ESPN on the B1G's proposal for Athlete Welfare

ESPN on the B1G's proposal for Athlete Welfare

Submitted by JeepinBen on May 26th, 2011 at 4:25 PM

Gene Wojciechowski

On how Delany's proposal makes a lot of sense, and doesn't really hurt anyone. I'm bad at blockquoting but read some excerpts below. Also, it's not a ton of new ideas, some of the same things that Brian has suggested in fact, but it's really good that this is a front page article at the WWL, might actually help things come to fruition. There's even a shot of the Big House.

"The power broker -- Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany -- suggested a plan that would bridge the growing financial gap between the value of a scholarship and the actual sticker price of going to school. That average estimated annual gap of about $3,000 would be given to the D-I player to help defray the costs of, say, transportation, clothing, laundry and pepperoni pizzas. It works out to a whopping $8.22 a day."


"I never used the words, 'play-for-pay,"' says Delany. "I never used the word, 'compensation.' All I said is, 'Can we have a discussion? We'd like to have a discussion about providing a grant-in-aid that corresponds to the cost of education.'

"I never once mentioned that we thought it would undermine cheating. The kinds of comments, and the kinds of headlines, and the kinds of leads are so far removed and so far from what was said, it's pretty hard to understand. … I don't think in any of our discussions internally, or any of the discussions with our staff, or any of the thoughts in my mind was it ever thought about in terms of Ohio State, or agent issues, or any regulatory issues."

In its simplest terms, Delany's proposal is a cost-of-living adjustment for D-I scholarship athletes. It would make college life a little bit easier and, given the revenue the players generate for their universities, a little fairer. But nobody is going to buy a yacht with the additional money.


My favorite anxiety-filled response from those who instantly opposed the idea: Providing scholarship athletes with a "cost of education" increase would give such conferences as the Big Ten a recruiting advantage.

Delany's response: They're right, it would. After all, it only makes sense that a recruit might be more tempted to sign with a conference whose institutions can afford to put that $8.22 in his or her pocket each day.


[+] EnlargeMichigan Stadium
Scott Boehm/Getty ImagesSchools that can fill huge stadiums can afford to enact Delany's proposal.


But it's not like all conferences are created equal, or ever will be. The Big Ten, the Southeastern Conference, the Big 12, the Pac-10, the ACC and the Big East already enjoy recruiting advantages over other conferences. Their stadiums, arenas and practice facilities are larger and more luxurious. Their geographic footprints are wider. Their TV contracts are more lucrative. Their coaches' salaries are higher. Their tradition, Q ratings and alumni bases are more pronounced.

ESPN Mini Season Preview

ESPN Mini Season Preview

Submitted by Ziff72 on May 26th, 2011 at 2:57 PM

For those of you with the "elite" ESPN Insider Access they have a preview of Michigan up.  It's not the best analysis but it is analysis and most importantly they agree with me that we have a chance to return to glory this season.   For some reason they like our safety situation, but the main reason is Denard, our returning starters on offense and Mattison.



Doug Karsch Agrees More to Come for OSU

Doug Karsch Agrees More to Come for OSU

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On Karsch&Anderson today, Doug said that there would be more information out on Ohio State next week. Given that there have been conflicting reports about the accuracy of the rumored SI article, this seems to give more validity to the possibility. Normally most of us take 97.1 information with a grain of salt, but Doug is usually pretty knowledgeable about college football in general.

Sam Webb's Zach Banner Article

Sam Webb's Zach Banner Article

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Michigan Makes Big Impression On Two-Sport Star Zach Banner


 Scout's No. 11 OT in the country at 6'9 and 300lbs, Zach excels on both the gridiron and the hardwood and wants a chance at playing both.

Very high on Michigan but  a lot of schools are in play, obviously. Would be a huge get for us (both figuratively and literally), but won't be deciding until signing day.

OT: Sparty's view on recruiting (Spartanfreude)

OT: Sparty's view on recruiting (Spartanfreude)

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This is linked to in the B1G lunch links on ESPN, but Joe Rexrode comments back on feedback he received from a recent article on the in-state recruiting battles. The comments at the end are pretty good.

  My favorite

"Ever notice how Michigan doesn't really ever lose? They just have down years or the other team cheated.

This is what bugs me about recruiting: the whole "Michigan mystique", block M, trying to coopt good(?) men in the state of Michigan as being "Michigan Men", winningest program in history while we count victories we had against highschools in the 1900s stuff is just a big pile of crap to this Spartan. Along with the loud-mouthed alumni and non-alumni that make up their fan base. So it bugs me that high school recruits are still buying that stuff hook, line and sinker. I guess I shouldn't really expect 3 straight victories over them and a Big Ten Championship to change that."

Update on OSU car dealer investigation

Update on OSU car dealer investigation

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I haven't been following this all that closely, but there's info in here that is new to me.  The one thing I can lend insight on is the fact that one of the players had dealer tags from a dealership in Marysville.

I live in Marysville, and the biggest reason they would come up to Marysville, which is 40 min from campus with no traffic, would be a high end car dealer that is open up here.  It used to be a Lamborghini dealership, but now carries a variety of high cost cars.  Pure and unbridaled speculation?  Yes.  But still very telling...

Feldman's "Should Be" College Football Rivalries

Feldman's "Should Be" College Football Rivalries

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Bruce Feldman made a list of the Top 10 rivalries he'd like to see in College Football. This is another example of the media attempting to create rivalries, but it's hypothetical so it's ok.

You have to be an insider to see the whole top 10, but #1 is Boise St. vs Alabama, and Big Ten schools on the list are: Ohio State vs. Oklahoma, Penn State vs. Pitt, and LSU vs. Michigan.

Having these games would be crazy fun. I'd love to have a series with LSU or another traditional powerhouse outside the Big Ten (besides the Alabama game in '12).

Anyways, here's what Feldman had to say about LSU-Michigan:


After years of rumors that LSU coach Les Miles, a former Wolverines lineman and Bo Schembechler disciple, would return to Ann Arbor to rescue his alma mater, we now know that he's not leaving Tiger Stadium for the Maize and Blue. Of course, it would be fun if he and his program visited Michigan every other year. Any time one of Jim Delany's prized programs takes on one of Mike Slive's, you're going to end up with a lot of compelling drama. 

So, are there any rivalries that you would like to see? Any big opponent that would be fun for Michigan to play, or another series to watch? I think it'd be a lot of fun playing a home and home with Boise (even though State's doing that, which makes it lame) or a California team like USC or Stanford. 

Your thoughts?


Scout (no $) Link - Class of 2011 - geographic breakdown where D-1 recruits come from...

Scout (no $) Link - Class of 2011 - geographic breakdown where D-1 recruits come from...

Submitted by Sextus Empiricus on May 26th, 2011 at 12:09 AM


Region #Signees
South 931
Midland 456
West 429
Midwest 360
East 260

No real suprises here...several nice pay wall here.

They give the delta's 2009 vs 2011.  California is significantly up.

FYI...I thought it was good read.   Link