The Last Three Years, a few observations

The Last Three Years, a few observations

Submitted by lexus larry on January 12th, 2011 at 9:00 AM

With the close of the RichRod era within Michigan Football, it's interesting to note quite a few tidbits of his tenure, as well as the Machiavellian machinations that seemed to occur a little too frequently:

The entire LC faction within the athletic department seemed to have taken quite an offense to RR being named HC, to the point where it seemed the entire department should have been purged of LC hold-outs, and not just the football org.  The CARA leaks, lack of support from LC for 3 years (while within an hour of the announcement, LC calls the Hoke hiring "tremendous"), it's amazing Rich didn't lash out, or cry to any media source whatsoever.  Of course, that arbiter of actual capability and quality, the NFL, seemed to have a different view of Michigan assistant coaches and talent over the past 6 years.

I was struck by the near political machine operation (choose blue or red, I don't care) where the "Hoke element" played up his viability, and whispered it to the local ink-stained wretches, for them to place with an authoritative stamp of approval into their dying rags.  Surely they all didn't come to the same conclusion about his superiority independently, did they?

The farce of the NATIONAL COACHING SEARCH (n=1).   BS to the max, as posted ad infinitum.

Did the players really all jump for joy at the Hoke announcement?  Didn't realize college football players kept such close tabs on coaches in the MWC.  Hearing rabblerabble about "getting back to Michigan defense," what Michigan team do these kids know?  They should only know 2006...and that most of the aughts were pretty meh defensively, by scheme or by talent, it doesn't matter.

How about all those assistant coaches of Rich's?  I don't know how much dialing around he had to do to find them a home.  And most, if not all, are already hired.  How's that for a coaching tree?

Finailly, Rich will get a job next year, and you know what?  No AD will question how things went so poorly at U-M.  They'll be able to see it for themselves, in print, in text, in tweets, and all the innuendo and intrigue that prevented an agent of change from doing what he was hired to do. (Imagine any other professional organization that fought back so hard against the change that needed to be made, and won.  The other posts about the electric car bring GM to mind, but even drones at GM know to play along to what the big boss says, or find work elsewhere.)

(As an aside, as my brother and I were going back and forth on the firing, I told him, as I tell you now...RR will win an NC before U-M does.  That's paraphrased, I said "...before Harbaugh does."  Mark these words.)

David Brandon's Address to the Players

David Brandon's Address to the Players

Submitted by Raback Omaba on January 12th, 2011 at 8:45 AM

[Ed-M: Diary bump for usefulness.]

Interesting tidbits from David Brandon’s meeting with the team yesterday – this was conveyed to me by a contact of mine (can’t say who it is and can’t say whether it is a player/coach/manager) etc., but much of this was rehashed on the rivals forum yesterday.

I was always a Harbaugh or RichRod gets a 4th year guy, but hearing stuff like this is very encouraging. I’ll try to keep this concise:

-  I refuse to believe that Dave Brandon let his ego get in the way of this coaching search.  

He said he interviewed big names from every conference and found that some "big names" clearly have themselves as their first priority, not their players or the program.  This made his search a little easier.

-  He knows exactly what's been said on blogs and such.  Said he wasn't on either plane that we were tracking (hahahaha.)  He knows some will love the hire, others will hate it.  It's his job not to care.

-  He did interview Harbaugh and Miles.  Harbaugh told him straight up that he was NFL bound and gave him advice.  Didn't offer the job to Les Miles.

-  Everyone he spoke to referred him to Brady Hoke.  Opposing coaches,  former players, former coaches all said he should consider Hoke.  

Michigan alumni really supported Hoke (Steve Hutchinson called unsolicited to say that "Brady Hoke was the best coach I ever had")

-  Only offered the job to one man -- Brady Hoke.  Called Brady yesterday morning and offered, Brady accepted immediately.  Didn't even ask about money.

-  Money isn't an issue.  We'll pour as much money as it takes into this program to win.  Football is the heart of our athletic department.  Whether it's $200 million to the stadium or new video boards.

-  Brady is very familiar with our team and the special athletes we have at certain positions.  "He knows you very well by number, and he'll learn your names starting tomorrow"

-  The team was overwhelmingly happy when he announced it.  I don't know that you could expect differently though.  Morale is high.

-  Even Denard looked happy.  Especially when they were prepping them for interviews and mentioned that Hoke will incorporate spread aspects in his offense.  At this point I don't think attrition will be high.

-  Team started chanting "Nike" towards the end.  Dave Brandon laughed and said he doesn't break contracts. 

Sounds like Michigan is on its way back.

Michigan Football as The Sopranos, Season 6, Part 2

Michigan Football as The Sopranos, Season 6, Part 2

Submitted by lexus larry on January 12th, 2011 at 8:40 AM

Much as it pains me to have read Brian suggest that LC was some sort of nefarious kingmaker, lurking in the shadows, given that within minutes of the Hoke announcement LC tweeted his approval of this hiring, it dawned on me that the football admin within the athletic department resembled The Sopranos more than just a little...

Semi-lucid Uncle Junior - LC

Tony Soprano - RR

Bobby Bacala - Hoke (C'mon, people!  He even looks like Bobby Bacala!)

Silvio Dante - DB

Carmela - Miss Rita

Any suggestions for Meadow Soprano are welcome.

Seriously, though.  Michigan football seriously resembles a crime family...lifetime commitment, trust no one from the outside, tear down all other trains of thought, etc.

I'm no Misopogon, so I can't do all the colorful wordsmithing or attaching the nifty pics with photoshops, but the theme seems too close to reality.  Maybe too close...

Parsing DB's Quotes (and release text) on the Hiring of Hoke

Parsing DB's Quotes (and release text) on the Hiring of Hoke

Submitted by lexus larry on January 12th, 2011 at 8:27 AM

What can we say?  The quotes are alarming in their insular and inbred way.

"We don't have to teach him the words to "The Victors."  Seriously, Dave?  I have only one question to that:  Did Bo know the words to "The Victors" when he, Don Canham and Bump were photographed at the coffee table press conference?

"Michigan was 5-3 against OSU, MSU and in bowl games while Hoke was in AA."  Again.  Seriously?  I didn't know Brady had so much involvement with the full team operation during his years as D-Line coach.  Having teams stocked with NFL caliber talent means U-M probably should have been a bit better than 5-3 against MSU in that era.

The delicate dancing around Hoke's record says all it needs to say.

Finally, the whole Plan A crap is patently absurd and laughable.  Who knew that the LC coaching tree concept needed such validation as to tear down RR from DAY ONE, and continuing into the very last days of his time in AA.  Yeah, that LC coaching tree is more of a bonsai with a few branches snapped off, rather than the Bo or Mo trees from 1970-1993.

Here is a reason Hoke will win you over

Here is a reason Hoke will win you over

Submitted by GVBlue86 on January 12th, 2011 at 8:06 AM

So you heard too, huh? Yeah, Hoke is the coach. I feel how a lot of MgoBloggers feel around here. Blah hire, lacking the "sizzle." Let me just say this, I believe that Hoke will win over a lot of people in his press conference and throughout the offseason. You know why? He will express what we have wished the coach of UofM would have been saying and working for the past 3 years. That is, how much he is driven to beat tOSU. He will tell us how important the rivalry games are to him. He will hate along with us. He won't like MSU, or Notre Dame either. He will feed the fans what we have been hungry for. A coach who understands our feelings about those three teams. Most importantly Ohio State. That goes a long way in my mind. We practically begged Rodriguez to express such feelings, yet he never did.

Also, once he gets great defenses back here I think we will appreciate him all the more.

I don't see too many MNC's with this hire but getting back to the success we had under Carr would be a great start if we are going to be realistic.

Mourning period set to expire

Mourning period set to expire

Submitted by Moe Greene on January 12th, 2011 at 8:06 AM

Two cents on this - neg away if I sound like a crotchety bastard.


The mourning period on this hire ends right before the presser starts.

After that, the time for second guessing ends, and the time for us to get in the proverbial boat and support this coach and this program starts.

Coach Hoke has a big job to do - and whatever you think of his boss (or his bosses boss) he needs our full support.

It's time for us to look up and be positive.

Take the Challenge: Rank Hoke v. other Big Ten Coaches

Take the Challenge: Rank Hoke v. other Big Ten Coaches

Submitted by Swayze Howell Sheen on January 12th, 2011 at 7:55 AM

OK, we've got Hoke. If you'd like, create two lists.

  • List the first: Those coaches in the Big Ten that you think Hoke is better than.
  • List the second: Those coaches in the Big Ten that you think are better than Hoke.
  • A third optional list: Toss up.

For your ease, here is the list of coaches in the Big Ten:

  1. Jim Tressel (OSU)
  2. Bret Bielema (Wisconsin)
  3. Joe Paterno (Penn St.)
  4. Kirk Ferentz (Iowa)
  5. Pat Fitzgerald (NW)
  6. Mark Dantonio (MSU)
  7. Bo Pelini (Nebraska) [edit: Thanks great slight hope]
  8. Kevin Wilson (Indiana)
  9. Jerry Kill (Minnesota)
  10. Ron Zook (Illinois)
  11. Danny Hope (Purdue)

I was going to do this differently, by asking 'which coaches would you trade Hoke for', but realize that some would say 'no one because they are not Michigan Men' or some such, and hence the current phrasing of the question.

Enjoy! Or skip. Just curious to hear everyone's opinion.

OK, we have Hoke. So now what about recruiting?

OK, we have Hoke. So now what about recruiting?

Submitted by goblueUM2012 on January 12th, 2011 at 6:52 AM

Now that we know our coach, it's time to start looking at the impact he will have on recruits conscidering Michigan, recruits committed to Michigan, recruits that HAD conscidered Michigan, and who even some recruits from SDSU (maybe).

What do some of the major guys like Zettel, or Frost think of the new hire?

Any insite would be appreciated as signing days looms nearby.

Here's some links to some things relevant to the recruiting class and expected hit on recruiting that I found real fast.

SDSU recruiting class. It does include the #10 overall pro-style QB so who knows:

DET News article on recruiting:

WARNING: next one is a FREEP




Brady Hoke hype thread

Brady Hoke hype thread

Submitted by go16blue on January 12th, 2011 at 6:52 AM

I know that a lot of you (like me) were not very happy when Brady Hoke was announced to be our new head coach. However, we've had our day to mourn, and now its time to get behind the coach 100%. I am starting this thread so that we can collectively talk ourselves into liking Hoke as a coach and getting exited about the hire. If you have something good to say about Hoke, please say it. 

I'll start: his former players at M really like him, and being a "michigan man" should gain support from former players who didn't like RR

We only talk about coaches who coach for Michigan

We only talk about coaches who coach for Michigan

Submitted by Hoken's Heroes on January 12th, 2011 at 6:23 AM

While many of you on here and on other sites are planing on performing seppuku on yourself after learning that a true Michigan Man, Brady Hoke from San Diego State University, will now lead Michigan back to being an elite football program, let's keep in mind that "we only talk about coaches who coach for the UM football team."

Brady Hoke is a Michigan Man. He is the head coach. If the players are fine with it and Charles Woodson is fine with it (among others), why the hell aren't you fine with it?

The majority of you have never coached before. Many of you never have played the game before. Yet many of you seem to think you know better than the AD and other seasoned coaches. Maybe you do but until you can show you know how to run an AD department and coach a football team, you might want to ease up on your hate filled comments about Hoke.

Brady Hoke has a very difficult job ahead of him. Such a job that other very talented football coaches didn't want to touch. That says a lot about how low this program is and how UM is viewed in the coaching community.

Hoke is a solid coach who now has the opportunity to build the foundation of becoming the next great college football coach who saved the UM football program. Everytime you diss hoke, you spit on Bo's Grave, in Mike Hart's face and on Tom Brady's golden locks.