Former M players tweet during OSU

Former M players tweet during OSU

Submitted by wolverine1987 on November 28th, 2010 at 10:31 AM


Former Wolverines tweet on Game


Several former Michigan players used Twitter to express themselves during the 37-7 loss to Ohio State. Among those who tweeted were Jay Feely, Jamie Morris, Jonathan Goodwin, Steve Breaston and Desmond Howard. Feely, Breaston and former U-M players Alan Branch and Gabe Watson -- all currently playing for the Arizona Cardinals -- apparently watched the game together.

• @jayfeely: @SBreaston15, Branch, Gabe Watson all if us are beside ourselves watching this shell of what Michigan used to be.

• @JMorris23: We are the Best Big East in the Big Ten....... Bar none!!!

• @jgoody76: This just got even more disgusting. Is it time for a change?

• @SBreaston15: Yikes! Smh

• @desmond_howard As a Wolverine who NEVER lost 2 the Buckeyes, I think U should worry less about a tie and MORE about the product on the field. #wrongfocus



Its a shame our former players are out there saying this, but I guess I get it.

The Gameplan

The Gameplan

Submitted by Ziff72 on November 28th, 2010 at 10:25 AM

I know the game was very frustrating, but I was a little surprised at the complete meltdown from this board.   Things I saw that I thought people would have be happy with that seemingly no one cared about or noticed.

1. We were in a 4 man line most of the game and shut down there run game save 2 plays...the 90 yd run was a missed tackle by Vinopal....and I'm not sure what happened on the 40yd run but for the most part Greg had a good scheme and shut them down.  I think Brian will be happy in the UFR with the defense.

2. The pass defense was mediocre, but most of the damage was done from Pryor scrambling, which what are you going to do he does it to everyone.

3. The offense went up and down the field on one of the best defenses in the country, on the road, when they have game planned all year to stop us.  The only time they actually stopped us with Denard in the game was after the procedure penalty on Jackson(who shouldn't have been playing but for all the WR injuries).  Tate was less effective, but the point is they really couldn't stop the offense with Denard at the helm.

4. Most of the special teams problems were a result of RR keeping a guy home for discipline.  Not sure anyone can argue with that.

Based on the above I saw plenty of progress yesterday.  The score was not indicative of how the game was played.   Did you feel the same way about RR and Gerg when it was 10-7 late in the 2nd and we had squandered so many opportunities?

So let's see we ended up getting beat by 1 of the best teams in the country on the road with our starting qb out,  our best wr having the worst game of his career, our 3rd and 4th best wr's out of the game and our 2nd best wr playing at 60%, our secondary in shambles, our best defensive player playing on 1 leg and our punter and kickoff kicker at home.    Was it really so shocking to have you switch your faith in RR?   What part of yesterday made you lose faith in RR as a coach? What were people like Wojo and everyone saying now he should go expecting to see yesterday?  If the score was 27-17 like it probably should have been would people have a different tune right now?




I Hate Everything

I Hate Everything

Submitted by Swayze Howell Sheen on November 28th, 2010 at 8:20 AM

After games like this, or actually during games like this, I can feel a simple feeling inside of me: hate. A pure and simple emotion, and one that shouldn't be suppressed. And as the game progressed, I realize that my hate is very generic and can be applied to most anything and everyone. And yes, this is a form of therapy, so please indulge me.

I hate Matt Millen. Did you ever see a guy come less prepared to a game? A bunch of people have said "well, at least he's a good color commentator" which is complete horse crap - he clearly knew very little about Michigan and would just make things up on the fly about various players. Like that Mouton is one of those "smart, cagey" veterans who knows where to be on the field, but just gets beat physically sometimes (he seriously said something of this nature). And on and on. Man am I sick of Millen - and I won't even mention how he ran the Lions into the ground in epic fashion, or at least I won't dwell on it. 

Millen: Bad at everything

I hate those goddamned three buckeye fans they show over and over and over and over again. You know the guys: cowboy guy in white, crazy hair with nut necklace, and silver face. All are pretty fat. Note to camera people: THERE ARE OTHER FANS IN THE STANDS. Christ, they should make a movie about them. It would go something like this: three losers get way over-dressed up every week to watch football. During the rest of the week, they live at home with their mothers, who beat them. It is not a good movie, probably foreign.

This is silver face. I hate him, even if he missed Stef.

I have Jim Tressel. Oh fuck all of you who say "well, he's classy" and all of that shit. He is a smug asshole and he coaches the other team - do you really need to pump that guy up? And seriously, if I hear him talk one more time, well, actually I never hear him talk, because by the third word, I am asleep. Could a guy be more fucking boring? And if I hear him talk about how this senior class is special, Christ, YOU SAY THAT EVERY DAMN YEAR. I hate you, and I hate your senior class.

A Hawaiian shirt, seriously?

I hate those little gold pants they give each buckeye who beats Michigan. It's a PAIR OF PANTS, asshole. I don't care about your stupid traditions, and I sure don't care how many pairs of tiny pants you have. Why don't you buy some tiny dolls to go with those tiny pants, that would be swell. At least by losing a lot, the tradition is being confused: current players probably just think Tressel likes tiny pants and gives them to the players at the end of the year. Of course, if they could stay awake during his speeches, they might know better.

Stupid gold pants: they are so special you can buy them on ebay.

I hate Jim Harbaugh. Why? BECAUSE HE IS NOT OUR DAMNED COACH. And until he is, I hate him, pretty much like I hate all other coaches.

See how it says "STANFORD HEAD COACH"?

I hate people who cheer for the "Big Ten" during Bowl Season. Christ, you think I'm going to get all excited for MSU or OSU during their bowl game? Fuck that - I cheer for them to lose, and I cheer for it to be a blowout. Really, the only thing that remains positive in my mind about 2006 was watching OSU get destroyed in the bowl game. The look on Tressel's face that night was precious. If you watch closely, you can see him reach into his pockets near the end of game, and rub a tiny pair of gold pants. Well, he is rubbing something in there, that I'm sure of. 

Are you seriously going to cheer for this asshole?

I hate stupid fans. Especially when they call into talk radio, over and over again, to say the same damned things. I DON'T CARE IF YOU THINK THEY SHOULD FIRE RICH ROD. Of course, I also hate myself for listening to talk radio, which is generally a waste of time and grey matter. 

This is Sam Webb, whom I actually like (Ira too).

I hate people who can't understand that we essentially started the entire football program over. It's kind of like a plane crashed with Lloyd's team on it, and we had to start from scratch. That's how you should judge the team, dammit. Almost everyone good on the team is a sophomore, and many of those would be redshirt freshman on a normal team. WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND? I KNOW WHY: BECAUSE YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE RANDOM FAN WHO DOESN'T UNDERSTAND BASIC THINGS.

This is the second hit for "dumb people" on google images

I hate people who cheer for Michigan to lose, so that we can fire the coach. There probably aren't many of you, but you suck. When you see a young team, physically overmatched in so many positions, trying so hard out there every week, even when the results aren't there, and you cheer against them, you are nothing but the most horrible kind of asshole. The team puts in a lot of effort, never quits, and all you do, sucky fan, is sit there and hope that they lose. Fuck off.

I hate Kirk Herbstreit. I saw him in person at a gameday once, and let me tell you, he is surprisingly short. And, surprisingly still a douchebag. I am hoping that he catches a stroke from Corso, though my sources tell me it isn't contagious. Oh well, maybe Corso, in some stroke-fueled rage, will stab Herbstreit repeatedly while putting on some kind of goofy hat. Desmond will just watch, smiling, and maybe do a Heisman pose.

Herby, you suck.

I hate all the links to articles in the freep or detnews. WHO FUCKING CARES? Do people read this crap anymore? Could it be any clearer that columnists for those papers are shitty writers with very little knowledge of sports? For god's sake STOP READING THOSE PAPERS AND THEN POSTING SOMETHING HERE ABOUT HOW BAD THEY ARE. It is not hard, you just remove the "bookmark" to from your browser, asshole. Newspapers are dying for a good reason - their only reason for existence was the fact that they could distribute information cheaply. Then came internet, and content mattered. OOPS! Bye bye shitty newspapers.

This is a crumpled newspaper. OH THE SYMBOLISM

As you can tell, I could go on, because right now, I am feeling a lot of hate. But there is one thing here that I love, which is true for most of you too: Michigan football. And that's why I keep coming back. Those kids who put on the maize and blue and fight every week, even when the odds are against them, well, that is what I love. I'll watch the bowl game, and cheer like hell for them to win, and feel sad if they lose, and then I'll prepare for the long off-season of crap, full of things I hate. 

To those whom this article has offended, well, guess what: I hate you. And if you write "tl;dr" I hate you too -- at least try to be original, asshole. But if I bored you or was less funny than intended, well, sorry about that. It's the hate getting in the way of writing a quality diary, I swear it.

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Wasted thoughts

Wasted thoughts

Submitted by Steve Lorenz on November 28th, 2010 at 2:21 AM

Hey guys....

I know it's a rough time but we seriously need to keep our heads in it. As much as we want to hate these are the days when true fans are born. It's seriously hard to turn on ABC at noon and not expect more than what we have but we HAVE to deal with it. It's what has been handed to us. Man up and continue the fight. That's all I really want as a fan. I want to know that fans still have our players' backs! If you aren't a fan of the coaching staff that's your business but remember the players who committed their futures to our program and to us their fans! Honestly, it's been rough but we need to man up and weather the storm. Go Blue! 

Report: Bill Stewart to retire as West Virginia coach

Report: Bill Stewart to retire as West Virginia coach

Submitted by aaamichfan on November 28th, 2010 at 1:36 AM

Although the given list of potential replacements is small, Casteel doesn't appear to be a target for the position.

Could this be what RR has been waiting for?


Edit: I'm not sure how credible SB Nation is. If this is completely unfounded, please excuse my ignorance.

I'm actually more concerned with the Offense than the Defense.

I'm actually more concerned with the Offense than the Defense.

Submitted by M-Dog on November 28th, 2010 at 12:27 AM

The Defense will improve no matter what.  It literally has nowhere to go but up.

But the Offense is a cause for concern.  It flat out disappears when it matters in a big game against a good Defense. 

We can run up and down the field between the 20's, but in the red zone when the field is packed in tight, we don't have the power to be able to run the ball, nor the passing skills with a 5' 9" QB to attack it through the air.

Some of this is youth and inexperience, no doubt.  But how much? 

Can someone please talk me off the edge and give me some reassurance that what we saw today is not what we will see next year and why? 

Doyel's postgame role

Doyel's postgame role

Submitted by blueheron on November 27th, 2010 at 11:33 PM

Some of you may have read this RichRod quote from the postgame presser: "I'm going to work tomorrow, as always."

In case you were curious about the line of questioning:…

In the unlikely event that you're unfamiliar with Gregg Doyel, he's Drew Sharp with more talent and creativity.  Ever see the "Dancing Homer" episode of The Simpsons?  That would be Drew Sharp; Capital City's mascot would be Doyel.

Today's Game: I'm Sorry You Guys :(

Today's Game: I'm Sorry You Guys :(

Submitted by husker4life on November 27th, 2010 at 11:27 PM
Hey guys I saw the highlights of the OSU game today and I can't imagine how bad you guys must be feeling right now. It's got to be hard losing 7 years straight to them and I'm sure it's stinging pretty bad tonight. The biggest shocker today here is Iowa losing to the Gophers! Nobody I'm sure saw this coming at all! That team has fallen something awful. They are lucky to make a decent bowl now. I hope you guys do well in your bowl this December! You'll beat Ohio State soon! The defense actually looked impressive in the beginning but it was the offense and fumbles that came back to haunt you. Denard did not have the ball in the right hand at the run at the 9 and that really should of been 6 as should of been Tate's drive late in the 3rd too. You guys could of at least made it a 21-37 game but a loss is a loss. I look forward to playing you guys next year! :)