For any remaining naysayers about the loudness of the Big House

For any remaining naysayers about the loudness of the Big House

Submitted by Purkinje on December 3rd, 2010 at 7:48 PM

This video is of the crowd forcing a Wisconsin timeout a couple of weeks ago. It is mandatory that you link it to others who call us "the quietest 110,000" and whatnot. It's pretty astonishing.

If RR leaves, what happens to this blog?

If RR leaves, what happens to this blog?

Submitted by Wendyk5 on December 3rd, 2010 at 7:17 PM
It occurred to me today that Mgoblog will be a different place if RR is replaced. For as long as I've been on it (2 years), there has been a general pro-RR sentiment. I attribute that to general level-headedness. Let's let the coach have some time to do his job before we make a judgment. Let's support him until, and if, there's a reason not to. Many have become staunch supporters in the process. In the past week or so, I've noticed more sniping at each other than usual. So I wonder what happens in the event of a coaching change. What will the overall tone be? Will people who were previously RR supporters become pro-Whoever in the best interest of The Program? Maybe this is too soon to post. But with all the coaching change talk, does a change in Mgoblog necessarily follow?

Friday NCAAFB: MAC Title & Illinois

Friday NCAAFB: MAC Title & Illinois

Submitted by formerlyanonymous on December 3rd, 2010 at 6:52 PM

Ranked(!) Northern Ilinois takes on Miami (NTM) in the MAC Championship on ESPN2 tonight. The Huskies of NIU enter at 10-2 with one of the best rushing attacks in the nation and one of the best defenses to boot. They're 17.5 point favorites tonight.

Miami is 8-4, but went 7-1 in MAC play. They aren't very good on offense, ranking 40th with 243 passing yards per game and 114th in rushing yards per game at ~96.

Over/under is ~55. Despite the wide spread, I'm not confident in either way. I'm liking the under, though.

The second game of the night is Illinois(-5) and Fresno State. We're familiar with Illinois, and Fresno State is as expected. They are a rushing heavy team, but their stats aren't very impressive. Defense is also WAC-ish.

Normally those notes on Fresno State would lead to an easy cover for an BCS-AQ team. Not the Illini. They have a habit of making this closer than it should. FSU also gets up for games like this, especially at home. Tough call.

I'll take Illinois to cover. Over/under is 58. I'll take the over. The two teams posted 105 points last season. They aren't as explosive on offense this year, but we should still see plenty of points.

Assuming Coach Rod stays, how can we improve our defense?

Assuming Coach Rod stays, how can we improve our defense?

Submitted by Ben from SF on December 3rd, 2010 at 6:13 PM

Assuming Coach Rod stays, which will happen based on our current assumptions, what should he do to improve our defense?  Here are a few scenarios:

1.  Keep the current coaches and stay the course

Pros:  Our players will have one year of play experience to learn from.  GERG will be more familiar with the 3-3-5.  Most importantly, our offense will cut down on the turnovers, and keep our defense away from poor field positions.

Cons:  Will GERG learn more about the 3-3-5?  Will our young defensive players improve under our current position coaches.  Is there a fundamental issue running the 3-3-5 against power running teams?

2.  Keep GERG and let him select a system and hire coaches who can teach techniques required for that system.

Pros:  GERG coordinated two Superbowl champions at Denver and should know what he is doing.  Players will get NFL-level individual coaching.  Recruiting may be easier with the NFL-style defense.

Cons:  Can our current position coaches teach NFL technique when none of them has coached in the NFL?  Will RR remove any of the position coaches and hire GERG's folks?  Can our young players execute an NFL scheme at their size and speed, or will we have to change our recruiting strategy again?

3. Keep the position coaches and hire a 3-3-5 guru (Jeff Casteel, Pete Kwiatkowski from Boise State, or a FCS D-coordinator).

Pros:  Tall, Gibson, and Braithwaite will keep their jobs and allowed to reinforce the techniques they are teaching.  The new coordinator may be more aggressive and maximize the speed and athletic abiltiy our young defenders possess.  Defensive recruiting strategy can stay as is.

Cons:  Casteel may not come.  Other d-coordinators may not mesh with our position coaches.  Will RR keep his paws off the new d-coordinator (his third in 3 seasons)?

4. Hire a new DC and let him build a staff based on the system he wants to run.

Pros:  Our offense has not done anything in 3 years, a new voice will not hurt.  The new staff may be able to clean up the sloppy technique / tackling issues we have experienced.  The new staff may also come up with more creative schemes.

Cons:  Tony Gibson is RR's best friend, will RR be able to work without him?  Do we have the right players to implement a non-3-3-5 system?  Since Gibson is also our recruiting coordinator, what's the fallout?

Interested to spark a discussion.  Please post with your preferences.

SEC Championship to Decide Blue's Bowl??

SEC Championship to Decide Blue's Bowl??

Submitted by Nick Sparks on December 3rd, 2010 at 5:49 PM

I could be completely mistaken here and missing something glaringly obvious, and if that is the case I sincerely apologize to everyone, but here's what crossed my mind:

It looks like Auburn is going to beat South Carolina, propelling Bama up to the Cotton bowl and pitting Spurrier vs. Jopa in a retirement home grudge match that is sure to draw the ratings.

Blue goes to the Gator, as per the evidence Brian just wrote about.

Now, what happens in the unlikely even that Spurrier pulls off the upset against Auburn? It seems that Alabama would drop down to the Outback bowl, and I'm not too sure how many people would want to see Saban beat Penn State's ass again (admittedly, the weakest part of my logic).

It's been shown that dilithium is sexier than withering corn. The question is, does a South Carolina victory put us in the Outback bowl?

Even if that's the case. I'm still pretty sure I'm rooting for the war eagles/tigers.

Jim Rome on RR at the Banquet

Jim Rome on RR at the Banquet

Submitted by WoodleyIsBeast on December 3rd, 2010 at 4:44 PM

Basically just revised what happened last night and added himself to the list of Rodriguez blasters.  The one good point he made was that no recruit worth his salt is going to want to come play for a coach going through all this.  It is definitely hard to look at the success of a Saban/Chizik type coach and team and not have faith that they will succeed.

I guess the good news is that if Rich is here, next year he'll build upon our 7-5 record and if it is someone else, we'll have a whole new reason to recruit.

CC: WWDS (What Would Denard Say)

CC: WWDS (What Would Denard Say)

Submitted by Blue Blue Blue on December 3rd, 2010 at 3:43 PM

[Ed-M: Knocked to board b/c it's discussion, not new information.]

Anyone who wonders what "happened" on the Dee Hart decomitt needs to look no further than our pages.   We are what "happened" since Dee Hart "comitted"..

We must assume in this hand-held, wi fi in your car world that a highly recruited athlete, especially an out of state kid, is going to read up on what the fans are saying about him and his new team.

what do you suppose Dee Hart saw?   about a day of "Hello, Dee Hart" and weeks of "Here comes Jim Harbaugh".  The more "we" insisted that Harbaugh is coming, the more incentive we gave Dee Hart to run to one of his other, more stable suitors.   Saban just blew a 24 point lead at home in a rivalry game, but I dont hear Alabama fans calling for his head.  Maybe they dont write so good, maybe they just got a better attitude.

So now that we have scared off one top recruit, it is time for us to clean up our act, and recognize that a "fan" site does not make it a dumping ground for the bile of a spoiled alumni base.

The fact of the matter is that our embattled coach has produced a player-- not the most hightly ranked recruit-- who just won Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year as a (true) sophomore.   Nobody talks about finding "another Pat White" now that we have Denard playing in this RichRod offense.

Denard Robinson is the most electrifying player in college football.   He set a record this year with more than 50 individuyal rushes of more than 10 yards, and he threw for nearly 2500 yards.......yet Denard Robinson is by all accounts, a humble, hard working guy who always brings creidti back to the team, and who teared up when he was named team MVP.

So let me propose a new code of conduct for this site:   WWDS      What Would Denard Say?  Keep it positive or keep it to yourself.   Let's try to be Michigan fans, not angry critics who dont even donate to the U.

If its just angry stuff, keep it to yourself.  And remember that your rabble rousing can indeed scare off recruits.........and you will blame RR for that, too.