Dienhart: DB's meetig with RR was scheduled to start at 2:00

Dienhart: DB's meetig with RR was scheduled to start at 2:00

Submitted by michgoblue on January 4th, 2011 at 2:23 PM

Per Dienhart's Twitter:

TomDienhart Michigan AD David Brandon will meet with Rich Rodriguez today at 2:00 p.m. ET and a meeting with players has been set for 7 ET.

We all knew about the meeting but thought that some would want to know when this afternoon it started so that they could start hitting "refresh" every 5 seconds like I plan to do.

Also, the players meeting was already set before this.



CC: Contrarian, yet plausible view, on our situation w/ JH

CC: Contrarian, yet plausible view, on our situation w/ JH

Submitted by iawolve on January 4th, 2011 at 1:21 PM


While I realize I can believe nothing being speculated, the abrupt turn of the messaging regarding our #1 coaching target is at the very least somewhat troubling considering the desire for a smooth transition whatever direction we go. However, I don’t see JH as dead in the water for a few reasons if you look at DB’s previous actions/experience and including the concept that people typically do not act irrationally.

First, as a Regent, booster and former player, I assume he witnessed the Martin coaching search disaster up close. I can’t possibility believe that he watched the Miles-to-UM debacle unfold in the media only to repeat that very scenario. Granted, he has never said JH was a coaching candidate, but everybody else had without a denial from DB. Hence, his silence is acceptance of the message that he his replacement in mind so this puts us back to “Miles and a boat” by default.

Second, DB has shown a propensity to float an idea, get the fan base off their ass/into a frenzy and already have everyone’s first choice secured. He did this with the UM/OSU game, effectively creating  fire storm to pressure his other ADs in the conference, and could be doing this with JH to secure broad support across the base for the guy. Adding some drama at the end will have everyone clamoring for JH, essentially clearing the deck for him. This sucks us into the decision more closely and ensures buy in. This is a tactic used in business and politics, remember DB has considered politics for his second career.

Third, DB fancies himself as a marketer. While I have has this debate regarding my stance that I don’t necessarily feel “any publicity is good publicity”, the drama has put Michigan in more TV segments, analyst discussions, twitter feeds, blogs, newspaper articles, etc than winning any bowl game could have. This talk is dominating the bowl season at this point which gets the Michigan name out there. HOWEVER, this is very risky if he does not deliver JH since there is too much light on the situation IMHO and DB + Michigan comes out on the bad end of this.

Fourth, DB has not fired his current coach. For this reason, I actually believe speculation today that JH has not been “offered the job” on paper since there is no official job opening.  That does not mean terms have been already discussed, but not having it on paper actually would not be surprising. I don’t see this as the terrible sign that others are interpreting it to be.

Fifth, by not backing his current coach and not landing the consensus #1 guy, DB would have immortalized himself in FAIL lore by sticking to some principled evaluation period while every other school moved around you securing coaches as you stood still. I would assume this would be known as a “Pulling a Brandon” and I can’t imagine that DB would knowing allow that to be his legacy after just accepting the job.

Again, there are just my dumbass opinions. Maybe they make sense, maybe they don’t. I still have a feeling JH is coming home and this is just an exercise in chumming the water since I don’t for a minute believe that DB has entrusted any real information to persona non gratta types like Rosenberg.



Submitted by rdlwolverine on January 4th, 2011 at 1:18 PM

So, what is the verdict on Barwis?  When RR first arrived, one of the most promising developments was supposedly the replacement of the obsolete Gittleson strength and conditioning regime with the modern and superenergized Barwis regime.  Is there any empirical evidence of improved performance on the field with Barwis?  Would we have been even worse with a Gittleson approach?

I have not crunched any numbers, but it seems to me that we have consistently performed worse in the second half of games; 4th quarter even worse than 3rd quarter.  Clearly, we have performed better earlier in the season than late in the season. These observations do not seem consistent with the concept that Barwis will make the team the team physically stronger and with better endurance.

CC: Why not Tom Bradley if JH says no?

CC: Why not Tom Bradley if JH says no?

Submitted by DesHow21 on January 4th, 2011 at 1:09 PM

He would be infinitely more palatable to the masses than Hoke. He's got great recruiting ties to a state that should be a prime location for us. He basically has HC experience at a MAJOR univ without actually having the title and is squeaky clean ( personal life) as far as I can tell. 


Please not Brady Hoke...pretty please?

No lack of material for final installment(s) of TWIS Brian

No lack of material for final installment(s) of TWIS Brian

Submitted by markusr2007 on January 4th, 2011 at 12:20 PM

Will there be a final piece on mgoblog of college football TWIS? 

The Chernobylesque manner in which UM boards are melting down today, followed by the Big Ten bowl debacles, crazy coaching changes, and recruit de- and re-commitmases, plus Ohio State vs. ArkanSAW!.....man, plenty of material dudes.

Dear Lloyd,

Dear Lloyd,

Submitted by New Carr on January 4th, 2011 at 11:49 AM

Dear Lloyd Carr,

I want to apologize for all the anger and vitriol I spewed in your direction via internet chat, bar room banter, and drunken dorm room rages.  For some strange reason I believed that Michigan, given its tradition, stadium, fandom, NFL pipeline, etc was entitled to be in the hunt for BCS championships more than once a decade.  Clearly I was wrong.  Sure, the blowout losses to USC in the Rose Bowl every year sucked, and the vest owning you was getting old.  But hey, at least we could count on 10-3 mediocrity every year, with the occasional variance to 8-5 or 11-1.  Yeah, you did less with more talent than just about any coach in the country, but hell, at least you had a system that guaranteed mediocrity at worst.  Yeah the Appy State disaster was like a thousand needles in my eye, and run left strategy was getting stale, but at least we coulds still beat little brother every year.  Now we just suck, and everyone still wants to blame you for "leaving the cupboard bare."  That bs I won't buy.  RR has had plenty of opportunity to fix the defense and special teams to be at least not horrible, and has't produced.  The rationalizations of youth and injuries would be acceptable if we saw any improvement....There has been none.

I had visions of modern football, and the spread, and speed, and championships dancing in my head.  It was an illusion.  Michigan football can not be Oregon, or Miami, or FSU, or USC.  Lloyd delivered 97, and Brady's Orange Bowl (total underachieving team btw), and beating Joe Pa and Cooper like a drum.  In retrospect, instead of going to the polar opposite, RR's speed system, we probably should have realized that having 220lbs LBs going against Wisky and Iowa's 325lbs lineman in 40 degree weather may not work.  But hey, we had a dream. 

Now my dream is Jim Harbaugh...pretty much a modern day Gary Moeller.  IE, Lloyd Carr with an edge and a bit of an imagination.  Seems that dream will go unfulfilled.  Perhaps we just need to hope for luck ala OSU with The Vest. 

Basically, this is an apology to you Mr. Carr.  In some ways I feel the last 3 years have been a form of Karmic justice cast upon all us arrogant seemingly entitled fans who bitched about you.  Sure, maybe you weren't the most meticulous homemaker on the block, but at least you didn't burn the big house down.

PS.  I am not just writing this in an attempt to sway the football gods or to change the current stream of constant shit luck that has fallen upon our program.  However, if this does in some way, shape, or form change the negative energies within which we are immersed, I would gladly accept.  That would be "Tremendous"

CC: Urban Meyer 1 yr From Now

CC: Urban Meyer 1 yr From Now

Submitted by brewandbluesaturdays on January 4th, 2011 at 11:22 AM

So, the general consensus around these parts seems to be "OMMGGGGG DOOOOOOM NOOOO HARBAUGH!!!!", which I don't entirely agree with. I have tried to avoid the CC topic and I have now failed myself and am contributing. What I dont get is why so many people seem to think that we have to make a change if don't  wind up with Harbaugh. The last time I checked RR had not been fired yet and there seems to be some good defensive coaches out there for the picking.

Secondly, People seemto be forgetting that Urban Meyer has just become available. I will be willing to bet my bottom dollar that after a year off from football and a year of family time he will be dying to get back on coaching scene. So what do we do? We give RR that 4th year and if we see the epic turnaround on defense we all hope for and out offense is that much better than hooray! If it doesnt, what do we do? We go make Urban Meyer the highest paid coach in the country to come out of retiement. Urban runs a spread and would bring instant appeal to recruiting, you know since he's one a couple MNC's and what not. 

Lastly, whoever is the coach at Michigan I will fully support until he is no longer our coach. If RR is fired I will be greatful to him for the victories and the amount of effort he has put into this program and whomever the next guy may be, as soon as announced, he will gain my full support.  Go Blue and I cannot wait for the dust to settle.