Down In Front: Your Fan-ly Neighborhood Experience(s)

Down In Front: Your Fan-ly Neighborhood Experience(s)

Submitted by twohooks on December 1st, 2010 at 9:20 PM

OK, as we sit amongst our laptops writing Warren Commission manuscripts or generally playing a rousing game of "What Is Dave Brandon Thinking." Many of you are season ticket holders for football and basketball and Im wondering what your sections neighborhood is like.  Opposing fans are naturally annoying just by the presence of their obnoxious attire but they show up to the game in a different costume every time. My section includes the following. I have the older "down in front" couple who uncomfortably threaten never to come back because their requests are never accepted (they always return). The "after the play suggestor" mainly shouting "bomb" and "blitz" repeatably. Then who can forget "drinky hold me back fighting guy." My favorite is personalized. The kid in front of me during Amani Toomer's 4 seasons shouted "its not a tumah!" every time his name was announced, needless to say I cried when he graduated. Dont get me wrong Im not hating I love all who wear maize and blue. Think of it like your neighbor who doesnt mow his/her lawn I dont hate them I just would like them to mow their lawn. So, whats it like in your neighborhood?

OT - Newton article on Yahoo Sports

OT - Newton article on Yahoo Sports

Submitted by bighouseinmate on December 1st, 2010 at 8:24 PM

Has anyone else read the Newton article on Yahoo! Sports by Dan Wetzel?

It discusses an interesting result of the NCAA ruling on Newton's re-instatement of eligibility. Basically, the future is cleared for third-party "go-betweens", non-agent "agents", and even the parents for asking a school for compensation in return for their son's(or even daughter's, in the bigger women's sports) acceptance to play for them with no fear of any lasting repercussions to the player, team, or even the person doing the "asking".

There is also an interesting poll there. Right now, the leading vote getter is that Newton should be suspended for the entire season(at 77%), second is no penalties(17%), third is suspension from SECCG(5%), and last is suspension for a half of the SECCG(1%). My question would be just who are the 17% that agree that no action should be taken against him?

CC - Why the delay by Dave Brandon?

CC - Why the delay by Dave Brandon?

Submitted by Knappster on December 1st, 2010 at 7:56 PM

For those that DO want to discuss the biggest topic at hand, consider this...

Dave Brandon has stated many times that he will wait until after the bowl to make any decision.  This could be 100% wrong but here's my theory behind it...

-RR and the players have "earned" the bowl and deserve to play in it no matter what.  Good move

-Harbaugh (yes) and his players have earned their bowl and deserve to coach/play in it.  Good move

-RR will be fired or resign as coach of UM after the bowl, and Harbaugh will be named coach after his bowl game. 

If you think about it, it's the best way to go about the process without ruffling too many feathers.  Stanford won't be pissed about UM "stealing" Harbaugh before their huge, potential BCS bowl.  RR gets to cap off the season with his players, as he has earned it.  It will appear that DB went through a full evaluation process, which I am sure he has done anyway by now.  And as we know, the buyout is lower.

Sure recruiting might suffer, but with the dead period beginning on Dec 20, it's not as bad as some may think.  And IF Harbaugh is the guy, he will likely bring some recruits.  Going through his current commits, some are from NJ, NY, IN, PA, GA, LA.  Like him or not, we know that he is a great recruiter.  Not to mention, this is obviously a long term move and not just about one season or recruiting class.

I just keep thinking that if DB really wanted to keep RR, he would say it now publicly for many reasons. 

Again, for those that DO want to discuss, what are your thoughts?  I think it's already a done deal. Please no facepalms, atomic bombs, etc.  Boobs are okay.  We are ALL Michigan fans and support the team no matter what. 

I Just Can't Do Anything: One fan's tale of watching The Game '10

I Just Can't Do Anything: One fan's tale of watching The Game '10

Submitted by mwolverineforlife on December 1st, 2010 at 7:31 PM

[Ed-M: Interesting stream of consciousness post that captures one fan's emo experience watching the Ohio State game. Knocked to board from diaries, but not a bad read if you get through it]

I get to Miami Mike's, a local sports bar at about noon.  Yes, I didn't miss kickoff.  I'm expecting a loss, but I still have some optimism. You never quite know, do you. But on Saturday we did.  We all did.  We all knew deep down, even if we felt like we could win, that we were going to get our asses kicked by Ohio State.  I make some conversation with the Buckeye behind me.  He doesn't seem like the average buckeye, he was kind of an okay guy.  He doesn't fully know what he's talking about, but I have nobody else to talk to.  Anyway, after the first two drives, I've lost all hope.  I knew that there was no way it was going to be close after the two failed redzone attempts.

After the kickoff return, I put my head down.  It's not going to be like last year, where it was somewhat respectable, we are going to get killed this time.  Then, the buckeye behind me starts to get annoying.  He has his parents with him, which made things worse, because they kept asking stupid questions like "Are we at home or not."  I then had to listen to him answer.  But, they all know the words to the fight song, nevertheless, I have to listen to it. He starts taking shots of tequilla, and then he really starts to say some annoying things. "That's what seperates the good recievers from the shitty ones, right there." "His names Boom because he knocks people over." "Dammit, we couldn't sack that bastard, that slippery bastard."  He said that after Denard escaped a couple of sacks, and ran for five, on like third and fifteen.

At this point, I'm thinking to myself "We went three and out, shut the fuck up, why are you getting so pissed for god sakes."  He also continuously bitched about the holding call on the ninety yard run. I keep thinking "Jesus Christ, you're killing us what's the difference between first down at the twenty and a touchdown.  There's no way we're coming back."  But then I realized, I can't do anything.  There's nothing I can do to change it.  I can watch the game every Saturday, and cheer or sulk, but it won't make our players better.  I can't do anything to improve Michigan football, as much as I want too, I can't.  I can't play, or coach, or do anything.  Whether I like it or not, or like the guy behind me or not, we got our asses handed to us on a platter on Saturday, and there's nothing I can do about it.

Former 2010 Florida Commit, 5 Star DB Jonathan Dowling Considering Michigan?

Former 2010 Florida Commit, 5 Star DB Jonathan Dowling Considering Michigan?

Submitted by MaizeAndBlueManGroup on December 1st, 2010 at 7:15 PM

I was just reading ESPN's update on Big Ten recruiting found here: Among other things it says:

One name to keep an eye on is 2010 Florida signee Jonathan Dowling. The former Under Armour All-American was considering an official visit to Michigan last season before deciding to end his recruitment and stick to Florida. Now that Dowling and the Gators have split, Michigan could be in play.

Dowling was a 5 star #1 ranked saftey, and #10 overall to ESPN. Scout had him as a 4 star and the #5 saftey. And Rivals had him as a 4 star athlete, #176 overall player.

I follow recruiting pretty closely and this is the first I've heard of Dowling having any interest in UM. While unlikely, if this is true, this would be an enourmous pickup. TomVH or any other insiders care to shed any light on this?

Athlete Kris Frost down to Michigan or Auburn/ decision set for Army All American Game

Athlete Kris Frost down to Michigan or Auburn/ decision set for Army All American Game

Submitted by Young Pretty a… on December 1st, 2010 at 6:32 PM

Would be a great pick up for the class.  Nice quote by Kris as well

"It really was my dream as a child to play at Michigan"

2005 season Michigan Football vs 2010 season

2005 season Michigan Football vs 2010 season

Submitted by trueblue262 on December 1st, 2010 at 4:31 PM

I was looking through the seasons of the past and came across some pretty interesting similiarities in these 2 seasons. First off, the record (7-5) and also it was Henne and Hart's sophmore seasons (Denard, Tate, V. Smith), and also there was a coaching shakeup that both coordinators left (Malone & Herrman). The changes in the staff, and the fact that we were returning many starters resulted in the 2006 season. Which was one of the most exciting seasons of Michigan football that I remember (aside from 97 ofcourse)

CC- Why was Rich Rodriguez hired and how that affects our perception.

CC- Why was Rich Rodriguez hired and how that affects our perception.

Submitted by skunk bear on December 1st, 2010 at 4:30 PM

[Ed-M: Bumped to diary 'cause it's a diary, basically, then un-bumped due to WAIT YOU WERE SRSLY?]

After reading countless posts about whether Rich Rodriguez should continue to be our football coach, it seems clear that a large percentage of the MGoCommunity believe that Rodriguez was hired to drag an antiquated football program, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century.

If you believe this, then how could your reaction to the possibility of Rodriguez being fired, be anything other than: "No, you have to give him enough time to complete the transition"?.

But, is that why Rodriguez was hired? Let's review  (and please, if you followed the last coaching hire more closely than I did, or if you have inside information, correct me where I am wrong).

1) Lloyd Carr became ill. This illness drained Lloyd of energy and made Lloyd condider retiring. But, Lloyd is a battler and loved coaching Michigan football. So Lloyd stayed on. But Lloyd, who never believed in over-working players in the first place, because football should be fun, could no longer provide the attention to detail that the team needed.

Lloyd was also very loyal to his assistant coaches, some of whom became complacent. So, the program began to slide. However, Athletic Director Bill Martin loved Lloyd, in part because Martin was never a "football guy", but mostly because Lloyd was a low-maintenance coach. There was however, growing discontentment with Lloyd as coach in the Michigan football community.

Then came what we now call "The Horror" Then the Oregon blowout. Under pressure, no longer young or well, Lloyd (one way or another) retires.

2) Bill Martin expects Michigan to have its pick of top coaches and wants another low-maintenance coach, a ready for primetime coach. Martin wants someone who has already established himself as a successful head coach.

If Michigan is to go outside the present staff, Lloyd's pick is Kirk Ferentz of Iowa.Ferentz is well-respected, smart and accomplished and has assembled a fine staff. Ferentz is offered the job. Ferentz turns it down.

One coach that Lloyd Carr did not want was the favorite choice of Michigan fans, Les MIles. Miles had coached here at Michigan, with Carr, but had quickly left after Lloyd became head coach.

But, Bill Martin wants a successful, popular coach. A backchannel contact is made to Les Miles to become the next Michigan coach. What happens next is less clear, but apparently an opponent of the Miles hire leaks the news to Desmond Howard, our former Heisman trophy winner, who now works for ESPN. Kirk Herbstreit, the former OSU quarterback, also works for ESPN, gets wind of the story from Desmond and breaks the story on live national television.

Miles is about to coach LSU in the SEC title game. A victory could send two-loss LSU to the national championship game. Miles is now under enormous pressure. LSU wants to know: "Is this true?" LSU's players want to know. Miles frantically tries to contact Bill Martin. Miles wants to know: "Do I have the job?" But, Bill Martin, unaware of the leak, is literally out to sea. Martin, an avid sailor, has gone out on his boat and done so without a phone. Miles quickly agrees to a contract extension with LSU and coaches them to victory and the national championship.

Michigan is looking foolish, the Michigan brand-name is taking a hit.

Greg Schiano is a temporarily hot coach at the moment. Schiano has coached Rutgers from (b)oblivion to respectability. Anybody who could do that has to be a good coach. Michigan needs a coach. Martin offers Schiano. Schiano accepts, reluctantly. Then Schiano talks to his team and decides to stay at Rutgers. Martin is getting desperate. Martin offers Schiano again. But, still the answer is no.

Then, unexpectedly, Michigan is contacted by the agent for one of the hottest young coaches around. Rich Rodriguez has led West Viginia to three straight top ten finishes. Rodriguez is well-enough thought of to have been offered the Alabama job the year before. It's like a cold glass of water to a thirsty man. Martin and university president Coleman meet Rodriguez for a five hour meeting in Toledo, Ohio. Rich Rodriguez becomes the next Michigan coach.


3) My point for the MGoCommunity to consider: RR was not brought in to revolutionize Michigan football, but as an act of desperation without fully realizing what would be entailed in adjusting to Rodriguez as coach.

Those who wanted such a revolution, do not want to give it up.

Those who didn't are just appalled at the way we are playing.

And so you have a divided fanbase.

PS: This is just my second time starting a thread. My first was a meta post that got sent to some obscure place (Bolivia?) Any constructive criticism is welcome. TY

Edit: No ill intent of any kind is intended by this post. My sources for this is that I followed the coaching search as closely as I could. TV , radio , newspapers, online, and Micigan sports blogs and forums including this one. I am writing from memory. I am open to any corrections.

Dec 2- All right, at the implicit suggestion of an ex-mod, and after careful thought, I've decided to edit out the unnecessary parts that have offended some MGoBloggers. I hope this doesn't make the commentary seem too out of place. Please keep in mind that what remains is my understanding of events and that I seek correction from those more knowledgeable.