Game Day Weather

Game Day Weather

Submitted by mgoweather on September 10th, 2011 at 2:35 PM

A comfortable warm start to the first ever Big House night game, looking at 71 degrees for the kick off and a light breeze out of the SSE. Some of you eager tailgaters (or those of you who spent the night camped out to get a spot near ESPN's tent) saw some showers come through the area. We are going to see that rain shift southward, particularly south of I-94, as the remnants of what was tropical storm Lee finally push out towards the northeast. Shower chances will continue to decrease throughout the evening and overnight but the clouds will stick around. For halftime we'll drop just a little into the mid 60s, keeping a very calm wind out of the SE, and unfortunately there is still that slight chance of small shower passing through the area. As you leave the stadium tonight (to celebrate the win of course) temperatures will still be in the low 60s, and stay there through last call. The further North you are, the lesser chance you have of cloud cover and/or rain, but the lower your temperatures will be.

Enjoy the game and Go Blue!


Christina Burkhart is a meteorologist for NBC/ABC in Traverse City, MI. She grew up in Ann Arbor and associates Saturdays with Michigan football. Go Blue!!

GameDay Signs Birthed on the Boards

GameDay Signs Birthed on the Boards

Submitted by corncobb on September 10th, 2011 at 9:34 AM

I just turned on Game Day on The Ocho and saw a sign that was invented on the boards. After reading so many ideas for clever signs in a few different threads, seeing one in the wild is pretty funny. The one I saw in particular was a Brian Kelly flaming headshot with the caption "You Mad Bro". Just wondering if we can keep a running tally of signs conceived in these forums that make it on TV and maybe a few pictures and screenshots if at all possible. Maybe I'm just overly excited, but the day has finally come so I've lost control of rational thought. Go Blue!



Submitted by Six Zero on September 10th, 2011 at 8:50 AM


September 10, 2011.  Notre Dame at Michigan.  8:00 pm EST.

We've all had this game circled for months, ever since Brandon's announcement or perhaps the soft unveil of the mash jerseys thanks to 'You're Turning Violet Violet' Brian Kelly's not-so-subtle slip during their own press conference.

Either way, this game is a spectacle, and we're essentially the top story of the college football weekend.  Gameday, primetime crew, etc.  Been a long time since we've heard Musberger, right?

I spent parts of yesterday watching BTN's replay of the '97 and '99 ND games, and I admit I kind of forgot how enjoyable the late 90's Wolverines were.  And not because I knew the outcomes.   It was about pride.  Swarming defenses.  Chuck's intimidating ownership of, well, the entire field.  An arrogant confidence in the offense's will to win.  A-Train.

It was about pride.

It's been some journey since those days, and not necessarily the best journey.  But here we are, back in the spotlight of college football and in an opportunity to announce the close of the misery that has hung over Ann Arbor since, well, the horror.

Let it be about pride tonight.  GO BLUE.

The artwork above was created by yours truly this summer in hopes of being granted that most magical of things, an official license by the university and ultimately a t-shirt available for sale.  Unfortunately, Adidas (technically, it's adidas) basically swallowed the entire night game and stamped it with the 'Under the Lights' moniker.  I really wanted this one to see the light of day, but ah well-- hope you enjoy the glimpse of it.  Wear the MGoShirts tonight!!!

Troy Woolfolk has minor hand owwie

Troy Woolfolk has minor hand owwie

Submitted by Bergs on September 9th, 2011 at 11:47 PM

I apologize in advance if this is old news but I couldn't find anything on it. My friend has class with Troy and was talking to him today. Apparently Troy is in an arm cast and will be wearing a club. This is my first ever post so again, sorry if it sucks.

[ED:BISB;  Changed title to avoid panic and subsequent internet asplosion]