Anyone Else Think the Hoke Push is a Bit Much?

Anyone Else Think the Hoke Push is a Bit Much?

Submitted by lexus larry on January 14th, 2011 at 9:57 AM

I don't know about everyone else, but the whole thing (drama?) seems a bit oily, and more than a bit excessive:

Former players, and one former headcoach (psh-"Michigan Men"), coming out of the woodwork in droves to profess their man-love for BH. (Not to put too fine a point on Desmond's words, but if no one man is greater than the team, then why were all these individual, mythical "Michigan Men" placing themselves above the team with their silence, rather than their out-and-out support? Isn't that what a "team" is supposed to do?  Be brothers in arms, united we stand?)

How many times does the Athletic Department need to update the FB page, and ask, gushingly, what our favorite pic/PC moment/BH hairstyle was? (Hokeamania, anyone?)

The interesting timing and placement of all the Detroit print media "bugs in ears" regarding BH's fitness to be a fine Michigan football coach, in the week prior to his actual announced hiring?

DB's mumbling about not breaking contracts with regard to the adidas contract and the players chanting "NIKE" seemed a bit contrived and more than a little BS.

And finally, unusual influx of new MGoBlog members, seemingly most with under 200 mgopoints, who are now the standard bearers for the defense of BH, his record, his opportunity, and the patience and time needed for him to do the job.

There's a real, "sell the sizzle, not the steak" odor to this whole "process" and it's one that never existed previously, to my knowledge.  And I would have preferred it to stay that way.

All that said, yes, come mid-August, it will be "All in for Michigan" and I'll be there.  Disappointment in all these role models and what they proclaimed will remain, but my support for my team will always be there.

And please, save the tinfoil snark.  I know how this can read to the 2011 vintage Kool-Aid drinker, so save your gif's and save your Kool-Aid recipe.  If needed for my maize-n-blue Jell-O shots, I'll ask.

Recommended reading for new Wolverines

Recommended reading for new Wolverines

Submitted by bdsisme on January 14th, 2011 at 9:40 AM

I have to admit that I am a not a lifelong Michigan fan.  I grew up in upstate New York (like Mike Hart!), and that's where I attended my undergraduate school.  I watched a lot of Michigan, Notre Dame, and Penn State football, and Syracuse was "my" basketball team (due to proximity).

I came to Michigan for my PhD, and have been here for a little over 3 years (I outlasted RR!).  In this time, I have quickly become a die-hard UM fan, visiting MGoBlog a dozen times a day and attending every athletic event possible (while still progressing on my degree, of course).

My question is: for someone who is not that familiar with the intricacies of the Michigan football legacy, what books are "the best"?  I've been browsing Amazon and have seen a ton of books, but I'm not sure what lifelong Michigan fans think is the truest (as opposed to a lot of the reviews written by not-as-knowledgeable folk).  I've heard good things about Jon Falk's book -- would it be a good starting point?

tough to compete when SEC employs mercenaries

tough to compete when SEC employs mercenaries

Submitted by Blue Blue Blue on January 14th, 2011 at 9:04 AM

so Cam Newton is turning "pro" after his "junior" year at Auburn.  what a shock.   and what better illustration of why the SEC keeps winning Nat'l Champ games.

Newton enrolled at Florida, reportedly got caught cheating academically on multiple occasions, bought  a stolen laptop (which he heaved out the window in front ot the campus police who came for him).  Newton got out of Dodge before the posse came for him, and holed up at Blinn Junior College.

At Blinn (known as the Harvard of Texas), Newton lead the football team to a Nat Champ and must have had enough of an academic awakening that he magically was back at Div 1 academic standards, despite his academic problems at Florida.

(Unbeknownst to sweet innocent Cam, Preacher Dad is shopping his prime meet to the highest bidder) Cam turns up at Auburn, does not have to sit out a transfer year, kicks ass on the field and then leaves Auburn with a Heisman Trophy, a Nat Championship, having only had to waste a few months of his life with actual college classes.

Gee, how come we cant rebuild on junior college talent ? (that was rhetorical)  Even if a 6' 8" running, passing stud wanted to come here........between the academic BS at Florida, the admissions department disallowing junior college credits, and the Big 10's rule about transfers sitting out a year (so they can prove they go to classes!!).......Cam Newton could never have played for Michigan.  He was barely a student at Auburn, and I suspect he aint wasting time in class right now.

so lets not praise the SEC teams too much. 

Did anyone look at the 2011 Football Schedule?

Did anyone look at the 2011 Football Schedule?

Submitted by seegoblu on January 14th, 2011 at 8:19 AM

SIAP, but I just took a look at the schedule for the first time since the CC.

I have to imagine September 24th will be AWKWARD...can't think of an example of a HC of a major FB program playing his former team so quickly after his departure.

I know this game was added earlier this year to complete the schedule (and possibly as a favor to the Hokester), but this game has the distinct possibility of being a trap game...motivated opponent the week before the bye...

Al Borges: Will Adapt Offense to Denard

Al Borges: Will Adapt Offense to Denard

Submitted by mgoblue52 on January 14th, 2011 at 1:33 AM

Borges runs a pro-style offense, but he said it has gone through much tweaking over the years, and describes his philosophy as more of a hybrid pro-style.

He has run some aspects of the spread offense.

"To say we're a spread team, we're not that," Borges said. "But you can't say, we're going to blow up and start all over again, not when you have a talent like (Robinson).

From The Detroit News:


This sounds promising at least...

RR donates Michigan wardrobe

RR donates Michigan wardrobe

Submitted by umhero on January 14th, 2011 at 12:22 AM

Rich Rodriguez donated his Michigan wardrobe to the Salvation Army and it will be sold on Saturday at the Wayne Store on Michigan Ave.  Items will start at $6.00.

I remain a fan of the coach and he certainly could have pitched this stuff.  It's nice that he took the time to donate it.

BTW - The article says his friends are taking him someplace warm for the weekend.  I'm sure that's what I would want too in the same situation.

Your January 13 column

Your January 13 column

Submitted by J.Swift on January 14th, 2011 at 12:05 AM

The following is the full text of an e-mail sent to Drew Sharp by J. Swift.

Mr. Sharp,

I read and reread your January 13 column in the Detroit Free Press but cannot understand what you are trying to say.  Your column received a grade of “F.”

I.  In the following section, for example, you struggle but fail to create vivid metaphors from clichés:

1.“If Hoke returns the Wolverines to its level of nine-victory relevance -- with the occasional Bowl Championship Series bowl appearance -- Brandon goes down as the steely nerved protector of the sacred Block M who righted a wayward ship.” 
  a).  a knight who rights a ship?  b).  a wayward ship?  Perhaps a “‘sinking ship”? Who or what “goes down,” Brandon or the ship?
“But if Hoke can't close the sizeable gap between U-M and ‘that school from Ohio’ -- as he called it -- in a couple years, then Brandon's tenure will be fitted with a circus top hat.”  
 a).  We were on the sea and the wayward ship with Brandon.  Are we now in the Midwest?  
 b). What gap?  The distance between Ann Arbor and Columbus cannot be ‘closed’, barring a seismic event
 c).  Did you mean that Brandon—steely nerved protector of the sacred Block M, wayward ship righter, geographical gap-closer(?) will have to wear a circus top hat?  Or will his ‘tenure’ be fitted with the top hat?

“The two are forever joined at the hip now.” 
1. Which two?  The sacred Block M and the wayward ship? You cannot mean Brandon’s tenure and the circus top hat because, well, the hat is worn on the head, so joining the head to the hip—that won’t work.  But perhaps you mean that Hoke will be joined either to a) Brandon’s tenure, or b) to a circus top hat, or c).  a gap between U-M and “that school from Ohio”, or d) to some hip.  

Perhaps you meant to say that if Hoke wins nine games, Brandon and he will be forever joined at the hip?  

Or perhaps you meant to say that it’s not a matter of winning nine games—no, but that if Hoke cannot close the sizeable gap (?) between U-M and that school from Ohio, Brandon’s tenure will be fitted with a top hat.  

Or perhaps you realized that what you wrote in the first paragraph was so confusing that you gave up and simply declared that “The two are forever joined at the hip now,” a remarkable assertion, to say the least. 

II. In the following section, you shift suddenly from reporting what Brandon said to dramatizing what he thought and felt, as if you were an omniscient narrator.  You’re not.  Hint:  Hemingway, no mean journalist, dramatized his fictional characters in his short stories and novels.  When he reported for papers like the Kansas City Star, he reported facts, not opinions.  Before making any corrections, you need to make your point of view consistent to yourself and to your readers.  I’ve marked the section with “Reporter” and “Novelist” to help you revise this section. I’ve also underlined verbs and modifiers that you used to create the illusion that you are privy to Brandon’s thoughts.  Please revise once you’ve determined your point of view.

[Reporter]  Brandonlooked relieved.[Novelist]  This was a humbling experience. [Reporter]  As a former player, he resembled others [Novelist] caught in the spell of Michigan football being the end-all. He arrogantly went into The Process certain that the Michigan name and reputation would entrance all he pursued, but realized that, quite possibly, Harbaugh and Miles used Michigan to get more for themselves, whether from the NFL or a greater appreciation from the natives.


You should also correct the faulty parallelism in the final clause to read, “whether from the NFL or froma greater appreciation from the natives.”  The double “from” is awkward but clear.  However, “the natives” introduces additional confusion.

III. Your concluding paragraph sends the hip-joined twain over the cliff.  Together, no less.

“But if he [Hoke] can't break through the unrecognizable despair that currently is Michigan football, the two joined at the hip will go sailing over the cliff together.”

1.      Hoke will have a devilish time trying to “break through” an unrecognizable despair,” because he can’t break through it if he can’t recognize it.  According to your sentence, that unrecognizable despair is Michigan football, posing another puzzle.  Are you saying that he won’t be able to find Michigan football?  He’s already found it; I watched his press conference in Ann Arbor, and many players attended.  You were there yourself, repeatedly asking the same question.

2.      I’ve already discussed the “the two joined at the hip”, above. I think that dispatching the two to “go sailing over the cliff together” adds additional confusion.  

If you need additional help, please contact one of the editors at the Free Press.  I’m sure they are familiar with your work and will be glad to help you with the revision.

J. Swift










What are your expectations for recruiting?

What are your expectations for recruiting?

Submitted by detrocks on January 13th, 2011 at 11:40 PM

With a coach on board and Denard seemingly staying the time has come to obsess about the rapid approach of Signing Day.   At this point, the general theme from the MSM is doom and gloom.     What do you think?   Is this class shot?    Or can it become Hoketastic?  

Current Situation

With the decommitment of Dallas Crawford, we have the following 12 guys committed:   Brennen Beyer, Greg Brown, Blake Countess, Jake Fisher, Justice Hayes, Delonte Hollowell, Matt Goudis, Kellen Jones, Jack Miller, Desmond Morgan, Tony Posada and Chris Rock.   Out of these guys, Beyer, Countess, Fisher, Goudis, Jones and Posada expressed some level of concern post-RR.   Also, I'm still not sure, is Antonio Kinard in or out of this class?

The Absolute Minimum

My hope is that Hoke can keep all of the guys that we have, but I wouldn't be surprised if we lost one or two.

Somewhat Happy to Very Happy

If we can keep everyone and add some combination of Kris Frost, Devin Lucien, Chris Bryant, Thomas Rawls and Ramon Taylor-- all guys that we seem to have a pretty good shot to get--  I would consider that a nice save by Hoke and crew.

OMG, Hoke is a Golden God of Recruiting

If Hoke can land all of the above, get Dallas Crawford back in the mix, land Jack Tabb and/or Frank Clark, somehow convince DeAnthony Arnett that this offense fits him, talks Zettel into fulfilling his childhood dream, convince either Christian Heyward and/or Darien Cooper to go Blue and get a QB---  this might be my favorite class ever just based on the circumstances and would make me very excited for 2012.

I'm not even thinking about it.

"Coach, Dee Hart is on the line.   He'd like to speak to you."

Future Saturday Gleam

Future Saturday Gleam

Submitted by twohooks on January 13th, 2011 at 11:11 PM

I can see a light. Although small and flickering I can still see it. Let it be understood I have no control over this gleam but i do have faith that is still there. For the past three years I wanted to control the feeling that the winds of change would turn us into something different and fool proof from the perceived shortcomings of years past. Though I have contributed to many of conversations and listened to many more. Im done with the C-Span town hall debates. The light that I see is celebrating for our next victory, our next recruit and an awesome offensive package for Denard. I cant wait to celebrate with my friends and high five strangers on my way to the next tailgate. I want to pose like Hulk Hogan at Spartan Stadium when victory is ours and zeroes on the time clock. I fear no Buckeye who has too much to say and i fear no Badger who has had too much to drink. Though it may appear Im resembling 'Mayhem' from your Allstate commercials and leading you onto Stadium and Main this is not the case. Im humbly stating the only control that I can provide is support. Hopefully in 8 short months we can find our gleam once again. Go Blue!