OT: Raiders now accepting applications

OT: Raiders now accepting applications

Submitted by Moe Greene on January 2nd, 2011 at 4:02 PM

The Worldwide Leader is reporting that Tom Cable is out as Raiders coach.



This adds a bit of hilarity to the coaching circus. Hell, I might apply...under the "how the F could you do any worse?" strategy. It would be so awesome to work for that guy on all of the Iron Maiden album covers.....

Dee Hart Officially Gone/To Bama

Dee Hart Officially Gone/To Bama

Submitted by DGDestroys on January 2nd, 2011 at 2:34 PM

Just received this tweet from URecruit's Jeff Contizano

Orlando FL. RB Demetrius Hart has eliminated Michigan. Down to Auburn and Alabama.

So the most dramatic recruitment that I can remember is over. In a way, this is almost a relief.

EDIT: I don't have premium, but there appears to be an article on the front of Rivals that suggests the same.

EDIT EDIT: He then promptly turned around and committed to Bama?

Looks like Hart has already committed to bama.

Miles Fomby

Just got off the phone with a source and Dee Hart has committed Alabama.

Evidently he's wanted to for a while now?

I love to see a kid like Dee Hart want to commit to a school so bad and that school finally accept it. He is ecstatic and I just love that!

Also, see comment from JC3 further down the thread.

CCish: MgoTimeMachine

CCish: MgoTimeMachine

Submitted by BrewCityBlue on January 2nd, 2011 at 2:08 PM

Welcome to the MgoTimeMachine.

Here you are offered a unique opportunity to go back in time and decide the present "future" of our football program.

Please choose from the below options.

1. You hop in the MgoTimeMachine and go back to 2007. Lloyd Carr never steps down. He is still the coach of our M program going into 2011. Bill Martin may or may not still be the AD. The team has gone on continuing getting 8.5-10.5 wins each year since 2007, competing for b10 championships but never getting over the cusp and challenging for a National Championship. "Mediocrity" as we M faithful would call it, but in hindsight, some pretty satisfying mediocrity at that.

2. Exactly what has happened in 2008-present with Rrod at helm. For this option you use the MgoTimeMachine and go back, but, decide to not change anything. We are exactly where we sit today as you read this and nothing has changed about the last 3 years. We just lost in bad fashion in our first bowl in 3 years and now we're waiting on DB's decision for either JH or RR to be the coach of next year's team, barring anything crazy happening.

3. This is the Wild Card i guess since i feel if we had a MgoTimeMachine we'd have more than these 2 scenarios available. You fire up the MgoTimeMachine and go back to 2007. Lloyd announces he is stepping down after the season, and you have the ability to point our program in a certain direction at that point. You hire someone not RR or Lloyd (Miles, Kelly, Davis, Hoke, Harbaugh back then; whatever other plausible options there were instead of RR) and our program's future is determined going forward.


For me, when i get in the MgoTimeMachine, I go back to change things and make the last 3 years better for us. Upon arriving in 2007 i realize the same things i thought back then originally: The program is getting stale under Lloyd and we need to make a change.

Rrod is an option but if we hire him we know exactly what we're getting and the whole reason i came back in time was to make 2008-2010 more bearable. I'm not hiring Miles (the person i originally wanted in 07 if it wasn't Lloyd).

I decide, after much internal toiling back and forth, that i will not change anything. Lloyd stepped down at the right time for him, and probably the right time for the program (though having more than 1 capable qb and some actual safeties/lbs on the roster before leaving would've been nice). By not changing anything, i accept the hiring of RR in 07 and the offensive magicianry that will surely ensue. I understand the special teams and defensive shortcomings and the practice gate situation. I accept 3-9, 5-7 and 7-6. I feel somewhat guilty for allowing a kind man such as RR to be thrown into a gauntlet of things that he can surely never overcome.

But by making this decision i get the same things we have today: A chance for RR's offense to peak next year along with a hopefully somewhat competent defense and kicking game, paving the way for many future years of success after a horrible start that hopefully humbled the fanbase and everyone in our entire program. Or, a hopefully short rebuilding period with JH and a return to glory to follow shortly thereafter.

Well then, i guess this whole MgoTimeMachine exercise was pointless for me. I can't believe i went back in time to change things, and ended up letting them be exactly as they are. I have no good explanation for this, especially given the last 3 painful years. I guess the unknows of a different future can be scarier than originally thought.

After realizing ths, maybe i should not even post this, but, alas, I will put it out there and let you decide what you would do if afforded the opporunity. For anyone that disagrees with this post, you do not HAVE to get in the MgoTimeMachine, you can simply click into the next thread. However, if you decide to take the last 3 years and the future of the M football program into your hands,  move forward with caution and make your decision with great care. All of the MgoBlogosphere is counting on you!

NFL Pregame Shows on CC and J.H.

NFL Pregame Shows on CC and J.H.

Submitted by GunnersApe on January 2nd, 2011 at 12:32 PM

From all the NFL pregame show regarding NFL jobs and Jim Harbaugh. The only one I’m going to have problems with is CBS “the NFL today” (not enough DVR’s). Please forgive the format. I’m no journalist, just a UM crackhead.  


(NFL Network)NFL GameDay Morning  insider Jason La Confora:

-Hearing for two weeks now he’ll be going to AA.

-People close to him say he isn’t sure he ready to make NFL jump.

-Two jobs S.F. and Carolina are not good fits for J.H.

-People in Carolina front office are convinced he’s going to AA.


(ESPN) Sunday NFL Countdown insider Adam Schefter:

- John Elways first move will be to talk to J.H. at Orange Bowl.

- It will be up to an NFL team like S.F. or Denver to keep JH from AA.

EXTRA Tom Jackson said before the break that John Elway would convince him to come to Denver (he’s off my X-mas card list)


(FOX)Fox NFL Sunday insider Jay Glazer:

-S.F. has already reached out to JH, if not there going after John Fox, Brian Billick and Chucky.

-(Jimmy, Howie and Terry) said Billick would be a great fit in S.F.


(CBS)The NFL Today insider Charlie Casserly:

-Nothing on JH. I’ll update if I see anything.



So it looks like Denver/SF right now

I’ll add Peter King tonight on NBC’s Football Night in America.

The White & Blue

The White & Blue

Submitted by oakapple on January 2nd, 2011 at 10:52 AM

<meta>This is not a criticism of Rich Rodriguez.</meta>

Why does Rodriguez wear a white-and-blue polo shirt during the games? I realize he doesn’t choose the team attire, but has anyone sent Addidas the memo? Michigan’s colors aren’t white and blue.

Everyone agrees that the program will have at least some changes during the offseason. I’d like to suggest a fairly easy one: dress the head coach in the team’s colors. Is that so difficult?