Yep, it's the guy coming off knee surgery.  They make 'em tough in Pahokee.  Even after that nasty blow to the head he took against UW, he passed his concussion test this week.  It's a good thing, because he's quietly coming into his own as a runner.  The past three games, he's rushed 42 times for 222 yards (5.3 avg) and a TD, and - believe it or not - is a perfect 5 for 5 on third-down conversions.  (Notice how there suddenly haven't been any "Why is Smith carrying the ball on 3rd down" complaints lately?)  For the second year in a row, he's our leading receiver among tailbacks.   And on many an occasion, a long Denard run has been preceded by #2 clearing the way upfront. 

We've got a nice pair of RB commitments, and it's exciting to think about what they might do, but don't count out the little guy in the Woodson jersey just yet.  He's a gamer.