Rocko Khoury's brother?

Rocko Khoury's brother?

Submitted by kaykaybroke on December 2nd, 2010 at 9:49 AM

Strolling through prospects on rivals, and a name jumped out at me..Khoury

Could this be rocko khoury's brother? They're both from traverse city so there's a good shot, but he's only a freshman right now so there's time before he enters the recruiting scene.

Lists michigan as one of his schools though so that's interesting, he's one of the only 2014 prospects that actually have a list of schools.


plays defensive tackle, and is 6'2! as a freshman!

Shannon vs Heater

Shannon vs Heater

Submitted by fatbastard on December 2nd, 2010 at 1:38 AM

Let us assume that we retain coach Rodriguez. Most of the fanbase assumes that Gerg won't be. At the very least there will likely be two or three defensive coaches let go.

Candidates for the defensive coordinator position might include:

Bruce Tall:   I assume this is unlikely. The defense has been poor enough that it would be hard to justify elevatingthe best position coach on what seems to be a weak staff. On the other hand if rodriguez is going to want his dc to play a 335 regardless of experience with it, Tall is probably better suited to do that than gerg.  It would be hard to be worse. Ultimately, I believe that Brandon will want someone with a proven record and more appealing to the masses. So should rodriguez--he may only have one more year to prove himself.

Chuck Heater:   If he's available this would seem to be a good fit. Michigan ties. Florida plays a tough style of defense which we expect to play. The fans for mchigan would embrace him because he played here and has had good success in the ESS-EEE-SEE. The DC job for heater would be an upgrade for him and could be a stepping stone to a head coach consideration here or elsewhere depending on how thngs go.

Randy Shannon:   Probably a pipe dream since he will likely have a shot at a head coach position for a lower level major cnference school like Minnesota, Mississippi State, Maryland. It's likely he would choose that option if available. He'd be a good fit though. We already focus heavily on recruiting Florida and his ties there would further that connection. He's also the type of coach who could be hired and paid well and allow Rodriguez to continue to be very hands off with the defense. From the little I have read, Shannon places significant effort on kids going to class and staying out of trouble and would be a good fit with Rodriguez from that perspective.  With his defensive track record Brandon would approve and likely be willing to pay. He's recently mentioned that the coach here is gven a lot and a lot is expected. This would certainly fit hat description and potentially se up a solid defensive staff for a couple of years unless or until Shannon were offered a good head coachng position or Rodriguez let go. if we,re willing to pay LSU type assistant money there could be a chance toland him. Detractors would correctly say that he doesn't have Michigan or Big 10 experience, but his track record would appease most fans (at least for a year or two).

Jim Herman: doubtful. He'd be an improvement over what we have. He's familar with the program. That however may actually be a reason he wouldn't be cnsided. RR has spent a signifcant amount of effort and time changing the way thngs were done before him. RR would likely feel threatened by that move and it's probably an impossibility for that reason.

My choice would be Shannon. I doubt he'll be available. I'd take Heater. Either would appease the alums and donors for a year or two. By then well know if Rodriguez is the guy.

CC: Rich Rodriguez vs John L Smith (not all negative)

CC: Rich Rodriguez vs John L Smith (not all negative)

Submitted by MichiganFootball on December 1st, 2010 at 11:48 PM

This is probably a bad idea right now the way people are divided and I'm not making this comparison with negative intentions (though for Rich Rodriguez supporters, just mentioning the name John L Smith is bad enough, the guy's reputation is radioactive).  And just for full disclosure I'll say up front that I would be in favor of getting rid of Rich Rodriguez and replacing him with Harbaugh.

All that said, this probably won't go over well but all I'm really trying to put forth is the stats (and let people draw their own conclusions). Maybe this against my better judgement and I'm just asking for trouble/being overly provactive. All I can say is that I'm not intentionally starting to stir up trouble. Going to try and just present the data and let people draw their own conclusions. With that said, I think the year three comparison of the two coaches is troubling. 

Went with this comparison for three reasons

1) John L Smith represents the worst case scenario. Those who want to get rid of Rich Rodriguez fear that we just have another version of John L Smith (whether this fear is justified or not). Someone who gets the job done on the offensive side of the ball, but who can't build a complete team. And to be clear, there's no definitive answer here.    

2) Easy comparison because John L Smith is someone who most Michigan fans are pretty familiar with.

3)From what I remember (and my memory of the John L Smith years has faded a bit) there were similiar kinds of problems. Good offense, bad defense (especially secondary wise). Had the tendancy to start the season well, but fade once MSU hit the meat of their schedule.

Below are relevant stats that I've pulled

Record for three years before Rodriguez or John L Smith

  MSU U of M
Year 1 5-6 7-5
Year 2 7-5 11-2
Year 3 4-8 9-4

Year One Comparison

  John L Smith Rich Rodriguez
Record 8-5 (started 7-1) 3-9
Total Yards 367.38 yards per game (73rd) 290.75 yards per game (109th)
Passing Yards 270 yards per game (23rd) 143.17 yards per game (108th)
Rushing Yards 97.38 yards per game (111th) 147.58 yards per game (59th)
Points 27.92 points per game (49th) 20.25 points per game (101st)
Total Yards 379.92 yards per game(62nd) 366.92 yards per game (67th)
Passing Yards 255.15 yards per game(97th) 230 yards per game (87th)
Rushing Yards 124.8 yards per game(27th) 136.92 yards per game (50th)
Points 22.5 points per game (40th) 28.92 points per game (84th)  

Year Two Comparison

  John L Smith Rich Rodriguez
Record 5-7 5-7 (started 4-0)
Total Yards 460 yards per game (10th) 384.50 yards per game (59th)
Passing Yards 221.50 yards per game (51st) 198.33 yards per game (81st)
Rushing Yards 238.50 yards per game (10th) 186.17 yards per game (25th)
Points 29.42 points per game (38th) 29.50 points per game (41st)
Total Yards 381.42 yards per game (42nd) 393.33 yards per game (82nd)
Passing Yards 209 yards per game (54th) 221.42 yards per game (67th)
Rushing Yards 172.42 yards per game (73rd) 171.92 yards per game (91st)
Points 27.17 points per game (72nd) 27.50 points per game (77th)

Year Three Comparison

  John L Smith Rich Rodriguez
Record 5-6(started 4-0) 7-5 (started 5-0)
Total Yards 497.27 yards per game (5th) 500.92 yards per game (6th)
Passing Yards 295.45 yards per game (11th) 249.83 yards per game (34th)
Rushing Yards 201.82 yards per game (20th) 251.08 yards per game (11th)
Points 33.82 points per game (18th) 34.33 points per game (23rd)
Total Yards 409.55 yards per game (87th) 447.92 yards per game (109th)
Passing Yards 244.91 yards per game (85th) 260.25 yards per game (110th)
Rushing Yards 164.64 yards per game(76th) 187.67 yards per game (94th)
Points 28.73 points per game (77th) 33.83 yards per game (102nd)

John L Smith Year 4

Record 4-8 (started season 3-0)
Total Yards 356.75 yards per game (48th)
Passing Yards 227.58 yards per game (35th)
Rushing Yards 129.17 yards per game (65th)
Points 25.17 points per game (52nd)
Total Yards 363.75 yards per game (88th)
Passing Yards 230.92 yards per game (97th)
Rushing Yards 132.83 yards per game (56th)
Points 28.73 points per game (77th)

I was too lazy to do so, but another data point that's probably worth taking into account are the relevant offensive and defensive measures in the three years prior to RichRod and John L Smith. This also doesn't take into account attrition numbers that each coach had to deal with (well documentated in Rich Rodriguez's case, no idea when it comes to MSU).

Editing Notes: made some changes with stats so presentation is better plus fixed typo in title.

which is worse: the "RR must go" crowd or World Cup Soccer on MGoBlog

which is worse: the "RR must go" crowd or World Cup Soccer on MGoBlog

Submitted by Blue Blue Blue on December 1st, 2010 at 11:12 PM

so the "RR must go" crowd has all the credibility of the Tea Party.   tired, negative, the glass is always half empty.

it has gotten as bad as the halcyon days ot World Cup Soccer, when suddenly Albania vs Botwswana was front page news here.

Semi-OT: DB Albert Louis-Jean Decommits from Miami

Semi-OT: DB Albert Louis-Jean Decommits from Miami

Submitted by BKFinest on December 1st, 2010 at 10:20 PM

As per Rivals. However, seems as if Penn State is leading for him. So much for snagging one of the Miami decommits post-Shannon.

"Penn State clearly team to beat for Louis-Jean now followed by BC. Dark horse? Oregon. Watch for the Ducks." -- Mike Farrell, Rivals

The "O" on the OSU player's gloves...oh how I hate them.

The "O" on the OSU player's gloves...oh how I hate them.

Submitted by canzhiye on December 1st, 2010 at 10:13 PM

Today in Biology class, we were learning about the Cell Cycle and how a cell divides. My teacher decided to try to help us memorize the steps by teaching us hand gestures for each phase. She made an "O" for interphase, just like the OSU players made an "O" after scoring touchdowns. As the whole class followed her gestures, I refused. I then proceeded to put my head down on my desk as I remembered The Game. A few seconds later, she asked me why I wasn't doing the hand gestures. I just mumbled nevermind, and pretended to do them. My participation grade was marked down. Totally worth it, I HATE OSU! I hate how they try to run a damn fashion show during the game. Ridiculous throwback jerseys in 09 and the cherry colored ones this year with those gloves. Damn Buckeyes.

Down In Front: Your Fan-ly Neighborhood Experience(s)

Down In Front: Your Fan-ly Neighborhood Experience(s)

Submitted by twohooks on December 1st, 2010 at 9:20 PM

OK, as we sit amongst our laptops writing Warren Commission manuscripts or generally playing a rousing game of "What Is Dave Brandon Thinking." Many of you are season ticket holders for football and basketball and Im wondering what your sections neighborhood is like.  Opposing fans are naturally annoying just by the presence of their obnoxious attire but they show up to the game in a different costume every time. My section includes the following. I have the older "down in front" couple who uncomfortably threaten never to come back because their requests are never accepted (they always return). The "after the play suggestor" mainly shouting "bomb" and "blitz" repeatably. Then who can forget "drinky hold me back fighting guy." My favorite is personalized. The kid in front of me during Amani Toomer's 4 seasons shouted "its not a tumah!" every time his name was announced, needless to say I cried when he graduated. Dont get me wrong Im not hating I love all who wear maize and blue. Think of it like your neighbor who doesnt mow his/her lawn I dont hate them I just would like them to mow their lawn. So, whats it like in your neighborhood?

OT - Newton article on Yahoo Sports

OT - Newton article on Yahoo Sports

Submitted by bighouseinmate on December 1st, 2010 at 8:24 PM

Has anyone else read the Newton article on Yahoo! Sports by Dan Wetzel?

It discusses an interesting result of the NCAA ruling on Newton's re-instatement of eligibility. Basically, the future is cleared for third-party "go-betweens", non-agent "agents", and even the parents for asking a school for compensation in return for their son's(or even daughter's, in the bigger women's sports) acceptance to play for them with no fear of any lasting repercussions to the player, team, or even the person doing the "asking".

There is also an interesting poll there. Right now, the leading vote getter is that Newton should be suspended for the entire season(at 77%), second is no penalties(17%), third is suspension from SECCG(5%), and last is suspension for a half of the SECCG(1%). My question would be just who are the 17% that agree that no action should be taken against him?