Michigan Stadium - Always been alcohol free?

Michigan Stadium - Always been alcohol free?

Submitted by davidhm on September 9th, 2011 at 2:46 PM

I have a Domer co-worker in the office that keeps saying U of  M fans are classless due to a U of M fan pouring beer over his then 17-year old brothers head during the 1989 game. I know they don't allow alcohol at the stadium now, but did they back in 1989?  I suspect security was lax at that time compared to today, and it could have been smuggled in.  However, this guy is pretty much stating it was accepted and allowed.  I wasn't in Ann Arbor then and I have no idea.  Part of me wants to believe him, but the other part realizes he is a Domer.

Thanks! Go Blue!

What are you doing tomorrow from a.m - 8pm to waste away the time until kickoff?

What are you doing tomorrow from a.m - 8pm to waste away the time until kickoff?

Submitted by jtmc33 on September 9th, 2011 at 1:37 PM

I will be at Disney on ice from 11:30am - 2:30pm ct.   (before anyone asks, yes, I have two young daughters aged 5 and 2). 

Although I will miss the early games, at least this will prohibit me from drinking before 3pm.

Last  year's Penn State game taught me that nervous-drinking from 11am - 7pm will cause me to not remember the 4th quarter when I wake up the next morning (which was a good thing with last year's Penn State game).

What are your plans for tomorrow to attempt to fill the void of time before 8pm?

Game Program PDF?

Game Program PDF?

Submitted by Hardware Sushi on September 9th, 2011 at 11:43 AM

I was hoping someone has a link to a PDF version of the Notre Dame game program. Last Thursday or Friday someone posted the Western program online. I LOVED having this with me to watch the game last week; I can't pick them up at the game this year because I recently moved to DC.

I've spent an hour looking on MGo and other sites for either the source that posted the link or looking for this week's program. If anyone can help with a PDF copy of the ND program, I (and I imagine a lot of other out-of-towners) would be incredibly grateful and am willing to pay 1000 of my MGoPoints for you to post a link. If not, I will send this man to your home:


College Football Resume Rankings - Week 1

College Football Resume Rankings - Week 1

Submitted by WestMichiganMan on September 9th, 2011 at 11:42 AM

For this college football season I set out on a little project to determine what college football rankings would look like based solely on how teams performed on the field. I admit there are inherent weaknesses in this model as I have to use someone else's rankings which are not completely based on on-field results.

However here is the gist of my model: teams get awarded points for a victory, with more points being awarded for beating a higher ranked team. Rankings were from Sagarin as his were the only rankings I could find that went past the top 25 teams. Points were also given/taken away based on the point differential up to a cap of 21 points. I decided that wins/losses of 21+ were all the same, but I am considering increasing the cap. Additional points were given for away wins and taken away for home losses.

Keep in mind that I am still tinkering with the model and it is far from complete. The usual caveat of small sample sizes applies. Here is the top 15 as my model stands now:


Rank Team Score








Boise State






Sacramento State









South Florida















Virginia Tech






Mississippi State


That's right, Sacramento State is the fifth best team in the country after beating Oregon State week one. The top three isn't much of a surprise and the rest of the list seems to make sense. For the record Michigan was one of a group of teams that had slightly fewer points than Mississippi State.

I plan to continue updating this model throughout the season so any and all feedback would be appreciated. I'm also considering applying this to college basketball, I think it may even be more relevant for that.

great Michigan Daily article on Cass Tech/U-M players

great Michigan Daily article on Cass Tech/U-M players

Submitted by QuarterbackU on September 9th, 2011 at 11:37 AM

Great feature article from Stephen Nesbitt at the Daily on the Cass Tech football program and the challenges the kids there face...really good read, Stephen's a senior editor, and I'm sure we can look forward for more to come from him!


An excerpt from the opening:

Twenty rows up in the home grandstand, overlooking the players, a thin green pad lies on the landing outside the press box. An interlocking ‘CT’ in bold white font marks the center of the square pad; dozens of identical pads line the fences behind both endzones.

Dragged up the stands, this padded square, manufactured for the players’ safety, has a new calling as a makeshift mattress. A purple sleeping bag lies partially unzipped at the end of the mattress, likely vacated quickly.

A small white pillow has been discarded, placed to the left of the mattress. The cord of a purple rape whistle stretches out from underneath the pillow. A black coat covers a small pile of clothes in the corner.

The stadium has been someone’s home during the hot summer months in Detroit. The higher you go, the safer you are. So the stadium’s top row has become a safe haven, a sanctuary.

This is life for residents of the Cass Corridor — one of the nation’s most notoriously dangerous districts, known for its guns, drugs and casinos. Detroit's violent crime rate is the second highest in the United States. The Corridor has the worst in the city.

Moving Picture Pages - How Not To Defend Power, Part I

Moving Picture Pages - How Not To Defend Power, Part I

Submitted by Chris of Dange… on September 9th, 2011 at 11:04 AM

In case anybody's wondering, I'm Chris of Dangerous Logic here, but parkinggod pretty much everywhere else on the web, including YouTube.

(apologies to those who are familiar with MPP from last year; this is for the new folks)

  I love Picture Pages, but I'm so obtuse that I usually have to replay the video as I'm reading in order to understand what's happening.  Finally it dawned on me that I have the game footage, a video editor, and a little bit of free time, so (with Brian's permission) I have annotated the play with pauses, spot-shadowing, and other kindergarden video effects to make it easier to follow.  I notice that Brian has also started including an annotated version at the end of his regular picture pages posts (in this case, http://mgoblog.com/content/picture-pages-how-not-defend-power-part-i), but he points out different things there so I think this is still useful.

Setup: It's second and two on the Michigan 47 on Western's second drive of the day.  Western runs a counter out of the shotgun against Michigan's 3-4 front with corners pressing and only Kovacs deep.

Wha'hoppon: The LT ignores Brennen Beyer to double RVB. Beyer crashes into the backfield only to get hit by a pulling guard as the RB runs by him on the counter.  Demens steps up into the hole but loses outside contain, and the RB cuts outside and may well have had a TD if Kovacs doesn't make a tackle 25 yards downfield.


John U. Bacon:

John U. Bacon:

Submitted by w2j2 on September 9th, 2011 at 10:46 AM

George Will recently wrote that when archeologists excavate American ruins centuries from now, they may be mystified by the Big House in Ann Arbor. “How did this huge football emporium come to be connected to an institution of higher education? Or was the connection the other way?” 


Old School - Color Film From 1938 Illinois Game + Vintage Ann Arbor Footage

Old School - Color Film From 1938 Illinois Game + Vintage Ann Arbor Footage

Submitted by Everyone Murders on September 9th, 2011 at 10:26 AM

This comes to us by way of Michigan Today, from a 1938 university-produced recruiting movie aimed at bringing more women students to Michigan.  The film includes clips of Louis Elbel conducting The Victors on the 40th anniversary of the greatest fight song in college football. 

For those interested in some looks at Ann Arbor and Main Campus before WWII, the Michigan Today article has the entire film available, plus some choice excerpts at http://michigantoday.umich.edu/2011/09/1930s-women.php?tr=y&auid=9456174

Go Blue!

 For the football and marching band bits, click here

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBMiXUwC_U4&feature=player_embedded#at=12 ];

or here: