ultra-high res stadium photo

ultra-high res stadium photo

Submitted by Brhino on September 11th, 2011 at 11:47 AM

At one point during the game, they announced that some kind of super high-res photo had been taken of the stadium, with approximately eleventy billion pixels.  It was said that after it was posted, you'd be able to zoom in and see all the individual people in the stands.

They said it would be posted within 24 hours of the game, but I don't recall where exactly they said it would be... anyone know?

Denard's Completions

Denard's Completions

Submitted by Muttley on September 11th, 2011 at 11:43 AM


Denard's Completions
Receiver Yds Result Qtr Time* Down ToGo Spot M ND
Smith 5 4th 1 9:05 3rd 7 M 26 0 7
Hemingway 43 TD 2 14:04 1st 10 ND43 6 14
Koger 11 1st 3 7:36 3rd 7 M32 7 17
Hemingway 77 1st 3 2:13 1st 10 M17 7 24
McColgan 15 1st 4 13:22 2nd 15 ND45 14 24
Gallon 14 TD 4 13:22 2nd 7 ND14 20 24
Hemingway 45 1st 4 6:08 2nd 9 M10 21 24
Grady 27 1st 4 2:16 1st 10 ND48 21 24
Smith 21 TD 4 2:16 1st 10 ND21 27 24
Gallon 64 1st 4 0:30 2nd 10 M20 28 31
Roundtree 16 TD 4 0:30 1st 10 ND16 34 31
Total 338                
Average 31                

*Time at start of drive per ESPN                                                                                                   http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/playbyplay?gameId=312530130&period=4


Stats Vacated from WMU

Stats Vacated from WMU

Submitted by Michigan Arrogance on September 11th, 2011 at 10:17 AM

[Ed-M: I confirmed this with Ablauf (see Dear Diary). Here's what he said:

We (Michigan) and the Big Ten will count the stats toward our team records. The NCAA will not because of a rule that states that you must complete three quarters of play for the statistics to count for NCAA purposes.

NCAA will count it as a win, but the stats won't count.]

ESPN reporting that the NCAA ruled the stats for the WMU game are to be vacated due to the shortened game. Not sure about the W, L. Attendance remains in the books.

Torrent: Under The Lights 2011

Torrent: Under The Lights 2011

Submitted by MaizeNBlueJ on September 11th, 2011 at 9:12 AM

Torrent of last night's epic game is up at MGoVideo.

I apologize in advance if I missed any cuts, etc. One of my best friends got married last night, so I watched the game from beginning to end while capturing it, and didn't get done until around 3:00AM, then I stayed up and did the commercial cuts and started the encoding process. So, long story short, I was up until 4:00AM and was under the influence of alcohol at the time.

Anyway, enjoy guys, and I'm jealous of anyone that got to be there last night! Go Blue!

Picture paging Notre Dame's final score

Picture paging Notre Dame's final score

Submitted by dnak438 on September 11th, 2011 at 8:43 AM

[Ed-M: Gord morning. No it wasn't a dream. Read this. Also: AIIIIIIIIIEEE!!!]

I was curious to see what Mattison dialed up on Notre Dame's last score, to see what he was trying to accomplish and what went wrong. Here is what it looked like:

If you count Michigan and ND's players, you get to 10: there must be another WR at the bottom of the screen, covered by Troy Woolfolk. Michigan has everyone near the line of scrimmage, but the call is actually a Cover 3 and they will rush three defensive linemen, leaving 5 players to play the short zones:

I think that Woolfolk's assignment is the deep third at the bottom of the screen, but thanks to ESPN we can't see him. Here is what the defense looks like right after the snap:

You can see the three rushers, four of the five short defenders, and two of the three guys trying to get deep.

Notre Dame is going to run the following play:

Floyd is in the slot, and is presumably Rees's main target since it is third down and they need to convert (although it is obviously four-down territory).

The result of the play we all know.

(The play starts at 2:24)

I don't know anything about football beyond watching and reading mgoblog and smart football, but I think the idea of the call is this: by putting all our defenders close to the line of scrimmage, to bully ND into checking into a play that involves a quick pass (remember it's 3rd and 5). Then you rush 3, flood five players into the short zones, hopefully allowing you to break up the pass or make a tackle before the first down markers. The problem was that Rees didn't force it to Floyd, who was covered by Jake Ryan; instead he threw long, and Woolfolk and Marvin Robinson don't cover Theo Riddick.

I think that Mattison's call was sound; either Woolfolk or Robinson should have had Riddick (although it's hard to be sure since we can't see the whole field on ESPN's feed). The problem is, as Dr Saturday and Chris Brown of Smart Football pointed out,


Can we end the debate of the # 1 jersey?

Can we end the debate of the # 1 jersey?

Submitted by VinnieMac25 on September 11th, 2011 at 8:02 AM

I  would just like to remove the 2 from Juniors Hemingways jersey.  This is why IMO, he should have it.  Kid makes big plays, in key moments.  Being double teamed, going up and getting the jump balls is what really sells it.  He wants that ball so much.  Sure he might lack a little breakaway speed, but he's a gamer! 

I really like Roy Roundtree don't get me wrong.  He does make plays.  So glad we used some snake oil to get him.  Being quiet all night, to ask for the ball and make the GW TD catch is pretty magical.  Most definately an ESPN classic.  However I just don't think he garners enough impact presence on the field to consistently make that big play.  Junior is that player. 

I underdstand the eligibilty with both players, just curious to see some opinions on this matter.  There has been so much debate with the # 1.  Will we see it worn by another receiever?  Or has one of these two done enough to wear it now?


Give Credit to Jeremy Gallon

Give Credit to Jeremy Gallon

Submitted by nmajali on September 11th, 2011 at 6:41 AM

Just to set the record straight,. and because I had heard a lot of negative reviews of the guy in the offseason.

5-8 !!! Jeremy Gallon is a stud great football player, he did everything he was asked to do and more tonight..

Many team players did a super job tonight, but this is just to give some credit to this guy when to be honest I didn't expect him to produce at all tonight..

What a game!! GO BLUE..