KY QB Zeke Pike Interested in Michigan

KY QB Zeke Pike Interested in Michigan

Submitted by icefins26 on February 11th, 2011 at 3:59 PM

Rivals is reporting (behind paywall) that KY QB Zeke Pike has interest in seeing/visiting UM this spring for an unofficial.  Most of the article behind the paywall pertains to Florida State (they just offered) but the end says this:

"I feel like FSU and Michigan are two schools I definitely want to get over and look at," he said. "I will probably take some (unofficial) visits there in the spring, as well as Florida and Miami."

Kid has some impressive offers and can go basically anywhere he wants.


Legacy Children and last two M Heisman winners

Legacy Children and last two M Heisman winners

Submitted by firemedic383 on February 11th, 2011 at 2:34 PM

Random question.  There has been a lot of talk about legacies and children to funnel back into the football system.  That got me thinking.  Do Desmond or Charles have kids?  I see a lot of other ex playes on tv with their kids and in articles, wikipedia, whatnot.  Nothing though from those two. 

Who Gets Denarded This Offseason

Who Gets Denarded This Offseason

Submitted by bonobojones on February 11th, 2011 at 11:15 AM

This time last year, how many of you were thinking "I can't wait until next year when Denard Robinson will become one of the most dynamic and statistically dominant offensive players in Michigan history."  Or were you thinking, "Next Year Denard could be a great slot or maybe even a 3rd down/wildcat threat."  The point is, I think we are way to quick at dismissing young players on this board.  This year, since so many starters struggled, the assumption seems to be that every young kid riding the bench must be even worse.  Or even worse, true freshmen who were forced to play and got blown up were written off (ie. Cullen Christian).  Sure, but that is the nature of being a young player, there is the distinct possibly of massive improvement.  So on a more positive note, I just want to start a prediction thread on which young players (2011 underclassmen) will have big break-out seasons next year.

My Picks:

1.  Courtney Avery-  Will become a lock down man coverage corner in the new scheme

2.  Issiah Bell -  Needed extra time after transforming body into linebacker.

3.  Fitz - The big health if.  But if man...if.


  As a little side experiment, I will tally all the votes and post results next week.  One thing I want to look for is if there is a correlation between mgopoints and the accuracy of prediction. That will have to wait until next year, but I  always wanted to know if spending this much time on this site makes someone more knowledgeable in a meaningful way.  So don't let me down 10,000+ pointers.

More info on Michigan Football "Victors" Documentary series

More info on Michigan Football "Victors" Documentary series

Submitted by NateVolk on February 11th, 2011 at 9:03 AM

The filmmakers were on with Sam and Ira this morning. Podcast should be up soon.  The Gerald Ford/Willis Ward documentary mentioned yesterday here will be the first one, and they said a few more should be ready by Christmas. Topics will include Rick Leach, The 1969 team, Bob Ufer and the 1997 team. Here is the link to their site so you can follow the productions and release schedule. 

It's a good interview and if someone gets the podcast, please link it.… This was the article from the recent thread that gives a good background if you haven't heard about the series.

Braylon's brother Berkely, class of 2013

Braylon's brother Berkely, class of 2013

Submitted by Frank Drebin on February 11th, 2011 at 8:46 AM

The guy who wins this race running 3rd from the left is Berkley Edwards, Braylon's younger brother. Next to him on his left is DeAnthony Arnett and Justice Hayes. He is a class of 2013 player, and scout has him listed at 5'8 165lbs and says he is a RB/WR recruit. I haven't heard anything about him other than what I have stated. Has anyone? Also, has Braylon said anything about the new coaching staff since the change? He had been somewhat outspoken against RR and his staff, so I am not sure if any bridges have been mended. It would be nice to pull in a legacy recruit with his speed. It would also be nice to see him grow a few inches in the next few years as well.

TOB - The Battle of Michigan - offers MSU vs Mich so far...

TOB - The Battle of Michigan - offers MSU vs Mich so far...

Submitted by Sextus Empiricus on February 11th, 2011 at 2:07 AM

TOB just posted part 4.  Lots of good stuff here.  The Battle was really a Dantonio / RR story but clearly Hoke is looking to mine the homefront.  Thanks to TOB for this...


Neither team has any commitments yet, but the list of prospects both schools have offered and are pursuing is impressive:


  1. LB James Ross, Orchard Lake St. Mary's
  2. WR Aaron Burbridge, Farmington Hills Harrison
  3. LB Royce Jenkins-Stone, Detroit Cass Tech
  4. CB Terry Richardson, Detroit Cass Tech
  5. DE Mario Ojemudia, Farmington Hills Harrison

In addition, Michigan has offered these prospects, but not MSU...:

  1. DT Dan O'Brien, Flint Powers
  2. TE Devin Funchess, Farmington Hills Harrison
  3. WR/TE Ron Thompson, Eastpointe East Detroit

...while MSU - but not UM - has offered the following:

  1. WR Dennis Norfleet, Detroit Martin Luther King
  2. OL Kelby Latta, Battle Creek Harper Creek
  3. DL Matt Godin, Novi Detroit Catholic Central
  4. DT Jabari Dean, Detroit Renaissance
  5. S Riley Bullough, Traverse City St. Francis

10 offers from MSU and 8 from UM - 13 prospects total - is a very, very large number so early in the process. It's a sure bet that both schools were certainly offer at least some of the kids the other side already has. And that's not even factoring in kids that neither have offered yet but are still evaluating and waiting to see in camp during the spring and summer.…

The myth that "the cupboard was bare"

The myth that "the cupboard was bare"

Submitted by UMxWolverines on February 10th, 2011 at 2:34 PM

I couldn't remember most of the guys we had on defense in 2008, so I went and looked them up and what they were rated when they were being recruited. I just went along with the people that said things like "there wasn't much talent" and things like that. But I went and looked up the starters in 2008, and here they are:

Morgan Trent Senior - 4 stars

John Thompson Senior - 3 stars

Terrance Taylor Senior- 4 stars

Will Johnson Senior - 4 stars

Charles Stewart Senior - 3 stars

Donnavon Warren Sophomore - 5 stars

Tim Jamison Senior - 4 stars

Stevie Brown Junior - 4 stars

Troy Woolfolk Sophomore - 3 stars

Obi Ezeh Sophomore - 3 stars (although he was a running back in hs)

Jonas Mouton Sophomore - 4 stars

Brandon Graham Sophomore - 5 stars

I realize most of these guys didn't play in these last two years, but in 2008 the defense was still bad and there's no way it should have been that bad. It was defninitely piss poor coaching. I'd kill for that defense now!  Can't wait for Hoke to restore order.