Big Ten Recruiting Class Rankings 12-19-10

Big Ten Recruiting Class Rankings 12-19-10

Submitted by Tim on December 19th, 2010 at 6:50 PM

New commits for Michigan and it's time to hit the front page. Action since last rankings:

12-13-10 Michigan gains commitment from Desmond Morgan. Minnesota loses commitment from Matt LaCosse, Illinois gains commitment from Matt LaCosse. Illinois gains commitment from Nick North. Indiana loses commitment from Nick VanHoose, Northwestern gains commitment from Nick VanHoose.
12-14-10 Minnesota loses commitment from Marquise Vann. Northwestern gains commitment from CJ Robbins.
12-15-10 Illinois gains commitment from Patrick Flavin. Iowa gains commitment from Dan Heiar. Purdue gains commitment from Sterling Carter. Minnesota gains commitment from Foster Bush.
12-16-10 Michigan State loses commitment from Mika'il McCall. Nebraska gains commitment from Darien Bryant.
12-17-10 Illinois gains commitment from Jeremy Whitlow. Michigan gains commitment from Blake Countess. Wisconsin loses commitment from Trayion Durham. Ohio State gains commitment from Ryan Shazier.
12-18-10 Nebraska loses commitment from Darien Bryant. Minnesota gains commitment from Josh Campion.
12-19-10 Iowa gains commitments from Jacob Hillyer, Rodney Coe, and Mika'il McCall.

Big Ten+ Recruiting Class Rankings
Rank School # Commits Rivals Avg Scout Avg ESPN Avg
1 Ohio State 19 5.76 3.79 79.26
2 Notre Dame 19 5.68 3.47 78.68
3 Nebraska 18 5.70 3.39 78.53*
4 Michigan State 16 5.64 3.25 76.69
5 Michigan 14 5.67 3.43 78.50
6 Wisconsin 19 5.61 2.84 73.53
7 Iowa 19 5.58 2.84 74.94*
8 Illinois 23 5.47 2.48 72.39
9 Indiana 18 5.53 2.67 75.22
10 Northwestern 13 5.54 2.77 76.69
11 Minnesota 15 5.53 2.47 71.13
12 Penn State 8 5.50 2.75 75.86
13 Purdue 12 5.41 2.00 72.60*

Rivals rankings are on the "RR" scale, which is on a scale from about 5 to about 6.1. Unrated prospects are given a 5.1 rating, on par with the worst of any Big Ten commit last year. Scout is on the 5-star system (unranked players earn 1 star), and ESPN uses grades out of 100 (unranked is 40 or 45, except JuCo players, who aren't included in the average).

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UGA Looking to Schedule Michigan in the Future?

UGA Looking to Schedule Michigan in the Future?

Submitted by DGDestroys on December 19th, 2010 at 12:48 PM

It looks as though the Georgia Athletic Department has started to look towards the midwest for a future home-and-home series, and Michigan is a school that they've preliminarily reached out to. 

Preliminary discussions have taken place with Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State and Penn State about the prospect of one or more of them scheduling a home-and-home Georgia in the future, UGA athletics director Greg McGarity confirmed to Dawgs247.

None of those four possible opponents mentioned have ever played a game in Sanford Stadium, and only one of them – Michigan – has ever appeared on UGA’s regular season schedule. The Bulldogs have visited Ann Arbor twice in their history, losing 26-0 in 1957 and winning 15-7 in 1965.

Source: Dawgs 247 Writer Gentry Estes

WSJ has M at 7th Worst Season for CFB Traditional Elites

WSJ has M at 7th Worst Season for CFB Traditional Elites

Submitted by MBAgoblue on December 19th, 2010 at 8:30 AM

The Wall Street Journal figures that Michigan had the seventh worst year of any traditional college football program using the following categories: program pedigree, humiliating losses, crushed preseason hopes and off-field embarrassments:


7. The Wolverines seem to deserve a worse ranking than this, given their epically overmatched defense (which ranks 108th of 120 teams nationally) and the way their regular season ended, losing five of their last seven. MICHIGAN's saving grace is that all five of its losses were to respected opponents

With the exception of pedigree, It is hard to see how any of these categories really fit Michigan's season. Yes, we lost badly to OSU, again, but win total was in line with general expectations but we had no off-field embarrass...


Michigan's coach spoke emotionally at a team banquet about a Josh Groban song.

Oh yeah, that. And a photo of the estimable Mr. Groban to boot. Sigh.

Your winner? Texas, easily:


1. Other programs had just one jump-off-the-ledge loss, or merely modest reputations and expectations, but TEXAS' 2010 season covered all the bases. Losses to Iowa State, Baylor and Kansas State ranked them No. 1 in our "humiliating" category, and they didn't rank lower than third in any other.

Blake Countess Picked Michigan for Michigan

Blake Countess Picked Michigan for Michigan

Submitted by MGoShoe on December 18th, 2010 at 11:31 PM

Does the coaching uncertainty have a negative impact on some recruits? Sure it does. But when Blake Countess committed to Michigan earlier this week, he joined Desmond Morgan as two recruits who clearly were looking beyond the coaching staff.  And now we have this article from the Baltimore Sun's recruiting reporter, Matt Bracken in which Countess confirms that his choice was all about Michigan, as in the University of Michigan. 

The main criterion for the four-star prospect and Reisterstown resident was simple.  “I was looking for a school with a degree that meant something,” Countess said Saturday. “Michigan was always on my list. [Wolverines wide receivers] coach [Tony] Dews told me he was going to keep pushing for me to get an offer from the coaching staff. It finally came midseason. They wanted to see some senior tape. But it finally came around midseason, and that's all she wrote.”

"Nobody really knows if [Rodriguez is] going to be there next year or not, but going into this process, [I knew] college football coaches come and go. That's just how it works. My dad told me whenever I got a new offer that I should pick a school based on where I'd want to be if I wasn't playing football. [He said], ‘That's where you're going to be happiest.' With Michigan, I'm hoping Coach Rod is going to be there. If not, I picked a school that I like no matter what.”

The article contains the same video that appears in Tim's "Hello" post, but here you are just the same.

Somewhat Significant Postgame Dee Hart/HaHa Quotes *Updated*

Somewhat Significant Postgame Dee Hart/HaHa Quotes *Updated*

Submitted by DGDestroys on December 18th, 2010 at 11:07 PM

After the Championship game today, reporters (predictably) swarmed the DP players for news. Here are some interesting tweets/reports that followed.




Justin Wells (

Clinton-Dix says there is an "85 percent" chance he and RB teammate Dee Hart end up at the same college. #Bama #Gators#Michigan

#Bama DB commit Ha'sean Clinton-Dix says he will "definitely" visit the #Gatorsofficially. No date has been set yet, however.'s Keith Neibuhr

Heralded Dr. Phillips RB D. Hart, a Michigan commit, says he will officially visit the #Gators in January

Keith Niebuhr

Spoke with Orlando (Fla.) Dr. Phillips APB Dee Hart. He is still committed to#Michigan. Will visit #Florida. Still plans to EE.

MOAR: 247sports article that says pretty much the same thing.

Rivals ($) article regarding Hart's recruitment.

Video from Laura McKeeman

Tony Grimes not returning to Ole Miss in '11

Tony Grimes not returning to Ole Miss in '11

Submitted by ademock27 on December 18th, 2010 at 10:54 PM

He was suspended back in November for a violation of team rules.  He started one game for the rebels this season.  Hopefully he ends up somewhere.  I really wanted him in maize and blue last year, but it appears better that he didnt with everything that has happened with this program recently.…

Fridge is out at Maryland

Fridge is out at Maryland

Submitted by formerlyanonymous on December 18th, 2010 at 9:54 PM

Let the Mike Leach rumors run rampant. Ralph Friedgen is now officially out at Maryland. 

When Friedgen's departure is announced, former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach will immediately emerge as the clear front-runner to replace Friedgen. There is mutual interest between Leach and Maryland, according to three people, two of whom are close to Maryland and one of whom is close to Leach.[...]

Leach is said to be very interested in the job. He has a strong relationship with Kevin Plank, a former Maryland football player who sits on the school's board of trustees and whose apparel company, Under Armour, is the outfitter for the school's athletic teams.