No Harbaugh at the Football Bust

No Harbaugh at the Football Bust

Submitted by James Burrill Angell on November 29th, 2010 at 5:09 PM

I know I saw a couple of posts about James showing up at the annual football bust since his 1985 team is being honored but apparently thats not the case.


Reliving the last coaching search...

Reliving the last coaching search...

Submitted by DCBlue on November 29th, 2010 at 5:06 PM

Couldn't resist re-posting this, from my old haloscan comments from MGoBlog in the last coaching search:

It has been forever since I last posted anything, including even a comment. While I am still a regular follower of MGoBlog, as well as the new WLA, I've basically been a casual onlooker on the blog scene the whole season. As some of you may (or may not) recall, I was a regular commentator and contributor late last season, as well as over the Winter during the coaching search. In fact, I commiserated with many fellow U-M Law alumi, and basically wasted like 1,000 potential billable hours spending endless hours on MGoBlog tracking the coaching search and waiting for Brian to start a new thread that we could comment on. In any event, today I decided to google my MGoBlog handle and read through my old posts during December of last year. A time, I might add I originally referred to as a "shit storm", but later termed "a diarrhea hurricane." I thought some of you might might enjoy a sampling of some of my posts/comments during that time. My favorite is a "memo" I wrote to all of you summarizing the general malaise and paranoia of everyone following the coaching search on MGoBlog. For those that don't remember, "Spicy BM" was a nickname attributed to Bill Martin at a time (I generally analogized him to a bowel movement). As some of you may also remember, I was a Les Miles fan, and believed he would "crawl through glass" to come back to U-M. I also openly pined for Rich Rodriguez. In any case, after re-reading the threads from that time, there is NO FUCKING WAY I can handle another coaching search any time in the near future. The coaching search makes a 3-7 mark look like the 1997 season. LOL. In any case, hope you enjoy the sampling of some of my old posts (current labeling in bold).



Success! I brought my laptop and am at a Starbucks. GJ delayed (fucking AUSAs).



I've decided to give Grobe a pass -- like the Gambino LCN. He gets freedom from bad commentary from me, but he will be required to win a MNC within 3 years of his hiring at Michigan. Sorry, those are the rules. As a former gov't lawyer who proscuted organized crime cases, I don't give a fuck what the Grobe mafia says about it. 3 years and a national championship. If half of what you guys says about Grobe is true that's not asking to much.



Christ, I'm halfway on the Grobe bandwagon.

DCBlue | 12.06.07 - 1:02 pm | #


I think gsimmons85 is Jim Grobe's handle. He's sitting in his office in Winston-Salem typing away.

DCBlue | 12.06.07 - 1:11 pm | #

ON BILL MARTIN, Generally (Sidenote: Can you fucking believe we thought PSU's Bradley even had a chance? LOL)

How great would it be if BM's "process" included having his AD staff run unsubtantiated rumors of potential candidates up the MGoBlog flagpole? Brady Hoke. Nope can't hire him. Urban Meyer, definate possibility. T. Bradley, definately not.

DCBlue | 12.06.07 - 1:13 pm | #


On "Premium" message boards:

I can't imagine paying money for this rumor mongering. "Premium" message board? Unless they furnish coke and hookers, that's ridiculous.

DCBlue | 12.06.07 - 2:00 pm | #

Bill Martin, revisited:

As much as I want to believe that spicy BM's "process" is just like "Fortitude South" in WWII (the plan to deceive the Germans into thinking that the main attack would come in the Pas-de-Calais and the low countries to the east), I just don't buy it. I think Saturdy and Sunday was a huge clusterfuck, probably brought on a little from both sides and now BM is racing for a plan B to save face/his ass.



I mean Jesus, he's not planning the fucking Normandy landings, he's hiring a football coach. This CIA/KGB stuff would be funny if it wasn't so ridiculous.

DCBlue | 12.06.07 - 3:14 pm | #

The "Memo" summarizing the MGoBlog threads at the time:

TO: Blog Fags






After extensive research, and in an attempt to save all of us the trouble of following new threads, please feel free to print out the following cheat sheet that gives a synopis of every MGoBlog discussion.



1. Les Miles = Crawl through glass.

2. Spicy BM = fucked things up

3. Malfunctioning Blackberry/Sailing


5. Oh my god we're fucked.

6. What a shit storm/diarrhea hurricane.

7. Relax, it will all work out.

8. Fuck you, this is Michigan.

9. Who is the hot coordinator

10. Martin said no coordinators.

11. Kittens

12. Mike Debord

13. Urban Meyer/Sean Peyton/Rich Rodriguez.

14. English/Hoke

15. I need a drink

16. You guys are the greatest

17. Troll

18. We need a profiles in heroism [insert name]

19. Michigan Student provides bi-polar anaylsis.

20. We're like ND

21. No we're not


23. Clean house

24. Pat Forde/Drew Sharp = douche

25. I trust Bill Martin.

26. Fuck that, we're fucked.



Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


Finally, isn't this the truth:

Maybe Harbaugh does warrant a look. sigh.



Whoever it is, we'll all be bitching after the first three and out next year.

DCBlue | 12.07.07 - 11:16 am | #

Performance in the bowl game - a valid input?

Performance in the bowl game - a valid input?

Submitted by JTGoBlue on November 29th, 2010 at 5:01 PM

I'm surprised that it seems most agree that the bowl game, which could present a quality opponent comparable to a top-tier Big Ten team, and hence the opportunity for a 'signature win' , is moot.  The bowl game will quite possibly be the first game since the 5-0 start where the team is reasonably healthy, with 15 practices to coach the younger players. Doesn't this last game present a great opportunity to evaluate the state of the program?  Surprised Brandon hasn't mentioned this, although he probably doesn't want to open up a debate over his evaluation policy...thoughts?

Opinions re: faking injuries during games

Opinions re: faking injuries during games

Submitted by Captain Obvious on November 29th, 2010 at 4:12 PM

Ignoring all else (yes, I know it's hard), what does everyone think about how Harbaugh coached his players to fake injuries during the Oregon game to slow down Oregon's offense?  On another thread, I saw a (moderately upvoted) post suggesting that this was just another example of Harbaugh's coaching brilliance and a great tactical move.  I find it hard to believe that this opinion is widely held, but the points suggest otherwise...

Personally, I think it's pathetic and unethical.  I think it demonstrates a win-at-all-costs attitude that has no place in the NCAA.  I would be absolutely furious if our players were taught to do the same.

If you are in favor of this tactic - would you have applauded Dantonio if he had done this against us this year?  Or would you add it to the list of scummy tactics used by an unethical win-at-all-costs coach?

How do you evaluate a coach?

How do you evaluate a coach?

Submitted by Blue in Yarmouth on November 29th, 2010 at 3:11 PM

I want to ask the question how a coach should be evaulated. I have always been behind RR but at this point I have simply resigned myself to living with whatever happens. I want him to stay, and think we would be better off if he does, but what can I do about it?

After coming to this point I have to wonder how a coach should be evaluated. What we have seen over the past three season has been disappointing. As a fan it has been hard to watch the team we all love go through the growing pains they have. It is fair to say, however, that we have seen steady progress from going 3-9 in year one to 7-5 in year 3.

I would agree with all those who feel the progress hasn't been as fast as I would have hoped, but if we are looking at the long term state of the program is three years really enough (under these circumstances) to say that it is best to go another direction?

For people that think it is, are we going to judge the next coach the same way? If we move back to a pro-style offense, are we going to tell that coach that by year three he needs to be challenging for a big ten title or he is gone? Are we going to tell him that steady improvement isn't enough, and we don't care that the future looks bright beyond this year but since we are not in the big ten title race he is gone? Before the players he recruited even get to the point of being seniors, are we going to tell him he has failed in making us the team we want to become?

I have a difficult time imagining a scenario where it is best for UM to fire the head coach at this point in time, three years into his contract. We have seen steady (albeit slow) progress and it is unquestionable to me that this team will continue to get better given the chance.

There are also the many things outside football that contribute. We have quality young men with a coach who puts discpline and the players health above his own job security. They are doing well in school and genuinely seem to care about eachother and the university. I believe this program is in good shape and improving each year since RR came.

So my question is, how do you evaulate a coach, and when is steady improvement not reasonable to bring them back?

Recruiting: State of the Team and Looking Forward

Recruiting: State of the Team and Looking Forward

Submitted by maddogcody on November 29th, 2010 at 2:51 PM

So the last few years haven't been good for Michigan fans. In truth, the issues the team has faced since Rodriguez took over has consistently been with the defense. Sure the offense definitely had problems his first year, but the defensive recruiting was lacking prior to his arrival.

A cursory look indicates that the problems on our roster began after 2005. In state recruiting in 2005 was the last good year before Rodriguez. 2006 did not provide the coaches with much talent in state. Take a look at what transpired in state since then:

Highly touted 2007 players from instate (still have three):
MLB - Colasanti - PSU
CB - Allen - FSU
OT - Sawtelle - TN
WR - Washington - OSU
FB - Helmuth - Transfer
DE - Ryan VanBergen !!
TE - Martell Webb !!
CB/WR - James Rogers !!

Highly touted 2008 players from instate (still have one):
DE - Perry - USC
RB - Gray - ND
OT - Pannell - PSU
WR - Smith - MSU
CB - Cissoko - ARGH
OT - O'Neill - Transfer
DT - Mike Martin !!

Highly touted 2009 players from instate (ARGH!):
OLB - Norman - MSU
TE - Fragel - OSU
RB - Baker - MSU
WR - Jackson - OSU
RB - Caper - MSU
OG/DT - William Campbell !!

Highly touted 2010 players from instate (still have two):
DE - Golston  - MSU
DE - Olaniyan  - PSU
CB - Hicks - MSU
CB - Mathis - Oregon
DT - Hankins - OSU
RB - White - Transfer
QB - Devin Gardner !!
WR - Ricardo Miller !!

To compound the issues on Defense, the following players did not make it on campus, or left after arrival:
DE - Jones - Ark
DT - Graves - TxTech
K - Fera - PSU
S - Emilien - Transfer
CB - Turner - Transfer
DE - LaLota - Transfer
S - Witty - Qualifications
DE - Kinard - Qualifications
S -  Dorsey - Qualifications

The 2010 class might help Rodriguez on defense next season, if one player from each of the following position groups is good enough to see the field, and play well:
2010 DT:
Jibreel Black (OH)*
Terry Talbott (OH)
Richard Ash (FL)

2010 DE:
Kenny Wilkins (PA)
Jordan Paskorz (PA)

2010 OLB:
Jake Ryan (OH)
Davion Rogers (OH)

2010 S:
Josh Furman (MD)
Marvin Robinson (FL)*
Carvin Johnson (LA)*
Ray Vinopal (OH)*

2010 CB:
Cullen Christian (PA)*
Courtney Avery (OH)*
Terrence Talbott (OH)*

I have to give Rodriguez a pass in year 1 and 2. Unfortunately, I expected a 7-5 record this season after the mess in the secondary revealed itself. Although, the problems with the current state of the team rest solely on the shoulders of Rodriguez at this point. We really need a good recruiting class this year. Unfortunately, in state recruiting isn't where we need it at this point:

Highly touted 2011 players from instate (got three, need more):
OLB - Thomas - MSU
WR - Arnett - TN
CB - Showers - FL
RB - Miller - MSU
K - Brindza - ND
OG/DE - Zettel ?????
DE - Brennen Beyer !!
RB - Justice Hayes !!
OT - Jake Fisher !!

If Rodriguez is going to turn things around long term, he's going to have to seal the deal with Zettel, Frost, a talented Safety and a Defensive Tackle in 2011 recruiting. I believe a change in defensive scheme/philosophy/coaches will impact the recruiting results positively. After that, Rodriguez must turn around in state recruiting in 2012! Looking forward to 2012, there are some prospects to fill positions of need from instate recruiting:
DT - Dan O'Brien
MLB - James Ross
ATH - Brian Blackburn
WR - Aaron Burbridge
OT - Ben Braden
OG - Kelby Latta
DE - Matt Godin
OLB - Royce Jenkins-Stone
WR - Shane Barron

In conclusion, Rodriguez should be given one more year to turn it around. The future state of the team will be revealed on the next signing day. If Rodriguez can't get another talented LB, S and DT in the 2011 class his fate is sealed. Luckily whoever is the coach in 2012 will have a decent instate class to recruit from, and hopefully will have a good enough resume to bring in talent from outside the state as well.

Thanks, Brian...

Thanks, Brian...

Submitted by victors2000 on November 29th, 2010 at 2:33 PM

Thanks for your efforts concerning all sports Michigan, especially the football. It's been another trying season, but through it all you have maintained this blog to it's high standards of performance. I too had 7-5-ish expectations for the team at the beginning of the season, but the "5" portion of the record I did not expect to beat upon my psyche as it has. With every loss I have written less and less forum content. I can't; all I can come up with is pathetic gibberish. We've all suffered as the season progressed; for the most part forum content degenerated to a mixture of petty squabbles and blah,blah,blah. Chaos. Then the flock comes together as the shepard appears; an entry from you. Each week you are able to rise above the angst and whip up something insightful, informative, and entertaining. This, despite knowing that you too have recieved the dongpunches we the readers have felt and has us all spiritually bentover in some freaky agony. I went to school here at Michigan thinking I was smart, but left knowing I was less so (I did garner a truckload of character, though); I don't know what it takes to maintain a top-notch blog, but I apperently would not have that either. So, thanks, Merry Christmas to you and yours, and god bless; I feel I can safely say from all of us who partake of the blog, that it is both a blessing and a pleasure to read what's on your mind concerning Michigan sports.

Go Blue

OT- So this is what it looks like when you finally lose your football team

OT- So this is what it looks like when you finally lose your football team

Submitted by iawolve on November 29th, 2010 at 2:19 PM

***Warning- Read the post before the carpet bombing of neg bangs commence

My point is that with all our troubles, we have at least not seen these depths (which actually could be understandable based on the struggles the last three years). This is coming from an Iowa team, run by a well respected coach, that mailed it in last weekend against Minnesota. Bear in mind, this was a team that started the year ranked #9 and was given 1 in 10 odds by Vegas of playing in the NC game. However, it is also a team that has lost a fourth quarter lead in each of its 5 losses. 

Courtesy of the Iowa Press-Citizen:

"We lost the will to win"- Adrian Clayborn

"Something happened on the way up here: we just didn't have our heads in it"- Allen Reisner

The result was Minny pushing these guys around at the end of the game, just running at Iowa when they needed first downs to bleed the clock. As our fan base continues to roil, it isn't exactly smooth sailing everywhere else. Especially considering this was one of our leading coaching candidates three years ago. Better days can't come soon enough.