What does U Conn bowl win say about Mich.

What does U Conn bowl win say about Mich.

Submitted by jimboblue on December 22nd, 2010 at 7:46 AM

U Conn. beats Oklahoma in their bowl and they will be celebrated as an up and coming team with a hot coach. While Michigan who handled them pretty easily has their coach fired. Guess if we were in the big east we would be undefeated. Maybe a healthy Denard like we had against them will make all the difference in our game.

Rich Rod's contract...the actual contract

Rich Rod's contract...the actual contract

Submitted by king_kerridge on December 21st, 2010 at 10:17 PM

I did a search of the forums and website and didn't find anything so I apologize if this has already been posted. 

This link is the .pdf of RRs contract with Michigan, the USA Today must have filed a FOIA or something, its pretty interesting as it has his buyout and terms for dismissal.



In section 4.02 (e) the contract states: The University has the right to terminate the employment of Rodrigez for cause in the event of the following:

(e) Rodriguez is determined by the NCAA, the Big Ten Conference, or the University to have committed a major violation of the NCAA Rules, or to have intentionally committed any other type of violation of the NCAA Rules, pursuant to section 2.05 of this Agreement.

Doesn't this mean that the University could fire him without paying the $2.5 million buyout?


EDIT: I'm in my 4th year of med school so all this law talk confuses me and makes me feel like I'm getting sued, glad there are so many lawyers on mgoblog. If anyone couldn't tell by my avatar, I'm a big RR supporter, I just thought the actual wording in the contract was interesting.

Daydrian Taylors brutal hit

Daydrian Taylors brutal hit

Submitted by jimboblue on December 21st, 2010 at 6:59 PM

Getting fired up for the game started watching some old highlights anyone remember Daydrian Taylors hit on Penn St. TE. Penn St. player was a sizable kid, running at full speed down the sideline and taylor like a missle blasts in and knocks him flat on his back. I f someone can do me a favor and post you video of it,( don't know how to) would be great. Damn, we need to get back to playing mean, nasty, in your face defense like that again. Best part, it was on the Penn St. sideline, they kind of looked at each other like"God Damn, these guys came to play". Anybody got any others.

Bama to Improve Dr. Phillips Facilities

Bama to Improve Dr. Phillips Facilities

Submitted by NebraskaStudent on December 21st, 2010 at 6:07 PM



Saban is at it again.  Paying $50 dollars an hour to use the DP facilities all the while improving the facilities for free.  Now obviously ESPN will spin this as a charitable gesture by Saban, but it has slime all over it.

The 2010 MGoWar Holiday MGoArmistice

The 2010 MGoWar Holiday MGoArmistice

Submitted by jhackney on December 21st, 2010 at 3:44 PM

Hello Comrades,

     I am writing to you today to make a plea for the laying down of our armed keyboards and missle delivering mice. I made a post a day or two ago that may have been buried in a long thread.

     The RR/JH debate has spiraled into recruiting fights, anger at the cloak wearing Dave Brandon, the Michigan Robot scandal, and all around ultra-sensitivity to threads gone awry. I wish to share it again and hope that this holiday season and thread brings compliments, praises, Michigan football photos, strategies to beat the evil Bulldogs from Favrissiippi, remembering why we are all here in a place where maize and blue drip from every hyperlink, and being thankful to the wonderful forum in which we can allow ourselves to escape the harsh realities of work and society. Intellects do your things, MGoComedians do your thing.

The time? Four days before Christmas 2010. The place? MGoBoard. It has been months of the most devastating warfare in Michigan blog history. New posts were used with sarcasm, vitriol, nuclear warfare, and facepalms.The negging and bombing was horrendous and yet there was a call between RR, JH, and Hoke supporters to cease fire and they crawled out from behind their computers to peacefully celebrate the Gator Bowl. They sang Hail to The Victors, exchanged lol catz, posbanged each other's posts, posted funny pics, and buried their hatchets. This peace would last through New Year's Day. In the following weeks, hundreds would be negged in to Bolivian until a new leader was crowned. The next year, they would be united against the enemies of good once again.

A man can dream, a man can dream.

OSU Improper Benefits?

OSU Improper Benefits?

Submitted by BlockM on December 21st, 2010 at 3:04 PM

As reported by Dave Biddle (@davebiddle). According to his twitter profile, he is "a sports journalist who covers Ohio State Buckeyes football and basketbal for Bucknuts.com."

The tweets:

"Could be some bad news on the horizon for OSU football. Hopefully none of this is true. Will report back when I know more."

"Possible improper benefits. Players meeting with compliance officials today."

EDIT: Just to keep all the relevant info in one spot... subsequent tweets:

"Word is a tattoo artist was giving out free tats in exchange for autographs from OSU players. Again, nothing has been confirmed."

"Just talked to a current player and he is denying that any of this is true. Says he would know about it b/c it would be 'locker room talk.'"

"OSU's sports information department is also denying that any players met with compliance officials today."

Bowl Game Ticket Sales Falling Short

Bowl Game Ticket Sales Falling Short

Submitted by Geaux_Blue on December 21st, 2010 at 2:27 PM

Because of the opponent? Because of the CC rumors? Because I caused my parents to get a divorce (they said it wasn't my fault but gosh how couldn't it be)?

FreepTweet (Ht: Michigan Insider)

Michigan's ticket sales for Gator Bowl currently... about 7,000. Ticket allotment was 12,500

I blame Urban Meyer and the guy who wouldn't let me merge on 275 this morning.

Edit: and Juggalos.

Edit: and parents who don't get their kids GI Joe aircraft carriers for Xmas.

Grouping Fans

Grouping Fans

Submitted by Ziff72 on December 21st, 2010 at 1:50 PM

I think I lead the league in hijacked threads.   Today I got hijacked into the classic blame Lloyd or blame RR.   All the usual arguments were recycled..   I had this debate with a few guys at work and I would like to propose my theory.

Conventional wisdom has Michigan divided into the Old School(Lloyd Camp) and the New School (RR Camp).  I don't think this is actually the case.  I think we have splintered into many groups and I think most of the RR haters hated Lloyd as well.  

Hate the Coach Guy (15%)- He's the guy that hated Lloyd Carr and his stodgy ways and begged for the spread, and now wants RR gone because it's unacceptable we're Michigan.  He's the "No Excuses" guy who is very angry and likes to call sports talk radio and thinks he would settle for 5 NC's in 10 years and a 8-2 record against OSU as his baseline. 

Don't follow it Close, but the Freep had it in the paper,  so it must be true and I'll talk like I know something at the gym guy(20%)- These guys don't follow it all that closely.  They watch the big games on tv  but if they miss oh well.  They are Michigan fans because Mich was always good when they grew up, but are thinking of switching to the Spartans if things don't turn around soon.  These are guys you throw facts at and their eyes glaze over.

WTF My Fucking World is off it's Fucking Axis (40%)-  I'd put this group as the ex alumni who are pretty passionate fans and generally reasonable in that they bitch about the coach after losses and are happy about wins but in the end they support the team. They are used to 8-9-10 wins and Big Ten Championships every couple of years as a birth rite.    They were for the most part willing to give RR a chance, but due to 05, The Horror, 0-3 vs MSU and 0-7 vs OSU, investigation, etc.... they are not sure if the sun is going to rise, much less if RR is right for the job.   Some are still willing to give RR a chance some are done, but all can't fathom another year of hearing shit from MSU and OSU fans without killing someone.  

Leave the Coach Alone(15%)- They support Michigan thru thick and thin.  Whoever the coach is they support.  They tend to be more contrarian in their views, because unless you win the NC most people bitch about the coach.  They like to use stats and comparisons to other teams to get their point heard.  They find themselves defending the coach even when they want him fired, because of the overboard nature of college football fans.

We're Great, We Suck(10%)- This undecided group is more reactionary and tend to be overjoyed at victory and decimated by defeat.  Depending on what day you catch them on they may or may not want the coach fired and they may be more prone to the outlandish in a desperate attempt to wrap their minds around a loss.  These are the "Put Mallett in for Henne"  Denard for Heisman 1 week, Bench Denard the next" crowd.

Did I miss any groups?