Poaching IU commits (updated w/ Miami)

Poaching IU commits (updated w/ Miami)

Submitted by ish on November 28th, 2010 at 5:26 PM

ok, so poaching anyone won't be easy, we have our own coaching instability situation and so forth, but let's ignore that for a second and take a look at whether any of IU's commits is worth taking a snake oil a shot at.  [also, insert comments about how we shouldn't need to poach from IU here.  i know.  but occassionally they produce good players].  i don't know the answer regarding any of the below, so i'm requesting input. here are a few selections:

All ratings are from Rivals

Commit Position H.S. Rating Comment
Zack Shaw LB Coshocton, OH **** Rivals said we didn't offer him, but he committed in April, so there's a chance we would have had he not committed early.  He's Rivals' No. 13 ILB.
Ramon Taylor ATH Highland Park, MI **** An athlete in our backyard.  He projects as a CB.  We didn't offer, so given his location, my guess is we intentionally took a pass.  Worth another look?
Bernard Taylor DT Macomb, MI *** Another guy in our backyard who we didn't offer.  And his offer list isn't terribly impressive - MAC schools and IU.  However, if you looked at TomVH's defensive recruits left on the board post, you'd notice that there weren't many DTs, a position of tremendous need.  If NLOI day pulls near and we haven't made progress with the higher rated DTs on the board, we may just need to make offers.
Cody Latimer WR Dayton, OH *** A 3 star receiver, but on the higher end of the three stars.  After striking out on Watkins (please reconsider, Sammy) and still in need of one more outside WR, Latimer's name could surface.  He's 6'3", 210.  He does not have an impressive offer list, however.
Forissee Hardin S Louisville, KY *** A taller safety at 6'1", Hardin had an offer from Kentucky, but has a brother at IU.  You may have noticed the need for more bodies in the secondary.
Ralston Evans OG Indy, IN *** Evans also doesn't have a great offer sheet, but he's got one from Duke.  Not a shining beacon of football, I know, but David Cutcliffe has an eye for talent.  We need more OLs in this class and after Christian Bryant, there aren't many OGs on the board.  Rivals rates him the No. 31 OG in the country.

as i stated above, i'm not suggesting that we recruit any of these guys, i'm simply highlighting some of the top rated talent in IU's class that could address some of our positions of need and asking whether any of them would potentially be a good fit in our class.  comment away...

[edit] one commenter asked that i examine miami's recruits too.  while i think we stand less of a shot convincing any of them to join our class, they're obviously higher rated.  so, below, another chart?


Commit Position H.S. Rating Comment
Teddy Bridgewater QB Miami Northwester **** Rivals top-rated dual threat quaterback after Braxton Miller.  Obviously we'd take him, but we never offered, probably because we knew we had no shot.  He never appeared interested in leaving the Southeast, and if he de-commits, my guess is that it would be to LSU.
Anthony Chikillo DE Tampa, FL **** A weakside DE, Chikillo had offers from the entire country, including us.  He appears to be more highly rated by coaches than Rivals, who lists him as the No. 6 weakside DE and No. 205 overall.  Another guy we'd take, obviously, but also another guy that appears to have no interest in coming north.
Marcus Jackson OG Vero Beach, FL *** Rivals No. 13 rated OG, but he has a nice offer list, although we're not on it.  He was also offered by UF, FSU, USC (ntUSC) and Michigan State.  He's 315, but only 6'2", so he might have a bit of a weight problem.  But given our need at the position, he'd be worth taking a look at. 
Albert Louis-Jean CB Brockton, MA **** I don't even know if any of our coaches cover Mass. as it is so rare to find good prospects there.  But Louis-Jean is a pretty highly regarded prospect.  He had offers from PSU and Stanford [insert Harbaugh joke here] and is rated by Rivals as the No. 12 CB prospect.  He's 6'1" so he passes the 5'11" CB test.
Nick Menocal LB Miami Jesuit *** A mid-range 3 star, Menocal had offers from Iowa, N'Western, UVA and Stanford [no more Harbaugh jokes, please].  He's listed as an OLB, though he already weighs 235.  Might be a bit of a tweener.  But given the fact that he looked around at schools far from his home, maybe he could be snake oiled.

I know who our next DC should be!

I know who our next DC should be!

Submitted by mfan_in_ohio on November 28th, 2010 at 4:29 PM


Really, when you think about it, it's obvious.  A list of attributes:

1.  He has experience being outnumbered by an evil empire.  With just two remaining Jedi Knights, he never gave up and eventually defeated the Emperor.  Yes, I know it took over 20 years, but we've already waited 7.

2.  He has fought against Storm Troopers, which will help us next time we play Penn State at home.  Also, he's about the same size and age as Paterno, so that will be a nice story.

3.  He coaches up his talent.  Most Jedi Knights start their training as small children.  Yoda didn't get a hold of Luke Skywalker until near adulthood and turned him into a Jedi powerful enough to turn Darth Vader back to the good side and resist the Emperor's will.

4.  Speaking of which, good with youth.  Since we'll still be starting a lot of sophomores next year, that should help.

5.  Understands how to battle larger opponents.  Enough with "this won't work in the Big Ten" talk.  Yoda is about 3 feet tall and repeatedly defeats opponents twice his size or more.

6.  Recruiting advantage.  Yoda has good relationships with the Wookies, which will really help our defensive line.

7.  Complete change from GERG.  Especially in the hair department. 

8.  Can speak directly into the players' minds when they are on the field.  I don't think there is any rule against using the force during a play.

9.  Lived in a swamp for the last 30 years of his life, so he can deal with wet weather.


1.  He's green.  State fans will jump on this.  I do think, however, that when he does appear visually, it looks pretty blue, so it should be ok.

2.  He died a long, long time ago.  Given #8 above, however, that may turn to our advantage.


I think we have a solution here.  Get his agent on the phone.

Dave Brandon's Game Plan

Dave Brandon's Game Plan

Submitted by oakapple on November 28th, 2010 at 2:29 PM

Dave Brandon has been asked repeatedly about Rich Rodriguez’s status. He has given the same answer consistently: “I will evaluate the program after the bowl game.”

I cannot recall the last time a college football coach was fired after his bowl game. It has probably happened, but it is very rare. There are only 4-5 weeks between the bowl season and national signing day. That is too little time for a new coach to fill any holes in the class, to re-recruit the existing commits, and to replace any who bail out. Generally, if the coach is going to be fired, it is right after the regular season.

In the meantime, leaving Rodriguez’s status unclear makes it difficult to land any uncommitted recruits who are still considering Michigan, and it increases the likelihood that existing commits might waver. I cannot imagine that Brandon does not know this.

It therefore seems that the time to make a decision about Rodriguez is now. If Brandon wants him back in 2011, go ahead and say so. That, at least, will shore up the recruiting class. Other decisions (e.g., defensive coordinator) can wait. If he does not want Rodriguez back, fire him now, and get a replacement on board for the final two months of the recruiting season.

One scenario floating around the various message boards, is this: Brandon has already decided to fire Rodriguez, but he is waiting to make an announcement until he has a replacement lined up. That scenario also gives him the wiggle room to retain Rodriguez for another year if the coach he wants turns out to be unavailable.

The longer Brandon goes without explicitly saying that Rodriguez will be back, the more gossip there will be about his demise. Brandon must realize how poisonous these rumors are. If he does nothing to dispel them, you have to assume that he is quietly looking elsewhere. There is otherwise no good reason to wait.

Sunday Morning Stats - 11/28/10 (with season re-cap)

Sunday Morning Stats - 11/28/10 (with season re-cap)

Submitted by HeismanPose on November 28th, 2010 at 2:13 PM

End of season (almost) stats.  The offense took a significant hit after the Purdue, Wisconsin and Ohio State games, but still finished with over 500 yards/game (a Michigan first) and over 34 points/game.  The scoring offense was hampered by one of the worst turnover margins and THE worst field goal kicking in the FBS.  If Michigan was just average in those two categories, they would probably have scored 40 pts/game.  (EDIT: also hampering the offense was Michigan's strength of schedule, 2nd in the Big Ten.  UM played the 5 toughest defenses in the conferece, but missed out on two of the worst (Minnesota and Northwestern).  They also got stuck playing Purdue in a rainstorm.)

(EDIT 2: the meme that this offense fattened up against out-of-conferense opponents and didn't perform in the Big Ten does not really show in the numbers.  Michigan averaged just under 31 pts/game in the Big Ten, even with the turnovers, total lack of kicking game, and tough schedule).

As it stands, the 500.9 yards/game is the most in Michigan history, crushing the previous school record of 466.9 set in 1992.  The 34.33 pts/game is 6th in the "modern era," behind 1947 (39.4), 1976 (36.0), 1992 (35.9), 2003 (35.4), and 1991 (35.0).  On a yards/game basis, this is the 2nd best offense in the history of the Big Ten, second only to 1994 PSU (512.7 yds/game), and just barely edging out 2005 Northwestern (they gained 6004 yards in 12 games - Michigan gained 6011 this season). 

Conversely, the defense was the worst in school history by just about every measure.  The 33.8 pts/game allowed demolished the previous low mark of 28.9 set in 2008.  For reference, before RichRod came to town the worst Michigan defense was the 1962 unit that gave up 23.8 pts/game, exactly a full 10 points/game better than this team.  On a yards/game basis, this year's mark of 447.92 was more than 50 yards/game worse than the previous low of 393.3 in 2009.  The pre-RichRod low point was 389.9 in 2000.  

Overall, I think it's worth it to give Rodriguez another year, but (obviously) the defense must improve significantly.  The list of best offenses in Big Ten history is riddled with forgettable squads like 2005 Northwestern (7-5), 2005 MSU (5-6), 2005 Minnesota (7-5), 2003 Minnesota (10-3).  Those teams all averaged near 500 yards/game.

Our schedule sets up nicely next year, with powerhouse Wisconsin and upstart Penn State off the slate entirely.  Our two toughest games are both at home at the end of the season (Nebraska and OSU).  I think RichRod will need to be at least 8-2 going into the Nebraska game and will need to beat both OSU and MSU.  That means the defense and special teams must move up from the dregs to around 60th nationally.   I know these are high standards but I really believe 9-3 (at least) and a trip to Indianapolis is the only scenario that will save our coach's job.



Scoring (Pts/g) 34.33 23rd
Rushing (Yds/g) 251.08 11th
Rush Yds/Carry  5.67 6th
Passing (Yds/g) 249.83 34th
Pass Eff  148.01 23rd
Pass Yds/Att 8.72 14th
Total (Yds/g) 500.92 6th
Sacks Allowed/g 0.92 13th
TFL Allowed/g 3.67 6th
Turnovers Lost  27 103rd
RedZone - TD  75.00% 6th
RedZone - Score  82.69% 64th
3rd Down Conversions 46.30% 23rd
4th Down Conversions 52.17% 63rd
Scoring (Pts/g) 33.83 102nd
Rushing (Yds/g) 187.67 94th
Rush Yds/Carry  4.54 87th
Passing (Yds/g) 260.25 110th
Pass Eff Def 140.65 97th
Pass Yds/Att 8.09 107th
Total (Yds/g) 447.92 109th
Sacks/g 1.42 94th
TFL/g 5.42 75th
Turnovers Gained 18 76th
RedZone Def - TD  60.78% 60th
RedZone Def - Score  84.31% 78th
3rd Down Conversions Def 42.37% 84th
4th Down Conversions Def 69.57% 112th
Special Teams/Other
Net Punting 40.09 54th
Net Kicking n/a n/a
Punt Returning (Yds/Ret) 5.38 98th
Kick Returning (Yds/Ret) 21.14 77th
Punt Return D (Yds/Ret) 9.78 81st
Kick Return D (Yds/Ret) 21.37 63rd
Field Goals 30.76% 120th
Extra Points 96.43% 69th
Penalties/g 4.58 9th
Penalty Yards/g 46.42 39th
TOP/g 27:22 112th
Turnover Margin/g -0.75 110th



Denard Robinson
Rush Yds 1643 2nd
Rush Yds/g 136.92 4th
Rush Yds/Carry 6.71 9th
Pass Yds 2316 54th
Pass Yds/g 193.00 63rd
Pass Yds/Att 9.26 8th
Passer Rating 152.94 20th
Total Yds 3959 3rd
Total Yds/g 329.92 3rd
Pts Responsible for 180 19th
Pts Responsible for/g 15.00 22nd
Pts 84 63rd
Pts/g 7.00 76th
Roy Roundtree
Rec Yds 882 39th
Rec Yds/g 73.50 41st
Rec/g 5.25 45th
Jonas Mouton
Tackles/g 10.09 20th
Solo Tackles/g 5.36 34th
Jordan Kovacs
Tackles/g 9.33 32nd
Solo Tackles/g 4.92 49th


Will Hagerup
Yds/punt 43.6 32nd

Yahoo thinks we draw Nebraska

Yahoo thinks we draw Nebraska

Submitted by 1464 on November 28th, 2010 at 1:30 PM

Yahoo seems to think we will get a head start on our new in-conference Rivals. Seems Michigan always finds a way to draw a tough bowl game... Maybe there can be some backback for 'JUST LATERAL THE DAMN BALL!!!'

Insight Bowl Projection

Site: Tempe, Ariz.
Date: Dec. 28, 10 p.m., ESPN
Matchup: Big Ten No. 4/5 vs. Big 12 No. 4
Today's projection: Michigan vs. Nebraska

Trust in Dave Brandon

Trust in Dave Brandon

Submitted by BlueintheLou on November 28th, 2010 at 12:12 PM

This is getting out of control. Believe me, I am as frustrated as the next guy. Watching the game yesterday, in conjunction with every time they mentioned not winning since 2003, made me sick, actually. I know we as fans love to speculate until we hear an actual decision about anything on this board. This team has had a rough year, they showed signs of potential greatness, but coupled that with signs of regression. That leaves us as a fanbase in quite a quandary, because in year 3 of a new regime, we had expected and hoped to see something further along.

I come here with a plea for us as a fanbase, at least the rational ones, to just let this play out. Brandon has repeatedly said he will evaluate after the season. I love mgoblog, but I do not want to sit here all month long reading new posts about Harbaugh or any other potential coach/DC we might see. Can we please just trust Mr. Brandon to make the right decision for the future of this program. I have been an RR fan through thick and thin, and part of me still wants him back because I think he can succeed, but ultimately, I am putting my trust in Dave Brandon to make a good decision to put this program on the right trajectory for the long term. So, that the Michigan brand rises back to where it belongs and so that the product on the field is contention, every year. Dave Brandon will get it done, with whomever it may be, RR, or moving a different direction.

In Dave Brandon I trust, and so should all of us. Good luck boys, let's get some solid practices in before the bowl game.

Former M players tweet during OSU

Former M players tweet during OSU

Submitted by wolverine1987 on November 28th, 2010 at 10:31 AM


Former Wolverines tweet on Game


Several former Michigan players used Twitter to express themselves during the 37-7 loss to Ohio State. Among those who tweeted were Jay Feely, Jamie Morris, Jonathan Goodwin, Steve Breaston and Desmond Howard. Feely, Breaston and former U-M players Alan Branch and Gabe Watson -- all currently playing for the Arizona Cardinals -- apparently watched the game together.

• @jayfeely: @SBreaston15, Branch, Gabe Watson all if us are beside ourselves watching this shell of what Michigan used to be.

• @JMorris23: We are the Best Big East in the Big Ten....... Bar none!!!

• @jgoody76: This just got even more disgusting. Is it time for a change?

• @SBreaston15: Yikes! Smh

• @desmond_howard As a Wolverine who NEVER lost 2 the Buckeyes, I think U should worry less about a tie and MORE about the product on the field. #wrongfocus



Its a shame our former players are out there saying this, but I guess I get it.