Another Decommit - I Blame Delaney [parody]

Another Decommit - I Blame Delaney [parody]

Submitted by MGoShoe on December 14th, 2010 at 3:27 PM

Oh, woe is Michigan.

“Much of being a legend is about fame,” said the recruit. “And while that’s great, fame doesn’t necessarily leave a positive impact on the world. Leaders do. So I wanted to play for a team that is associated with leaders. Let those other teams worry about being legends.”

Illinois head coach Ron Zook said he is excited to get his commitment.

“I was honestly worried when we were placed in the Leaders division that we would miss out on all the kids who want to be legends,” said Zook. “But this young man is showing that he has great character. You can’t have enough players like that.”

Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez says he pleaded with him to reconsider.

“Before the conference announced the division names, he was 100-percent committed to Michigan,” said Rodriguez. “If it wasn’t for the division names, that young man would be wearing maize and blue next year. I told him that they were just meaningless, soul-crushing, corporate-created placeholders, but he said he didn’t want to risk it.”

This sucks. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Denard 3rd Team AP All-American

Denard 3rd Team AP All-American

Submitted by BKFinest on December 14th, 2010 at 3:27 PM
I think he got robbed. Listed as an all-purpose player, how does somebody who shattered records left and right in relatively limited action only qualify as a THIRD team All-American? Congrats Denard. But you deserve and earned better. Heisman 2011 and 2012.

OT: Florida DC Teryl Austin hired as Texas DC

OT: Florida DC Teryl Austin hired as Texas DC

Submitted by BKFinest on December 14th, 2010 at 2:50 PM
Strike another one off the list of potential DC's for us next year. And a good one at that. Teryl Austin, former UM defensive assistant coach from 99-02, is now being scooped up by Mack Brown and Texas to replace Muschamp. Jason Suchomel, (Rivals Texas Site) reporting: Multiple sources have now indicated that #UT will hire Florida DC Teryl Austin to replace Will Muschamp.

Projected Size of New Scoreboards

Projected Size of New Scoreboards

Submitted by Purkinje on December 14th, 2010 at 2:22 PM

So David Brandon said that we might have new scoreboards next year. ( According to his statements, the new scoreboards he envisions will be "30-40% larger" and the "vast majority" of them would be the HD video screen.

Wondering what this would look like, I decided to do a little research. According to the University, the current scoreboards are 48' x 70' (3360 square feet), with 24' x 32' video screens (768 square feet.) (

I did some calculations based on the "40% bigger" number, and came up with the size of the new scoreboards to be 47' x 92' (4368 square feet.) This is a pretty massive increase in size, especially considering that nearly all of that would be an HD video screen. Basically, picture an HD screen as big as the current scoreboards plus 1,000 additional square feet... The increase in size from our current video screens to the new ones would be 568%.

My projection puts us at #7 on the list of scoreboards by size. Texas is still almost twice as big as that. (…)

Here's hoping.

A proposal on how to stop the endless CC & DB posts

A proposal on how to stop the endless CC & DB posts

Submitted by mGrowOld on December 14th, 2010 at 2:15 PM

Nothing is working right now.

No matter how many negative comments are posted, no matter how many negative points are given, the CC and DB posts just keep coming.  Almost every 30 minutes it seems, somebody goes "hey....I have a really unique thought on the whole CC issue or I wonder if DB thought of this before now I better let the world know of my amazing insight" and posts a thread.  And every 31 minutes the board goes nuts, negs the hell out of the poster while the following happens.   First  MGoshirt will post a funny picture and comment on the beat down sure to follow.  And then Hackney will post his air raid thing.  And then I'll post an animated GIF of a guy beating a dead horse.   And then  somebody will say "why are you reading the thread if you don't like the topic".  And lastly a lot of negative comments will be made about the poster's thinking process.  As predictable as night.  But instead of this reaction slowing the posts down, they actually seem to be picking up steam.

So here's my idea to try and stop them.  Every day the Mods should put in the diary section the daily CC/DB scorecard.  In it would be a chart (yes charts) of the previous day's threads on CC & DB topics, the poster's name and their respective before and after point total.  Perhaps if people saw that those scores on the board every day they might...just MIGHT...ask themselves do i really want to put my new and completely original thought up before hitting save.

These are desperate times gentlemen.  If you've got a better idea please let me know so the Mods have some idea on how to stop these threads from completely burying the board under the collective weight of their posting.

Vlad moving again?

Vlad moving again?

Submitted by Ziff72 on December 14th, 2010 at 1:53 PM

I thought it was odd Vlad wanted to transfer to a school way away from home for a team with a lame duck coach.  This report from ESPN says he will be looking around again.  I loved this guy from the moment he signed, but it doesn't appear he has ever recoverd from that knee injury.  Hopefully he figures it all out.



UPDATE: A day after earning a new commitment (see below), Colorado head coach Jon Embree lost two. But that wasn't because the recruits had changes of heart.

Embree obviously has an idea for how he wants to fill his depth chart, and the new head man pulled two scholarship offers that were given under former coach Dan Hawkins.

Three-star running back Kenneth Farrow (Hurt, Texas) and two-star quarterback Nick Sherry (Petaluma, Calif.) are no longer on the Buffs' board according to the Boulder Daily Camera.

Embree also told potential transfer Vlad Emilien, who last played at Michigan, that he would not be needed at safety next season.

You can't fault the coach for taking control of his program, although it's tough for a recruit to be told he no longer has a scholarship less than two months before signing day.


As we predicted, the fact that four-star quarterback Brock Berglund remained committed to new coach Jon Embree has paid off on the recruiting trail.

Three-star in-state offensive tackle Marc Mustoe of Arvada switched his verbal from UCLA to the Buffaloes over the weekend. He becomes the sixth commitment for CU and the third three-star for 2011.

This news comes following the Boulder Daily Camera's report that Embree hired away Cal offensive line coach Steve Marshall to join the Buffs staff in the same capacity.

Rivals releases High School football Top 100 teams for 2010

Rivals releases High School football Top 100 teams for 2010

Submitted by Young Pretty a… on December 14th, 2010 at 1:02 PM

Teams of note

Dr Phillips comes in at number 6

and for the State of Michigan

Farmington Hills Harrison # 26

East Grand Rapids #46




Waiting for Brandon and a happy never ending

Waiting for Brandon and a happy never ending

Submitted by markusr2007 on December 14th, 2010 at 12:58 PM

Wait, goddammit!


I'm sick of waiting.

Waiting on Terrelle Pryor. Waiting on a competent defensive coordinator. Waiting on the opinions of Lloyd Carr's players to surface. Waiting on an infant football team to instantly grow up and play beyond their years.  Waiting for the team to defeat it's main two rivals. Waiting for WVU's full playbook from 2005-2007 to finally make it to game time in Michigan Stadium. Waiting for the NCAA investigation verdict.  Waiting for David Brandon's decision on Rich Rodriguez's future.


On the positive side, in about 2 weeks, the waiting should be over. Or at least this version of waiting will change to a new version.

January 3 can't come fast enough.

A football team at full health, extra practices probably all help Rich Rodriguez potentially finish the 2010 season on a high note.  Then again Mississippi State is a good football team under Dan Mullen. Way better than Illinois and Purdue were - two teams that Michigan probably should have destroyed decisively, but did not.  

I suppose the Michigan football team could show up on January 1 and play out of their skulls and destroy the Mississippi State Bulldogs on national television.  Then I suppose David Brandon could hang up his cell phone conversation withHarbaugh and dial his assistant to finally schedule that press conference he mentioned to her earlier.



Then I think to myself, with all this waiting around crap, it's like we've  been through this part of the film before - the part where the UM football team plays emotionally to sort of "save RR's career", if you will:  At Purdue 2008.  At Illinois 2009.  Against Ohio State in 2009.  Scenes with great potential, except they never ended well. There have been plenty of opportunities for the desired outcome to occur for the UM football audience. It never happens. In this film Rodriguez never gets the "signature win" in the end.  

OK. Enough.

I'll just shut up and wait  and hope with everybody else for a happy ending.