Michigan's "High-Powered" Offense

Michigan's "High-Powered" Offense

Submitted by Brady2Terrell on November 30th, 2010 at 12:53 PM


Apparently the Big Ten coaches and media do not agree that Michigan's offensive weapons are significant - count of players on the media and/or coaches two-deep on offense per team:

10 - Ohio State
10 - Wisconsin
6 - Iowa
5 - Michigan State
4 - Illinois
4 - Michigan
3 - Penn State
3 - Northwestern
2 - Indiana
0 - Minnesota
0 - Purdue

Solidly in the middle, tied with Illinois.  When you expand the count to defense and the honorable mentions, this gets much, much worse (obviously):

34 - Wisconsin
31 - Michigan State
30 - Iowa
28 - Ohio State
20 - Illinois
17 - Penn State
12 - Northwestern
12 - Purdue
11 - Michigan
10 - Indiana
4 - Minnesota

While many on this board may still have faith that we have the talent on this team to compete for a BIg Ten Title next year, the Big Ten coaches and media appear to strongly disagree.

Steve and Nick for the win

Steve and Nick for the win

Submitted by iawolve on November 30th, 2010 at 12:45 PM

I guy on rivals put this up yesterday and I assumed it could be correct. Borton has referenced it in one of his front page stories so maybe it is.

I am not making any point with this post besides the fact that I would have bet large sums of money that the hypothesis regarding scoring was false, as in no f*cking way this would be true. Maybe my memory is failing me. However, you can slice data any number of ways and I have to give the two guys credit for what they did with an offensive line held together with baling wire and band-aids. Tip of the hat guys.

The flip side of this is that this means the 2010 defense is for the loss by a huge margin, thanks for keeping it close. Anyhow, here is the fancy chart I created with data from "the ner"


Comparison of B10 First Half Game Statistics



Points Scored


Points Allowed













Ranking the Big Ten: OSU-MSU-Wis '10 Comparison *Chart?* Chart.

Ranking the Big Ten: OSU-MSU-Wis '10 Comparison *Chart?* Chart.

Submitted by Seth on November 30th, 2010 at 11:50 AM

Though we're not one of them, being one of the few teams that had to play all three Big Ten 2010 Champions, and since we generally hate all three, I figured Michigan bloggers might be in a good position to adjudicate the mess atop our conference this year.

Base comparisons are as follows. I would appreciate any comments, and would like to change it up based on your opinions.

  Michigan State
Ohio State
Loss  6-37 @ Iowa (-2) 18-31 @ Wis. 24-34 @ MSU
Ohio State's loss to Wisconsin was by more, but Wisconsin won the turnover battle by 3 and still lost to Michigan State by 10. They're pretty much even. Michigan State got beat much worse (-1) by a worse team (-1)
BCS OOC 34-31 ND  36-24 Miami (+1) 20-19 ASU (-1)
Notre Dame and Miami are both erratic, 7-5 teams against tough schedules but Ohio State didn't make it close, while MSU needed a fake punt conversion (that was covered!) to beat ND. I count both of those as better than ASU, who will finish 5-7 most likely a tough (-1) to Wisconsin, though they get the benefit of the doubt next close one.
Big Ten 1 34-24 Wis (+1) 20-17 @ Iowa (-1) 31-18 OSU (+1)
The Iowa game is Ohio State's biggest win, and it wasn't that great of a win -- as close as the 3-point spread looks (-1). MSU/Wis and OSU/Wis were dominating wins over Top 10 teams. (+1)
MICHIGAN 34-17 @ Mich  37-7 Mich 48-28 @ Mich (+1)
Easiest comparison to make. Ohio State and Michigan State both dominated thanks to Michigan mistakes, while Wisconsin made its trip to Ann Arbor a bloody affair (+1) from kickoff.
Purdue 35-31 Purdue (-1) 49-0 Purdue (+1) 34-13 @ Purdue
Ohio State murdered (+1), Wisconsin held serve, Michigan State (-1) needed a 4th quarter comeback to beat a worse Purdue team than either other one played
PSU/Iowa 28-22 @ Penn St 38-14 Penn St 31-30 @ Iowa
Iowa's a better 7-5 team than Penn State, but the close road win didn't tell us much. Ohio State got the Lions at home when they were worse, but they did better. 0s all around.
Minn 31-8 Minn  52-10 @ Minn (+1) 41-23 Minn
Pasting, bigger pasting on the road (+1), pasting.
Illini/NW 26-6 Illini 24-13 @ Illini  70-23 NW (+1)
Illinois is better than Northwestern. MSU came on late but came on. Ohio State made it a lot closer. But Wisconsin's 70-point finale against a worse Northwestern team (+1) is more impressive.
Ind/NW 35-27 @ NW (+1) 38-10 Ind.  83-20 Ind. (+1)
MSU looked to lose to Northwestern right up until the end, but they're a much better team than Indiana so (+1). Ohio State did what it was supposed to, but Wisconsin put up 83 (+1)
OOC 38-14 WMU  45-7 Marshall  41-21 @ UNLV
Pasting, pasting, slightly worse pasting but on the road.
OOC 30-17 Fl.Atl (-1) 43-7 Ohio  27-14 SJSt. (-1)
FL-Int. kind of made it close (-1) and so did SJ State (-1) while OSU rolled over Ohio
TomatoCan 45-7 N.Colo  73-20 EMU  70-3 Austin Peay
Doesn't count -- any FBS team but EMU might give Ohio State a
TOTAL -2 +2 +2

It's not a perfect line-up, but it gets the job done, giving us some close and semi-close apples and oranges to compare.  The +'s and -'s are simply numeric comparisons for how the teams did against each other on that line, i.e. they say how much each team disguished itself from its two conference competitors in that comparable.

You can argue a lot of my conclusions.

So Michigan State's resume, lined up as best as I can, is substantially behind that of Ohio State and Wisconsin. I wouldn't feel bad about ranking them several slots behind the other two if there are some other 1-loss teams. Remember above where I said Wisconsin gets the benefit of the doubt? There you are. I'd put them slightly over Ohio State, whom they defeated. The late-season murderous rampage worked.

Okay, bloggers. Fisk away.

TVH Weekly: Wayne Lyons & Lamar Dawson Visits, Kellen Jones

TVH Weekly: Wayne Lyons & Lamar Dawson Visits, Kellen Jones

Submitted by TomVH on November 30th, 2010 at 11:44 AM

These next few weeks will be crucial for the finish of Michigan's recruiting class. This weekend and next weekend will see Michigan hosting lots of talent. Here's a few updates on some of those recruits, a new visitor scheduled, and a current commitment.

Wayne LyonsWayne Lyons

6'0", 190 lbs.


Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Michigan was outside of Wayne's top list for a while, and they weren't sure if they would get an official visit from him. He decided that the Wolverines would be included in his top five, which will result in the official. He'll be in Ann Arbor this weekend with his mother to take in the campus.

I'm really just looking for comfort, and I want the coaches to make it clear to me how I'm going to fit into the system. I'm hoping to see a good environment and campus, and how the coaching staff works. I'll also be looking at depth charts, and I know Michigan needs defensive backs.

An important factor in this process will be Wayne's mother, who will be accompanying him on this visit.

My mom is really looking for a lot of the same things that I am. She wants to feel comfortable with the school, and feel comfortable enough to let me go there.

His mother has been on all his trips with him so far and will also be at his final visit to Nebraska. Lyons will be making his announcement at the Army All American game, and Michigan has been making some strides with him. Also visiting this weekend are four star Maryland DB Blake Countess, who Michigan is in good shape for, and current commit DB Delonte Hollowell. I'll update as I hear any more recruits that will be in town.

Lamar Dawson

6'2", 230 lbs.


Danville, Kentucky

Dawson had told me a few weeks back that he wasn't as interested in Michigan as some of the other schools in his top seven. He has always maintained that Michigan is in that top seven, but they needed some work to do. They will now get a chance to do that work, as he's decided to schedule a visit to Ann Arbor.

I'm coming up there on January 22nd. Michigan's in my top seven, and I didn't get to go there for a game so I thought I'd come and take a look. I don't really have any leaders right now, but I'm looking for a place that I feel comfortable. I haven't really seen as much of Michigan, so they're still a little behind some others.

As he noted Michigan is behind, but like Lyons a visit is a step in the right direction. Dawson won't be making his decision until signing day, so there's plenty of time to think about it, plenty of time for Michigan to let him know how much they want him. The other schools he lists in his top seven are Tennessee, USC, Florida, Louisville, Kentucky, and Oregon.

Kellen JonesKellen Jones

6'1", 210 lbs.


Houston, Texas

Kellen's family is as excited as anyone for him to join the Michigan family. His father is an MGoBlog reader, and wanted me to share a few things with his fellow fans. The pictures below are of Kellen with former Michigan linebacker Jarrett Irons at a family get together, and the second with Coach Rodriguez and former Michigan great Desmond Howard. Below that is a highlight tape from one of Kellen's games a few weeks ago against St. Thomas, where his team won 33-28 (ED: I'm having problems with uploading the video to YouTube. I'll post it when it goes up). Enjoy.


  • New Jersey TE Jack Tabb is visiting North Carolina this weekend, and most likely Arkansas on the 10th. He's hoping to have his decision made by Christmas. Michigan has put themselves in good position with Tabb after his official visit. 

Navel Gazing on Replacement Coaches

Navel Gazing on Replacement Coaches

Submitted by Robbie Moore on November 30th, 2010 at 11:35 AM

I personally think RichRod is coming back. But if I'm wrong I think Brandon has a few names in mind beyond Jim Harbaugh. Given that I have far too much time on my hands, I came up with these two names: Dan Mullen, an Urban Meyer protegee, and Al Golden who has accomplished the impossible at Temple. 

I know...I know. Not big names. Not the high impact kind of guy the Michigan job should attract. Well, I would take Bielema right now since he is basically running the Bo formula at Wisconsin to great effect. And who the hell was he before he got hired?  Tressel was a Division 2 head coach for heavens sake! And if you really want to see something, check out Chip Kelly's resume. 

I Know What DB is Thinking

I Know What DB is Thinking

Submitted by TIMBLUE on November 30th, 2010 at 11:20 AM

He is thinking,

" i am going to make my decision after the bowl game"

How many minds did i just blow!

I mean come on people writing the same threads over and over does nobody any good, and make me wanna throw up.

I dont care if your if you want harbuagh or just dont want RR can you not just wait and see please!

we still have a bowl game to go by the way.

Now to lighten the mood and get everyones mind off of this nonsense her is a little video of the flintstones being italian mobsters.

Raback it. Harbaugh will not be coming here.

Raback it. Harbaugh will not be coming here.

Submitted by myrtlebeachmai… on November 30th, 2010 at 10:52 AM

Willing to take the pounding if/when...  In fact I'll bump it to the front to remind all of you for your convenience.

I have no "great source", but I am giving the notion full consideration with a complete disregard of any/all things RR related.  Just focusing on JH and what any aspiring coach would want.

Harbaugh may have relished the notion of coming to AA at one time, but 2 things have happened: 

1)  A #4/#5 ranked team w/ an 11-1 season - He truly has nothing left to prove in NCAA life.  He's done it with all the "limitations" (i.e. academic standards, disinterested fanbase, etc) he deals with.  Toiling 2 to 4 more years at UM towards the only remaining goal (Nat. Champ) is futile 

2)  The NFL - It's not going to be just the Bills and Raiders this time.  There will be too many, to not find the "perfect one" and forget all about UM.  Likely SF.  He can stay in his beloved West Coast area, make WAY more $$, have a new set of challenges, follow the footsteps of his brother and Bill Walsh, etc.

It's not going to happen, with or without RR.  

A sobering realization

A sobering realization

Submitted by Purkinje on November 30th, 2010 at 10:49 AM

I'm sharing this with you all because I know that you like to be kicked when you're down as much as I do. We're all in this together. Or something.


I was talking with my cousin who goes to Eastern yesterday, and he pointed out that the Eagles scored more points against tUoOS than we did. Sure, they also gave up twenty more points when it was all said and done, but they scored 20 points. That's 13 more than we did. That's only 4 fewer than our total against tUoOS in the past three years. It's fucking embarrassing.


EDIT: The Michigan fanbase seems to be too antagonized to talk about tUoOS at the moment. Read on only if you would like to see many people get really angry that I noticed something.

Denard Robinson Action Figure - BigTen POY Special Edition

Denard Robinson Action Figure - BigTen POY Special Edition

Submitted by monuMental on November 30th, 2010 at 10:34 AM

Last night Denard Robinson was named the 2010 BigTen Offensive Player of the Year. Coaches and members of the media agreed that one of the nation's most explosive players was worthy of the conference's top offensive honor.

Earlier this season I created the Denard Robinson Action Figure, Heisman Trophy Candidate Edition (but not really real, lawyers). I made some modifications to the original artwork to give the action figure a "legendary" feel and to commemorate Denard Robinson's stellar season; the modifications include sepia tone on the cardboard packaging, a platinum football and special edition text.

As happy as I was with the Ohio State wallpaper, after another embarrassing loss in The Game I'd much rather see this on my desktop until the bowl game destination and opponent are announced. Once I know to which sunny location Michigan is headed (and who they'll be facing) I'll get started on a series of wallpapers for the lead-up to the game.

The image below is a preview only. You can get the widescreen, 4:3, iPad and mobile wallpapers at The Art. The Art. The Art!.

Denard Robinson 2010 BigTen Offensive Player of the Year Wallpaper Preview

Denard Robinson 2010 BigTen Offensive Player of the Year Wallpaper Preview

All of the 2010 Wallpapers

Season Wallpaper - Denard Robinson Action Figure

Game 1 Connecticut Wallpaper - Husky Puppy Piddles in Fear

Game 2 Notre Dame Wallpaper - Touchdown Jesus Says "No Good"

Game 3 Massachusetts Wallpaper - The $550,000 Cupcake

Game 4 Bowling Green Wallpaper - Wolverine vs. Falcon

Game 5 Indiana Wallpaper - Good at Basketball

Game 6 Michigan State Wallpaper - Sibling Rivalry

Game 7 Iowa Wallpaper - Maize is Blue

Game 8 Penn State Wallpaper - The Eyes Have It

Game 8 Penn State Wallpaper - JoePa Halloween Costume

Game 9 Illinois Wallpaper - We Be Illin'

Game 10 Purdue Wallpaper - I Think We Can! I Think We Can?

Game 11 Wisconsin Wallpaper - Cheesehead Cross Stitch

Game 12 Ohio State Wallpaper - The Game

Thanksgiving Wallpaper - Turpigskin

BigTen Offensive Player of the Year