From FlyRy4's "Chalk Talk With Coach Mattison"

From FlyRy4's "Chalk Talk With Coach Mattison"

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FlyRy4 - This was such a good post that I hope you don't mind I copy/pasted it for you.....Great nuggets below....Enjoy



I know this is different than the title, however, I do not have enough points for my own post.  Maybe someone else can start a new post and copy/paste.

I thought this was great stuff.

I was able to attend the Nike Coach of the Year Clinic this weekend, and Coach Hoke and his staff were present.

Best part was that I was able to spend about 90 minutes with Coach Mattison.  What a great guy, plus he gave some great insight for the upcoming year.  Here is a breakdown of the conversations that I and about 4 other HS coaches had with him.

Things we aleady knew... Michigan will employ a 4-3 under look.  This will look like a 5-2 to many, however, the Sam linebacker will be on the line (TE side) with LB responsibilities.

Things we may not have known....paraphrasing Mattison the best I can from memory.
1.  M. Martin will love this defense, as opposed to getting doubled all the time last year.
2.  Not sure what the deal with Will Campbell last year, but he should fit perfect in the 3 tech.  He is winning most group competitions.  Apparently was not skinny enough to play in last year's scheme.  Tried to make move him to OL last year, but reminds Mattison of Haloti Ngata (sp?)  6'5"  345 lbs  WC that is.
3.  Roh is perfect fit for rush end.  (We already knew this)
4.  Cameron Gordon looks like a good fit at SLB instead of safety.  Perfect body type and athleticism for this spot.

Couple other little nuggets.
1.  Will hit more than they've ever hit.  Not necessarily tackling to the ground every day, but will hit everyday.
2.  Will run pursuit drills everyday until perfected.
3.  Shocked in first few film sessions by the inability of players to watch film correctly.  (got banned from Scout this morning for film comment)

Spent time talking about other things as well, but this post is long enough as it is.

Support Michigan Athletic Trainers, Watch Awesome Video: Win-Win

Support Michigan Athletic Trainers, Watch Awesome Video: Win-Win

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A friend of mine made this video, so I figured we could help even their odds.

From their facebook page:

"So there's a national video contest to see who can make the best video promoting Athletic Training. Naturally, we decided to enter (aka dominate). Which videos make it to the finals is judged on how many views they get during the month of March.

So watch away! Please and thanks! We're at a slight disadvantage, as we didn't finish ours until days after our competition had already posted their videos, but we are confident that in the end, we will be victorious."


Where is Denarded?

Where is Denarded?

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NY Times on 7 on 7 Football

NY Times on 7 on 7 Football

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The New York Times just published an interesting article about 7 on 7 football and draws comparisons between it and AAU basketball. Obviously, there are significant differences, most notably that 7 on 7 isn't actual football. However, private teams can be lead by dubious characters attempting to become so-called "street agents" and influence players' recruitment.

“I’m sure that it’s hurt us on some players,” (Mack) Brown said. “But I also feel like until everything gets legitimized, I don’t want a player on our team who I don’t know who the parents are. I don’t know who he’s listening to. If you get an agent involved in your program, then he’s involved. That scares me. I worry some about the street agents.”

Obviously Oregon may have been helped by, or perhaps screwed by a couple of street agent types recently. Recruiting is already a filthy business that I largely avoid, although it's mostly because I could never keep that many 18 year-olds' whims straight, but the rise of 7 on 7 with corporate sponsors like Nike and Under Armour promises to make it even worse--especially with gems like these from the coach of The Express, one of the prominent teams:

Asked if college coaches needed to court their seven-on-seven counterparts the way they talked to high school coaches, Drummond said, “They better.”

“I think it’s just as important as high school football,” Drummond said of seven-on-seven. “It makes recruiting easier. You don’t have to search for coaches; they search for you.” 

I really doubt 7 on 7 could rise to the level of import in recruiting for football like AAU does in basketball because players still need to succeed playing actual football games with linemen and tackling, but it just promises to make a dirty part of the game even worse. I'm sure a lot of the 7 on 7 coaches aren't going to be interested in riding buses with 20 18 year-olds for the love of passing drills...

From North Miami Beach High School coach Jeff Bertani:

“The street agents are now going by the terms of seven-on-seven coaches,” he said, referring to no one in particular. “Before, these guys were advisers and mentors. Now they can say, ‘I’m coaching the team.’ ”


2011-12 student season tickets on sale next week

2011-12 student season tickets on sale next week

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Just checked Student football tickets for returning students are going on sale starting March 8. Price is going up - $250 for eight home games. I think you can also get hockey and basketball season tickets at the same time. Can't wait for next season!

Busting the whiny millionaire NFL players myth

Busting the whiny millionaire NFL players myth

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Time and again this tired argument is made that NFL players are just being crybaby millionaires that want to make 60 times what normal people (like teachers and coal miners) make as opposed to 50 times.


Here is my argument:


NFL'ers have a 4 year career on average . So at the median salary of $770k, they make 3 mill in a lifetime.


A UM grad has a career of roughly 30 years (say) at an avg salary of $70k. That adds up to 2.1 mill.


So there really isn't too much difference between an avg NFL'er (who by the way is at a  very very high percentile in terms of athletic talent every year just to even make it into the league) and a UM grad (who I am sure is also pretty darn high in terms in intellectual talent just to make it into UM ). 


Now if you compare NFL median salaries (and lifetime income) to a coal miner, I am going to stop you right there and say, the coal miner isnt making squat because that's just how much value our society puts for that labor. You could also argue that computer geeks pulling down $100k a year shouldnt get paid so much more than coal miners and teachers and firemen but that is a whole other argument. 


Note also that I am not even factoring the massive hazards of their "work" environment and the long-terms disabilities that they have to deal with after going through their NFL careers.

TomVH: An Interview with LB Camren Williams

TomVH: An Interview with LB Camren Williams

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Catholic Memorial High School in Massachusetts is the home to linebacker Camren Williams (6'2", 215 lbs) and his teammate athlete Armani Reeves (5'11", 185 lbs). The defensive pair are best friends and have both received an offer from Michigan. I'll have more from Armani on Monday, but I caught up with Camren to talk about Michigan and his recruitment overall. Here's some film from Camren at a U Conn camp, and you can see his full highlights here.

TOM: Your teammate Armani [Reeves] said you both were coming up on March 26th, is that date set?

CAMREN: Yeah, I think it's the 26th. It's either that or the 19th.

TOM: When it comes to your recruitment, with both you and Armani, I know you're really good friends but are you guys trying to pick the same school? Are you trying to be a package deal?

CAMREN: We're trying to be separate in our decision, because not all schools would be good for both of us. We're totally different kids with different majors and different positions. My favorite school might not be the best for Armani, and the other way around so we would like to, but it may not happen. 

TOM: Where are you at right now with the process? Do you have a top list yet?

CAMREN: It's really down to five schools, Michigan, Wake Forest, North Carolina, Penn State, and Maryland in no order.

TOM: Is that a final list, or could that change?

CAMREN: It may change, but I want to make my decision by June so those are probably the schools that I'll focus on here on out. Depending on maybe some other schools that offer, that's my top five.

TOM: With that being said, since you want to decide so soon where does Michigan stack up in that top list?

CAMREN: I really like Michigan. That's where my dad is originally from, and that's the school I've always been rooting for since I was born because my dad is such a huge fan. It's a great school with big time Big Ten football so I'm extremely interested.

TOM: With this upcoming visit to Michigan, I'm assuming that you're going to be trying to get to know the coaches better, but what else?

CAMREN: Yeah, I hope to do that on my visit. I talk to Coach Mallory sometimes, but other than that I haven't really talked to any other [Michigan] coaches. I want to go to a high academic school that fits my major well, with a position coach that I relate really well with, and a head coach with a good vision on where he wants to bring his program in the future. I also want a school with a big time program where I have the ability to play early.

TOM: Do you already know what you want to major in? With all that being said, do you think that Michigan has a good chance at landing you?

CAMREN: I want to major in kinesiology, and Michigan has a good chance. Academics are huge for me, which Michigan obviously has. They also play big time football and that's the school I've always watched growing up. It all depends on how I like the campus and the people and all that, but I'm definitely interested.

Ohio DE comments on Michigan's academic reputation

Ohio DE comments on Michigan's academic reputation

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From a Detroit News/Sam Webb article on Ohio DE Tom Strobel. An amazing expression of how people from that place are kept in woeful ignorance:

Strobel has yet to assess the respective depth charts in Ann Arbor and East Lansing. He is still at the "getting to know you" stage with both programs. "I didn't know (Michigan) was such a high academic school," he said. "Originally, I thought they were just like the other version of Ohio State. I had no idea that their academics were that high and that really made me look higher upon them. As far as Michigan, I really don't know that much about them.

From The Detroit News:… Strobel

Strobel also contended that everyone in Ohio favors TUOS.

Fortunately, he has had his eyes opened, and may yet obtain his freedom.