2010 All Big 10 Teams

2010 All Big 10 Teams

Submitted by Zone Left on November 30th, 2010 at 7:42 AM

Tim didn't include the full All Big-10 Team for 2010 as voted on by the coaches.  Denard is an honorable mention, presumably because only the coaches vote for the whole team while the media also vote on Player of the Year.  Congrats to all, including David Molk (1st Team), Roy Roundtree, Jonas Mouton, and Mike Martin (2nd Team), and Steve Shilling (Honorable Mention).

Also, Ryan Kerrigan took home Defensive POY, Gabe Carimi (Wisconsin) was voted Lineman of the Year and his teammate James White is Freshman of the Year.


2010 All-Big Ten Conference Football Team

Dan Persa, Northwestern Quarterback Scott Tolzien, Wisconsin
Mikel Leshoure, Illinois Running Back Evan Royster, Penn State
Dan Herron, Ohio State Running Back John Clay, Wisconsin
Tandon Doss, Indiana* Receiver Marvin McNutt, Iowa#
Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, Iowa* Receiver
Dane Sanzenbacher, Ohio State* Receiver
David Molk, Michigan Center Mike Brewster, Ohio State
Stefen Wisniewski, Penn State Guard Julian Vandervelde, Iowa
John Moffitt, Wisconsin Guard Justin Boren, Ohio State
Mike Adams, Ohio State Tackle Riley Reiff, Iowa
Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin Tackle D.J. Young, Michigan State
Lance Kendricks, Wisconsin Tight End Allen Reisner, Iowa
Dan Conroy, Michigan State Kicker Derek Dimke, Illinois
Adrian Clayborn, Iowa Line Corey Liuget, Illinois
Cameron Heyward, Ohio State Line Karl Klug, Iowa
Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue Line Mike Martin, Michigan
J.J. Watt, Wisconsin Line Ollie Ogbu, Penn State
Greg Jones, Michigan State Linebacker Martez Wilson, Illinois
Ross Homan, Ohio State Linebacker Jeremiha Hunter, Iowa
Brian Rolle, Ohio State Linebacker Eric Gordon, Michigan State
Shaun Prater, Iowa Defensive Back Brett Greenwood, Iowa*
Tyler Sash, Iowa Defensive Back Johnny Adams, Michigan State*
Chimdi Chekwa, Ohio State Defensive Back Trenton Robinson, Michigan State*
Jermale Hines, Ohio State Defensive Back Chris L. Rucker, Michigan State*
  Defensive Back Aaron Henry, Wisconsin*
Anthony Santella, Illinois Punter Aaron Bates, Michigan State

HONORABLE MENTION: ILLINOIS: Jeff Allen, Nate Bussey, Trulon Henry, Graham Pocic, Tavon Wilson; INDIANA: Damarlo Belcher, James Brewer, Mitch Ewald; IOWA: Christian Ballard, Mike Daniels, Adam Robinson, Ryan Donahue; MICHIGAN: Denard Robinson, Stephen Schilling; MICHIGAN STATE: Edwin Baker, Kirk Cousins, Mark Dell, Joel Foreman, Charlie Gantt, Marcus Hyde, Jerel Worthy; MINNESOTA: D.J. Burris; NORTHWESTERN: Drake Dunsmore, Jeremy Ebert, Brian Peters; OHIO STATE: Devin Barclay, DeVier Posey, Terrelle Pryor, John Simon; PENN STATE: Quinn Barham, Chris Colasanti, D'Anton Lynn, Derek Moye; PURDUE: Ricardo Allen, Dwayne Beckford, Carson Wiggs; WISCONSIN: Montee Ball, Niles Brinkley, Antonio Fenelus, Peter Konz, Bill Nagy, Blake Sorensen, Mike Taylor, Ricky Wagner, Philip Welch, James White, Kevin Zeitler.

OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Denard Robinson, Michigan
FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR: James White, Wisconsin

Big Ten Sportsmanship Award Honorees: Tavon Wilson, ILL; Tyler Replogle, IND; Ricky Stanzi, IOWA; Mark Moundros, MICH; Kirk Cousins, MSU; Jon Hoese, MINN; Corbin Bryant, NU; Bryant Browning, OSU; Brett Brackett, PSU; Ryan Kerrigan, PUR; Scott Tolzien, WIS.

Lifelong Hangover-In My Heart

Lifelong Hangover-In My Heart

Submitted by EZMIKEP on November 30th, 2010 at 3:59 AM

(Sorry if this is to long for the board-I don't post often and I felt like I am not a good enough writer to post in a diary compared to whats on the board these days)


 Yesterday one of my best friends called me to talk a bit about Michigan football as we always do every other week or so. During the conversation you could hear the frustration and disappointment in both our voices. It was just total disgust from the entire ordeal. Even after everything thats happened since OSU 2006 & App State I have never heard that "I am damn tired and almost beat" voice from either one of us. But it was there today. 


If there is one thing that I am sure of if they fire Rich, its that the feeling of sadness will never ever leave me. I fucking love this guy. I'll be a lifelong fan and whatever school he goes to is going to become my 2nd favorite team and I don't have a 2nd favorite team. Its Michigan. And I am not grandstanding but damn if Rich isn't the gold standard of what we consider a Michigan man to be.  It shows in the kids and anyone who can't see that is a blind fool. Has he made some mistakes since he got here? Yes and who hasn't? But none of them would have ever been blown so far out of proportion if it wasn't for the bad luck, more bad luck, timing and microscopic eye he has been under. 


This has been beat like a dead horse but the simple fact is its true-Rodriguez has never had anything but grief since he walked in the door. Yet he just keeps on smiling, trying to be polite and doing what is best for the program. I'd say that is pretty commendable considering I have never in my life seen a person take as much intentional sabotaging as this coach has. Sure there have been some actual shitty coaches get publicly dogged here and there but its just kisses of sunshine compared to this.


Violations? We all know he didn't commit any goddamn violations. He was picked apart by some classless and completely worthless so called journalists in one of the biggest hatchet jobs in college sports history. I wish we lived in a simpler world where Dave Brandon says we want a flat out apology or anyone on your payroll is never allowed near the program again. IMO their smear job alone may have cost this team and Rich a couple of wins progress just due to it affect on recruiting. And ultimately that is just one more missile in my arsenal of reasoning for keeping this man one more year. 


Nobody on here or anywhere can truly give good reasoning for his firing without leaving out even more reasoning for keeping him. But the Jim Harbaugh thing has made so many people lose sight, even more so than the losses. And they don't even know if the guy really wants the job or if Michigan even wants him. Everybody is in a rush as if this is it, we need to seize the day and get this guy now before he bolts etc., that the true reasoning as to why we need to wait has left out the door for even some of the biggest Rich Rodriguez supporters. 


Is this the only coach out there? Maybe. Maybe not. But if we are trying to make a change immediately he might be the only correct choice if a change has to happen right now. But if Rich is shown the door and Harbaugh is the guy to replace him, what happens if he fails? That is when looking at the very long term future right now becomes essential. Because if anyone here thinks we are going to be able to hand select a great coach after they see what just happened with Rich, let alone followed by an exit by one of Michigans own its a wrap and we really could tailspin for a long time just like so many fans are paranoid about. IMO Nobody worth their weight is going to want to touch the job. Why would they? With the local media slander job and the hateful part of the fanbase looming in background, if you aren't showing the college football world that you will give someone time to succeed under these conditions the lineup won't be long. Hell it wasn't in 2007 either. 


On the flip side, if we fire Rich Rodriguez and replace him with Jim Harbaugh and he becomes successful I will be happy to have a good coach and see Michigan win. But deep down in my heart I will also be hurt and broken hearted for what could have been as well as a bit ashamed. I'll always think "What if?" for years. What if he had one more damn year. One more year without all the bad luck, less speculation drama(because it will be what it will be-a make or brake year-no extra questions asked because they have all been asked and answered except one) and with a team that actually wasn't a bunch of babies compared to the rest of the Big 10. And if that never comes, and in the coming weeks I end up seeing Rich get shown the door I will shed more than a few tears and thats no bullshit. Because this story would truly have a sad ending. In epic media fashion to boot. 

Im sure Harbaugh if hired would give the fans a lot of hype fuel with words about wipping our rivals asses, and I have heard a lot of people saying they want that because they feel Rich doesn't show any fire or seem to care about our rivals. But I say hogwash, nobody wants those wins more than he does. But I don't see rich as the guy to go out spewing Dantonio like moronic comments with or without the product to back it up. But I think when we are ready to roll these teams and he knows it, there will definitely be some jabs, yet professional because thats who he is.  


People say hiring Harbaugh will unite the fanbase. Maybe in a way, but the damn fans should have already been there. 

No Way Coach Rod gets fired this year

No Way Coach Rod gets fired this year

Submitted by elhead on November 30th, 2010 at 1:25 AM

There's no need for it. Brandon is committed to doing an evaluation after the bowl game. It is already too late to fire Rodriguez. There is no harm done in letting him coach another year - especially on the money side of things. If Harbaugh wants to go pro, well then, he can make that decision. We don't want him if he is just going to do that in a few years anyway, and on the other hand if he really, really wants to come to Ann Arbor well, eff it, let him show us that. Especially the case after the way he jammed up the program a few years back.

Brian, you may have heard things from reputable sources, but I do not hear you saying that someone has told you anything with certainty.

So based on the rumors, but then looking at the time, and the bottom line, and then considering that there is absolutely no evidence that Harbaugh even WANTS to come here, I'll stick with my guns. It would be a bad decision to dump Coach Rod and go off into the unknown, especially with the price being what it is.

Additionally, I have heard it said that Brandon will not fire Coach Rod unless he has some assurance that Harbaugh wants the job. To those who say this, I ask where the f*** is your information coming from on this one? And also I will say - if Brandon is the kind of slimeball that would say on one hand that he will wait in order to evaluate, all then while putting out feelers to Harbaugh, and then conditioning what he does based on what Harbaugh says, then we all must step back and reconsider the propriety of the Athletic Director. I consider him to be a stand-up guy - but maybe I should reconsider, based on the infinite wisdom of the speculators in our midst.

It's Tuesday, and Rich is still the coach

It's Tuesday, and Rich is still the coach

Submitted by M-Wolverine on November 30th, 2010 at 1:03 AM
That may in and of itself seem like news, but for those in the media who predicted (or guessed or opined or whatever excuse word they want to use) that he was going to get fired on Monday, and Brandon was a big liar liar pants on fire, they were wrong. (Yeah, I mean you, Lynn Henning)

Not OT: Sparky Anderson replaced Les Moss

Not OT: Sparky Anderson replaced Les Moss

Submitted by Edward Khil on November 30th, 2010 at 12:48 AM

I want Rodriguez to remain Michigan's Coach.  But I suspect that Brandon likes the flexibility of potentially hiring Harbaugh, after the bowl games.  I honestly don't think he's made up his mind.  But, as he has stated, he didn't ever intend to have made the decision by now.  And I think Harbaugh is enjoying the knowledge that he will be seriously considered for the Michigan coaching job, but for now can just focus on preparing for a BCS bowl.

I want RR to remain.  I FELT it was a bit unfair when Les Moss, who had a winning record  was fired by the Detroit Tigers in order to bring on Sparky Anderson.  But I wasn't entirely unhappy that this World Series winner came aboard.  Joe Dumars fired Rick Carlisle, and hired Larry Brown, who had won a National Championship at Kansas.  And the Red Wings fired Bryan Murray after a 103 point season, because Scotty Bowman was available.

The difference between these three examples and Harbaugh v Rodriguez is that the other three coaches were proven CHAMPIONS.

All that being said, whether or not Brandon fires RR and hires JH, I will support our Coach.  And I will support Brandon in whatever decision he makes.

The Whine

The Whine

Submitted by Mmanfromthea2 on November 30th, 2010 at 12:02 AM

This is my first journal entry. Never thought I'd see a reason to do so. Brian's and company, as well as large portion of the casual/everyday posters had been enough for me. I really didn't  then, or probaby, now,have anything that would bring anything new or better written. Now, knowing my opinion  is just that, my opinion, I feel compelled to hunt and peck this entry.

Why....why would any sane fan of this great team even entertain the idea of a coaching change? I don't need to recount everything you already know. Plain and simple when we hired R.R we hired a new era. I've watched this TEAM for 40 yrs. I know what a Michigan man is. Michigan men don't say big blue  and thet don't whine like buckeyes when for the first time since I was a young  boy we don't get our nine  wins every season -- nine being a give or take sorta thing. I'm not gonna go research the #'s but i believe I was 12 the last time we didn't make a bowl. Now two years and we're back. But i still hear this whine.

If I could justify any of the numerous reasons, maybe just one, this entry would never be made. I see the same #'s, opinions, polls and content that you do; and as hard as I've tried to stay off the boards I cannot. Michigan is MICHIGAN for a reason. We are truly the leaders and the best. Sometimes "leading" can be painful. When these kid have had a chance...a fair shot at showing their talent and heart, we will have, as you've already seen, the most dynamic point scoring machine this league has ever seen. Denard now with Devin in the wings. What else do you want ? Everyone sans S.S is back. But still this whine.

KIDS who shouldn't even see playing time for two years are thrown into the Big 10 and I hear whine. Are you kidding me ! ? The talent is there and the heart is as big as I've seen. Give these kids a chance, a fair shot.  Is a year too much ? Practices before the 28th, the bowl game, off season...We'll have a decent D next year. R.R and company have had nooooo luck. None. I read it in here somewhere; no special teams, no defense and we manage 7-5. If you were told preseason of the injury plague that would be our defense this year; would you have bet on 7-5 ? I wouldn't have. 

I know in my heart and soul he needs only 2011 to make his case. By 2012 we'll be a BCS contender. We have the chance to witness something special, Something new and ahead of the curve -- the Big 10 has never seen what they'll see once these guys grow up. You don't think he "fits" or isn't a Michigan man; that's on you. I want to see what I've always seen at the Big House: a team other teams are afraid of. A team that dominates and executes and does it with integrity and class. You think Tress would have suspended a key player prior to this game ?

No more whine. The pain is over you just don't know it yet. "Coaching changes yes....Regime change ? Naw baby naw.....D.B is laughing at all R.R haters and those quick to squeeze the trigger. He know's......I know he knows. But I still had to hunt and peck....and I feel better ;-)

                                                         GO BLUUUUUUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lost Letterman on Harbaugh at Stanford and Michigan temptation

Lost Letterman on Harbaugh at Stanford and Michigan temptation

Submitted by yossarians tree on November 29th, 2010 at 11:19 PM

Much new here (at least to me).

And please Jaysus H. Christo don't bite my head off if this has been already posted. I don't live here. I'm just a visitor.


Hard to Disagree with Both "Sides"

Hard to Disagree with Both "Sides"

Submitted by snoopblue on November 29th, 2010 at 10:28 PM

Disclaimer: This is my opinion. And for the record, because the decision to keep or fire Rich Rodriguez is completely out of my hands, I no longer have an opinion on the subject. I trust the people in charge and will go with whatever decision they make. Unlike most of these other diaries, this has no statistics. They just aren't my thing. I warn you, this is long. It is basically my rationale for being rational. Take it for what it is worth... Thanks.


After the Ohio State beatdown, I was angry and wanted RR fired. Sunday I was too angry about the Wiki Leaks guy so I cooled down a little bit. On Monday, after seeing Denard Robinson win the Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year award, I've cooled down significantly and am looking at things more rationally, but not delusionally by any means.

Rich Rodriguez has done a terrible job coaching this team his first three years. When his WVU DC wasn't coming, he should have kept Ron English because he doesn't know shit about defense and/or the Big Ten. Ron English wasn't the greatest DC, but he was young, had energy and the respect of the kids that we had. RR should have adjusted his offense to Threet's talents, but he either didn't know how or was too stubborn. Then comes Tate, played well but he was a Freshman - what did you expect? Then Denard played flat out amazing but still he was a first year starter (Who won Big Ten OPOY). The defense? Can't honestly say Greg or Shafer are terrible coordinators or RR is a moron for forcing a system and staff upon them (or both). Either way, the entire coaching has failed when it comes to tackling. Every football player needs to know how to tackle with proper form. Offense on turnovers, special teams, and obviously defense. That is a fundamental. RR needs to give up on his defense philosophy and fire his friend Tony Gibson. On special teams, the kicking game is partly RR's fault, but Gibbons was a bust. Hagerup is great. Poor tackling on returns - that is mostly on Tony Gibson and partly on the other coaches for not teaching this fundamental football move. I don't know if they break down special teams film to look at teams blocking schemes on special teams, but uh, it didn't look like it. The injuries in 2010 really hurt, especially on defense and in our run game. Red zone turnovers by a first year starter at QB really killed us in some of those games, too.


It's a real conundrum we are in. Fire him and somewhat start over with a new guy, although I think the transition wouldn't be as bad as 2008 with a coach that isn't as stubborn as RR. Or say that for the first time, we have a returning QB that has proved he is electric. A stable of great WRs and RBs, many who are upperclassmen. Solid OL. Solid incoming recruits. Defense returning from an injury plagued year with many young players that had on the job training and game experience that will have an entire new staff running their own that is actually effective in defending Big Ten offenses (that is a MUST if RR stays). If RR can't handle an autonomous defense, then he is not all in for Michigan and should be fired. You want to build the best program in America right? Then bring in the best Defensive Coordinator and Staff you can find and let them do it their way, the same way you do it with your offense.

I pity David Brandon for having to make this decision. It basically makes or breaks his legacy as an AD. (And could have an impact on his political future, who knows.) Fans, media and former players all calling for the coach's head. Does he succumb to their demands? Does he see what I stated above and say "One More Year?" If he gives him another year and we have great season in 2011, he is a genius. T shirts will be made, "Patience is a virtue? No - David Brandon is patience." If we flop, he is a chump with no credibility.


In 2008 when Rich Rodriguez was hired, there were people who didn't like him. 3-9? More people didn't like him. First NCAA violations in program history? More. 5-7? More. 7-5 with poundings by Big Ten's elite? Even more. And it's hard to argue against those people, it has not been pretty or fun by any means. And then there are the people who stood by the coach no matter what, because he was the Michigan coach. As long as they always pulled for Michigan to win, these groups are the same - just passionate Michigan fans with strong opinions. And today, there is a supposed divide amongst the Michigan faithful. FIRE HIM NOW and WAIT AND SEE. These groups are also one in the same - one views the glass half full, the other half empty. The WAIT AND SEE group is no doubt angry with the way this coach has mismanaged and poorly coached his way into a hole in the job of a lifetime and straight up dragged Michigan through the mud. With all the drama and losing the past couple years, they still ask for patience because they want to see where this thing goes when some stability is involved (minus the defensive coaches =)..) The FIRE HIM NOW group wants to...well..FIRE HIM NOW. And you can't really blame them for feeling this way after the past few seasons. At the same time, as much as they were saddened, angered and frustrated by watching the games we lost, they can't tell me that they weren't thrilled watching Denard Robinson go apeshit on Notre Dame or the defense coming through in 3OT against Illinois. I know you can argue that all the wins, yards and points came against lesser opponents, a back-up QB at ND and vs. UCONN, Bowling Green. You can argue that we played close games against bad teams. (We did, FCS UMASS 42-37 are you kidding me?) You can argue that we were not even close in any of our losses, and that most yards and points came in on clean-up duty defenses. Once again, you are probably right. You don't even have to argue about the defense. However, you can't argue against the fact that our offense has shown flashes of being unstoppable and that the defense was plagued by freak injuries that forced inexperienced players, young and old, to play in games they had no business seeing the field in. We are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If you want the coach to stay for one more year, you should be able to support him and still agree that he has done a horrendous job thus far and excuses about the cupboard being bare aren't applicable anymore. You should demand he stays away from the defense. If you want him fired now, ask yourself this question. If you could turn the page and take a peek as to what 2011 holds for Michigan Football with Rich Rodriguez, would you be curious enough to take a look? If you would, then maybe your mind isn't as made up as you thought it was.