Avant is Eagles Ed Block Winner

Avant is Eagles Ed Block Winner

Submitted by MaizeNBlueInDC on December 25th, 2010 at 10:06 AM

As an Eagles fan it is doubly enjoyable when Michigan men have an impact on the Eagles.  This is a link to a Philly.com article about Jason Avant winning this year's Ed Block Courage Award for the Eagles.  He is a solid guy who never puts himself first and is willing to do anything for the betterment of the team (most recently demonstrated by the crushing block during  Jackson's punt return for a TD against the Giants).  His efforts often fly under the radar but he is invaluable with all the little things he does every week.  


Miss St. vs Ole Miss

Miss St. vs Ole Miss

Submitted by SFBayAreaBlue on December 25th, 2010 at 8:52 AM


Game 11

Game 10

Game 9 (no torrent, but Brian looked at their offense)

Game 8

Game 7

Game 6 (couldn't find a torrent)

Game 5

Game 4

Game 3

Game 2

Game 1


Other than this being a Rivalry game, there's not much new to learn from it.  Although Ole Miss does have a run first QB in Oregon transfer Masoli. Ole Miss was 1-7 in the SEC, only beating Kentucky and also lost to I-AA Jacksonville St..  They gave up nearly as many points as we did this year. 

  • #34 was being used to spy on Masoli.  We can expect either #34 or #50 to be keying on Denard on just about every play.
  • #8 was stripped of the ball for a turnover. Might be reproducible.
  • Ole Miss gets the first TD immediate after with an inside counter
  • #19 is getting more passes thrown his way this week.
  • Every week, MSU's OC introduces a new series or a new wrinkle that they use 3 or 4 times that game that they hadn't used before. This week's addition is the screen to the RB which worked for big yardage.
  • Relf gets a 70 yarder on that inverted option up the middle. Same play that I dissected from last week, except they ran it to the right. Didn't have the speed to take it to the endzone.
  • #8 gets the TD against pretty soft man coverage.  It's imperative our DB's shade inside the wide man, make relf throw the outside routes.
  • Masoli has the Tebow wind-up on deep balls, I doubt he's a QB at the next level, not that anyone was thinking that.
  • Aha, that's where Bumphis broke his collarbone.  Relf threw a nice deep ball down the middle for about 40 yards and he came down on it wrong.
  • Perkins scores on the "wheel of doom" play.  Somehow I imagine this play spread across the college football world after everyone watched the highlights from our game against Illinois.
  • #15 is playing some at CB.  Haven't seen him on defense in a while. #42 is another new face as MSU is playing a lot of bodies on D.
  • Relf threw up a duck when the RG got pushed back into him and he couldn't step up into the throw.  Bad read too, throwing into double coverage
  • Perkins gets a TD on the screen from about 35 yards out, just before halftime.
  • 21-9 at the half.
  • RT # 62 gives up yet another bad sack when he just let the DE go by untouched as he's focused on the delayed blitz from the LB. He's the weakest link on that line on pass plays.
  • Perkins takes over punt return duty for bumphis (heh, "doody")
  • #3 getting more PT with bumphis injured
  • Perkins takes the sweep for about 30
  • A bad mesh between perkins and relf results in a lost fumble
  • Perkins takes another screen for about 70. Relf's passing yards from this game are going to be inflated since Perkins has nearly 140 yards receiving.
  • Ballard has a slightly higher tendency to bounce outside when near the goaline. Like 10% instead of 1%
  • 31-9 at the start of the 4th
  • MSU's FG kicker missed from about 45, but he's been pretty consistent all year.
  • Ole Miss gets a TD on the fake bubble slant.  This bodes well for us.
  • Ballard has been bottled up this week.  Ole miss was cheating towards him.  I agree with that philosophy.  But they let perkins do too much damage
  • #3 took the sweep that bumphis would normally do, but he doesn't have nearly the same speed. Couldn't get to the corner and had to cut up too early.
  • Ole Miss got the ball with a chance to drive for a TD and tying 2pt conversion, but a chop block penalty snuffed that. 

Twas the Week Before the Gator Bowl

Twas the Week Before the Gator Bowl

Submitted by True Blue in CO on December 25th, 2010 at 8:08 AM

'Twas the week before the Gator Bowl, and back in A-squared,

The game plan to beat MSU, had been already prepared;


A dangerous opponent that southern MSU,

Not our little brother whose team has a felon or two;


The players were all healthy back in Schembechler Hall,

Ordered to play well and to “hold on to the damn ball”;


And GERG with his beaver, and I my pimp hand,

Had just completed a discussion about his last stand,


When out on the practice turf arose such a clatter,

I sprang from my office to see what was the matter.


I set down my phone after reading my tweets,

Grabbed my new overcoat and headed down State Street.


Past Yost where Red and the boys were out on the ice,

A championship in hockey this year would surely be nice.


This football discussion had become quite a huge show,

As I had a plan that no one else can know


Entering the field, to my wandering eyes did appear,

A motivated coach Rodriguez, and all his players in gear,


Running precise passing plays, so lively and quick,

The offense we all know does really click.


These real Michigan Men he recruited and they came,

And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name;


"Now, Shoelace! now, Lewan! now, Roundtree and Stonum!

On, Martin! on Mouton! on, Kovacs and Demens!


“You made it to 7 and 5 at the end of this fall!

If we win one more time, my firing you may forestall!”


They were led by Schilling and Moundros in a chorus or two,

Of “The Victors” they sang finishing with a big “Let’s Go Blue!


So back to the locker and weight rooms they flew,

With the speed, strength, and force ready to beat MSU.


And then, he approached me, this West Virginia man,

He shared with enthusiasm, his forward thinking plan.


“I have kept working, with all of this media stuff around,

Writers, pundits, and bloggers wishing I would leave town.”


“But I have kept recruiting, adjustments I will make,

New talent I can get, from almost any state.”


“I have Dee Hart, Countess, and a kid with a great foot,

With your word I can get Zettel, Frost and Watkins to boot.”


“I am finally ready to come up with a new defensive attack,

Just find me a new DC and I will allow him his own staff.”


His eyes -- how they twinkled! This game he does love!

It is my decision now, as I am the man up above!


I said “Coach you are not like the old man Bo,

But there are things about football you surely do know.”


I thought a moment more and I gritted my teeth,

I let him know of my plan but it must stay discrete;


I said I would keep him, but we needed a week,

So I would still look good to the fans on the street.


He was relieved with the news, and promised me stealth,

Filled with pride and integrity, he smiled to himself;


A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,

Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread;


He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,

And looking at his playbook; then turned with a jerk,


And laying his finger aside of his nose,

And giving a nod, his confidence greatly rose;


He sprang to his feet, to his team gave a whistle,

Ready to destroy Mississippi State, like a heat seeking missile.


But I heard him exclaim, ere he ran out of sight,

"A Michigan Man I am, and as your coach we will be alright."


Miss St. vs. Arkansas game notes

Miss St. vs. Arkansas game notes

Submitted by SFBayAreaBlue on December 25th, 2010 at 1:10 AM


Game 10

Game 9 (no torrent, but Brian looked at their offense)

Game 8

Game 7

Game 6 (couldn't find a torrent)

Game 5

Game 4

Game 3

Game 2

Game 1


This game is probably the most representative of what we'll be seeing.  Arkansas is about on par with us in terms of talent, but they run a passing spread instead of a running spread.  This is also MSU's most recent game against real competition since their final game was against ole miss.  Onto the bullets:

  • Nothing against emotional tributes but what does it say if you go into the game with signs that read "win it for ***" and you end up losing?
  • #7 gets the start over #5 at FS
  • They're nominally listed as a 4-3, but you only see that on short yardage, most of the game is 4-2-5 or 3-3-5.
  • Ballard has a pretty good burst accelerating through the hole, but he's not real comfortable keeping a good pitch relationship on the option play, Relf had to eat one because he was too close to pitch it.
  • Relf is just deadly on that "inverted" option QB choice play.  (below)
  • Ark. #7 takes it to the house on a 60+ yarder on a student body left type play.  Again, these DB's will give up big plays against real speed.  Thankfully we've got a lot of that at WR. (not so much at RB, this would be a great team for Carlos Brown to play against). MSU's #7 let himself get blocked on the play when he didn't need to and could've saved the TD (14 yards downfield, but that's still better than a TD)
  • When Ballard runs off-tackle he has a hesitation cut that will usually go back inside or upfield instead of outside.
  • Relf is about 50-50 on those deep out passes, but that's an improvement from earlier in the year.  His WR and TE are fairly tall, giving him nice targets to aim for.  Still throws that intermediate slant pretty well.
  • Ark #7 looks like a big guy, easily shedding the tackle attempt from #13
  • I'm a fan of the stickers on the helmets.  It's college, gold stars for everyone.  I do think that the ones we used to have were a bit big and distracting, but that can be fixed by using smaller ones or ones that have more blue and less maize.
  • Ark gets their 2nd TD on a really well executed delayed screen.  MSU is in pretty good position but Ark gets some great blocks and some pretty nifty running, going all the way across the field. #50 got shaken up, looks okay.
  • #2 with a pretty weak fumble on a flare pass.
  • But MSU gets it back on a nice strip from #34 on the very next play.
  • on 4th and 2, MSU tries a fake punt, nothing special, just a straight run left by the punter. MSU motioned two guys to the far right giving an unbalanced look (ball was on left hash) but had the three up men close to the punter with two on the left side.
  • Relf isn't the fasted guy (he's not vince young) but he's got really good vision for picking out the holes even if it isn't where the play was designed to go.  Plus, his O-line is getting good movement on ark's front 7. Makes him dangerous on QB draws and scrambles up the middle. We're gonna need a big game from our DT's to not get moved out of the middle.
  • nice diving catch by #8 on a ball that should've been batted down.
  • Solid hit by #25 on Kickoff coverage, but he didn't wrap up.
  • #10 not seeing much PT this week.  He's nominally a backup but maybe he's dinged up.
  • #90 got a good sack playing from a 2 point stance.  Great speed for a guy his size, hadn't gotten many sacks this year, but a lot of pressure. This was a bit of a twist having him line up in a MLB position
  • Ark is having their DE's pushing upfield,  blew up one of those jet sweep plays.
  • MSU's O-line looks much better.  #70 is at center instead of #55 who shifted over. #61 is not in the game, and #62 is over at right tackle where he's not as much of a liability. My suspicion is that there's a sizeable dropoff once subs have to come in.  #62 and #61 seem fine in run blocking, but not as good in pass blocking.
  • Seems like #8 will be the primary receiver with Bumbphis out for the bowl, Relf hasn't been looking at #19 much even though he's in the game a lot.
  • Relf nearly scored again on that inverted option. Different lead blocker this time.
  • Ballard takes it to the pylon for a short TD, fumbled snap might have allowed him to get outside on the pitch.
  • Late hit by #5
  • Jebus, enough talk about cam newton.  Yes, auburn probably paid his dad.  When a paper trail is discovered years down the line, maybe we'll get a reggie bush type rebuke of them then, but not until there's proof.
  • Pretty entertaining game MSU 21-17 at the half.
  • Ark's DB's are playing inside leverage.  Makes sense against relf.
  • When Relf is pressured he usually misses high.
  • #5 gets an INT on the sideline up. Misread by Mallet, the safety was playing pretty far over. I doubt we'll see much of #7
  • FB in the flat again. Only his 3rd catch of the year, converting 4th and 3.
  • Relf fumbled. He wasn't careless on this one, just a really good hit by the defender putting his helmet on the ball.
  • #5 beaten for an 88 yard passing TD on playaction. Too aggressive on that play. Amazing to see #50 being the guy who never gives up on the play again.  He's been impressive from game 1.  He's got a great motor.
  • #62 gave up a sack, blocked the wrong guy, maybe he thought the back was supposed to pick up the DE.  No, that's just a mistake by him.
  • Missed tackle by #25. looks like he slipped on the turf.
  • Nice hit by #34. He hasn't been lining up at DE as much lately.  He's more like a Fritz middle backer, even though he's listed at OLB.
  • Ark #3 shows some speed on the bubble screen getting about 20 yards
  • Haven't seen much of Perkins this week. Heavy doses of Ballard and Relf up the middle.
  • Exciting finish, MSU recovers a fumble with Ark trying to run out the clock with a 3 point lead.
  • #19 gets a big catch.
  • Ballard chewing up yards on the counter run
  • 31-31 going to OT
  • Ballard fumbles, Ark misses a FG.
  • 2nd OT MSU doesn't cover the back out of the backfield for an easy TD.
  • And #62 gives up a sack on 4th down to end the game. Actually it was the speed rush against the left tackle, but they both got there pretty quick.

The dreaded "inverted option":

We'll be seeing a lot of this play or some variation of it.   Although this one isn't really part of their option series, it is third play of their sweep series.  (The first 2 being the sweep and the counter sweep.) You can tell that this play is a designed QB keeper by the blocking assignments. It doesn't matter what you call it, Relf will have the ball, and he will be running between the tackles with 1, 2, or even 3 lead blockers.


MSU is in a split back slot right.  Ark responds with a 4-3 and a late shift into an outside blitz. The safety moves up into man coverage and the MLB fakes a blitz.


The MLB has responsibility for a pretty big bubble in the d-line.  MSU takes advantage of that by pulling the right tackle all the way into the 5 hole.  Arkansas's blitzer is going way upfield to cut off any bubble screen, flare pass, or sweep.  (This was the LSU blue-print).


The running backs show sweep motion to the right and both the playside guard and tackle have gotten great leverage on their men, so there's a pretty big hole for the pulling tackle to lead through.


The MSU linebacker goes for the fake, Relf keeps the ball and sees what is now a huge hole in front of him.


Looking at it from behind we can see how Arkansas should have defended it.  The RT takes a pull step right at the snap.  But the DE doesn't even notice it.  With the blitzer to his side going upfield, he doesn't have contain responsibility and his path should be directly towards the QB/RB mesh point. If you follow a pulling linemen, you'll almost always be taken right to the play.


One of the MLB goes with the fake and the DE is in no man's land about to tackle a guy who doesn't have the ball.  The MSU O-line is getting great movement on their guys.


Relf actually makes the wrong cut here, the outside corner is in man and should be blocked.  But because he's a big guy, going north and south is never a bad choice for Relf.  The FS is in good position to make a tackle, but he gets juked out of his shorts and then Relf is too strong to get taken down by the guys in pursuit.  He bounces around into the endzone getting about 10 yards of YAC.

CC: "Maybe he misspoke" - JH on Stanford AD

CC: "Maybe he misspoke" - JH on Stanford AD

Submitted by Abe Froman on December 25th, 2010 at 12:31 AM

Happy holidays fellow Wolverines.

Just read this and found it interesting.  MANY apologies if someone has beat me to it and this is a repost; I tried searching and didn't see that it has already come up.

Summarizing the DetNews:

Harbaugh has yet to sign with Stanford, and when asked about his supposedly pending contract extension he stated:

"I haven't even discussed it."

Perhaps more interesting, when asked to respond to remarks from the Stanford AD implying that Harbaugh will sign the contract, "Maybe he misspoke."

From The Detroit News: http://detnews.com/article/20101224/SPORTS0201/12240438/Stanford-coach-Jim-Harbaugh-hasn-t-signed-extension--can-still-leave#ixzz196A3mI69

CC: For those hoping for something in their stock this morning

CC: For those hoping for something in their stock this morning

Submitted by AMazinBlue on December 25th, 2010 at 12:26 AM

The Detroit News had little to add to the the fire, but Harbaugh made an interesting little comment regarding not signing his extension yet.


Terrelle Pryor saves Christmas...

Terrelle Pryor saves Christmas...

Submitted by myrtlebeachmai… on December 24th, 2010 at 11:20 PM

Was going to be a tough one this year, with the economy and all...  A tough "Santa must have missed our house" to explain to the kids...  Thank God for an unexpected Samaritan in Columbus who told me his name was "TPeezy2"...


Edit:  Tried to imbed... to old to figure out....

Remember Elliot & Brock Mealer this Christmas Eve

Remember Elliot & Brock Mealer this Christmas Eve

Submitted by StephenRKass on December 24th, 2010 at 10:30 PM

Today is the sad anniversary of the tragic Mealer family accident, taking the lives of Elliot & Brock's father and Elliot's girlfriend. Keep them and their mother in your prayers, on a special evening when they rejoice in the birth of Jesus, but also have bittersweet memories at their great loss.