Jimbo Fisher New Contract = Good News??

Jimbo Fisher New Contract = Good News??

Submitted by Talcelm on January 8th, 2011 at 4:29 PM

For those of you looking for a glimmer of hope that the HC issue is close to being complete take this for what it is worth. Rumors abounded that if LM came to AA Jimbo Fisher would be a lock to come to LSU since he was Sabans OC during that tenure. Well Miami Canes site reports that FSU gave Fisher a new contract 5 yrs $2.75 mil a year trying to head off Fisher bolting. Granted with FSU having a resurgence it seemed unlikely but hey in this screwed up season i believe anything can happen. Lets just hope this "search" is alomst over. 

More Dong Punches From the Army Game

More Dong Punches From the Army Game

Submitted by mGrowOld on January 8th, 2011 at 3:54 PM

1. Dee Hart selects Alabama

2. Hart explains that the reason he is doing so is because of MIchigan's coaching change PLUS his "close relationship with Saban"

3. Hart wins Army MVP award

Can you imagine how fired up excited this board would be right now if Hart was still on board?   Sigh.......

Why Rich Rodriguez was Fired.

Why Rich Rodriguez was Fired.

Submitted by Happy Jack on January 8th, 2011 at 3:41 PM

I'm convinced after witnessing the state of the board the last few weeks that we've all completely lost our minds, myself included.  I've read every possible dissertation on why Rich Rodriguez should have kept his job and how upset many people are that he got fired and how the program is now nuclear fucked instead of just fucked. It's been written all over the media that Michigan never supported Rich Rodriguez etc etc etc.  It almost looked like an "abusive spouse" effect in that we wanted to love him so bad but the relationship was nothing but destructive.  I decided that in spite of all the bullshit that's been written and said, we need to put aside the emotional attachment and loyalty to take a good hard look at what has transpired.

Ladies and gentlemen, after painstaking research I present to you the honest to god reason why Rich Rodriguez was fired as head coach.   In the 131 year history of Michigan Football, Rich Rodriguez ranks as follows among head coaches at Michigan:


Lowest overall winning percentage
1. Rich Rodriguez (.405)
2. Frank Crawford/Mike Murphy (co-head coaches in 1891) (.444)
3. Bump Elliott (.547)
4. Elton Wieman (.594)
5. Harry Kipke (.632)

Lowest Big Ten winning percentage
1. Rich Rodriguez (.250)
2. Bump Elliott (.485)
3. Elton Wieman (.500)
4. Harry Kipke (.560)
5. Langdon Lea (.600)


0-6 vs OSU + MSU

Worst Bowl Loss in the History of the Program

Only Head Coach to be charged with Major NCAA Violations during his tenure**


There's no ifs ands or buts.  Now, you may like him as a man and he certainly tried hard.  I believe him wholeheartedly when he says the University never got cheated out of a day of his pay.  All of us can also agree that the turmoil of a coaching change is undesirable.  However, anyone with a sense of reason knows that this isn't good enough for Michigan. Simply put, this is the worst that the program has ever been in its entire history.    While a huge pain in the ass, Dave Brandon had to make this move and the writing was written in bold covering every inch of the wall.  


I rest my case.


And also fuck haterz.  



** I understand many of us believe this may not have been deserved or of his doing.  Whether you'd like to include it as his fault or not, I think the point made stands.  

CC: Some Good Words about Hoke

CC: Some Good Words about Hoke

Submitted by Soulfire21 on January 8th, 2011 at 3:04 PM


I honestly have no idea how to feel about the coaching situation other than "OMFGWTF", but I did stumble across some good words about Brady Hoke, and since his name is in the mix, I thought I'd share.

Fox Sports' Jason Whitlock wrote:

"Hoke and his coaching staff know how to develop players. I've seen it.

"They know how to recruit and identify talent that works in their system. At Ball State and San Diego State, Hoke assembled coaching staffs more qualified and skilled than the schools' budgets allow.

"Good coaches love working for Hoke.

"Jim Harbaugh is the sizzle hire in all of football. He's not a better college football coach than Brady Hoke.

If Michigan would love Hoke with half the passion Hoke loves Michigan, beating Ohio State and returning to the top of the Big Ten wouldn't take more than three seasons."

There's a link to the full column, etc. there.
It allowed me to get out of the fetal position and, for the time being, I don't say "FUCK NO" like tourettes guy every time I hear "Brady" or "Hoke" or "Brady Hoke".

Dave Brandon and leadership

Dave Brandon and leadership

Submitted by chris16w on January 8th, 2011 at 2:50 PM

Reading Dave Brandon's mind is impossible, as he seems to do things his own way no matter what. So, to get a better idea of who our next coach may be, I thought it would be most efficient to look at what qualities he values in a leader, and who he has endorsed in the past. I don't know about any specific personnel decisions that he made while CEO of Domino's, but I can think of four people who, when the odds were stacked against them, he entrusted to lead a program with a rich tradition like U of M's.


Hopefully we won't have any more socialist offenses.

PS - if you ban me, MGoBlog is the KGB! :)

DB-It's not too Late

DB-It's not too Late

Submitted by Ziff72 on January 8th, 2011 at 2:46 PM

Ok every tackle Kris Frost makes in this game makes me want to cry.  Press Conference on Monday is coming.

Welcome everyone I want to announce that the next coach of the Michigan Wolverines will be Rich Rodriguez.  I am fully aware that this decision will be be ridiculed across the nation, but it is the correct choice.  After doing a complete search of the available candidates it has become clear that Rich was the best man for the job and I am willing to stand up here before you and admit I made a mistake.  Our fan base was fractured and I thought bringing in a man like Jim Harbaugh could unite the Michigan family.  I have realized over the last couple of days that trying to unite this fan base is impossible.  I struggled with the decision originally and I may have given into pressure just so we could have peace and move forward.  This was a mistake.

This is not a 1 year decision Rich will be here for many years, for those of you not happy with the decision I want you to know that I don't really care.  We are going to win and win big soon.  To the former players and prominent alumni, I invite you to come view the program up close and see for yourself why this was the right move.   If you are still not happy feel free to contact me and express your concerns  and I will listen and consider them.  For those of you who go public with your negative comments be prepared to not be welcomed back.

Rich will not take any questions as he is on the road talking to Hart, Lyons, Frost, Bryant and the rest of his recruiting class.  He did want me to relay the message "fuck off" and please be aware you are no longer  welcome.  Fort Schembechler is back up and running and we've put up a new state of the art security system.  You'll be made aware of our new defensive coordinator thru my blog, now get the fuck off my campus.



Dan Mullen reported in Baton Rouge Friday.

Dan Mullen reported in Baton Rouge Friday.

Submitted by maizenblue92 on January 8th, 2011 at 2:44 PM

I know most of you don't like rumor-mongering. And I know what most of you think of the bleacher report but I came across this and thought is was at least worth sharing. It is mostly about Les Miles and the plane in Baton Rouge. But makes mention that Dan Mullen was reported in Baton Rouge Friday.


Here, I'll Give You A Topic...

Here, I'll Give You A Topic...

Submitted by Mhpangr on January 8th, 2011 at 2:03 PM


Does anyone think that DB has anyone in the AD office read MGoBlog to get an idea of the pulse of the fan base? 

This fan environment is pretty unique from other schools in terms of the ability for all of us to take to the internets and express our opinion en masse.  He probably doesn't care what we all think, but shouldn't he?  I know we can be pretty irrational with some of our comments, but IMHO he's a business man first and foremost and don't major corporations (like Dominoes) hold demographic testing before rolling out a new product?  I would think the approval of the fan base has to be some type of mitigating factor (probably a small percentage, but still) especially since the last coach's major roadblock was fan approval.

I'm a little faklempt.